The Double D Ranch

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Big Dicks

Jeff Malville drove down the highway, his dirty; beaten up truck weaving in and out of traffic, but he somehow managed to do the speed limit even though he truly did not want to. All he wanted to do at this moment was put the pedal to the metal and haul ass to his destination. His destination being the Double D ranch outside of San Antonio, Texas. Jeff tapped his hand on the steering wheel as he changed lanes and he heard someone honk their horn so he stuck his hand out the window and gave them the finger.

He had never been a very pleasant person and that was probably why he was having trouble with his wife Karen. He had Karen had been married since they were 18 once they had graduated High School; and while they had been happy once upon a time,12 years was a long time to spend with one person and their relationship had become strained. Of course, it could have something to do with the fact that Jeff had gotten caught by his wife fucking her best friend and her sister at the same time. Karen had not been happy, but it wasn’t his fault.

After all, she knew before she married him that he was a ladies man and he liked to ogle women of all ages, sometimes even old women if they had a tight ass. There was nothing he appreciated on a woman more than a nice; tight ass that he could stare at. And his wife had one of the nicest asses he had ever seen on a woman though it did not keep him from looking — and when she was not looking, touching — the asses of other women. Then again, it was the reason that he had lost his job at the prestigious law firm he had been fired from six months ago because of his like of women and their assets, being fired because of sexual harassment, but that did not affect him all that much.

An old country song blared from the speakers of his truck and he tapped his finger in time with the beat, loving the song, but he was more paying attention to the road and his new job at the Double D ranch than anything else. Jeff was tall and whipcord lean with short cut dark brown hair that lay flat atop his skull, his crystal blue eyes shining out of his tanned; youthful face. He wore a black t-shirt that fit tightly across his broad shoulders and pushed out his large biceps quite nicely, but it hid his cut six pack of abs underneath. The blue jeans he wore had a hole in his left knee and slung low on his hips, tucked into dirty black cowboy boots that he had had to break in before he came out here using oil and a couple rubber bands.

Jeff had never really been the cowboy type, but with his history of sexual harassment, there was no other law firm that he could work out because they looked at the record of the attorney from their last job. His record was far from spotless and he knew that he would never be an attorney again so he had started looking for a job that he would make good money without having to do to much. Then, his wife; despite being scorned and cheated on, had found him a job at the Double D ranch. It turned out that the woman that lived on the ranch needed more stable hands to run her ranch and she did not care even if you were an ex-con if you could take care of horses that was good enough for him.

As loathe that he was to admit it, Karen treated him well and he could barely believe that a strong willed woman like her had even stayed with him after finding out that he had a threesome with her best friend and her sister. Then again, there was their daughter Michelle so that could have something to do with it, but he liked to think that he was a great lover with a big 7 inch long thick cock. Whatever the reason for her staying with him, he was happy that she had and he knew that he couldn’t have done this without her.

Pulling off of the interstate, Jeff navigated his way down the dirt road that would lead straight to the ranch and he raised his brow when a large gate came into view. Hung over the gate was the patented Double D that was the ranches name in steel and curving; script letters. He stopped his truck in front of the gate and he looked beyond to the ranch house which sprawled for more than a mile. There were other buildings flanking the ranch house, but he had no idea what they were for though he was sure that he would learn soon once he started working there.

There was an intercom system next to the gate so he got out of the truck and he walked across the dirt floor to the intercom. His boots threw up red dirt and dusted the cuffs of his worn; well washed blue jeans, but he took no notice of that. He was not the type that cared when he got dirty; and in fact, he rather liked to get dirty; it told him that he was doing good hard work. Stopping in front of the intercom, Jeff pushed the button; and hearing the buzz, he sat back and waited for someone to answer with his thumbs hooked in the loops of his jeans at the front.

“Yes?” came a soft feminine voice through the intercom as if it didn’t know that there was a new worker there and maybe whoever it was on the other end didn’t know that fact. After all, this was a rather big ranch and not every worker would know what the boss was doing. However, as he listened to mobil porno the sensual feminine voice, if he thought it were possible to fall in love with a voice he thought that he could’ve fallen in love with the woman’s voice right then and there.

“Uh, Jeff Maliville. I’m supposed to start work here today?” Jeff said into the intercom, a little uncertain of himself which was knew territory, but he was sure that he would be approved. After all, he WAS an approved worker here and he took sole confidence in that fact as he waited.

The voice did not answer, but he heard a buzzing noise right before the gate slid open without a sound, obviously well taken care of by the handy men that probably lived there. Jeff raised a brow as the gate swung completely open and he wondered what he was suppose to do now. He would just walk right in, but he did not want to seem to be presumptuous. If he was suppose to wait here, he did not want to ruin his first day and come across as an arrogant man who thought he owned the place.

He hated this feeling of helplessness and not knowing what to do. He was a very confident person who had always known what he was doing especially in the courtroom, but here he was standing unsure at the open gate of the Double D ranch. Then, he saw the dust being raised from the ground as a horse slowly cantered towards him, it’s rider not quite yet visible. The horse was huge,much taller than he was and black as the night, but that was as far as his knowledge went when it came to horses as he waited to see who was atop the horse.

The tall horse grew closer; and as the dust began to fade from around the rider, he noticed something very obvious about the rider: it was a woman. A beautiful woman at that. In fact, Jeff could not recall ever meeting a more attractive woman in his life and his cock instantly sprang to life as she swung her leg over the side of the mount. When her booted feet hit the ground, a cloud of dust reigned up around the cuffs of her tight jeans and she turned her face to him, a blank expression there at first before it turned to one of a smile, a dimple appearing in her cheek.

The woman was easily 5’8 and maybe 120 pounds if she was lucky with long blond hair that fell to the middle of her back unrestrained in long waves and glowing jade green eyes that were set in a finely featured; tanned face. The low cut white tank top she wore showed off her 40d tits and showed the nipples that shone through, hard pebbles which meant that she wore no bra underneath. The dirty blue jeans that she wore were obviously well worn over her long legs and clung between her legs, but he could not make out the sign of her mound even if he tried. The black cowboy boots on her feet were dirty and scuffed from hard work, but the black cowboy hat she wore on her nest of blond hair was completely immaculate as if it had just been cleaned.

The woman looked him up and down, obviously sizing him up, but he was unsure from the look in her eyes what she thought as of yet. So to impress her, Jeff straightened his spine and he put back his shoulders, displaying to her his masculinity in his bulging muscles. She seemed to find his show of maleness amusing because she smiled slightly and a light entered her eyes that he was not sure if he was comfortable with. It was a light that showed superiority and it nearly had him cowed, but he stood strong under her scrutiny.

“You will do quite nicely.” the woman said in a light; sensual voice as she slipped her thumbs into the corners of her jean pockets and she cocked one leg off to the side as she looked at him. He had never felt so invaded by someone’s stare, but he could not say that he minded the way this woman was looking at him — like a piece of meat for her to tenderize. “My name is Jesse Mr. Malville and I will be the one who leads you around out here, showing you the ropes per say.”

“Well, it’s nice to meet you Jesse. I’m much obliged for the job.” Jeff said in his thickest Texas drawl he could manage and he saw her smile again, that cute dimple appearing in her cheek. It was his thick drawl that had drawn the women into his bed all these years, the same drawl that had attracted Karen and all other women since.

Feeling quite accomplished at attracting his new boss, he almost missed the blonde woman turning around and walking back to her horse. Before he could say a word, she put one of her feet in the stirrup and she catapulted herself over the side of the horse, her leg swinging over the side before she plopped down in the saddle. She looked like a regular queen in that saddle sitting so high with her shoulders back and her head held high. Then, she picked up the reigns and smiled down at him as her stallion drew it’s way abreast to him, stopping right in front of him.

“Well, get in your truck and follow me.” Jesse said in her own thick Texas drawl and he felt his cock jump in his jeans, hard as a rock, but he managed to hide it somehow. “I’ll get you to work real quick fast and in a hurry.” With that, she turned the horse around and she made for a slow trot back towards the ranch house. alman porno

Jeff watched her for a moment, her ass bouncing in that saddle and he licked his lips, his mouth suddenly dry. Damn, this woman was hot! Shaking off his lust for a moment, he turned and walked back to his truck, getting inside. Putting the truck in gear, he pulled it up behind her and he continued to watch her ass bouncing in the saddle as he eased the truck behind her all the way back to the ranch house.

Reaching the ranch house, he parked his truck in front of the large main house with the wraparound porch and he turned the engine off before opening the door. He had just stepped out of the truck when Jesse’s booted feet hit the dirt again and he turned to look at her, watching her tits bounce with the impact of landing on her feet. If he had to do a hundred jobs, if he got to work for and ogle this woman all the time he knew that he could do it. Hell, with his skill with women he would probably have her in bed — or in the hay as it were — tonight.

“Grab your bags and I’ll show you to your room.” Jesse said, her voice interrupting his thoughts once more and he nodded his head. Then, he walked around to the back of his truck and he reached inside, taking out the black duffel bag that his wife had packed him. He would need five days worth of changes of clothes since he would be working up here Monday through Friday and would get his time with his wife on the weekends.

Thank god for little miracles such as that. Karen could be such a bitch sometimes which lead to more fights than loving, but he didn’t really give a damn. After all, he would leave the house and drive to the nearest bar. However, he didn’t go there to get drunk and his wife knew it.

Sliding the bags over his shoulder, he locked the doors to his truck and he stepped around to the front. The blonde woman smiled at him, obviously checking out his muscles before she turned and walked through the door into the ranch house. Well, apparently he was going to get to stay in the house instead of some barracks with all the other guys. Maybe she had a thing for him already.

Saying nothing, Jeff followed after her and he ignored the decorations of the ranch house as he made his way through the house right behind her. His eyes were glued directly to her tight ass which filled out the jeans she was wearing quite nicely. Staring at that ass of her’s, he missed the look she cast him over her shoulder and the sneer of disgust on her face. They stopped in front of a door and she turned to look at him, her smile lighting up the hall as usual.

“This will be your room. If you just drop your bags in here, I’ll show you to where you will be working mostly and what you’ll be doing.” the blonde woman said with a pleasant smile and he smiled back at her as he entered the room. Noticing the large bed with the red bedspread, he rather liked it and it kinda reminded him of home as he dropped his bag on the foot of the bed.

It was a homey place that he found that he liked quite a bit; and since he would be spending the weeks here working except for the weekend, he guessed that it was good that he was comfortable with the room. Then again, even if he didn’t like the room it wouldn’t have mattered to her and he could not blame her for such an attitude. After all, he was just another worker and many would come after him. He turned to look at her, but he stopped when he saw her eyes on his ass, staring while she licked her lips and her nipples were quite visible through her top.

Well it would seem that his attributes even worked on professional country women and he grinned secretly. This was going to be fun for him; and as he turned to look at her, she raised her eyes from his ass to his eyes. Jeff was unsure as to what to do now as he hooked his thumbs in the loops of his jeans and he waited for her to speak. Jesse placed her hands on her hips as she leaned to one side, displacing her weight as she looked at him with lust bald in her eyes.

“You are very fit for the kind of work that I have in mind for you.” the cowgirl said in a decidedly final tone as she looked over his shoulders and large arms with what he would’ve called a lecherous one, but he didn’t mind in the least. In fact, he practically preened under the attention that she gave him. “Follow me please and I will explain to you your place here on the Double D ranch.”

Jeff nearly missed her words he was staring at her large tits so hard, but she didn’t seem to notice or care before she turned around and walked away from him,her boot steps echoing down the wooden halls of the ranch home. He followed after Jesse closely, but he kept far enough back to watch her ass in her jeans and he found himself rock hard at the beautiful sight that was this woman’s ass. He didn’t see any of the other men that were ranch hands on the Double D as he walked out into the dusty ground and towards another building of which they both entered, their boot steps echoing down the room. There were stalls that were empty which should’ve held horses, but there was alexis texas porno still hay in each of the stalls and he was confused by this greatly.

The Double D was suppose to be a very successful ranch and was toted as a high cash output job, but for some reason it had no horses. It lead him to wonder where their revenue came from and how they stayed afloat during a bad economy such as the one that they were going through. Was there oil on the land somewhere that they sold in deposits to make money? He did not know as of yet, but he would find out soon enough and he would ask the other ranch hands if he had to.

Jesse stopped at the end of the stables before she opened the stall door and she pulled it open as she turned to look at him. A wide smile turned up the cowgirl’s face and he returned her smile as he walked towards the stable. He looked inside to see the horse that he would apparently be training and he expected to see something, but there was nothing inside. Confusion washed over Jeff as his brow furrowed up in confusion and he opened his mouth to ask a question, but before he could,he felt a hand in the middle of his back, pushing him inside.

Jeff went sprawling in the hay in the middle of the stable room, actually falling into it and he sneezed, unable to keep his sinuses under control. Once he had regained his faculties, he got to his knees and he turned around to see Jesse just as she shut the stable door behind her. He heard the sound of the stable door locking and he knew exactly what she was here for now: to have her way with him. Then, she reached up on the wall and took down a long black leather riding crop, slapping it gently against her small palm in a menacing manner.

“What are you doing?” Jeff sputtered, outrage by the daring of this woman and he began to rise to his feet. However, before he could reach his feet, he saw the lash of the riding crop and he felt pain fill his left cheek before he fell to his side, his eyes wide open. He lay there, blinking over and over again, barely able to believe that he’d been attacked by this woman.

What the hell was this? This woman was suppose to be a friend of Karen’s and she was attacking him! He would not allow this to happen to him! The man rose up to his knee and he glared at her, his eyes dark with anger as he began to rise up again, but once again he was driven to his side by the strike of the riding crop.

He began to feel his outrage begin to fade and he became a little more pliable, not wanting to be hurt anymore. Jeff looked at the woman that stood over him, licking her lips and glaring down at him with anger filled eyes. Jesse ran the head of the riding crop over his jean clad leg up to his crotch and rubbed over that area which got his blood stirring, desire welling up inside of him almost immediately. He moaned softly as his cock stiffened under his jeans and the leather of the riding crop pressed against the bulge of his erection.

“Take off your clothes, boy.” Jesse demanded in a stern voice and he felt the force behind her words. Her words compelled him to begin stripping, pulling his shirt over his head which exposed his muscular frame and showed her his well muscled abs. Then, he kicked off his boots and he unzipped his jeans,pushing them down his legs, throwing them across the room before he sat there, completely naked before her.

Jeff felt pride at his form because he knew that he was the epitome of masculinity so he tended to preen when he was naked and this time was no different. He grinned at the blonde; arrogant woman that stood over him, expecting her to be just as impressed as most women were with him, but he saw no gleam of interest in her eyes upon looking upon his cock. Her gaze was clinical and it was obvious from the look in her eyes that she found him lacking in some way though how that could be possible he had no idea. He knew that he was not huge, but he was above average in the size department and most women enjoyed the attention of his manhood.

For some reason, this cowgirl was not as easy to seduce as the city women that he had spent most of his time with and it caused him to shrivel a little in size. However, then an idea occurred to him and he knew that he would have to impress her through sheer will alone. Jeff pushed back his shoulders and he straightened when he looked at her, his cock rock hard and standing up from his thighs, only slightly nestled in dark curls. The cowgirl took her hat off as she hung up the riding crop and she hung her hat upon the rung on the wall before she gripped the hem of her top, pulling her shirt over her head.

Jeff practically drooled at the sight of her big beautiful tits and he licked his lips at the sight of them, the nipples a dark pink and they were stiff with her arousal. Before he could stop himself, the city guy moved from his knees towards her, his hands sliding around her hips as he lowered his mouth to her tits, kissing all around the flesh of them and he licked around the pink nipple before sucking it into his mouth. Jeff moaned at the taste of her nipple in his mouth as he slid his hands down over her ass and gave it a tight squeeze, bringing a moan from both of them. She had an ass like no other woman that he had ever known; and as he relished her ass, he felt her slide her long slender fingers through his hair, pulling him tight against her tits.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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