The Day Our Planets Aligned 02

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This is a true story. My wife had sex with another man for the first time as described in my story posted here on 28th June 2015. She loved it and wanted more but accepted the probability that it would never happen again. It was a chance liaison and we weren’t the types to manufacture a similar event.

However, we continued to go to our nude beach when on holidays in Queensland. We both appreciate the freedom of being nude at the beach. It is unquestionably sexy and arousing.

We now have to retreat to the small undulating sand dunes at the back of the beach because the local council has slapped a ban on nude bathing. We no longer move about on the main part of the beach as most used to.

In the sand dunes you can keep a low profile and avoid any police who might be surveying the beach. Some men have already been charged for willful exposure so you don’t take chances.

Locals have told us that the police only inspect the beach occasionally and usually come down later in the morning or early afternoon when there are likely to be more people around. Accordingly, we go early and leave içerenköy escort early.

On this particular day the coast was clear so Pam decided to go for a swim while I kept watch. It wasn’t long before I noticed that she was talking to a man. I thought nothing of it but was curious to find out what the topic of conversation was because it was rare that she would converse with a stranger in those circumstances.

When she returned she had a surprised look and said “you’ll never guess who that was!”

“Who?” I asked, hoping it was someone we knew from home.

“Peter” she replied “and he has asked me whether I would like him to fuck me again.”

“Well you don’t have to tell me what your reply was. Where do you intend to go to have him? There are greater risks of being caught now the police make occasional sweeps of the beach.”

“I thought we could have sex here in front of you. You have always said you wanted to watch and you would be able to alert us if anyone comes close.”

“No problem as far as I’m concerned” kadıköy escort I replied. “If it’s OK with Peter it’s OK with me, in fact I would enjoy the experience.”

With that she waved to Peter and he made his way up to our position and sat next to Pam. We chatted for a while and I told him how much she had yearned for his cock again.

Just like last time it didn’t take long for Pam to start stroking him. His erection came quickly and as he started to leak precum she lubricated his shaft in readiness. Peter fingered her while she was working his cock – they were both ready for it like never before.

I suggested that they lie on their side and Peter enter from behind. That way I would get a good view and I knew that Pam liked it that way.

They obliged and then I watched as his big slippery cock entered her all the way up until his balls were against her vulva. She groaned in ecstasy and stroked his balls. As he withdrew she took his shaft between the tips of her fingers as if to feel the size going in and out. At one stage kartal escort his cock came right out and she asked me to guide it back in. Nothing has ever turned me on more than taking his throbbing cock in my hand and guiding it back.

After about fifteen minutes of this beautiful sex they both reached an incredible orgasm. Pam was in sexual heaven and was claiming that she could feel his ejaculations.

He pulled out and rested his cock on her inner thigh. He was still leaking semen and Pam was so full of his load that she too was leaking. She turned over and took him in her mouth. She had never done that to me after sex and it drove home to me how much his cock had aroused her.

After she had settled down I entered her. It had always been the other fantasy of mine to fuck her while full of another man’s semen. It did not disappoint but I only lasted about thirty seconds.

When all was done I put it to Peter that we get in touch when we come up so Pam can have her way with him at least once each trip. He unhesitatingly agreed and we parted company with Pam still in a state of bliss longingly looking at his big shaved cock and nodding her head.

So ended a beautiful experience for all three of us. This time I had taken three stills on my cell phone to relive the liaison. One when she stroked his erect cock, one when she stroked the balls with all his shaft inside and the other when they were leaking his semen. What a day!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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