The Doctor is In Pt. 01

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Mrs Freeda Wilson lay naked on the examination table staring at the ceiling. According to her husband she was ‘frigid’ and did not enjoy marital relations. I was looking at her sweet pussy, it certainly looked like it had not been touched by a man in a long time. It would not have looked out of place on a young virgin it was that cute.

She was an attractive woman of 23, married for five years with no children. She had complete trust in me as a doctor specializing in female issues. Which was unfortunately miss-placed, because I was, in fact, a bartender from London! I did, however, once work at a pub near a woman’s hospital and picked up a lot of the fancy vocabulary doctors used. So I had that going for me!

In 1906 I came into a small inheritance, bought myself some fancy clothes and emigrated to California calling myself Dr Frank Jacobs III. I talked my way into a job as Director of Women’s Health at the ‘Sunny Dale Sanitarium’ and Mrs Wilson was my first patient.

I had spent a full hour interviewing her before the examination and from those questions I had discovered she was really afraid of childbirth, had never had an orgasm or tasted sperm and was a virgin until marriage.

During her breast examination (which I really enjoyed!) I had determined that her nipples were very sensitive and easily aroused. They were perfectly round and looked spectacular perched on her large firm breasts. I had spent many minutes squeezing and flicking them trying to determine if one was prettier than the other (Both were perfect.)!

I was now ready to examine her pussy while she was in the stirrups. Putting my face between her legs I inhaled her delicate fragrance. It was a heady aroma that caused my erection to stiffen even more (I had deliberately chosen a white lab coat as my official Doctor uniform to hide such occurrences.).

With my thumbs, I gently opened her little slit revealing the delicate lips. There was a little moisture between them probably from my thorough breast exam. I opened the lips and the pink flesh they hid was visible in the full light of the examination room.

I asked, “Can you feel this?” as I blew gently on her clitoris.

She replied she could not. I then told her I was going to try to stimulate the blood flow in the area and she was to tell me what she was feeling as I did so.

I reached into my bag and pulled out a hand vibrator worn by barbers when giving head massages. It was an electric motor that clamped to the back of my hand and turned my fingers into magical manipulators of women.

I turned it on and a loud buzz filled the room, Freeda looked down at çapa escort me (at this point I felt we were close enough to drop formalities) her pretty face had a look of fear and anticipation.

I put my hand palm down on her pubic bone, “Gosh!” she said as it shook her. “That’s not at all unpleasant.”

I moved my thumb down to her clitoris and held it there. Her head went back and she let out a groan. I slowly moved my thumb in a circular motion around that nub of sensitivity hidden at the top of her pussy’s lips.

“Oooh that feels good!” she said breathlessly, arching her back.

I could see how good it was making her feel as her pussy became visibly wetter. Little bubbles of her juice were starting to appear on its pink flesh which I still had open with my other hand. I continued with this treatment for many minutes until I felt she was about to have an orgasm then I abruptly stopped.

She was exasperated and begged me to continue. I promised I would once I had completed my examination. I took my middle finger and inserted it deep into her vagina (no rubber gloves none of that nurse in the room during the exam bullshit like today!) it was very wet and tight in there. After some manipulation I was able to get my second finger in as well.

I now began to rapidly move my fingers back and forth against the back of her pubic bone behind her clitoris. Her pussy soon became sloppy wet and noisy. She achieved her first orgasm accompanied by a loud squeal of “Oh Jesus yes!”.

She lay there breathing heavily, eventually she opened her eyes and the look on her face was priceless. A mix of astonishment and hero worship.

My fingers were still inside her. When I pulled them out her wet juices were all over and between them. I licked my fingers. It was delicious with its briny sweetness. I put them back in her soaking wet cunt.

“Freeda,” I said, “I want you to taste this.”

I pulled my fingers out and bought them up to her lips. She opened her mouth and stuck out her pink wet tongue. I wiped my finger across it letting the juices trickle down her throat.

“That is what a healthy vagina tastes like. You must promise me you will regularly taste yourself in future. Only you will know if something is not normal. ok?”

She nodded and sheepishly asked, “How will I do what you just did to me?”

“Well,” I said. “After lunch I want you to come back to my office and we will see what sort of self manipulation works best for you. Now get dressed and I will see you at 1:30 pm.”

She left with a huge smile still plastered to her face. My next patient was already in the fatih escort waiting-room.

Henrietta Booth was a hansom woman in her 50’s. She had been widowed for five years. She and her husband had had a vigorous sex life which produced 3 fine boys all now grown up. She ran her husband’s factory with a firm hand but had noticed lately she was prone to shortness of temper and a general malaise has affected her mood. She wanted to know if she was going though menopause?

As she undressed for the examination I asked her when she had last had sexual relations. She replied it had not been since her husband had died. She added she was too busy to even think about starting a new relationship… besides she was too old who would be interested?

I was interested! She stood in front of me naked I could see her flawless alabaster skin and the fine smooth curves of her body. Her breast were big and showing signs of sagging. Her hips were large and she did have a huge ass. But all in all it was a sexy, sexy package.

Except for her hairy bush! I do hate an overgrown garden.

I told her to lay on the exam table and get in the stirrups while I got the scissors from my bag. I then proceeded to trim that patch of curls down to almost nothing. I told her that not only was it all the fashion in London and Paris but it also made good health sense to keep it trim.

As I brushed away all the hair I could see her pussy had been ridden hard and put away wet a few times. It was not unattractive but it could not be called petite like Freeda’s.

I began my examination with her eyes and throat. She had a wonderful mouth full of perfect white teeth, in fact she had the whitest teeth I have ever come across.

I went onto examine her tits. They were heavy and soft like big pillows and a pleasure to play with. However, her nipples were unresponsive and she claimed no longer sensitive.

I took some large rubber bands from my desk and wrapped them around each tit until they stood up like cupcakes. They started to turn pink as the blood flow was restricted.

I put on my hand vibrator and turned it on. Again the buzz filled the room and Henrietta looked on as I pinched her nipple. I pulled on it as my hand transferred the energy from the motor to my fingers. Her nipples became very hard in both breast and her tits were turning a deep red.

She was trembling all over and I’m sure her body had never felt so alive in years.

I turned the motor off and released her tits from the elastic bands. The color was slow to leave them and the nipples remained rock hard.

It was then that sarıyer escort bayan I came up with some of the best bullshit I have ever created. I use it on almost every patient.

“Mrs Booth,” I began, “are you aware that your body needs sperm for it’s own wellness?”

“No.” She replied, “Where did you hear that?”

“I did not hear about it…. I discovered it while studying the Fakawee tribe in Africa. I am writing a paper about my results which will be published soon. But the evidence is irrefutable.”

I went on to explain that when a Fakawee woman becomes a widow the men in the tribe will have sex with her in place of her husband but they will not deposit their semen in her. The women are soon outcast by the tribe because they are mean tempered and moody. However, when the women are reintroduced to sperm (and here’s the genius part) whether vaginally, orally or anally. Their disposition immediately improves. I asked if she wanted to be part of my case study for the paper?

“Sure.” She said. “What do I have to do?”

I turned on the vibrator and put my hand on her newly trimmed pubic bone. As before I worked her large clitoris with my thumb.

I was able to get three fingers in her pussy with no problem. As I felt around in there she release a flood of warm cunt juice and her muscles relaxed. She was moaning softly as I inserted my fourth finger.

I continued to loosen her pussy wider and was able after much maneuvering to insert my whole fist.

She let out a gasp as it entered and locked inside her. Her muscles gripped it tightly and I could see her stomach rise when I pushed my hand deeper. She really responded positively when I rotated it inside her.

I was pushing hard on her clitoris with my thumb and soon her twat was gripping my fist tightly as she came on it. It came out reluctantly and her pussy remained open, gaping, as if begging for it to be reinserted.

She looked at me with a new sparkle in her eye and a long lost smile had returned to her lips. “About that study Doctor, you did say oral doses of sperm is ok?” she winked.

Kneeling in front of me she opened my lab coat and pulled my hard dick out of my pants. She expertly drained my cock down her throat.

As she dressed I suggested she keep track of her moods and try to get some more sex. She asked “Since you did this test in Africa I take it black sperm has the same healing effect as white sperm?”

“Yes.” I replied, “why do you ask?”

“No reason.” She replied. It turns out most of her employees were young black men.

“Say why were those natives called the Fakawee tribe?” She asked.

I explained out that they were a tribe of pygmies who never grew above 3 foot tall. Unfortunately the grass where they live grows to a height of 5 foot. So they get their name from the sound they make as they jump up and down. “Where the fuk ah we?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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