The Devil’s Pact Chapter 16: The Raid (Repost #2)

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Alexis Ren

The Devil’s Pact
by mypenname3000
Copyright 2013

Note: Here’s hoping third time’s a charm

Chapter Sixteen: The Raid

When I returned home from the meeting with the Police Chiefs, Mary wasn’t home yet. Desiree and Allison were cooking in the kitchen, and the other sluts were finishing cleaning the house in their cute maid outfits. I sent Xiu to go stay with Korina and relieve Thamina, who was staying with Korina at the hospital with her right now.

Lillian was cleaning the living room, a feather duster in her hand, dressed in her slutty maid outfit. I saw Lillian bending over, dusting the coffee table. Her skirt had ridden up to expose her shaved pussy and her naked ass flashed beneath her skirt and petticoats. My cock hardened at the beautiful sight. Her pussy was a tight, inviting slit.

My cock was out in an instant and I grabbed her hips and slammed into her dry pussy.

“Oh, shit!” Lillian gasped in pain and surprise. She glanced back at me and her shock instantly vanished, replaced by joy. “Oh, Master, you feel so good inside my slutty cunt!” Her pussy began to moisten as her lust built.

“Your slutty cunt feels so good on my cock!” I gasped as she started to move her hips.

I fucked Lillian hard, holding her hips as I plowed deep inside her. Her cunt was sopping wet after a few thrust and she was panting like a bitch in heat. Karen walked into the room, naked, and smiled happily at me. Karen’s curly, light brown hair fell about her shoulders and her breasts. Pink nipples peaked out between strands of hair.

“Welcome home, Master,” Karen greeted and walked over and kissed me on the lips.

Chasity, who had followed me into the living room, sat down on the couch and started to play with her pussy as she watched me fuck Lillian. Chasity was wearing her slutty cop’s uniform. Karen walked over to the couch, her welted ass swaying, and sat carefully next to Chasity and kissed her on the lips. Now that Karen was my slut and no longer a Nun, she was quite friendly and affectionate and really seemed to enjoy kissing the other sluts.

As my cock speared Lillian’s cunt, her pussy tight and silky, I watched as Karen’s hand slipped into Chasity’s half open blouse. She fished out one of Chasity’s round breasts and sucked a pink nipple into her mouth. Chasity gasped and slid her free hand over to caress Karen’s thigh, sliding up higher and higher and dipping between her legs and finding Karen’s wet cunt.

“Master, you’re so good, I’m going to cum!” Lillian gasped.

Her cunt rippled about my cock. “Do you want me to cum in your dirty pussy?”

“Yes, Master!” Lillian shouted. “Cum in my dirty, slutty pussy!” I buried my cock to the hilt in her inviting depths and shot three large spurts of cum into her cunt. “Thank you, Master,” Lillian purred as I pulled out of her cunt. Lillian dipped a finger down and shoved it into her snatch. When she pulled it out, her finger was sticky with my cum, and she sucked it eagerly into her mouth.

I smacked Lillian’s ass. “Finish your dusting, slut.”

I turned to face the other two sluts and knelt on the couch between Karen’s spread legs, my hard cock brushing Chasity’s hand as she diddled the former nun. Karen stopped sucking at Chasity’s tit and Chasity moved her hand out of my dick’s way and I shoved it up Karen’s juicy twat. Karen whimpered in pain as I fucked her hard, shoving her tender ass against the couch. But the pleasure of my cock in her cunt so turned her whimpers of pain into sighs of pleasure.

“Fuck my nasty snatch!” Karen moaned. “Oh, you’re so big inside me!”

“Fuck her, hard, Master,” Chasity purred, her hand stroking my back through my shirt. She snuggled closer, her breast brushing Karen’s lip and Karen sucked her nipple back into her greedy mouth. Chasity’s hand slid down my back, across my ass and between my legs. She gently massaged my balls as I fucked Karen. “Cum in her dirty cunt,” Chasity moaned. Chasity’s other hand was busy between her legs, two fingers plunging in and out of her blonde-furred cunt.

Karen’s legs wrapped around my hips, pulling me against her. My strokes were shallow, fast and hard. I kissed at her cheek and then whispered into her ear, “Your cunt’s feel so good on my cock!” Karen moaned around Chasity’s nipple and her cunt spasmed on my cock. She got so excited by my words, the dirty slut came. “Did my cock make you cum, bitch!”

Karen released Chasity’s nipple. “Yes, it did, Master! Your cock feel so amazing in my filthy cunt!”

Keys rattled and the front door opened and I heard women giggling. Mary, trailed by Violet and Fiona, entered the living room. “I found the perfect wedding dress,” Mary gushed excitedly to me as I fucked out slut.

“Oh, it’s so beautiful, Master!” Violet exclaimed.

“You’re going to be blown away by how beautiful Mistress will look in it,” Fiona told me.

Mary sat down on the couch to my right side, opposite Chasity, and I kissed her, tasting cunt on her lips, tart and fresh. “Have you been a naughty filly?” I asked her.

She grinned, beautiful dimples appearing on her cheeks. “The seamstress, Bonnie, gave very satisfactory service. How did the meeting go?”

“Good,” I answered, continuing to fuck Karen. “We’ll have the tryouts for the bodyguards on Saturday. I figure we’ll hold it at Sparks Stadium. Tomorrow, I’ll call the school district and book it.”

Mary nodded. Her hand reached out and pinched Karen’s nipple. Karen stopped sucking Chasity’s nipple and turned to face her mistress. “Are you making my stallion fill good with your cunt, whore?” Mary asked, twisting her nipple.

“Absolutely, Mistress!” Karen gasped.

“Good slut,” Mary cooed and captured her lips in a kiss.

The door bell rang and Violet scurried off to get the door. That’s when I noticed what she was wearing, a plaid jumper with a very short skirt over a white blouse, and white, knee high socks. She looked like a catholic schoolgirl slut with her small breasts and hair done up in pigtails. “Shit!” I muttered in amazement.

Mary glanced at Violet as she disappeared down the short hallway that led to the front door. “I know, right, she’s so innocent and slutty all at the same time,” Mary said, licking her lips. “You gonna fuck her next?”

“Yeah!” I groaned, fucking Karen’s pussy harder. “She’s been a naughty girl and needs to be disciplined for wearing such a short skirt.”

“Mmmhh,” Mary purred.

Violet returned followed by a caramel skinned bombshell in a pink, silk blouse and a gray, tight pencil skirt. She was Jessica St. Pierre, field reporter for KIRO 7 News, and as of this morning, our newest sex slave. While I was jogging naked with my Naked Jogging Club, a news crew was filming us. Apparently, someone tipped off the news about my naked jogs and Jessica was sent to cover it. She was smoking hot and having a reporter to tip me off of any brewing stories made her the perfect addition to our stable of slaves.

“Master,” Jessica said, blushing, setting her suitcase on the floor.

“Come here,” Mary said. Jessica glanced at me with a questioning look, and I nodded back. “I’m Mary.”

“Oh, sorry, Mistress,” Jessica gasped, clasping her hand over her mouth. “I didn’t know.”

“Let’s see you naked,” Mary asked. “And I’ll consider forging you.”

Jessica stripped hastily. Her blouse came off exposing her dusky tits and her hard nipple. Her skirt slid off her shapely hips and then her panties, stained from the cum I shot up her ass this morning. Her breasts were perky handfuls with dark nipples, her cunt was waxed smooth and glistening with desire.

“Mark says you’re good at sucking cock, how are you at sucking cunt?”

“I’ve had no complaints,” Jessica smiled seductively.

Mary pulled up her skirt, exposing her waxed pussy. Jessica knelt before her and Mary started cooing in pleasure as Jessica began to devour her cunt. I was pounding Karen cunt hard and was close to flooding her cunt with my cum. Karen gasped and came beneath me a second time, her cunt milking my cock. I groaned and flooded the whore with my spunk.

“Thank you, Master,” Karen panted.

Violet was leaning against the wall, playing with one of her pig tails, a coquettish smile on her face. That skirt was so short, barely covering her ass, leaving her long, coltish legs bare. Sleek thighs, parted slightly, invitingly. God, when did she become such a bold, seductive slut. Where was that shy girl I met in the elevator? You took her virginity, a voice whispered. You made her a slut.

And such a delicious slut.

Smiling I beckoned her over. She walked around the couch and I grabbed her face and kissed her roughly. I could taste someone’s cunt on her lips. Not Mary’s. Maybe it was Fiona’s tart juices I tasted. I shoved my tongue in her mouth and she melted against my body. Her budding breasts and hard nipples pressed against my chest.

I grabbed her pigtail and lead her over to the ottoman. “You’ve been a bad girl.”

“I have, Master,” Violet purred.

“Daddy,” I corrected.

“I’ve been so bad, Daddy,” Violet cooed as I sat down on the ottoman and pulled her across my lap.

I pulled up her skirt, stroking her pale, slim ass. Then I spanked her, hard, leaving a red handprint on her ass. “Your skirt’s so short, I bet all the boys are lusting after you. Trying to stick their little cocks up my baby-girls snatch.”

“They are, Daddy.”

I smacked her ass, again. Then I slipped my hand down and fingered her cunt. “Who does this belong to?”

“My pussy is all yours, Daddy,” panted Violet. Her pubic hair was soft on my fingers and her cunt was dripping with desire.

“You wouldn’t let any boy slip his cock up your pussy?” I asked, slapping her ass.

“No, Daddy. Only your cock goes in my pussy.”

I spanked her ass on last time. “Good girl, get on your hands and knees.”

Violet scrambled off my lap and knelt before me. Her skirt had ridden up enough to expose her ass and brown-furred cunt. I knelt behind her and eagerly shoved my cock up her cunt. Her teenage pussy was so tight as I fucked her hard. I grabbed one of her pigtails, pulling her head back and she moaned wantonly, a naughty smile on her lips.

“Fuck me, Daddy!” she gasped. “Fuck your baby-girl’s tight little pussy!”

I pounded her cunt and watched Jessica eat out Mary’s twat. Violet’s cunt gripped my cock tight and she panted in your girlish voice. Mary was writhing in pleasure, Karen sucking at her tit. Chasity was spooning Karen from behind, her tits rubbing on Karen’s back. Chasity’s arms wrapped around the slut and started playing with Karen’s naked tits. Mary bucked on Jessica’s face as she came.

“Oh, that was good, slut,” Mary moaned. She grabbed a handful of Jessica’s hair and pulled her up and kissed her passionately on the lips while she groped Jessica’s perky tits.

“I’m glad you enjoyed my tongue, Mistress,” Jessica purred when Mary broke the kiss.

“Why don’t you and Chasity have a nice little sixty-nine,” Mary ordered. Chasity, smiling, stood up and kissed Jessica and pulled her to the floor. The pair quickly got in position and eagerly began to eat the other’s cunt.

Violet’s cunt clenched on my cock. “I’m cumming, Daddy! Please, fill my slutty, young pussy with your cum, Daddy!”

“Here it comes, baby-girl!” I groaned and flooded her teenage cunt with sperm. I pulled out of Violet’s cunt and slapped her ass. “Ask Desiree how long it is till dinner.”

“Yes, Daddy,” Violet squeaked and scampered out of the room, her naked ass flashing as her skirt swayed.

Mary pushed Karen away and I sat on the couch next to her and kissed her. Mary snuggled up against me, her head resting on my chest. Karen snuggled up on my other side, her tits pressing against my back. Violet returned and reported that dinner would be in ten minutes.

“So you found a wedding dress, hun,” I asked, kissing her sweaty forehead.

“Oh, it’s so beautiful,” Mary sighed.

“Do you have a picture?”

“No, Mark,” Mary rolled her eyes. “You’re the groom, you can’t see my dress until the wedding day.”

“Are you sure about that?” I asked and then started tickling her sides.

Mary giggled hysterically. “Stop … that!” she gasped.

“Not until I see the dress,” I proclaimed, continuing my tickle assault.

“No … I … won’t give … in!” she gasped between laughs. And then she started tickling me back, her fingers brushing my sides.

“Hey, not fair!” I protested.

“Everything’s far in love and tickling!” Mary stated haughtily, and then continued her assault.

I was laughing so hard I couldn’t breath and I felt my face turning beat red. Her fingers were relentless and she found my sensitive sides. She sensed me weakness and pressed her attack. I couldn’t take it anymore. “I yield!” I finally gasped and Mary smirked and stopped her assault.

Desiree cleared her throat, startling us. “Dinner is ready, Masters,” she said, amusement tinging her voice. I smacked her ass on the way buy.

Dinner was a delicious lasagne and garlic bread with a tossed porno izle salad topped with vinegar. I heartily dug into the lasagne, the meat, cheese and sauce melted together to form delicious perfection. The sluts were all chatting away happily.

Lillian giggled wickedly at something Chasity told her. “Did Master really do that?”

Chasity nodded. “Right in the back of my squad car.”

“What did you do in the back of her car?” Mary asked, with a naughty smile.

I cleared my throat. “I … uh, had Chasity arrest this girl so I could molest her in the back of the car.”

“The girl was a dirty slut,” Chasity proclaimed. “She came on Master’s cock while he raped her.”

Mary frowned at me. “You’re rapping girls now, Mark?” she asked, delicately.

“Yeah, after what we did to Karen, I kinda got off on it,” I answered. “I just had to do it again.”

“You didn’t hurt her too bad?” Mary asked then took a bite of salad.

“Naw, she even came a couple of times,” I replied.

“That’s fine, then, hun,” Mary said. “It’s not really all that different then what you’ve done to other girls.” Mary eyed the sluts. “Or me.”

Her last words stung a bit. “I’m sorry for making you do those things,” I whispered, feeling guilty for how I made Mary my slave before I really fell in love with her. Mary was the only person I’ve felt bad about controlling.

“I forgave you,” Mary said, patting my hand.

“Then why do you keep bringing it up,” I demanded, a little heat in my voice.

“Sorry, Mark,” Mary said, icily, stabbing her salad.

“I … uh, shit,” I said, instantly regretting my words. It grew quiet around the table. The sluts sensed our argument, and like children before arguing parents, became still and silent. “I shouldn’t have said that.”

“No,” Mary answered, “you shouldn’t have.”

I grabbed her hand, kissing her knuckles. “Can you forgive me?”

A smirk appeared on her lips. “Maybe, I …”

Mary’s words were cut off as the front door banged open and excited voices could be heard. Thamina walked into the kitchen trailed by Xiu and Korina. Korina looked wan, dressed in ill fitting clothes and her left arm in a sling. “I’m home,” she said, a smile on her pale, doll’s face and her blue eyes sparkled happily.

Mary reached her first giving her a careful hug and a kiss on the lips. I followed, stroking her face and kissing those beautiful lips. The other sluts, save Jessica who never met Korina, and Karen, hung back as Korina was hugged and kissed. Lastly, Karen approached her, hesitantly.

“I’m sorry, Korina,” she said. “It’s all my fault. I … I was wrong to try and hurt Master and Mistress.”

“It’s okay,” Korina said, gently, caressing Karen’s face. “We all make mistakes.”

Karen was crying as she embraced Korina and kissed her gently on the lips.

A place was made for Korina and the other sluts and Fiona sat down next to her and helped her eat. I sat back down next to Mary and realized we had been fighting about something, I just couldn’t remember what it was. Korina was back home where she belonged and when I looked over at Mary whatever it was we were bickering about really didn’t matter.

After dinner, Mary and I asked Jessica to tell us what she’s learned.

“Well, Master you are either a suspect or a person of interest in several different incidents,” she began, reading off her ipad. “There was the gas attack on the Bestbuy last week. The robbery of a jewelery store.” She glanced at her ipad again. “Mistress is thought to be your accomplice or your prisoner. Her boyfriend believes she was forced to break up with him while being raped.”

“He’s not my boyfriend anymore,” Mary groaned, then smiled. “Although the sex part was true. Mark had his cock up my ass while I ate out this customer, eh Vivian I think her name was, when I broke up with Mike.”

“Okay, Mistress,” Jessica nodded, and looked on her ipad to find her place again. “Eh, there are rumors of a wild party that closed the space needled last Saturday night and that three of the waitresses have been missing ever since. The Seattle Police are looking to question both of you about Violet Matheson’s kidnapping. Xiu’s parents and Fiona’s boyfriend have both filled missing person reports. Master is suspected in a string of robberies and rapes at banks in Tacoma. They believe you use some sort of gas that makes people open to suggestion, although no tox reports have identified the substance, yet.”

“Anything else,” Mark asked. “Do the police know where I’m living?”

“No,” Jessica answered. “There’s a reporter, Carlos Guiterrez, who’s preparing a story on you for Friday. He’s digging into what little past you have. You don’t have much of an internet presence. A Facebook account with a few friends. You have no arrest record.”

“Good job, Jessica,” I praised and she flushed darkly.

“I live to serve, Master,” she purred, she paused. “There is one more weird thing. There have been reports of men and teenage boys in the vicinity having strange exhaustion. They go to bed feeling fine and wake up physically drained. Doctors report its like the person spent days of continuous exertion in a single night. All the men report the same, vivid dream of a silver haired woman being intimate with them. It started Monday night. And is clustered about this address in a six mile radius.”

“Lilith,” Mary murmured.

“Yes, Mistress,” Lilith said, appearing out of the shadows.

Lust rolled across the room and my cock instantly hardened. Lilith was a voluptuous woman, the very embodiment of a sex goddess. Big, full tits that seemed to defy gravity topped with large nipples. A round face with full, lush lips and bedroom eyes. Her silver hair fell tousled about her like she had just been good and fucked. Her pussy was covered by silvery pubic hair, matted with her desire. Fuck, I had to have her.

“How may I serve, Mistress,” Lilith purred, touching Mary’s cheek. Mary bit her lip. It looked like she was struggling to fight off an orgasm. “Ready for your final boon?”

“Are all these men falling exhausted your work?” Mary asked.

“Why yes,” Lilith moaned. “I’m drawn to the wet dreams of men.”

I stood up and pushed Lilith so she bent across the table, her, heart-shaped ass wiggled at me. Lilith face turned back to me and for instant I saw anger and hatred flash across her face before it returned to the sensuous, come-fuck-me look Lilith normally displayed. I came the moment I slid into the wet passion of her cunt. My cock never went soft and I just kept fucking her. Pleasure was roaring through my body and I was quickly cumming again.

Mary climbed up on the table and shoved Lilith’s mouth into her cunt and screamed out her orgasm. The sluts started attacking each other, just as effected by Lilith’s lust aura as I was. Desiree and Allison fell into a sixty-nine. Fiona knelt before Korina’s chair and pulled off her sweat pants and dived into Korina’s shaved pussy. Violet crawled beneath Fiona so that Fiona was sitting on her face and started eating her red-furred pussy. Thamina and Jessica were grinding their pussies on each other’s thighs, Chasity was eating out Lillian’s pussy while Xiu furiously masturbated.

As I fucked Lilith’s pussy, her ass jiggled as my groin slammed into her. I wondered what her asshole would feel like. I came a third time in her pussy and then pulled out and quickly slammed my cock up her ass. She was so tight, a velvet grip that caused me to cum so hard my vision blackened for a moment. Lilith’s ass started to squeeze rhythmically on my ass, every squeeze sending pleasure through my body and cum spewing out of my cock. She was draining my balls dry. She glanced back on me, a smirk on her face and hatred in her eyes My vision swam and the room darkened and …

… “Mark, are you okay?”

I opened my eyes and Mary was kneeling next to me. I was lying on the hardwood floors of the dining room. “What happened?”

“You passed out,” Mary said. “Lilith was mad at you for fucking her ass so she did her succubus thing on you. How do you feel?”

“Fine,” I said, standing up. “I guess my wish for sexual stamina came in handy.”

“I sent Lilith away when you passed out,” Mary said, in anger. “Are you sure you’re fine?”

I kissed Mary, groping her breast. “I’ll fuck you right now, if you want me to prove it?”

Mary smiled. “How about upstairs, hun,” Mary said. “If you’re feeling up to it.”

My cock was hardening as I stared at Mary’s naked body. “Yeah. I could fuck you all night, Mare.”

Mary grabbed my hand, then grabbed Jessica’s hand. “Then you can handle both of us?” Mary asked with a naughty smile. I grinned and she led us upstairs.


The ringing of my phone woke me up. “Hello,” I groggily said. It was 4:09 am according to the clock.

Mary and Jessica stirred in bed. Mary lay between us and Jessica was spooning her from behind. “Go back to bed,” Mary muttered and Jessica snuggled tight against her.

“Mark, its Sheriff Erkhart,” a man’s voice said on the phone.

“Yeah, Sheriff?”

“I just found out that the FBI filed a no-knock warrant for 2936 Mountain View Court SE, Puyallup, WA 98374 seeking to arrest you in relation to those bank robberies,” the Sheriff informed me. “The FBI and my SWAT unit is on there way to your house. They’ll be there any minute.”

“Shit,” I muttered, coming awake.

“What is it?” Mary muttered.

There was a booming crash and splintering wood coming from below, echoing through the house. Heavy boots pounded through the house and men shouted loudly. The boots were stomping up the stairs. Sluts started crying out in fear as doors crashed open. Fear coursed cold through my veins as I struggled to get out of the bed. The blankets were tangled about my legs and I fell off the bed, landing hard on my side.

“Mark!” Mary shouted. “What the fuck …”

Mary’s words were cut off as the bedroom door burst open and two men in black fatigues and sub-machine guns flowed into the room. They moved with a strange, almost mechanical precision “Hands on your head!” one barked, training his gun on me as I struggled to untangle my legs from the sheet. The other SWAT trained his weapon on Mary and Jessica, who screamed and grabbed each other.

“Fuck, stop pointing your guns at us and help me up, assholes!” I shouted in anger. The guy pointing his sub-machine gun at me lowered it and extended his arm and hauled me to my feat.

“Oh, sorry, sir,” the guy said, confused.

“Go wait outside.”

“Yes, sir,” the SWAT officer said and the pair walked out. Screams and shouts echoed throughout the house as other SWAT officers were securing the house.

“Mary, stay here until I get things sorted out,” I told her.

“Yeah,” she nodded, pale faced and clutching an equal frightened Jessica.

It took a few minutes to find all the SWAT officers roaming the house. By the time I got to the sluts, most had those plastic cuffs on and were sobbing in fear as black clad SWAT cops stood over them. I had the SWAT release them before sending the cops outside to join the other SWAT guys. Violet hugged me in relief and Karen was so shaken up by the experience that she threw up. Allison and Desiree clung tightly together and Korina was still asleep from her painkillers.

Outside, a fat, balding man in a blue, FBI windbreaker was yelling at his SWAT guys for standing around in the yard. “What the hell are you guys doing?” he demanded, face turning beat red.

“The guy told us to wait outside, Agent Peterson” one of the SWAT guys said.

“The fucking suspect tells you to wait outside and you genius just listen to him?” Agent Peterson demanded in astonishment. “What the fuck is wrong with you guys.”

“Eh,” the SWAT guy shrugged. “He just seemed like someone I needed to listen to, right guys.”

The other SWAT officers shrugged or nodded.

“Jesus fucking Christ!” Agent Peterson swore. “Who the fuck is this guy! Heinrich, let’s go and get this asshole.”

“Uh, sir, he’s at the door,” a female agent pointed. She was wearing the same windbreaker as Agent Peterson.

“Shit!” Peterson swore and drew his service weapon, pointing it at me. The female agent, presumably Agent Heinrich, drew hers as well. “Hands on your head, get down on the floor!”

“Put your guns away!” I snapped in anger.

Guns were holstered. “See,” quipped the SWAT officer, “hard to resist.”

“Shut up, Keller,” Peterson grumbled.

“Is it safe, Mark?” Mary called from upstairs.

“Yeah, Mare, come on down and bring Jessica!” I shouted back.

Mary appeared, naked, holding an equally naked Jessica’s hand. Both girls had similar builds, their breasts about the same size, Mary’s a little perkier, Jessica’s a little rounder. The main difference was their skin coloring, Mary was fair skinned and covered in freckles while Jessica had caramel skin from her mixed ethnic background.

Mary slipped her arm around my waist and I hugged her shoulder. “What’re you gonna do, Mark?” she asked, looking at the ruin amatör porno of our front door. They had used a battering ram and cracked the door and shattered the frame.

“Embarrass Agent Peterson,” I told her. “Jessica, let your producer know you have a story about the FBI raiding an innocent man’s house and scaring his family with their storm trooper assault.”

“Yes, Master,” Jessica said, scurrying away.

“FBI Agents and SWAT officers!” I yelled. “I’m Mark Glassner and this is my fiancee, Mary Sullivan. Everything we do is legal. If Mary Sullivan or someone who says ‘I serve Mark Glassner’ approaches you do whatever they say!”

Nods, grunts, and various affirmatives echoed back from the crowd.

“Agent Peterson, a Jessica St. Pierre from KIRO 7 News is going to interview you. You will tell her because of your incompetence, you and your men raided an innocent man’s house, broke his door down and scared his family. Agent Heinrich objected to your plan, but you used your seniority to shut her down. You will tell them that Mark Glassner just has a similar resemblance to the bank robbers, but he has an ironclad alibi.”

“Fine,” Peterson said, flushing. A couple of the SWAT officers sniggered.

“Agent Heinrich, I need to speak with you, inside,” I said.

“Okay, sir,” she said and started walking inside.

“Have fun,” Mary said, kissing me.

“You don’t want to play with her?” I asked in surprise.

“Oh, I think there will be plenty of time for that,” Mary said with a knowing smile. Mary knew what I was thinking. Agent Heinrich looked cute and having a spy in the FBI would be a good thing. Then, she walked out of the house, eying the SWAT officers. She grabbed two of them and led them past me back inside the house.

“Two?” I asked.

Mary giggled. “I want cock in my pussy and cock in my ass.”

The other sluts were gathering in the living room as Mary led her two studs inside. I followed with Agent Heinrich. The FBI agent had sandy-blonde hair tied up in a bun. Her face was round with gray-blue eyes and a milkmaid’s fair complexion. Underneath her FBI windbreaker she wore a cheap, blue pantsuit and a bulletproof vest.

“Master, may we have some fun?” Allison asked, glancing at Mary as she had the two SWAT guys strip naked.

“Sure,” I said. The sluts all raced outside. I grabbed Violet as she tried to get pass. “Only my cock gets inside your cunt,” I reminded her.

“Oh, sorry Master,” Violet flushed. I smacked her ass.

“You can play with me an Agent Heinrich.” I turned to the Agent. “Strip. And what’s your first name?”

“Noel,” she answered, dropping the windbreaker to the floor and started unvelcroing her bulletproof vest.

Allison and Desiree returned with a SWAT officer, pulling him upstairs. Karen found the one female SWAT officer to play with. Thamina had hung back, obviously nervous. Fiona returned with a SWAT guy and pulled Thamina along with her. “Let’s get you good and fucked, Thamina” Fiona giggled.

Noel had a plain white bra and her large tits were spilling out of it. Her figure was slim and fit. She shrugged out of her pants and also had on boring, white panties. They were practically granny panties. She pulled those off next, revealing a blonde landing strip pointing towards her bald pussy. Lastly, her bra came off and those big, beautiful titties spilled out. She had large nipples and huge areolas.

“Wow,” Violet murmured and sucked one of those huge nipples into her lips.

I pulled the bobby pins holding Noel’s hair up and it spilled about her shoulders. “What do you think, Mare?”

Mary was between the two naked SWAT officers. Both were muscled and Mary had a hand both their cocks, slowly stroking them as one of the officers sucked on her tit. “Keep her,” Mary husked.

“Noel, you’re my sex slave, and Mary’s. You’ll do whatever nasty thing we want you to do. More importantly, you’re going to be our spy in the FBI. Report on anything that might affect us. You will act like your normal self when around others.”

“Okay,” Noel answered.

“Good, you’re going to suck my cock, slut!” I sat on the couch and had Noel and Violet start sucking my cock as I watched Mary with the muscled officers. Violet was sucking on my balls as Noel sucked the head of my cock into her wet mouth.

Mary had both her guys kneeling on either side of her, one eating her pussy and one eating her ass. She played with her dusky nipples as she moaned in pleasure. Violet licked up my cock and Noel moved and let Violet suck my cock into her mouth. Noel was sucking at the side and then they were sharing my cock, their tongue swirling around the head of my cock, their lips brushing together.

“Keep eating my cunt and asshole,” Mary moaned. “C’mon, don’t be fucking limp dicked wimps! Really get your tongues in there. Umm, that’s a little better. You assholes scared the hell out of me and now you can repay me with some orgasms.” Mary glanced at me. “I hope those sluts are doing a better job than these sissies.”

“I got no complaints,” I groaned.

“Sorry, mam,” the officer eating her cunt said.

“Did I say to stop eating my pussy, jackass?”

The officer dove back into her pussy and Mary gave a shudder of pleasure as she came on the two men’s faces. Watching my fiancee cum on the two guy sent a weird thrill through my body and my dick exploded my cum on Noel and Violet’s faces, running white and thick down their beautiful faces. Violet smiled and licked my cum off Noel’s round face. Noel started to return the favor, licking a line of cum up Violet’s neck to her lips and the pair exchanged a passionate, cum-stained kiss.

“Get down on your back!” Mary barked to the guy who was eating her pussy. The guy stretched out on the floor, his cock jutting hard from his body. Mary straddled the guy and engulfed his prick to the hilt of her pussy. She looked behind her shoulder and spread her asscheeks. “Come on, I don’t have all day,” she said, impatiently. The second officer knelt behind her and Mary moaned wantonly as his cock slid into her ass.

Violet was being lowered to the floor by Noel as they kissed passionately. Violet was playing with her pillowy tits as Noel lapped up a strand of cum that had run down to Violet’s little A Cup titties. Violet moaned as Noel sucked her cute little nipples.

“Eat her cunt out, Noel,” I ordered, smacking Noel’s tight ass.

Noel scooted lower and Violet spread her legs. Her brown-furred muff glistened with excitement and Noel dove nosily into her pussy, sucking the teenager’s snatch. I pulled her hips up until she was kneeling and rammed my cock into her sopping pussy.

“Ohh, that’s nice!” gasped Noel. Violet grabbed her head and shoved Noel’s face back into Violet’s pussy.

I fucked Noel with a steady rhythm, her cunt had a nice, slick grip on my cock. “How did the FBI find me here?”

“The … ohhh … the homeowner, Brandon Fitz … shit that’s nice! Brandon Fitzsimmons tipped us.”

That was surprising. I must have left a loophole in the instructions I gave him. I struggled to remember what I had told him, but it had been a week since I had seen him. Oh well, I had to remember to talk to him and get him sorted out. Plus, I needed him to divorce Desiree anyways. I had originally thought about giving him his wife back, but Desiree was far too beautiful and far too amazing of a cook to let her go.

“What evidence do you have on me!” I asked, fucking Noel a little harder.

“Oh, uh, shit!” she panted, struggling to gather her thoughts. “We found matching fingerprints at all the banks and the Bestbuy. People at both areas experience the same sort of symptoms. We haven’t isolated the compound you use to make people so docile. Matching semen samples were found in all the rape victims in both the bank robberies and the Bestbuy. Plus we have video surveillance of you committing all the acts.”

“Anything else?”

“You’re suspected in the robbery of a Kay Jewelers, but that’s not Federal jurisdiction,” Noel answered. “And you’re tied to the kidnapping of Violet Matheson and the disappearances of Xiu Liu and Fiona Cavanagh. Korina Stavros is also suspected of being missing, last seen with you, but no one has filed a missing persons report on her.”

“Master didn’t kidnap me!” objected Violet. “I’m his slave? How could that be kidnapping?”

“Your mother filed the missing persons report,” Noel answered. “She latter withdrew it, saying there had been a misunderstanding and you were with a family friend.” That had been the orders I gave her mother when I saw the Amber Alert for Violet. “The Seattle Police are very suspicious of your mom’s story and she’s a person of interest in your disappearances as well.”

“I have been busy,” I boasted and started to pound her cunt hard.

Mary was moaning as she took it in both holes. It looked like they had a rhythm going. Violet was purring in pleasure as Noel went back to eating her cunt. Noel came on my cock with a hard shudder, her cunt squeezing almost painfully on my cock. Violet was close behind her, creaming her face as she writhed on the floor.

“Yes, yes, oh yes!” moaned Mary. “Harder, you fucking pansies, fuck me harder! I’m so close!”

The officer fucking her ass started to pound away and she convulsed between the two men. The officer she rode was groping her breasts, squeezing her nipples as she bucked on top of him. The guy fucking her ass moaned and shoved his cock deep in her ass, his face contorted with pleasure as he shot loads of cum up my fiancee’s ass. He fell backwards, panting on the ground and Mary started to ride the officer on his back hard. It wasn’t long before Mary began moaning loudly, arching her back as she came a second time. She sat down on the cop, panting hard, and then stood up, cum dripping out her asshole.

“I haven’t cum yet!” the cop protested, his cock hard and glistening with pussy juices.

Mary shrugged her shoulders. “Isn’t that what your hands for?”

“Please,” begged the cop.

“Fine,” Mary sighed. “You’re so pathetic.” Mary raised her foot and started to stroke his cock with it. “Is that making you feel good?”

“Yeah, oh yeah,” he groaned.

“What a fucking disgusting worm,” Mary snarled in disgust, rubbing his cock with her foot. “Is my foot making you come?”

“Yes!” the guy moaned. “I’m so close, keep rubbing it.”

“Naw, I’m bored,” Mary said and walked away. “Better use your hand.” Mary straddled Violet and sat down of her face. “Clean my ass, slut!”

Violet was more than happy to oblige, licking the cum out of her Mistress’s ass. “Oh, fuck that’s hot!” I panted and buried myself all the way in Noel’s cunt and unloaded several hot squirts of cum up inside her.

Jessica came downstairs, dressed in a blue silk blouse and gray skirt, her hard nipples pressing against the clinging fabric of the blouse. “There’s a news van on the way, Master,” Jessica reported.

“We should get dressed,” I told Mary. “For our interview.”

I rounded up the SWAT officers that were having fun with the various sluts and got them out of the house. Allison and Desiree had their guy handcuffed to the bed, his cock up Allison’s cunt and Desiree sitting on his face. Thamina was getting fucked up the ass while Fiona sucked on her pussy. Karen was tribbing her female officer, a butch woman with short, blonde hair. And Chasity and Lillian had found five officers and had them all jerk off on them. The two sluts were positively dripping with cum, like some bukkake party. In the basement, I found Xiu was handcuffed to a bed and being fucked hard in the ass with a big smile on her face. Korina was sleeping soundly in the bed next to her.

When the news van arrived it was driven by Freddy, the cameraman with Jessica yesterday. He started gathering what Jessica called “B roll” shooting the SWAT officer milling around and the ruined door to our house. Then Mary and I were interviewed. Mary was wearing her pink, silk robe and I was wearing a pair of boxers and a t-shirt. We looked like we just got woken up and we told how scarred we where as these stormtroopers rounded us up. Jessica interviewed some of our house guests, Desiree wrapped up in a housecoat, and Karen wearing one of my buttoned-down shirts and little else. The two sluts reiterated how scared they were.

Finally, Jessica interviewed Agent Peterson who hung himself out to dry for making the colossal screw-up of raiding the house of a clearly innocent man. He didn’t quite say it was all because of his incompetence, but it was pretty apparent that it was because of incompetence. He even mentioned how Agent Heinrich objected to the raid because she was 100% sure I was the wrong guy but Agent Peterson ignored her. He apologized for being too eager in pursuit of justice.

“My producer’s going to love this!” Jessica exclaimed happily and I kissed her and gave her a slap on the ass.

I kissed Noel before she left with the Agent Peterson and told her to pick up a slutty cop’s outfit at a sex shop on her way home. Agent Peterson looked positively sick anal porno as he climbed into his vehicle. Noel had her FBI face back on and just gave Mary and I the faintest of nods as they drove off in a black suburban. The SWAT officers hopped in an assortment of suburbans, trucks, squad cars and one big, SWAT van, and followed the FBI Agents out.

Mary went back to bed, but it was almost time to go jogging, so I went over to Madeleine’s house where the Naked Jogging Club meets. Anastasia was there, the dyed black-hair Russian from across the street, and Belinda and her hot, teenage daughter Cassie. I didn’t get to fuck the mom and her daughter, yesterday, and I wanted to change that.

I found Mary still asleep when I returned. I crawled into bed with her and she sleepily asked, “Have fun?”

“Yeah, I fucked a mother and her daughter,” I murmured, spooning her from behind.

“That’s nice,” she whispered and then she fell back asleep. I kissed her shoulder, my cock pressing against her soft ass and joined her in sleep.

I woke up to a warm, sucking feeling on my cock. “Hmm, Mare, that feels good,” I moaned. The sucking stopped for a moment then continued. Mary’s tongue was swirling around the head, the hard, metal head of her tongue stud added extra pleasure to the blowjob. Wait? Tongue stud? Mary doesn’t have a tongue stud.

I opened my eyes and saw bubble-gum pink hair spilling across my stomach. “Allison,” I smiled.

“Good morning, Master,” Allison cooed. “Mistress told me to wake you up.” Allison gripped my cock, stroking it slowly as she straddled my waist and guided the cock to the entrance of her cunt. Tattooed above her pussy was the phrase “Cum on in,” and an arrow pointing to her teenage cunt. Her tight snatch engulfed my cock as she lowered herself. “Mistress says you need to take a shower. It’s almost time to leave for her OB/GYN appointment.”

Allison started to ride me hard and fast, her big breasts flopped about, pierced by silver barbells. “Did Mary tell you to wake me up this way?” I asked, stroking her side and then sliding my hand up to grope one of her tits.

“Mistress didn’t say how I was to wake you up,” Allison answered with a naughty giggle.

The bed springs squeaked as Allison rode me. When she bottomed out on my cock, she would grind her clit into the forest of my pubic hair before rising up. Her cunt was tight with youth and she moaned beautifully as she rode me.

“Go faster!” I urged. Her hips responded, and Allison twisted and rose and as fasts as she could. Her breath quickened as her orgasm neared. I groaned through gritted teeth and flooded the sluts cunt. Allison gasped as she felt my cum flood her and then she bucked wildly atop me as her orgasm shot through her.

“Oh, thank you, Master!” she said, a smile on her flushed face.

The bedroom door banged open and I saw strawberry-blonde Fiona stalk in wearing her maid’s uniform. Her big breasts bounced in the transparent bodice as she walked over and smacked Allison on the ass.

“Mistress said to wake Master up, not fuck him!” Fiona shouted. “Go downstairs! Mistress is going to paddle your naughty, slutty ass.”

“Oh no,” Allison gasped, dismayed and scurried out of the room.

“Mistress asked me to remind you to get ready,” Fiona said, respectfully.

“I guess I have to take a shower,” I said, eying Fiona. “Get naked, I want you to wash me with those tits of yours.”


“Allison, you naughty slut!” I shouted as Allison guilty came down the stairs. I could see the cum running down her thigh. “I told you to wake Mark up!”

“I did, Mistress,” Allison protested.

“With your cunt?”

She pouted, her lower lip just begging to be kissed. “Master liked it.”

“Of course he did,” I said, rolling my eyes. “He loves sticking his dick in any hole.” I grabbed the wooden spoon, I so enjoyed smacking the asses of naughty sluts. “Bend over the table.”

“Yes, Mistress,” Allison pouted. I smacked her ass hard. “One, thank you Mistress!”

“Stop pouting, bitch!” I told her. “You’re my slut. I can beat you for any reason I want. I don’t even need a reason!”

“Sorry, Mistress,” Allison apologized. Smack! “Two, thank you Mistress!”

My pussy was starting to itch. Karen was watching. “Get on you knees and pleasure me, Karen!”

“Oh, yes Mistress!” Karen excitedly gasped and rushed to kneel before me, hiking up my black skirt and shoving the gusset of my sky blue panties to the side. I shivered in pleasure as her tongue ran down my shaved slit, flicking my clit.

Smack! “Three, thank you Mistress!” Her ass was turning red. Smack! “Four, thank you Mistress.” She was such a naughty, dirty slut and just begged to be punished. Smack! “Five, thank you Mistress.” I lost my self in the pleasure of Karen’s tongue and the smack of the spoon on Allison’s flesh. Every time the spoon smacked her ass, her ass jiggled and reddened more. I came with a shudder and hit Allison’s ass one last time. “Twenty-six, thank you, Mistress!” Allison sobbed.

I pulled Allison up and stroked her crying face. “I loved beating your ass,” I told her. “You made me very happy!”

“Thank you, Mistress,” Allison sniffed and smiled. I kissed her on the lips. I couldn’t resist groping her welted ass and feeling her jump in pain.

“Go find Thamina and have her put an ointment on you ass and then have her lick you to a nice orgasm.”

“I will, Mistress,” Allison beamed and scurried off. I glanced at the clock. Damn, we should be leaving right now.

I headed upstairs. I shouldn’t have sent Fiona. Mark’s got to be fucking her. Feeling a little frustrated with my fiancee and his never ending sex drive thanks to a wish he made with the Devil. I stalked up the stairs. As I entered our bedroom, I could hear the shower running in the master bath and a woman moaning.

“Fuck my ass, fuck my ass!” Fiona moaned. “Oh, Master, your cock feels so amazing up my ass!”

I entered the bathroom and threw open the shower curtains to find Fiona pushed up against the wall as Mark fucked her ass, hard. I paused to admire the sight. Mark’s ass was getting more firm and was starting to be nicely shaped. I could see his ass flexing as he fucked her. At this rate he would have a very nice, tight ass.

Remembering I was angry at him, I shouted, “Mark! We need to go. Stop fucking her ass!”

“She’s cleaning my cock,” Mark protested.

“With her ass? Seriously, Mark?”

“I shoved soap up it first,” he said, lamely.

Fuck, he wasn’t going to stop till he came. So, I licked my finger and caressed his ass, sliding into his crack and wiggled it into his ass. I searched around and found his prostate and started to massage it through the walls of his bowel.

“Oh fuck!” Mark moaned, his ass clenching as he shot his load off into the slut’s ass.

“Wow, your cock must be all clean now,” I said in mock amazement. “Get out of the shower and get dressed, Mark, we need to go.”

“Sorry, Mare,” he said, flashing that boyish grin of his that melted my heart. The shower shut off and Mark started to dry himself. Fiona was quietly frigging her cunt as Mark tried to kiss me.

“I’m still mad at you,” I told him.

He wrapped his arms around me and I struggled to break free. “Then I’m …” his lips kissed me briefly, “… going to …” kiss, “… keep kissing you …” kiss, “… until you forgive me.” This time his kiss lingered. “Because …” kiss, “… I’m so sorry.” He kissed me again and my lips opened and I started kissing him back.

“Fine, you’re forgiven,” I said and he captured my lips with another kiss. It was hard to stay mad when he was kissing me. It was kinda my fault, anyways, not that I’d admit being wrong, but I did send the sluts to wake him up. I should have done it myself. Mark’s hand started to feel my breasts through my blue blouse. I wasn’t wearing a bra and he was playing with my nipple. “Wait, Mark!” I protested, feeling his cock harden against me. Fuck, if I didn’t stop this, we would be fucking on the bathroom counter and then we would be really late. “We have to go,” I started to say, but Mark’s kiss cut me off.

His hand slipped under my blouse and he started gently pinching my hard nipple. It was getting harder and harder to care about why I needed Mark to stop. The doctor wasn’t going anywhere, right? I felt Mark pulling my skirt up and I tried to push it back down. Mark’s tongue was inside my mouth and he was making my nipple feel so good with his touches. I felt his fingers at the crotch of my panties, damp with my desire. He pulled my panties to the side and then he was in me.

Mark was so big inside me, spreading my pussy with his girth and rubbing against every pleasurable inch inside her. Why was I trying to stop him? How could I have wanted to stop this? Mark felt so amazing inside me, as his love filled me up, plunging in and out of me. His strong form crushing against my breasts. My clit rubbing on his crotch, my nipples rubbing on his chest. I could feel his hands roaming beneath my blouse, touching my back, my side, my breasts. My skin was alive with pleasure.

Mark broke the kiss, his lips sliding to my ear and he whispered. “I love my naughty filly.”

I came! A glorious orgasm rolled through my cunt, my pussy walls milking his cock. “I love you, too!” I gasped. “My randy stallion! Ride me, ride me! Make me cum again.”

Over Mark’s shoulder I saw Fiona still masturbating her pussy with one hand while she brought gobs of cum from her ass to her lips. Mark’s dirty cock had just been in her ass and now it was in my pussy.

“What feels better?” I asked. “My pussy or Fiona’s ass?”

“You pussy!” Mark panted. “She’s just a hole to dump my cum.” Mark’s cock was rubbing inside me so deliciously. “Who’s dicks felt better. Mine or those SWAT guys?”

“Oh yours,” I answered, truthfully, feeling another orgasm building. “They were just living dildos!”

I gripped Mark’s ass, feeling his muscles bunch as he fucked me harder. “Fuck, here it comes, Mare!” Mark gasped and buried himself deep in me, brushing against my womb, and I came as I felt his warm spunk flood my pussy.

I kissed Mark, deeply. “We gotta go,” I told him, reluctantly. I wanted to be held by Mark, fill his cock inside me all day long.

“Yeah,” he said, pulling out of me. I felt a little empty inside my pussy. My panty gusset slid back into place, holding his sperm inside. I guess Dr. WolfTail was going to get a surprise.


I shook Gerald’s hand. He was one of the engineers at the plant. “I think its a good idea,” I told him.

“Thanks, Brandon,” Gerald said, before he left.

My phone buzzed, alerting me to an email. I sat in my office at the Boeing plant in Renton and pulled my phone out. The email was from Doug, the P.I. I hired to investigate that asshole Mark Glassner who ruined my life, stole my wife, my house.

Doug Allard was the same P.I. I used to investigate my whore of a first wife. He found the proof of her infidelity and saved my ass when it came to the divorce settlement. The bitch wasn’t able to take me to the ringers like she wanted. So, when I decided to take down Mark Glassner, I turned to Doug. I lucked out, finding a house for rent that had a great view of my backyard and placed Doug there with is telephoto lenses.

“It’s very important you don’t get near Mark,” I told him on Tuesday when I hired him. “He’s very dangerous. And I can’t afford tipping him off. From this point on, we will only communicative through email.” I couldn’t take the chance of Doug getting compromised by Mark and finding Mark on the phone instead of Doug. I was freed from Mark’s power by Sister Louise and I intended to keep it that way.

I opened the email. “Mr. Fitzsimmons, unusual activity this morning. FBI raided your house. However, they left without arresting Mark. In fact, I have photos of several of the women in the house fucking the SWAT officers in some of the bedrooms. I attached the photos. I don’t know who this guy is, but the SWAT left like they were his buddies. Doug.”

I glanced at the photos and my heart skipped a beat. There was Desiree and Allison stripping a SWAT cop naked. Both Allison and Desiree were naked. There was another photo of Desiree straddling the guy, clearly fucking him.

“Fuck!” I shouted. I needed a fucking drink. “God fucking damn you, Mark!”

I took a long, deep breath and calmed myself down. She’s not being a whore because she wants to, Brandon. Calm down. She’s not being a whore because she wants to. Mark is controlling her. Get a grip on yourself. You knew you would see this sort of stuff, Brandon. It will just making the revenge on Mark that much more sweeter.

While I was disappointed that the FBI failed, I wasn’t surprised. It was a long shot, anyways. I didn’t expect the FBI to do anything to Mark. The best I could have hoped for was for Mark to get shot. I was hoping my warning of Mark wanting to kill cops would make them a little trigger happy. Mark will question the FBI and they will tell him exactly who tipped them off. Well, I had already cleared out my bank accounts that Desiree knows about and I had several off shore accounts she didn’t.

It was time to disappear.

To be continued …

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