The Discovery of a Lifetime

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Hey guys (and girls too) – the name’s Marcy – and let’s get this over with right now. You horny dogs you. I’m 28, that’s now days and 5’6″ at 120 pounds. I’m really fucking healthy. I’m a shoulder length brunette with fire-like emerald eyes. I’ve got a stone cold, body-building bod, that measures 35C, 22 and 34. Let me tell ya – I’m a nut cracker. I’ve got the power. And I know how to use it too.

But this isn’t about me now – it’s about me “back when” – when I first discovered my sex, my pussy and my great, unique ability – my ability to cum in squirts. Hah! Bet that got ya. Yep – I’m a messy girl.

I come from well to do family up in Connecticut. We ride horses – lots of folks up that way ride horses. I’d been riding for years but on that day, a lovely warm, fall day – I made “the” major discovery of my life. I discovered the sexual pleasure inside of me.

Riding alone, and wouldn’t you know it, riding a big white stud named Billy Boy – the rhythm, the bouncing, the slamming – it all just got to me, I didn’t realize what was happening – but I really, really liked it. I began to feel lightheaded, I thought I might begin to black out, I wanted to stop but – no way – it felt way too fine to stop. I think I even began to close my eyes when all of a sudden – BAM(!) – it hit me like a big wave of electricity, running from the top of my head, down my spine, and concentrating right between my legs. WOW!

I slowed Billy Boy to a stop, got off him, tried to stand and almost fell down- grabbing the saddle before I did so. I took multiple deep breaths until I regained my composure. Shit, I thought! Yeah, I’d learned to cuss by then, I come from a well to do family but that didn’t mean I led a boring ass, stick in the mud life. So I got back up on Billy Boy, in total control once more and rode him back. I brushed him down and put him to bed for the evening. From that point on, let me tell ya, old Billy Boy got lots of my riding time. As I was leaving the stables though, the stable boy, a cute young lad of 17 named Tommy – he gave Pendik Escort me a wink and had this big smile of his face. I didn’t think much of it – only that he was really fucking cute. I went on about my business.

I got to the house and went upstairs to take a shower. Nobody was home. And that’s when this huge curiosity really started getting to me. Oh, I’d thought about boys, I’d felt things but they were mostly in my head. Now I knew, those thoughts in my mind were somehow connected to my crotch. It was a freaking marvel. I started to take of my riding clothes. When I got down to my undies – I was taken aback a little – there right where my pubis hits the cotton was wetness – not much, but I thought to myself, “What the hell, I pissed my pants.” It wasn’t that much but it was there. I was now more curious than ever. I made sure the door to the bathroom was locked and I started the bath water.

Gosh, did that water feel good against my skin? And after what I’d just been through, it felt even better than I could ever remember. I began to soap myself down, feeling very nice. I started with a shower then plugged the drain, turned on the bath faucet, sat down and reclined in the tub. I felt clean, very relaxed and believe it or not – still tingly down there – down in my pussy. Yeah, I knew that word back then too. Shit, pussy, fuck, cunt – I knew them all. Like I’ve said, I wasn’t leading a boring life, I had some fairly wild girl friends, some a few years older than I. I knew things. I just hadn’t felt anything sexual – until this day. As I continued to relax I began to think of Tommy – that stable boy that worked for my parents. I’d heard about masturbation from my good friend Amy – she told me all about it. My recent orgasm on Billy Boy and thinking of the luscious Tommy and recalling what Amy had told me about masturbation – well I just couldn’t help it – I began to rub myself.

I began by simply touching myself down there. It felt very nice of course. Then I got a little boulder and ran my index finger between Kurtköy Escort my lips – that felt great too. Then I began to probe inside myself. All of this I’d never done before. I was amazed with the pleasure I was feeling. Intermingling images of Tommy the stable boy and my stallion Billy Boy flashed in my mind. I can’t honestly tell you I had any mental pictures of male genitalia or any graphic sexual images – I was still too young for that – my first time, my first time to masturbate. It just felt really, really good – so I kept going, kept on rubbing myself and probing.

That’s when some kind of noise, a noise from outside, oh I don’t remember what it was, no big deal really but – it disrupted my concentration – but only for a moment. I took the opportunity to step out of the tub and dry myself off. You see, I had gotten an idea – I was going to check myself out in the mirror. Heck, I’d never really looked down there much. Until this day I had simply washed myself down there and “checked it out” with a slight bend at the waist and a quick glance. But now I decided that a through examination was in order. I laid a fresh burgundy towel down on the edge of my big, vanity mounted sink, hiked my but up on to it and spun around until I was facing the mirror, my legs Indian fashion, with my thighs wide apart. I could see it all. I still hadn’t very much hair down there, just wisps and I could see all the pinkness of it too. All seemed quite normal so I started over. Rubbing myself. Fingering myself. Masturbating.

I started to use both hands and pulled my pussy lips wide so I could see inside – wetness. Hmmm? I thought about the wet spot on my panties, the one that appeared after my pleasure session with Billy Boy. Wetness? Hmmm? Uhmmmm. Gosh this felt good. I probed deeper, I used more fingers – it felt so good. Three fingers, then four – two fingers on each hand – moving, in out and around – deeper and deeper. I began to murmur and coo. My eyes closed to slits but not too tightly, I wanted to see. I wanted more, Maltepe Escort I felt I wanted to be filled with more than my fingers. I looked around my sink top – a bottle of shampoo with a perfectly rounded cap – Hmmm? That’s it! I grabbed it and quickly placed it between my pussy lips. I slowly move the bottle into me. Uhuuuuu. Yes, this was it – this is what I fucking needed. I just couldn’t believe it, couldn’t believe what I was actually doing to myself. I couldn’t believe how good it felt and why I’d never discovered this wonderful thing before. I began to move the shampoo bottle in and out of me with much quicker strokes – I guess about a stroke per second. It was feeling very, very intense about now – just like I’d felt bouncing up on top of old Billy Boy. Then, just as a burning vision of Tommy came into my head, the pleasure levels in my crotch became so intense that my head shot backwards and with a huge grunt I plunged the shampoo bottle into myself once again. It almost disappeared and I literally shattered in a thunderous orgasm. A huge multi-pulsing orgasm. At about pulse number two, I forced myself to look back into the mirror. And down in my crotch I saw something that made my eyes open wide – there was clear liquid, water(?) – I didn’t know what the fuck it was, but it was literally “shooting,” from around the edges of my tightly stretched pussy as it encircled the base of the shampoo bottle. Fascinated and confused, I was still cumming – big time. I just couldn’t stop pumping the bottle, in and out as I came and came. As I did this jets of snatch liquid shot five inches or more into the sink. And finally, after what seemed like forever, after about the seventh surge of pleasure I started to come back to normal – but my eyes were still wide in wonder. My hands, my right one still grasping the shampoo bottle – were both drenched in the clear pussy juice that splashed out of me from my orgasm. Trails of liquid ran down my pussy and dripped off the crack of my ass into the sink. My thighs were slick and gooey. I was spent. But I felt better than I ever had. Ever.

Just about then I heard the garage door opening, someone was coming, my parents. I got my act together, got back in the shower to clean up and began to smile for about two days straight. The discovery of a lifetime.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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