The Druidess Ch. 1

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Emily and Jeff were hanging out in the aisle, killing time as a few customers meandered amongst the hardware. It had been a slow morning and they had the chance to goof off. As usual, the conversation gravitated towards sex and they were standing near the table legs.

“I love this model of leg,” she said, awed, stroking the hanging wooden member with a single, slim finger. “I swear it looks just like a cock.” The table leg, at least the 4-8” models*, had alternating ridges and smooth patterns and ended in a round bulbous head. Jeff agreed.

“Yeah, it sure does.” His hand slipped to Emily’s waist.” Ever thought about taking one home? To test our products?” Emily was gymnast tiny with a rock hard little body and was tireless from Jeff’s experience. The thought of her working one or two of the wooden cocks was getting him hard right there in the store. She broke away from his grip.

“Wouldn’t you like to know,” she said, smiling coyly, always the little tease. “If I did though, I’d take the eight-incher.” She leaned down, tossing a loose strand of hair over one ear and Jeff could smell her flowery perfume. He resisted the urge to slide his hands between her legs and make her squeal.

Emily picked the eight-inch leg and took a good close look at it. She closed her eyes and the head tipped towards her mouth. Jeff licked his own lips, in anticipation of what he thought she was going to do, but instead she just rolled it in her tiny hands, the cock twirling slowly in her grip. Jeff almost touched himself before realizing where he was and the resulting consequences of getting fired for jerking off in the store. Emily finished warming it up and pushed it down towards her denim clad legs, rolling it slowly across her thigh, then griping it firmly and running the tip down the inside of her thigh and then back up until she was pressing the head against her covered lips. She opened her eyes and as if nothing happened, she slid the leg back on the rack.

“Hmmm, I guess I’ll have to experiment with a few of them. For the good of the store.” With that, Emily turned on her heel and bounced off, knowing Jeff was boiling over inside. He followed her to the end of the aisle and watched her walk up to the manager, a big beefy guy named Sam. She was flirting with him now, tossing her hair and standing in that way that just made him hot, although he couldn’t put his finger on it. Like she was posing to give everyone the best view possible.

Jeff was startled by movement out of the corner of his eye. He turned quickly, just as a flutter of material disappeared down one of the aisles. He felt compelled to follow, to see who it was, but he waited instead, hanging back in the aisle he was in. Instead, he ran to the other side of the aisle, hanging his head out to see the person emerge from the aisle.

Jeff waited for what seemed like forever, his heart skipping and sweat beading on his brow. He was starting to think that his eyes were playing tricks on him, or that he was still coming down from Emily’s little act. He was going to have to ask her for a blow or something on the drive home; no problem, he knew she’d oblige him, and…

Then he saw her. She glided from the aisle into plain view. What he had seen was her diaphanous long skirt and blouse, all of which fluttered around her as if made from brightly colored butterflies. Jeff watched, rooted to the spot as she glided down the main aisle, noticing everything but him. Her form was lithe and slender, with small pert breasts poking regally against her flimsy dress. Her long delicate fingers traced over various tools and fittings, searching for something. She closed on his with long graceful strides, her hair billowing out behind her as if she was led by an undetected breeze, her tresses a fiery carrot orange color that contrasted against her milky, freckled skin. Her delicate little feet were clad in strappy sandals that made Jeff’s mouth water. She turned and disappeared down another aisle, swaying seductively out of sight.

Jeff was finally able to move, his feet no longer leaden and unresponsive. He licked his lips, trying to İstanbul Escort dispel the dryness in his mouth. Jeff turned in the direction she had gone, walked halfway up the aisle and stopped. She would pass by eventually and he would get a chance to see her again. He waited, his breath catching in his throat, and then there she was. This vision, swaddled in colorful nothing, glided into his sight in profile, her firm, heart-shaped buttocks thrusting out behind her and her proud bosom clearing her way before. She stopped and turned towards him, her eyes spying nothing in particular as she scanned the shelves and racks. Jeff stood transfixed, unable to act or flee as this goddess bore down on him in her casual way. No more than two feet from him, she stopped and only then did she look at him, her bright green eyes focusing sharply on him.

“C…can I help you?” he stammered, feeling like a total bug.

“I’m looking for something,” she said plainly, but her voice was filled with melodic birdsong. There was an uncomfortable silence as he struggled with whether or not to ask for details. He opened his mouth, to say something, anything to her now that she was here. She smelled of lilacs and his head was swimming with her scent and proximity. His mouth was completely dry now, his tongue sticking to the roof of his mouth and all he could do was gawk like an idiot. Breaking the tension, the woman almost mimicked him by opening her mouth widely in astonished joy. She stepped past him, her hands reaching out to the table legs on the wall further down the aisle. Her hands wrapped around the legs, one in each hand as she let out an ‘ohhhhh’ as if she were coddling a tiny fuzzy puppy. Her fingers curled around an eight-inch leg in her left hand and a four-inch leg in her right. She pulled the off the pegs with something akin to rapture and brought the longer of the two to her lips which were colored in fiery simulation to her hair. She pressed the eight-inch leg with its bulbous head and ring just below it to her lips, kissing it firmly on the tip. Then, like a dream, her lips parted and the head slipped between her lips. Jeff couldn’t believe what he was seeing. This woman who no man in his right mind would approach in a bar for fear of derisive rejection was here fellating a wooden table leg without a care in the world.

Her right hand slipped the four inch leg behind her own leg, and Jeff watched in stupefied amazement as she slipped it under her skirt and between her soft, round cheeks. But, she hadn’t lifted her skirt; it had just…parted for her, as if by command. He caught a glimpse of buttock before it flowed around her arm and then the close-eyed pleasure on her face as she touched herself in a special place. Her right hand moved between the fold of her clothing as the eight-inch leg slipped in and out of her lips, leaving a wet, orangey trail along its length. She sucked the wooden dildo for what seemed like an eternity, and then her eyes snapped open and she looked at the stunned salesman, the rod still penetrating her lips and her hand still under her buttocks.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” she said and laughed; birdsong and wind chime. She seemed flustered for the first time since he’d seen her, so graceful and majestic she was.

“Oh, no problem,” he stammered. “You…need any help?”

She looked him over for a moment. He felt naked and vulnerable under her gaze, not at all as if he had just caught a stranger blowing a table leg.

“Actually, I need some help carrying things to my car.”


She walked past him handing him the two wooden penises, the longer one covered in her lipstick and coated in a thin sheen of saliva, the smaller one almost dripping with her honey. He dared to bring it close to his nose, taking in her perfume and was intoxicated by the rich scent of her sex.

“Are you coming,” she asked, waiting at the end of the aisle, a small smile appearing at the corners of her mouth. Not yet, he thought, as he followed her to the front of the store.

The cashier quickly rung up her purchases and put them in a bag. He walked her out, Bayan Escort feeling clumsy beside her lithe grace. He put her bag in the car, feeling like a goof that he was carrying out such a small load. Actually, his load was growing, but he knew there was no chance he would be able to share it with her. She turned to him.

“You know, there are some chores that I need completed at my home. I need a handy man to complete them. Are you he?” Words suddenly failed Jeff, but he managed to nod: Anything to stay near this creature of beauty. “Very good. Climb in and I’ll take you home with me.” Jeff complied, getting into the passenger side as she stepped into the driver’s seat. The car started, and they drove away.

Staring out from the front of the store stood Emily, disbelieving Jeff’s amazing luck. “Crap.”

The ride home was uneventful, but Jeff still had a raging hard-on even after the fifteen-minute ride. With slender fingers, she unlocked the door and they entered her modest home. The interior was filled with lush plants and simple furniture. She had no television or stereo that he could tell. Just shelves and shelves of books along the otherwise bare walls and wall-to-wall greenery. Jeff licked his lips. He was so nervous about being in the presence of this goddess but he wanted her so badly too. He swayed between wanting to get it on and getting out.

“So, um, what can I do here?”

She smiled, walking slowly towards the back yard, gesturing for him to follow. She slid open the door leading to the patio and walked outside. Jeff followed and was amazed.

It had been a hot day outside, maybe 90 degrees, but the patio was cool and refreshing. The sound of a fountain came from far away, but the most noticeable feature was that the yard was surrounded by towering green foliage, blocking out the sun’s intense light and heat, making the yard cool and shady. In the middle of the small, well-manicured lawn was a tiny concrete slab on which sat a long and wide chaise lounge, covered with a thick, fluffy mattress. She walked over to the lounge and laid her fingers delicately on the raised head of the lounge.

“It’s the Wolftime,” she said casually.

“The wha?” Jeff stammered.

She seemed a little irritated, but with a curl of smile at her lips. “Don’t play games with me young man. You know why you are here.” With that, she kneeled on the lounge, turning herself so her arms could rest on the raised head. Her body stretched out behind her, her fiery hair falling over her shoulder. Her firm breasts, slender waist and round buttocks were visible under the nothing that was her dress and she pressed her little ass upward against it. Then, in the blink of an eye, her dress flew apart in a thousand directions, butterflies of a dozen colors fluttering away into the canopy above. The woman was left without a stitch covering her creamy, soft flesh.

Jeff dropped the little bag he was carrying. She didn’t look at him, she only lounged there, here eyes off in the distance, her body taut and expecting. Jeff hesitated no longer. He tore at the buckle of his belt and slipped his jeans down his legs, kicking out of them. He pulled his shirt over his head, dropped his boxers, and moved over to where she lounged. She elevated her buttocks again, minutely, again demanding his presence. He laid a hand on the white freckled skin of her waist, caressing her alabaster smoothness. She turned to him again, persistent, excited.

“Hurry, hurry.” He did. Jeff kneeled on the lounge behind her, his excited erection seeking her out as anxiously as she begged for him. She spread her legs for him, the soft bud of her vagina becoming visible and unfolding for him. Even now she was moist and ready, her delicate musk reaching out to him, intoxicating him. “Now, my love, now is the time.” He held one of her hips with trembling figures while he guided his throbbing member up to her quivering lips. The first touch, his head on her lips, sent a rush through them both, and she shivered. She reacted by pressing back against him, her arms slipping down the lounge, her rear poking back Eskort against him. He slipped in without moving, she impaling herself on his shaft. After that she didn’t move but she spoke words he had never heard before, calmly, melodically. At this point he needed no more goading and grabbed both hips in his hands, rocking backward and forward, alternately plunging into her depths and pulling out to thrust in again. He built up a steady rhythm, breathing hard, enjoying her willing and eager tightness as she chanted beneath him. Her posture was almost submissive, but she had been determined to receive him and was squeezing against him with luscious firmness, milking him as he stroked within her.

Suddenly she stopped chanting, and her body was still, the garden silent as he rammed her with pleasantly squishing strokes. He felt the hair on his body tingle, and he was losing his grip on her hips. He opened his eyes to see his hair growing, on his head flowing back like a mane, and down his arms and legs as if he were growing a coat all over. His hands were slipping on her buttocks and he saw with horror that his hands were bulging, his fingers growing stubbier and a fine gray hair breaking out over the backs of his hands.

Then the pain gripped him, in his back, in his legs, his arms as his body bulged outward, growing and becoming broader. He looked down at her and saw between his eyes as his nose and mouth grew out before him, no longer his face but the firm nose and sharp jaw of a wolf. He found he was still stroking her but even that hurt, his penis swelling growing its own hair and filling her more than he ever could. She dug her fingers into the lounge and turned her pale face up to the sky, howling in her tinkling bell voice. He hollered in response but it came out the long, rolling howl of a beast in the night. It echoed back to him from the shroud of plants and somewhere above them a flock of birds were startled. The pain subsided and there was nothing but the beautiful fiery-haired temptress beneath him and the new wiry strong wolf body that was now his.

He plunged into her again with new gusto, holding on as best he could with out raking her with the claws that now sprung from his paws. He lunged forward to get a better grip, his paws setting on her shoulders, the soft fur of his underbelly brushing the milky flesh of her back, his muscular hind legs pushing him with iron strength against her upturned rear. He dove in again and again, pounding away and letting loose another howl, this one of pure delight. She cooed and groaned beneath him under the force of his lupine loving. The pulsing inside her matched the throbbing in his bulging cock, which matched the beating of blood in his head. She rocked back against in time to the beating of their raging hearts and he plowed on at the same pace. Soon the rhythm became intoxicating, too much to bear. The pressure grew in him until he could take no more of his lover and his transformation. He drove into her deeply, his tongue lolling down over her neck. He thought about biting into the back of her neck, delicately, while he came but managed to control it. Instead, he raised up, pressing himself against the back of her pounding pussy and let his orgasm take him, his eyes rolled back, his tongue lolling, a long low ‘arrrrorrrorrrrr’ escaping him. When he was finished, he sat back on his haunches, slipping his still-erect member from her, the hair matted with their juices. She stepped daintily from the lounge, rousing herself as she did so and stood before him. She was glowing from their joining, her pert breasts reaching out to him, her taut thighs still inviting him to separate them and penetrate the delicate gates they protected. She reached down and caressed his now long ears, and tickled under his furry chin. He grinned toothily; his fangs exposed in a dangerous smile and curled up on the lounge. Her eyes were shining.

“You were wonderful.” She danced off towards the house leaving him in the cool shade of the patio.

“I’ll be right back. Make yourself comfortable. I have something more for you.” He set his head on his paws, still coming down from the wonderful feeling of her body, of her penetration and of his release. Still grinning, her scent on his fur, he fell asleep.

* * * * *

* Waddell, Early American Hardwood – 4-8 inches. They really do!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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