The East Coast Trip

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It all started in English class the day before we left. I was sitting reading when a crumpled ball of paper dropped into my lap. When I looked up, I didn’t see anyone standing or even looking in my direction. Uncertain, I started to unfold the paper when I heard the professor’s footsteps so I shoved it in my pocket. I was left to wonder what it could be while acting like I was reading for the rest of class.

Don’t worry… yet 😉 Just make sure you don’t forget your cock, and listen to your door every night.

I read this as I walked toward the locker room, so I started down the list of girls that would give me a note like that. Obviously, there were the beautiful girls way out of my league… I forced myself to stop thinking about it when I sprang a boner that my shorts did nothing to hide. Luckily for me, I have practice with having boners in gym-shorts. After-all, the main reason any guys do cross country is to run behind girls and, well, enjoy the view.


We were at the airport by 7:00, through security before 9:00, and the plane wasn’t even supposed to be there until 10. With plenty of waiting time, I starting guessing which girls had given me the note. I skipped all the uglier girls that could deflate a boner a mile away (hopefully they would stick to themselves for the week.)

It could’ve been Mia. She always seemed to flaunt herself at school, maybe she’d try to go further in a hotel. She had long dirty-blonde hair that drew your eyes straight to her huge boobs. During gym one day I was peeking into the girl’s locker room through a hole my friends had ‘accidentally’ broken in just the right place in the ceiling. You can see everything in the room from a closet on the second floor. I heard Mia talking about and comparing her boobs with the other girls’. Apparently she wore a 34DD, which sounded impressive. Even so, it probably wasn’t from her. Rumors were going around about her liking some graduate.

There’s always Tulsi. Since seventh grade we’d done everything together. Not on purpose, I guess we just had similar interests, so we’d always been in the same classes and clubs. I’ve never minded. Tulsi was easy to talk to, especially easy to mess with, and constantly wore clothes that asked you to check out each curve. The few times I’ve found myself squeezing her delectable mounds, she seemed to wait a moment before screaming at me to get a girlfriend.

Luke snapped me from my horny trance when he stood up. “Dude, wake up. We’re boarding.” I looked at my watch, 10:05, and I stared at him for a couple seconds before dashing to get in line. We had an overnight flight. This is better than daytime flights in one way. Once everyone else falls asleep you have perfect perv-time depending on your seat. I got on and quickly found a seat.

The plane was soon in the air. Next to me was Jailee, who made me so nervous I almost changed seats. In the seven years I’d known her, I had never been anywhere near Jailee’s league. She was pretty, stylish, blonde-haired and slightly blonde-minded, everything I would never be able to have. So of course, I had a huge crush on her. She may not have the largest boobs, but they’re the perfect size for her body. When she laughs, they bounce around just barely, making her sexier than many of the porn stars I’ve ever seen. She always wore shirts with thin black and white stripes that highlighted every delicious curve, and short-skirts that I could look up from thirty feet away.

My interest in her always made things awkward in the school shows. A couple months before the east coast trip, we had done a show together. Jailee and I were the leads, meaning we had a few extremely intimate dances. During one particular performance, we were lying on the stage, in missionary position. We had landed a little tighter than we normally do, so our pelvises were actually pressed together instead of the usual four inches between us.

We are supposed to hold that position for a few minutes as the other actors take the spotlight, but we couldn’t separate without distracting the audience. So of course, little Austin decided to join in. There was absolutely no way she didn’t notice the bulge pressing just above her cleft. When I tried to pull back, it just slid between her damp folds. I watched the surprise blossom in her expression. There were about 400 people watching the actors in the spotlight, and we were ten feet to their left with two layers of fabric between us having sex.

I had no idea what to think. I was sitting with my boner pressing into the most beautiful girl I know, and we couldn’t move. We couldn’t do anything but look in each other’s eyes, and I couldn’t bring myself to.

Masked by the fear of being caught, barely noticeable beneath our confusion; I sensed sexual tension and excitement rising between Kurtköy Escort us. Somewhere in my brain it clicked; She is just as confused.

We continued with the scene, finished and went off stage without a word. Now, two months later, I couldn’t bring myself to say anything about it. I settled with small talk and the occasional peek at her lavender bra, barely contained by her shirt. Soon she was asleep, her head resting on my shoulder.

Can you blame me? I had a beautiful girl asleep next to me. She had her head on me so I decided I could put my hand on her. It took me a few tries to find the most comfortable spot. After stroking her hair softly, and that not feeling right, I put my arm around her. My hand came to rest on her stomach, barely an inch below her breasts, and I spread my palm figuring I’d never get another chance.

I rubbed Jailee’s belly gently and looked to see who was around us. Two seats ahead and across the aisle, I saw Eli looking my direction. I mouthed “Look next to me.”

He stretched back so he could see. He gasped when he realized who it was, almost falling out of his seat. “How?” He asked, shaking his head toward the seat next to him.

“Just talk.” I said. He glared at me so I gave up and pulled out a notepad. Just talk. I don’t know what happened. She yawned and said she was tired. She shifted around and put her head on my shoulder. He read the pad and rolled his eyes at me throwing it back at my feet. “Good luck.” I said as he started chatting with whoever he was sitting next to.

Directly across the aisle from me was Atara. I didn’t have the best experiences with her, but in the years since she moved into the area I had learned which of her outfits gave the best peeks from what angle. My favorite of which she wore currently. With a black, low cut halter top, and what would barely qualify as a skirt, she was showing off more skin than any many bikini’s I’d imagined. She had turned over in her sleep, making her little short-skirt ride up. The material was just high enough to give me a straight shot of her lace panties.

As I watched, she squirmed in her sleep, sighing softly. I fell asleep with ideas about her dreams buzzing around my mind.


Here’s some advice for all the guys out there. Don’t fall asleep on airplanes surrounded by friends. I woke up to the startling sensation of someone groping my morning wood (not entirely a bad thing). It woke me up instantly, but not in time to see whose hand it had been. For the next few minutes all I could hear were whispered remarks like “I’ve seen bigger” or “It went so far down his leg! Do you think he’s wearing underwear?”

Being on the aisle it was easy to escape to the bathroom followed by sniggers from my classmates. After being horny and having no release for more than a day, I didn’t even consider airplane hygiene. I got my pants down and sat on the seat for the ten minutes it takes (I was enjoying it). I just hope the other passengers didn’t feel any “turbulence.”


By Wednesday of the trip, nothing had happened. Each night we went to our rooms, my friends went to sleep, and I sat near the door waiting for someone to knock. I was starting to get nervous. I’d been planning the loss of my virginity since I heard about the East Coast Trip. The rumors tell that every year there’s usually one or two girls who go from room to room every night to screw any guys who are willing. So far no girls had turned up so I was starting to wonder if they ever would. The note crept around the back of my mind reminding me it was going to happen one night.

I didn’t have to wait long.


Thursday night of the trip I was interrupted from my reading by three quiet taps on the door. In full knowledge that there were three other guys sleeping in the room, I sprang to open it. In the hall I found Atara and Jailee pacing barefoot in long white nightshirts. They rushed past me and into the room while Jailee said “Close it! The janitor!”

Before I turned away from the door, I decided to lock it. “That was close” Atara panted.

Feigning ignorance I asked “Where were you going?”

After a pause, “You remember the note you got during English on Friday? That was me. And on the plane, well, that was Atara, but we were impressed.” Jailee explained, “We had been playing for a while before you woke up, but by then you were too nervous for us to go any further.”

“It was nice. I wanted to come to your room on Tuesday but we were on different floors,” Atara said, “and last night we were um… busy.” Their faces flushed deep red at the last part.

“Oh… Do you want to sit on the porch?” I gestured to the other three lumps in the room. “I think it’s warm enough. Or we could stay inside, Eli’s been afraid of being in the same bed as me since I started sleep boxing Monday night.”

Pointing out how short their shorts were, Jailee said “I think we’ll stay inside, thanks. Unless Atara plans on screaming Pendik Escort again? She did that last night, but she’d never had an orgasm that powerful.” This was a new side to Jailee. Everyone knows these things, orgasms, masturbating, but I had thought Jailee was more innocent than that. Even so, I was hesitant to make a move on either goddess.

“I’ll try to muffle it this time.” Atara pouted. “Besides, I was planning on spending more time kissing Austin than I was screaming.”

That blew any doubt out of my mind. I had never heard anyone say they actually wanted to kiss me before. The effect it had was hard to miss as my pants tented out seven inches faster than you could say horny. “Does it hurt when it goes up that fast?” Atara exclaimed.

“I hope not. But we need to move faster.” Jailee explained as she wrapped her warm arms around me, plastering our bodies together. Noses touching, I felt her solid nipples through her bra. I wrapped my arms around her, reaching down to play with her ass. I slid my fingers across the bottom of her shorts, and poked my fingers up.

I felt her damp cotton panties and wiggled my fingers up under the elastic. The air in her underwear was hot and sticky with her arousal. “You had some fun before you came here?” I asked as I stroked her folds.

“Yes w-ahh!- Yes we did.” She admitted. I dipped my fingers in a pool of her juices and brought it back up, out of her shorts. Her arousal glittered slightly pink in the lamplight. I placed my finger in my mouth and almost fainted from the taste. Jailee’s juices were sweeter than Ice cream. I was entranced by tastes similar to sugar, oranges, and the barest hints of what I would call pineapple. I tried to breathe but my senses was overloaded. Jailee smelled like a beach after a storm, clean and fresh. I could feel the ocean breeze on my face which I realized was her breath filling my mouth, our lips brushing. “Are you ready?” Just the sight of her was so intoxicating I couldn’t form an answer. Luckily, with our bodies pressed so tightly together she felt my cock twitch through my shorts and took it as a yes.

I will always remember my first kiss. I would have failed miserably if it hadn’t been for the studying I had done. Even so, it wasn’t your average kiss. For example, most kisses only involve two people. This one did, for the first few seconds. Then Atara put her tongue into the mess. It was extremely sloppy, our three mouths exchanging tongues so many times that I forgot which one was mine. The sensations of their tongues on mine, their breath on my face, our hands roaming, massaging body parts I had only dreamed of touching. It was almost too much.

We untangled ourselves and caused a whirlwind of clothes as we raced to undress. I finished quickly, with nothing remaining but my boxers. The girls took longer. Atara looked me in the eye as she pulled down her shorts and wiggled her thong in my face. I naturally licked her asscheecks, taking that as permission to, and got a surprised squeal as she fell over.

Jailee was positioned just right, between me and the lamp, to outline every motion as she belly danced out of her shirt. She took her time and all I could think was: I wish I could watch this forever.

I rubbed my cock through my boxers to relieve some of the ache. I looked up to see Jailee battling her bra. I turned her around, mashing my boner between her butt cheeks through her panties (like a hotdog) as I unclasped her bra for her. She gripped my erection and wiggled her hips before she turned back.

As she held her bra over her tit’s, I saw the reluctant expression spread across her face. Seeing the same situation with Atara, I asked “Together?”

Atara said “One”

Jailee whimpered “Two”

And I concluded “Three.”

For minutes we just stood there. Our clothes scattered on the ground around our feet as we stared at each others bodies. My eyes were glued to Jailee’s breasts. She was wide-eyed over my rod, and Atara’s eyes were bouncing from my dick to who knows where.

I slowly walked toward Atara, not wanting to scare Jailee too much with my obsession over her. I asked permission with my eyes and my reply came in the form of a long clumsy kiss as I fondled her small, firm breasts. As we writhed around each other, Atara’s hair started falling between our mouths until Jailee pulled it out of the way into a loose ponytail.

I massaged around Atara’s back with my hands and squeezed, trying to pull her into me. All it did was plaster our fronts together and send my cock between her legs like a puzzle piece. We began thrusting, sliding the top of my cock through the bottom folds of her snatch. The slimy mix of her juices and my precum splattering over our stomachs.

Jailee slowly backed onto the bed as she watched. I saw her press her middle finger into her slit, slowly fingering herself. I longed to be that finger. Imagining it was my cock sinking into her tunnel added to the thrill from my pole rubbing Atara’s Mutlukent Escort dripping entrance.

“Keep going.” she said breathlessly as we slid together and apart. Somehow I sensed she was close to an orgasm.

“Hold it off as long as you can. ” I whispered as I started nibbling her ear gently. “I never want this to stop.”

Atara was so warm I thought I would burn myself just holding her. Her tan skin shone with sweat. Still thrusting, I started massaging her ass with one hand while the other fondled her breasts. I cupped one nipple in my palm and sucked lightly on her earlobe.

I heard loud squelching sounds from the bed as Jailee lost focus, falling backward in orgasm. This set off Atara with explosive force as she crumpled in my arms. Our hips pulled apart just enough for my cock to slide up through the folds of her vagina where it brushed over her clitoris, unleashing a high pitched moan.

We fell over. Landing in a pile on the floor, our mouths were just close enough that we attacked each other’s faces until we were covered in slobber. I moved my face and licked up all the saliva that had ended up on all corners of her face. A glob from her forehead, a spot on her cheek and a puddle on her chin were soon sucked raw. I didn’t realize then, but it would be hard to miss the hickies in the morning.

As we untangled our arms and legs, I brushed my face across her nipples sending Atara back near orgasm. It’s amazing what you can do with your mouth. I licked up and down, over and around her tanned breasts. She may not have had much boob, but I carefully sucked on every inch of her sweaty skin, drawing out every sensation as long as possible.

I gently placed Atara’s twitching body on the bed, and stood to look down at the beauties of nature. I had Atara, her long ponytail wrapping around her chest like a blanket. A wet spot was already forming on the bed beneath her while she lay there, her hazel eyes cloudy as she twitched and shuddered her way back down from heaven.

Next to her, a sight sexier than any other, Jailee sprawled. Her chest heaving, making her luscious, flushed breasts rise and fall on her chest. I could see drips forming and falling from her steamy folds. I looked into her gorgeous blue eyes, and she looked up into mine. I silently asked permission, and she slowly nodded.

I lay down and centered my face in front of Jailee’s opening. I carefully examined her pink folds, probing each soft corner before I moved in to kiss her. She squealed at my touch. I felt her hands on my head, pressing me tighter. I felt my ears covered by the warm silky skin of her thighs clamp me in place as I began eating her out.

It was five minutes of pure heaven as I went down on the girl I had been running behind, dancing with, cradling on stage, sitting next to in class, and hardly been noticed by. If you’d given me a choice between this and anything, I would stay exactly where I was.

Gliding my tongue around her folds and nuzzling her clit, I sucked lightly. I blew over her snatch, and drank her sweet juices as she thrusted into my face and pleaded me never to stop. Trust me, I had no intention of doing so.

I was so centered on Jailee’s pleasure that I forgot about the other three guys in the room. I forgot about the rest of the class sleeping in the rooms around us. I forgot about Atara watching from the foot of the bed. The universe consisted of me and Jailee. And I was giving her all the love I could. I was so focused that my cock deflated and my hands stopped playing with her boobs. Her pussy vibrated as I pushed my tongue in and slid it around. My mind was calm as I lay there in the black abyss. It could have been five minutes, it may have been 5 hours. I never checked the time afterward so I may never know.

As Jailee reached her fifth or sixth orgasm, I came to a stop and looked across her body from this most amazing position. Her warm muscular thighs came together on either side of her beautiful pussy, at the top of which her clit stood proudly like a third nipple, or a mini penis. I lay there staring up across her pale sweaty stomach at her boobs. They were like extremely well rounded mountains, orange in the dim light of the hotel room, rising and falling with Jailee’s shaky breath. Her sweat glowed on her skin as I crawled up the bed. I kissed every inch of her abdomen, rolling her over and kissing her back. I kissed from her feet to her bellybutton, and sucked the tips of her fingers before kissing her arms. She laughed when I kissed her armpit, but didn’t try to block me from doing so when I got to the other side.

I rolled her back over and sucked on her wonderful breasts. They tasted almost like her sweet nectar had. That’s when I felt her gaze on the top of my head. When I finally looked into her eyes, I found Light-Blue holes that sucked my attention to them. I was stuck.

She lay there, with me on top of her, probably five minutes. I stared into her eyes, losing focus of her beautiful blonde hair. She stared back into mine, saying more than we had ever said to each other verbally. I started feeling my arms give way, but didn’t end the connection. You only find yourself in this relationship once in a million lifetimes. My hips began sagging in my plank.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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