The Darkest Temptation Ch. 01

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((Note: This story will contain dark elements such as rough sex, some manipulation and such things. And other such kinks such as forceful seduction, pregnancy and betrayal. If these kinds of elements in a story offend you, then please do not read any further than this message. All, and any characters are fictional! Thank you, and I hope everyone enjoys my first Literotica submission!))


This time of the year was actually a favorite of the young dark haired beauty that was standing outside of the large University campus. So many people tended to love the seasons of summer and spring, whereas she despised them, and absolutely lived for fall and winter. There was always something about the way the cold air felt or how the weather could go from hot and humid to suddenly cool in the kind of way that if the breeze was just right, it sent a chill down a person’s spine. And, of course, it was hard to forget the amazing view that living in the more rural points of the country could give during this time of the year. It always felt so much like too many people hated this time of year, and she always thought about how that meant she got to enjoy it more then they did.

Her name was Courtney Clarke, and she was going to a university in Maine, studying some of the things she was hoping to major in that included a few things such as meteorology, writing, English literature, and a few other just fun classes. Some of the other students didn’t take as many classes as Hailee was taking, but she enjoyed learning and she knew that she was smart. She had the grade averages and test scores along with sharp wits to prove such an assessment.

So far, everything in Courtney’s life had been rough and difficult to cope with at times, but hell, whose life wasn’t, right? That aside, she had found ways to deal with such problems in her life, and usually it was exercise of various natures and music that helped her the most.

The one factor that had been so incredibly hard for her to get past was the one guy who would always be there in the back of her mind. She stood there in front of the university campus, shaking her head at that troubling thought and shaking loose a few dark slightly curling long tendrils of her silky soft hair. How many times had she wished to put his image out of her mind? How many countless, fruitless times had she wished just to forget him because of the way that things were? The times she had thought those dark thoughts were endless to her, it seemed, but even so, she loved him. To put someone like that out of her mind was going to take a bulldozer with a few hundred pounds of solid steel in it, and even then, she doubted that would help.

Her breath came out in a little puff of white air from how cold it was starting to get that late October, and she started towards her first class of the day, her gray boots making very light thuds as she walked down the pathway from the entrance gates deeper into the campus. She was wearing her favorite black coat that was an expensive clothing item that she or her mother could never afford, but her aunt always made sure her clothing for the winter was the best. There was a dark purple scarf around her slender neck, keeping her throat warm from the bitter mid-fall air, and she pulled her book bag’s shoulder strap further onto her right shoulder as she increased her pace.

The campus itself was very large, including a few individual parks for faculty members and students. Most of the freshmen, including herself when she had been one, got incredibly lost and some even ran back home after that first stressful event of trying to navigate around the campus. But, Courtney was stronger than she liked herself to be at times, and it was a quality that others admired and she loathed, amusingly enough.

Without fail, she had made it to her first class on time, rushing into the warm and heated atmosphere of her first classroom, sighing in relief as her limbs began to finally thaw themselves out.

Anyone would notice, if they took the time to, that whenever Courtney came into the room, she was pierced with looks of deep desire and very strong envy. This was not something that was unusual for her since she had turned 16, and the young, chubby little awkward thing she had been had blossomed into the beauty she was then. Her eyes had changed colors around the age of 17, going from normal dark brown to suddenly having odd flecks of golden and green in them. With certain moods, it was noticeable how she would have darker looking eyes, or lighter looking ones. Usually with such strong emotions like lust, or anger, her eyes changed to a deep chocolate brown and with certain lightings in the room or surroundings as well as more cheerful or joyful moods, they were a medium hazel Escort Ankara brown color. It was certainly something that had left the men around campus, and outside of it as well, intrigued with this silent beautiful young woman.

And, it seemed no matter the outfit she wore, her hourglass toned form could never be hidden with breasts that were easily a high DD size, a small waist that flared out to full shapely hips that hinted at the magnificent ass she had acquired from years of running and walking.

Amazingly enough, Courtney walked into that room, she took absolutely no notice of the looks she was receiving and if anything, she purposefully didn’t pay attention to those scorned looks of hatred from the females or leering looks of desire. She took her seat silently, taking off her coat and scarf, some of her mid back length dark curls falling out of the messy pony tail she had hurriedly put them in, and showing off her hourglass form in a pair of tight fitting jeans and a snug looking sweater.

As the professor began his lecture on the topic for the day, Courtney’s mind began to wander as it usually did when she was already caught up on her classes and work for that week. One of her pale slender hands was holding the pen over the notebook she had pulled out, but her eyes looked slightly glazed over as if she were having a daydream.

Courtney didn’t even take notice that she wasn’t in the classroom anymore for a long moment, and when she finally noticed that, she gave a shake of her head, and noticed that her clothing was different as well.

“Where am I?” She asked, mostly to herself, and not quite expecting an answer, but one came from the darkness around her.

“Right where you belong.” Came the rumbling, rough and husky reply. The sound of it was enough to make Courtney jump nearly out of her bones, and she jerked slightly, the darkness suddenly vanishing as if it were a trick of her eyes. And, of course, there he stood in plenty of his glory. Nick.

The name itself was like some kind of burning feeling on her tongue, and in her throat, but even as that darkness faded, her eyes were burning with anger for him. He had always been so perfect and yet so flawed in a way that it was almost too mingled of the two to recognize one or the other. Then again, Courtney had spent so much of her younger years loving this man, and yet never having that love given in return until three years later when she was with someone else. People had told her it was because Nick was passive aggressive, but Courtney had never believed it because he had been there for her when she had needed him. Perhaps not every single time she needed him, of course not, but when she had needed him the most, he had been there.

“I do not belong with you, now stay the fuck away from me!” Courtney growled in response, turning around and starting for the door of his apartment. That was a short lived moment because Nick was not going to have that, and he moved quickly, his more lean build gave him that speed he needed to stop her.

One of his hands gripped her arm tightly, swinging her around to face him, and dark hazel eyes lifted up to clash with green ones. Both of them were always so stubborn for their own good, but if anything, that only ever made it that much more intense between them.

Courtney’s eyes couldn’t stop wandering over Nick, from the stubbled chin he always had with that amazingly sexy goatee of his, from the long, somewhat messy pulled back ponytail of reddish brown hair. His eyes were intense as they stared down into Courtney’s, and then he got that devilish, wicked smirk across his lips, his hand coming up to cup her soft palely pinkened cheek. “You do belong with me, Courtney.” He said, his voice low and gravelly with lust and some unreadable emotions that she could never quite get a grasp on when she was around him.

“Dammit, Nick!” She growled, pulling away from him, but not starting to walk out of his apartment. “I hate it when you do this to me! I hate it when you draw me back in like this!! You always tell me there is something wrong, and we can’t make it work, so stop doing this to me! Let me live my life!” She yelled at him, her chest rising and falling quite heavily after her mini rant, which seemed to irritate Nick just a little.

“I can’t change who I am, Court, I look at the realistic part of life and I have always done so! I can’t just sit there and hope that things will work out, or bring you into a more fucked up situation to put you through more hell than you already have!” Nick growled at her, trying to rein in his temper before he got really furious with her, and possibly hurt her.

“I am done with this! I can’t do this either! I have made it clear on Ankara Escort so many occasions that I want you, that I fucking love you more than anyone else, and that I want to wait for you if I have to, but you always seem to let it pass over your head!” Courtney yelled, walking past him, only for Nick to grab her arm again, the grip tight and almost painful before he twisted her around to bring her up against him, into a smoldering hot kiss that would have made nun’s panties wet.

“Courtney! Courtney!! Pay attention!!”

The sudden shout was enough for her to suddenly be brought back into this dimension and paying attention once more. Courtney jerked out of her own mind, one of the many incredibly angry and lustful scenes that she always imagined between her and Nick. “Uhh, yes, Professor, sorry..” She mumbled sheepishly, finally forcing herself to focus on school.


The sunlight was too bright, and every single god damned noise around him felt like it was going to make his head explode. He turned his head one way to get away from the too bright sunlight streaming into his bedroom, and then he got more noise, or vice versa. Finally, after another minute of trying to find a solution without getting up, there was a deep groan from the tumbled mess of sheets before Nick got up and out of bed. The only thought that was rolling around in his throbbing head was that perhaps he shouldn’t have had those last few drinks with his friends.

Thankfully, it sounded like Amanda was out of the apartment already, and for that he was grateful for once. Yeah, he did care about her, and all, but he really didn’t want to listen to her get on him about how drunk he had come home last night. It was one of the reasons Nick had always preferred staying single, but there wasn’t much that could be done about it now. With the way things were, neither him or Amanda could just pick up and move out with him going back to school at the age of 33, and her working.

He stumbled out of the bedroom, moving into the bathroom, and taking care of some his daily morning routines, though even the light in the bathroom felt like it was trying to burn through his eyes at this point. That never really helped his mood out much, and with an annoyed grunt, he walked out into the living room, sitting himself down with a glass of water and his computer.

Most of the night before Nick couldn’t even remember, and he shook his head, pulling up some YouTube videos and a few gaming sites, reading through some things like he usually did in the morning. He was barely able to stand the glare of the monitor before he turned down the brightness, sighing in relief as he did, but of course, when he noticed his messengers, his thoughts were a whirl like they usually were.


As much as there was a part of him that wished to put her out of his mind, much like she did of him, she had always been the soft spot for him. His weakness. Some people might have called it almost border-lining on sick, that perhaps he shouldn’t have an interest in a 20 year old college student, but Nick had known her for almost five years now. When they had first met, everything had been insanely crazy in his own life, with his long term, very long term, just breaking up with him that year, and leaving him with all of the responsibilities of bills and such things, it was a bad time for him. How could it not have been a bad time for anyone with that much insanely crazy shit going on in their lives? But, Courtney had been someone there for him no matter his mood. If he had gotten irritated with something else, and was in a horribly grumpy mood, she was still there, even if it meant getting it taken out on her.

That thought made Nick sigh, and he leaned back into his chair, rubbing a hand over his scruffy goatee on his chin as he thought about how unfair he had sometimes been to her. Granted, he had never lied or was dishonest about anything, or told her he was always going to be nice, but she hadn’t deserved all of it, now that he thought back on it.

Nick was quite sure that some guys, or people in general, might think that she was some kind of obsessive chick or something, but he knew differently. When he had known her when she was younger, yeah, she had been a bit clingy with him, but the last time he spoke with her, she had changed. Fuck had she changed. The change from that girl going from a teenage girl to a young woman was quite amazing to him. She had grown up, and that was for sure, but it actually only made this harder for him now. It made her more enticing to him then he had thought it really ever would because she wasn’t a careless teenager anymore. She didn’t just do whatever he wanted or always wait around Ankara Escort Bayan for him like she had before.

Of course, as it always had been with the two of them, something even now was keeping them apart. He had a girlfriend, and was living with her, so that prevented things from happening like they wanted, but it never stopped his thoughts of that beautiful, wild young woman who always had such power over him. Or, if one were to look at it another way, who was his weakness.

It wasn’t even that Amanda wasn’t great, because she was, but Courtney was always going to be like a drug stuck in his system and he wished as all hell he knew how to get rid of this feeling that he would always want her.

His thoughts were broken when he heard the sound of the phone going off, and he walked over to the phone, picking it up and it was Amanda. He started to talk to her, having a normal conversation with her while she was at work and on her break, but his thoughts just kept wandering now that the initial interruption was over.

There she was, laying down on his bed, the sheets messed so perfectly from the night before, and Nick gave a wicked grin at the sight of that perfect round pale tight ass with nothing protecting it. The woman didn’t even know that she was sin incarnate with how tempting she was, and sometimes that only helped her appeal with how unintentional it was that she just oozed sexual appeal. Some of the bruises he had put on that soft pale skin were getting darker, and becoming more prominent of bruises. That thought made Nick groan, though quietly so he didn’t wake the sleeping beauty in his bed.

He made his way over to the messy bed, only a pair of boxers covering his lower half and his leanly muscled torso bared. His hair had been pulled out of the ponytail sometime in the night during the rough bouts of hot sex between them, and he didn’t really care as he began to kiss up those slender pale calves, scrapping the rough hair of his goatee against Courtney’s legs. It made her pale skin slightly reddened with his coarse facial hair rubbing against her smooth, soft skin, and the feeling of it only made the dark haired temptress squirm slightly on the bed.

Seeing that Courtney really was out of it only made Nick grin more, knowing how much he wore her out and knowing how hard of a task that was only made him grin more. But, of course, there was no way in heaven or hell that he was done with her, moving up her inner thighs until he was at that perfect tight ass, spreading those cheeks and looking at those two tight holes. He leaned his mouth down, running the tip of his tongue teasingly up along her shaved, smooth and slightly damp tight pink pussy, moving over her puckered tight asshole to see if she would wake. The only indication that Courtney gave was a little movement, but she still looked passed out, which worked perfectly for his plan.

Nick spread open those thighs more, absolutely entranced with that perfect pussy that was staring at him along with that tight little asshole that winked teasingly at him. He ran one of his fingers up along the pink slit, sliding a finger deep into that incredibly tight hole that clamped immediately on his finger before he leaned down to start licking and lapping up any and all cream she leaked.

Her juices were like nectar from heaven, and he enjoyed so much how she tasted, her juices sweet and yet had that fresh taste to it that usually only 18-20 year old’s could pull off. That taste made him give a little rumble in his throat as he could feel his cock in his boxers start to swell, lengthen and harden at the taste of her. At the sight of her so helpless, and unable to stop him from taking her again, not that he really thought she would mind, but the idea was still hot.

After another five minutes of lewdly fingering her cunt, and licking her clit as well as tonguing that sweet asshole of hers, she was completely sopping wet and slightly wiggling. Nick couldn’t tell if she was awake and pretending, or not at all awake, but starting to stir. He didn’t care about either, though, wanting her tight holes around his now throbbing hard cock and he would only enjoy watching her struggle more if she did mind.

He gave a little groan of disappointment as he pulled from those two enticing holes, his mouth and some of his goatee a bit damp from her juices, and licked off her juices from his fingers as he moved behind her. Nick didn’t even bother with pulling down his boxers, just pulling out his cock and slamming right into her tight hole with incredible roughness.

The room was suddenly filled with the sound of Courtney’s whimpering scream as she felt his cock fill up that pussy that clamped so delightfully tight around his cock, and…


The sound of Amanda’s highly irritated voice cut that perfect fantasy of his short, and he gave a little cough, apologizing for not paying attention even as his cock throbbed at the thought of another woman. Oh yeah, he knew that he was in trouble.

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