the discovering of mom and my sister_(0)

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here is my story. I want to tell it with the world. We all know incest is bad and is forbidden but the people who are reading this love it.

Are we people with psycho problems or have we just an other way of loving people like you have gays , bisexuals and straight people? Here is my story.

I was 13 when i started my puberty. Since that period i loved it to watch porn. To masturbate and to cum. It just gave me such a good feeling. I told nobody it was my own little secret.

But i started to getting older… I became 15 and when I was that age my sister was 13. My sister and me shared the bedroom. Because we haved a little house. I had fantasy’s about my little sister. She was a kind of a lolita. She was a small tiny blonde.

But she was also really gorgeous. I had fantasys about her. And so one night when she went to a party I waited for her to come home. Dad and mom were asleep. She came in the bedroom a little bit drunk. I did like she woke me up. She was saying sorry that i woke u.

I said it’s ok and i walked to her. And started kissing her. She didn’t refuse because she was too drunk. I threw her onside her bed. She said what are u doing? But I didn’t say something. I started teasing her clit. And she shut up. I only heard her breath was becoming stronger.

I asked her does it make you feel good. She looked at me Sex hikayeleri with her big eyes. She was saying yes and took off all her clothes for me. I didn’t know what was happening. This was happening so easy. She started kissing me in her fully naked.

I took also off my clothes and was having a huge boner. Before i could say something she putted my dick in her mouth and started sucking. I was in heaven. My goddamn own sister was giving me a blowjob.

Suddently she quited. And said a boy from school asked me to become his girlfriend. While i was looking in her eyes I said and what did you answered. She sitted on me and she said I said i wasn’t ready.

I asked her why? And while she putted her pussy over my dick she said because my virginity belongs to you. When i was fully inside her i could hear is sigh of satisfaction. And then we started going hard.

I above my 13 year old sister. She was screaming from it. We kissed , we fucked it was so good. Before she cummed i quited. I said promise me you are mine forever otherwise i won’t finish u. She promised me she would always be my slut.

Then we cummed at the same moment. A big ‘aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa’ from her side and a explosion of cum in her pussy from my side.

She started buying the pill for me so we could go on fucking without getting pregnant. for 2 years Sikiş hikayeleri long we did it every night. Anal , oral… Everything we did. It was our brother and sister secret like we called it.

We also made a pact we wouldn’t have a boyfriend or a girlfriend. We we’re made for each other was our vision.

So i went 17 and she went 15. We knew each other so good. Our bond has become so strong because of the sex. She was my sister , my best friend and my girlfriend.

But our nice story had a very bad temporay ending. Mom busted us. She was very furious… But ok who wouldn’t. But my greatest fear was if she would tell it all to dad.

But i had a plan. I know i could get things from people with a good talk. I have a very manipulative mind. And so the next day when i was alone with mom. I asked her when she did it for the first time. She was mad. But told me. And i get in on it. We had a talk about sex.

I saw she was coming more horny and more and more… And at the right moment i putted my hand in her pants and teased her clit. I saw she would push me away but it was too late. She was too horny. She said you bastard. and started kissing me.

We went to her room and we did it. For a heavenly 3 hours. Mom was better , had big tits and she really allowed me to do everything. My mom was still young she was Erotik hikaye pregnant of me at 18. She i was fucking now an angel of 35.

That day i creampied her anal , oral and in her pussy. She was white of my cum. I won her. I had my mom and my sister.

At day i was doing mom at night my sister. Mom and I didn’t tell it her. It was our secret. We went on for 2 years again.

It was the best period of my life till now. Mom told me always dad was asking after sex and she always refused it to save the energy for me. She did him 1 time in 3 weeks. And me everyday 2 hours. It felt so good I was taking his place in. I was fucking the pussy where i was born out. Everyday I gave it a load of cum.

Mom was my trainer as she called herself. She learned me to fuck good. And after the practice I was doing the test on my sister. Always before she cried ‘ goooooooooooooosh why are u sooo goood’

And dad he never knew from nothing… He never knew I was doing his woman…

So now I am 19 and my sister is 17. My mom is 37. But I’m for a big decision now. I am in love with my 2 girls. But mom said she want’s to move to an other city with me. No one will know she said. I have already 1 baby with my mom. Because she really want 1 of me. All the other family members think it’s from my father but it’s from me and mom.

So I have a question for u and please help me. Should I move with my mom to another country. Where we can live together without blockage and can having more kids with her. Or should I stay and start something with my sister?

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