The Date

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The evening started out as a date, not unlike any other date. An evening filled with anxiety and nervousness over the unknown. But also an evening that had a spark of electricity and a hint of sexual tension. Earlier in the week, when David and Monica had met for the first time, they knew there was a connection, a certain undeniable chemistry. They had even talked about the strangeness of their attraction over dinner that evening. This was confirmed by a kiss across the table when dinner was served and again as David was walking her out to the car. It started out as a warm and tender yet sensual kiss that soon turned into one with passion and desire. A kiss of such great magnitude that it seems to have sucked the breath right from her lungs. As he put both arms around her and pulled her into him she could taste the sweetness of his mouth and feel the beating of his heart as the kiss reached a fiery peak. Then they discussed plans for their next date on the weekend. Never could she recall having had such a passionate kiss. She knew she wanted more. Thus begins the story.

It was a Saturday night. Date night as they jokingly referred to it later in the car. They had agreed to meet at a local restaurant and had arrived with in minutes of each other. Monica called out to David so that he would know that she was there. She could see the pleasure of seeing her in his eyes. They seemed to dance in delight as she approached him in a short black skirt and silver blouse that hugged her breasts, showing every outline and curve. He hugged her pulling her breasts into his chest. He asked if he could look at her. Feeling a small flush of embarrassment she agreed. He took a step back, his eyes twinkled and he said ” wow, you look gorgeous.” They walked hand in hand in to the restaurant, where they sat at the bar had a drink then went downtown to check out the clubs.

They arrived downtown and found a parking space for Monica to leave her car. The parking space was on the end next to the street. In plain view of passing traffic. She got in David’s car and they then drove together further downtown to the clubs. David drove until he found a parking garage close to there they were going. Once the car was parked, he kissed her again. Very similar to the kiss that they had before but this one was more. It was deeper, more passionate, more urgent. His kisses aroused every fiber of her being. She then knew that she was not going to be able to control what his kisses were doing to her. She was cautious, but yet she knew she wanted more. They tore away from each other and walked the distance Ataşehir Escort to the club hand in hand. The Night was warm, the breeze was cool, the excitement and anticipation was titillating. So they found a table out on the upstairs terrace. Sitting side by side, arms touching, they sat next to the water fountain . They made conversation about any and everything. Talk came easy for them. Occasionally, they would lean over and kiss a gentle but electric kiss. That certainly didn’t make the desire to kiss him again go away, if anything it made it worse. She wanted to be close and to touch him. To feel the essence of his being, to breath him in.

They decided to go down stairs, back inside. Perhaps to dance or to just enjoy the music or each others company. Well as it turned out, the music was bad and you couldn’t dance to it even if you had tried. But the conversation took on a different note. More sexual, more intimate. Sharing things about themselves that they rarely tell others. They discussed passed experiences, shared a few likes and dislikes. Kissing was definitely one of the likes. The tension and chemistry between them was undeniable. Even the waitress knew it when she returned with drinks and they were kissing. She almost seemed embarrassed to be interrupting. Since the band was bad and they couldn’t dance, they decided to try another club.

This club was it. The music was strong and rhythmic. The bass was heavy, you could feel it in your soul. They danced a dance, Exchanging glances, touching hands. Then he grabbed her hand leading her off the dance floor. She followed not knowing where they were going. They came across an empty stairwell at the back of the club. She knew he was going to kiss her again as soon as she entered the stairwell. Her heart started pounding in anticipation. They stopped half way down. Her expectancy was mounting as he pressed her against the wall and gently took her lower lip between his then parted her lips with his tongue. He tasted her mouth and sucked in her air leaving her weak and hungry for breath, Hungry for him. His hand then slipped up her shirt and fondled her breasts. Her nipples hardened with excitement. As he pulled his hand from under her shirt, he took a step backwards against the opposite wall as if to take in the entire vision of her. Their eyes were locked together.

She started to tug at the bottom of her shirt in order to put it back in place yet never breaking his gaze. He gave her a look as she did this, telling her that this is not what he wanted then slightly signaled her to raise Kadıköy Escort her shirt so that he could see her exposed breasts. She lifted her shirt, still not taking her eyes off his. She reached up and fondled her breasts and pressed them together. His face softened as he moved forward to take them in his mouth. Swirling the nipples around with his tongue. Delighting in their excitement. He told her in a soft and sensual voice that she was so absolutely beautiful. Again kissing her in a way that she was now longing for . A longing similar to the way an addict needs their next fix. This time his hand slipped up underneath her skirt. As he discovered that she was not wearing underwear his kiss became more powerful and urgent.

His fingers massaged her clitoris causing her to release a deep moan of pleasure. Then they gently parted her swollen pink butterfly lips finding their way to her warm moist pussy as she slightly parts her legs in order to allow him to enter her. As he removed his fingers from her, he put his fingers in his mouth so he can taste her then he shared her own juices with her. Again he steps back against the opposite wall continuing to gaze into her eyes. Again, without saying a word, just communicating with his eyes and a slight gesture she lifted her skirt and exposed her freshly shaven lips. Again his face softens as he approaches her for another kiss. And he whispered to her “you are so absolutely beautiful.”

He again takes her by the hand and leads her to places unknown. Just leading, wandering, trying to find another hidden corner. They pass by the rest rooms with several people standing around. They passed by several doors, all of which were locked. Except one. He opened the door and pulls her inside and presses her back against the door. Kissing her with a passion that was making her knees weak. He was caressing her breasts. Kissing her neck. She started to fondle his hardness thru his pants and could feel it swell even more with her touch. Then he turned her around facing the door, bent her over, unzipped his pants, took out his cock and entered her from behind. He was stroking her fast and hard, it was all she could do to keep from crying out in ecstasy, but she knew if she did they might be found. He then pulled out of her.

Turned on the lights and turned her around. This man was able to speak to her without ever saying a word. A look in his eye told her everything . Its as if she can read his thoughts. She squatted down, sliding against the door balancing on her toes, legs spread, and put his un-cut cock in her Bostancı Escort mouth. He moaned with pleasure. As his excitement mounted, she squeezed his balls with her right hand thru his pants. She could feel the pressure building and her own wetness between her legs increasing. He then took it in his hands and stroked it a few times then helped her up and turned her around again. This time he was unable to control his passion and desire. He came in her shooting his huge load and groaning heavily with each emptying stroke.

They casually put them selves back together. Still reeling from the experience that had just taken place they opened the door slightly to see if they could make an undetected escape. The coast was clear and he took her by the hand. Lead her thru the crowd and out the door. They returned to his car and talked about what had just happened . And they kissed. This was to be the most passionate kiss that they had ever shared. No one could have known it would be like this. The Chemistry between the two was undeniable. Even though he was taking her back to her car, the night was not over. There was still a tension, an unsatisfied need. She still wanted more. More Kisses, more time, more of anything that he was willing to give her. He got out of his car that was parked beside hers and walked her to the car door. He turned and leaned against it and pulled her into him. She could feel his cock getting hard again. He slid his fingers between her legs again and marveled at her wetness.

Not paying any attention to the traffic that was driving by, He then again unzipped his pants she took his cock in her hands and guided it between her legs while standing against him. She slid her hard, wet, swollen clit back an forth over his penis while holding it in place with the other hand. Rubbing the purple head against her . Applying the pressure exactly where she needed it. Occasionally he would have her pause long enough so that he could look at her face filled with ecstasy and see the pleasure in her eyes. She only did this for a few minutes until she screamed her orgasm. But something was different, She needed this man, she wanted more. So she again rubs his hard penis between her legs until she reaches another orgasm.

Unfortunately, people don’t always have time on their side or they have prior obligations that yank them back into reality. They stood their with their arms around each other and talked briefly about seeing each other again. They said their goodbyes and their good nights. And they went their separate ways.

Who knows if there will ever be another rendezvous between the two of them like this or even ever again. Perhaps it was just a fluke, never to be repeated under any circumstance. Maybe it was just a one night stand or a drive by sexual encounter. Non the less it was surely an unforgettable one!

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