The East_(0)

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Klaus was fast asleep when he was awoken by a gentle kick to his boot, he stirred slightly and his eyes opened. Slowly he remembered where he was, he had sat down a few hours ago at the entrance to the wooden bunker his squad and another had been posted to. Things had not been going well for the German armed forces as a whole. A few months earlier things were stable, granted there may not have been much ground gained for Army Group Center but at the very least none was being lost, in fact at that time ground was being taken by Army Group South. That was until the German Sixth Army had been encircled in Stalingrad. Just a week ago word had finally reached them, Stalingrad had fallen and the Sixth Army was destroyed. Ever since Army Group South had been steadily losing ground, and despite his division; The 18th Motorized Infantry Division belonging to Army Group Center, it had been feeling the repercussions as the once stable front line came under constant assaults, and to stop the Soviet advance and Bolster the new defensive positions the 18th had been pushed to the front thirty kilometers north of a town called Roslavi. Those defensive positions being where they now found themselves.

“Klaus wake up, NCO briefing starts in an hour and before that you have to go and pick up our platoon’s new recruits.” An all too familiar voice that clearly belonged to his younger brother Friedrich said.

“How many are there this time?” He responded, pulling down on the back end of his stahlhelm which straightened it and pulled it up off his face exposing his eyes to the light it had previously prevented from waking him.

“I think…about twenty or so…” His brother responded.

“That’s it? Fuck that isn’t enough, we lost fifty men in the last nine days alone, these damn Russians and their constant attacking.” He said as he stood up, pulling his MP 40 up off the wall he had leaned it against while he slept.

“When you go, we need more ammunition for the machine gun, I only have a box and a half left between both my carrier and assistant gunner.”

“Alrighty, I will see what I can do Friedrich.” He responded as he patted Friedrich’s shoulder a few times while walking past him.

As he moved out of the bunker and into the open air, he stretched his arms and looked down the trench that the other members of his squad were positioned in, spending their free time relaxing, cleaning weapons, playing card games, as well as committing to a plethora of other past times. As he walked past the men of his squad he would greet them individually and check in on how they were especially in regards to ammunition. In fact the problem had become apparent to him as he had finished checking in with them. The average amount of clips for each of the seven riflemen in his unit was four; when in the perfect world each would have had nine. Of course there was an official explanation for this from his company commander. That being; Most of the available ammunition closest to the front line had to be diverted to Army Group South to help stabilize the front line. Which to him actually meant that the supply lines had now officially been overburdened. In fact he had been told by a friend in the logistical company of his division that of all the supply trucks Army Group Center had by just August of 1941 it had lost twenty-five percent of them and by now that percentage was probably up around sixty percent of all transport trucks. He sighed as this information bounced around in his thoughts as he pulled off his Stahlhelm and entered the logistics office, immediately being greeted by an orderly.

“Greetings Unteroffizier Sieghart please take a seat, The Major will be with you momentarily.”

Klaus looked behind him and sat back into one of the chairs against the wall opposite of the desk responding “Thank you.” As he leaned his weapon against the side of the chair he had sat in.

Within five minutes the door to the Major’s office opened and out came not the Major but the leader of the second squad of his company, Klaus rose from his chair and took a few steps forward as the leader of second squad approached him, greeting him. “Klaus.” Second squad’s leader said, extending his hand to him.

“Steiner.” Klaus responded as he took his hand, shaking it “You here to get ammunition as well?”

“Yes, I came looking for three boxes of ammo specifically for the MG and got half a belt box of MG ammo, with the other half filled with Karabine rounds.”

“Dear God, Steiner we need more than this, that ammunition will be gone in minutes if the reds attack us in force.”

“That’s not even the worst of it, Yesterday the truck that was specially assigned to bring our anti tank and anti aircraft company’s shells was blown up by partisans near a village called Roslavi”

“This is bad,” Klaus Replied as he stepped back and picked up his MP 40. “I had better go in and see what I can get from the Major.”

“Good luck,” Steiner said as he moved towards the door, turning momentarily to add. “Also Klaus…if any of the new recruits that come in today are medically trained I still need a new medic, as you know my last one left his legs behind in Moscow.”

“I will find out, and if there is one I’ll send him your way.”

“Thanks.” Replied Steiner.

Klaus nodded and turned towards the Major’s door as behind him, Steiner left the logistics post, presumably heading to the stockpile to retrieve the ammunition he had been granted. With a push from his hand the door to the Major’s office opened and Klaus would enter, closing the door behind him as a radio on a small coffee table nearby the Major’s desk was playing out the first stanza of the song Deutschland Erwache.

Sitting at his desk was the head of the logistics company whom Klaus approached. Once on the opposite end of the Major’s desk he would come to a position of attention, smartly and crisply bringing his right hand upwards to just above his right eye, saluting. “Unteroffizier Sieghart, first squad, company A. Here to requisition ammunition.”

The Major halfheartedly reciprocated the salute as he asked. “And what type of munition are you in need of Unteroffizier Sieghart?”

“My squad badly requires 7.92 mauser.”

“That is not very doable at the moment Unteroffizier Sieghart. As we have not had a shipment arrive with enough 7.92 ammunition to satisfy the expenditures of the division. I can offer you the same as Unteroffizier Steiner. A belt of one hundred and fifty rounds for your MG and thirty or so stripper clips for your rifles.”

“Major there must be….” Klaus said, beginning to protest as the Major cut him off.

“Unteroffizier Sieghart, there is no discussion to be had.” The Major said as he pulled a pen and requisition form from his desk and began filling out the order he had dictated to Klaus. After several moments of silence the Major pulled the paper from his desk and extended it forward to Klaus who in turn took the paper and placed it into his breast pocket, coming to a position of attention once more and saluting. The Major returned the salute in the same fashion as before; stating “That will be enough ammunition for you to do your duty to the fatherland Unteroffizier Sieghart.”

“Yes sir, we’ll give the reds hell if they hit our line.” Klaus stated, despite knowing that the ammunition he had received would run out in minutes for the MG and probably a half hour for the rifles were his squad to enter sustained combat with a Russian unit.

“Dismissed, Unteroffizier.”

Klaus turned from the desk, lowering his salute and walking out the office’s door, closing it behind him. From there he walked past the orderlies’ desk, nodding to him as he passed and upon stepping through the precipice of the building slung his weapon over his shoulder. Turning to his right he began his walk over to the weapon and ammunition stockpile for his regiment.

Although from a distance the stockpile looked large; it was once one actually got close and entered as Klaus did that they realized most of the crates that had been stacked up around the entrance were actually empty and judging by how far into the rows of crates the Grenadier at the logistics desk took the slip of paper Klaus handed him, most of the internal crates were empty as well. When that Grenadier returned he held a singular metal, green painted case of ammunition which he handed to Klaus as he said. “Sorry for not having the MG belt and rifle clips separate Unteroffizier. We are trying to save on cases as they are starting to get low now as well.”

“That’s okay Grenadier. It’s not so much how about the one case as it is the lack of substance within.”

“Well maybe while you are out there you can tell the communists to stop sending so many to eat our bullets and we can give you more.” The Grenadier said with a smile.

Klaus chuckled as he responded. “Yeah the next time we have to storm a Russian position I will see if I can convince a Russian officer to let me talk to Stalin.”

With a last laugh from both men Klaus took his leave, now heading to the rear of the companies’ sector to find the new recruits and bring them up to the frontline. After about twenty minutes of walking he found the companies’ headquarters, and sure enough the new soldiers were lingering around it. Sitting under a tree which had been blown in half by a shell. As Klaus approached the group of recruits they quickly began to rise to their feet and pull their kits together.

“You guys assigned to company A?” Klaus asked once he got a few paces closer to them.

The group of Grenadiers responded in unison. “Yes Unteroffizier.”

Klaus immediately noticed that one of the Grenadiers in the group of replacements had a red cross sitting within a circular white background on his helmet. Indicating he was a medic. “You there,” Klaus said, pointing at the medic. “Your a medic correct?”

The medic would respond. “Yes Unteroffizier”

“Good, first of all you can all call me Klaus, second of all, Medic, what squad have you been put in?”

“Fourth Squad….Klaus.”

“Okay. From now on you are second squad’s medic. Fourth Squad doesn’t need another medic, second squad does.”

“What about my transfer papers that say I was placed in squad four? I don’t want the Colonel to think….”

Klaus cut him off. “Talk to your squad leader when you get there; Unteroffizier Steiner. He will tell the Colonel for you. He has been sick so it wouldn’t be expected for him to know the medic you are replacing was wounded.”

“You got it.” The Medic said as Klaus turned and began walking back towards the front, motioning for them to follow.

As Klaus and the new replacements began walking back towards the front line, the new medic would catch up to him and ask. “Hey, Klaus. What happened to the medic that I am replacing? You said he was wounded, shouldn’t he be returning at some point?”

“Not his kind of wounded. He got both his legs blown away. Stepped on a mine as we started getting pushed away from Moscow. That’s how it is here. Do anything at the wrong time in the wrong place and it is some partisian’s lucky day.”

“Did they ever get the person who did it?” The medic asked as several of the other replacements caught up and began listening in.

“No…but they got somebody.”

“What do you mean?” One of the Grenadiers asked.

“A squad from Company B saw what happened and went into the farmhouse that the field the mine went off in belonged to. Found the males of the household and made them walk the field. Turns out there was more than one mine out there.”

“Jesus Christ, didn’t anyone try to stop them? The squad from Company B?” One of the Grenadiers who had been listening asked.

Klaus shook his head and said. “One thing you men will learn out here is that what we do here… it brings out the worst of us…. all of us, German, Russian…it brings out the worst. The things we thought we would be doing here while we were back home in Deutschland become fairy tales. Plus I did not have the ability to stop the squad from B. I was equal in rank with the leader of that squad.”

For a few minutes there was silence as the replacements wondered to themselves if they would experience this change for the worse that Klaus had told them about, until one of the Grenadiers broke the silence, asking. “So Klaus. How long have you been with the eighteenth?”

“Sense France. I got to the division right in January of forty and have been with it sense.” He replied.

“So for three and a halfish years you have been with the division? Have you ever gotten hit?”

“Once in France,” Klaus Replied as he pointed a finger to his thigh. “French bullet right here, I got lucky, it missed the bone. I was back in about a month. Luckily the division didn’t move out of France or I would probably have gotten reassigned.”

“Do the Russians really attack like they show in the reels at the theater? Just thousands of infantry running right at us?” Another of the Grenadiers asked, continuing the trend of asking Klaus questions.

“Well….kind of. You see they do attack en masse, but it’s generally directly following a large artillery strike. Plus it isn’t just infantry. I guarantee you nine times out of ten there will be several t-34s leading the infantry forward, but one thing with the Russians is the infantry tend to outnumber the tanks so much that there sex izle aren’t enough tanks to hide behind in the assaults so while the anti tank guns chip away at the tanks, us infantry still have a large amount of targets along the flanks.”

Upon finishing the answer to this question the group came to the front, things had not changed, most of his squad was still going about their business and new sentries had been posted, allowing those previously posted to get food, check over their weapons, and play cards and the like. Klaus pointed to the bunkers along the trench line as he said. “If you got assigned to squad five, that bunker there, four in there, three there and two right over here. If you are in first squad just stick with me we are on the left most bunker over here.” He said pointing to his squad’s respective bunker. “Oh and also, medic, remember to tell your squad leader your paper had you down for squad four.”

The group of replacements began to disperse in small groups as Klaus called out each squad’s respective bunker. When the medic passed by, he nodded and held up his paper, swaying it in his hand slightly, indicating that he was going to get the papers fixed as soon as he could. When all of the bunkers had been called out, only two replacements were left standing with him from the original group. Klaus sighed as he turned and began walking towards his squad’s bunker and said. “So. How many rounds can you fire in a minute with your K98?”

“Four if I am lucky.” Responded one of the Grenadiers who now followed behind him.

“It’s not enough Grenadier. Make sure your bolt is well oiled and practice, don’t stop practicing until you can get about seven well aimed shots down range in a minute or so. Where the Russians have numbers we have the weapons and training to counter it.” Klaus said as he stepped down into the trench, approaching Friedrich and handing him the case of ammunition he had been given.

“Yeah we have the weapons to counter the Russian numbers if we have bullets for them.” Friedrich said, jumping into the conversation as he opened up the case and looked at what lay within.

“One belt of extra rounds Klaus! That’s it? That’s like thirty more seconds of usage for this damned thing.”

“It’s all they had for us.” Klaus responded as Friedrich removed the belt from the case and handed it off to another squad member who took the case away and began distributing the clips within to each member of the squad for their rifles.

“Jesus Christ Klaus, This…..” Friedrich stopped, hearing a faint noise that began to grow louder.

Klaus’ eyes opened wide as the sound became apparent. At first it was a low, constant sound but within seconds all of the veterans in the company knew exactly what it was. It sounded like someone was winding the crank up on a car to start it, a low, mechanical whining almost.

“DECKUNG!” Klaus shouted as loud as he could as other men of the company responded to the sound with alerts of their own.



Klaus and Friedrich ducked, prompting the new replacements to do so as well. Down the trench line most of the company took cover within their posts as any of the soldiers outside the trench began to run towards it. Just as Klaus’ head got below the trench, the first Katyusha rocket landed about seventy feet in front of the area his squad was currently manning with a loud crack which produced a large, black, tidal wave of dirt and debris which shot forth in all directions from the place of impact.

Behind them a second rocket landed at the base of a tree, the shock wave it created causing the tree to shatter at its base, launching splinters of wood in all directions. As what was left of the tree came crashing down to the scorched ground beneath; it several more rockets screeched in, impacting the ground around them, sending even more walls of dirt and shrapnel flying overhead the trench Klaus and Friedrich took shelter within. At this point all along the trenchline rockets came crashing down by the dozen.

As Klaus peeked his head over the top of the trench line he saw a rocket come crashing down just behind two soldiers who had been running towards the trench near squad three’s bunker. The ring of dirt and debris that shot out from the crater the rocket created brought with it large metal shards which Klaus watched tear into the two soldiers running towards the nearest cover.

Even from this distance he could see the dust in their uniforms being thrown outwards with the shrapnel as it passed through their bodies in several places, the first of the two was killed outright, one piece of shrapnel passing straight through his chest. The second was not so lucky as two shards; the first piercing his arm and the second his lower torso, but it was the third shard that hit him that caused the most visible damage as it passed through his leg, completely severing it from the rest of his body, causing him to fall forward like his now dead comrade as blood began to spurt from where his leg had been severed.

Klaus ducked down below the top of the trench just as another rocket came crashing down into the bunker his squad had based their defense around, causing the wooden roof to cave in. From inside two screams could be heard as one of Klaus’ squad stumbled out of the bunker holding both his hands to his head as blood poured over his face. Immediately the squad’s medic came to his aid, pulling the wounded man down onto his back as another rocket exploded nearby, covering the two in dirt and grime as the medic pulled a bandage out from his pack.

“This is bullshit!” Friedrich yelled, “Where is our artillery?”

“Probably all out of shells to shoot back. Just like the rest of the fucking division.” Klaus said as he racked the slide on his MP 40 and leaned back against the wall of the trench.

“Who got hit?” Klaus asked the medic as he pointed to the wounded soldier.

“It’s Stiegler! He has a laceration across his forehead down to the skull, and several shrapnel impacts in other locations, He’s stable right now!”

“Okay,” Klaus said as Friedrich moved off behind him towards his MG, “As soon as the shelling stops get him to the rear.”

“You got it.” The Medic said as Friedrich returned with his MG and assistant gunner as more rockets crashed down behind the trench line now, vaporizing trees, tossing gravel and rock as they detonated.

“The barrage is almost over.” Klaus said to the new replacement who sat next to him, clutching his rifle.

“How do you know?” The replacement asked.

“The barrage started out in front of us, it moved over us and now it’s behind us,” Klaus said, yelling and pointing to where the shelling had started and then to where the rockets were currently falling.

Sure enough, Klaus was correct. After a few more minutes the rockets had stopped falling, the last rocket exploding well beyond the trees behind them. But the respite was brief as a new sound began to fill the air, off to the left someone yelled out “PANZER!”

“Shit!” Klaus said as he stood up and faced out towards the sound of the approaching tanks. “Friedrich! Set up the machine gun off to my left! All you riflemen stagger out along the line, Make sure your linked with the other bunker sections! Schmidt! That’s you! Make sure we are linked with Steiner!”

Schmidt moved off towards Steiner’s bunker as Friedrich moved his MG 42 off to Klaus’ left. His assistant gunner loading one of just four of the one hundred and fifty round belts they had.

“We have AT support!” The new replacement who had now moved a few yards to Klaus’ right said pointing to the now crater ridden and destroyed treeline behind them. Sure enough, two Pak 40 anti tank guns were being set up as several soldiers with Panzerfausts ran out of the treeline and took positions in the trench line.

All along the line German soldiers could be seen with their weapons facing outwards towards the sound. A Lieutenant soon moved by within the trench tapping Klaus on the shoulder as he went, yelling as he passed. “Fire only on my command if the Russian Swine come!” He repeated this as he moved off towards the other squad’s positions.

Friedrich. Fire two second bursts with that.” Klaus said nodding to the MG.

“No shit.” Friedrich responded.”Even then I don’t think the ammunition will last very long.”

“Oh poor you.” Klaus said sarcastically. “I guess that means you will have to use a rifle like the rest of your squad.”

Friedrich looked over at Klaus and nodded with a smile as he said. “Oh okay…hey Klaus…fuck you.”

Almost as soon as Klaus had returned the smile, several T-34-57s came rushing forward over the low rise about eight hundred meters out from the front of their trench, the tanks themselves being rode by groups of Soviet soldiers. Behind them came several companies of Soviet Infantry, perhaps two thousand or so as a defining shout came from the now advancing Russians. “URAH!” Almost immediately the sound of gunfire going outwards and the hundreds of cracks and zips of it coming towards them began to fill the air, kicking up small dust and chips of wood all around them.

Behind Klaus two loud cracks rang out. The two AT guns had fired, almost immediately one of the T-34s exploded, the frontal armor of the tank being completely pierced by the fired shell, sending metal fragments and splinters back into the interior of the tank, presumably one of these had hit a shell that was stored within, blowing the turret straight off of the hull of the tank as the ensuing blast sent shards of shrapnel through the soldiers riding on the back, killing many with few exceptions. The second shell did not hit a tank, missing wide left of its intended target as the tanks stopped and allowed the soldiers riding on them to dismount.

“Hold your fire boys!” Klaus yelled as the anti tank guns reloaded behind him. “Wait for the Leutnant to give the order!”

To their front the Soviets began moving forward, now with their infantry dismounted. Once again two loud cracks thundered out to the rear of their position. This time two of the tanks stopped; being pierced by the shells that had been fired at them. The first tank’s engine could be heard sputtering as it ground to a halt and its crew began to disembark. The second tank however stopped and began to bellow smoke from all of its openings. Shortly after the crew would begin to desperately clamber out of the tank as a fire became visible over its engine. Several of whom came out on fire, almost dancing as their flesh began to melt away. Several nearby soviets stopped and began trying to put the men who were on fire out as the rest of the group continued to advance.

“Jesus…” The replacement said as he watched the burning men behind the advancing Soviets.

“Easy. Just remember you are lucky to not be them.” Another Grenadier said as the remaining Russian tanks entered an optimal range for them to return fire as two more shells were thrown by the AT guns at them, one shell bouncing off the frontal armor of one as the other missed, practically evaporating a nearby Russian infantryman.

The tanks now returned fire on the anti tank guns as they continued moving forward towards the trench and although not having any direct effect on the guns themselves, one of the high explosive shells had landed nearby one of the guns, causing one of the men crewing the gun to fall forward into it, screaming in pain as he was presumably pierced by the shrapnel produced from the shells explosion.

However things were only to get worse for the German defenders as a KV-2 heavy tank rolled up onto the top of the rise, accompanied by several other companies of Russian soldiers. Atop the KV-2 stood a Russian infantry officer who jumped down off the tank and moved forward with what had now become a Russian horde just as one of the Pak 40 shells hit the KV to no effect, bouncing harmlessly off its armor.

“Holy Fuck!” Friedrich said as the KV began adjusting its turret to fire in their direction.

“Fire at will!” The lieutenant yelled out somewhere down the line.

A hail of small arms fire now met the advancing Russian infantry as the entire regiment opened fire along its entire front causing them to fall in droves in some places as if almost by command. Friedrich squeezed once on the trigger of his MG, sending fifteen bullets at the targets he had picked. Two Russians were hit by this burst, a red mist protruding diagonally from their chests in three locations each as they fell to the ground like many of their comrades. Yet still the Russians advanced against the heavily outnumbered defenders as yet another T-34 was put out of action by one of the Paks behind the trenchline.

The KV-2 responded, landing a shell directly in front of the AT gun that had fired, completely wrecking the gun and killing two of its crew as Klaus brought down his first Russian with a burst of six or seven bullets from his own weapon. The first of which buried itself in the Russians upper leg, followed by two more landing just above it in the man’s lower stomach, bringing him down instantly. But as quickly as the defending Germans were dealing out death they were also now beginning to receive it, To his left one of Klaus’ squad was hit by a rifle bullet in the helmet making an audible, “ding” the man fell backwards into the trench as a single stream of blood trickled alt yazılı porno down his face.

“Get his tags!” Klaus yelled to a Grenadier close to the now dead German.

“On it!” The Grenadier said, kneeling down and pulling the bottom half of the man’s dog tag from the rest and placing it in his pocket.

However upon standing up and firing his weapon the Grenadier immediately fell backwards into the trench, dropping his weapon as a bullet passed through his right shoulder. Although not dead he was now unable to fight. Klaus had just brought down another target and knelt down to reload in cover when he saw him. He pulled a bandage from a leather box on the rear of his belt and tossed it onto the wounded man’s lap saying. “You’ll be alright! Just sit tight!”

To Klaus’ left Friedrich was already reloading his third belt when the KV fired its gun again. Destroying the other Pak 40 behind the trench line. After a few short bursts and several more dead and wounded Russians the MG was officially out of ammo. But with no long ranged anti tank support the Russian tanks had now turned their focus to the trenches themselves which already looked in poor shape. Despite there being at least four hundred dead and wounded Russians accompanied by several destroyed tanks in front of the German trench; it was barely returning fire against the large amount of remaining Russians. In his company of fifty Klaus could see at least seven dead and double that of the wounded, strewn about in all positions along the trenchline and from the looks of it. Company B was doing none the better.

From up above artillery shells could be heard incoming. However. These were not explosive. They were smoke shells. To cover a retreat. The Lieutenant could be heard as he yelled out. “I called in smoke! Fall back! Get the wounded and MGs out first!”

Klaus pulled a grenade from his waistband and set it down in front of him as Friedrich moved past with his MG. Klaus put his hand out and stopped him. “Friedrich. Remember. If I don’t get out do not come running back.”

“Yeah, yeah. I know the spiel. One of us has to get back to mother. Just don’t die. I’ll see you at the regroup point.” He said with a smile, moving around his brother’s hand and out of the trench towards the tree line where most of the wounded had already disappeared behind.

“Asshole.” Klaus said as he turned back to the front and immediately fired upon two figures he saw in the smoke. “Alrighty you all know the drill. Start falling back one by one!”

As his squad began to pull back stray Russian bullets continued to come through the smoke. On occasion a group of Russians would burst through the cloud, only to be put down by the remaining German defenders. By the time it was Klaus’ turn to fall back his entire squad that was not strewn dead in the trench had withdrawn. But a group of four Russians came rushing forward. He pulled the trigger on his weapon but instead of the chattering of rounds firing there was only a click. It was jammed. Tossing it aside and with no other option he picked up the grenade he had placed down, pulled the pin and threw it. Although the grenade landed in front of the group the shrapnel sent out by the explosion brought them down. By now the smoke had cleared enough for the Russians to see the trenches were basically empty, save for a few. Klaus hopped over the rear wall of the trench, pulling out his pistol as he began to run with bullets impacting the ground all around him.

However it wasn’t a bullet that would hit Klaus as his luck failed him. He didn’t know what hit him. One of the remaining T-34s had fired its main gun at him and although it missed; the shock wave of the shell impacting the ground right in front of him did not. As a piece of shrapnel tore through his lower leg and exited out the back of his calf, the shock wave sent him flying backwards into a nearby tree. As his vision started to fade to black Klaus looked down checking to see if his leg was intact. It was. But then the blackness overtook him

Chapter 2.

Klaus’ slowly came to, at first he opened his eyes and felt the cool snow on his face and then once he was actually alive he opened his eyes, surely enough he was alive. However as his hearing returned to him he could hear them. The Soviets seemed to be all around him. To make matters worse it seemed a tank was idling nearby based on the sound of its engine. Klaus had heard that those who come into Soviet captivity should prefer to be dead than to actually let them take you. With this in mind Klaus made his decision in mere moments.

He began by slowly drawing up his right arm towards and then under his chest. Within his overcoat just next to his dog tags was the bayonet his father had used during the First World War and given him when he left for France. Not daring to raise his head he could only hope that none of the enemy around him were looking in his direction as his hand dug into the snow and into his coat, unsheathing the bayonet and slowly pulling it towards the right side of his body, to keep it still concealed but easily accessible. However his plans were to be cut short as a boot came crashing down on his arm, followed by the cold feeling of a gun barrel along his cheek.

The voice from above said in nearly perfect German, “Not so fast little soldier. If you do anything but exactly what I say you will die. Are we clear?” The voice surprised Klaus, not because of the German but because the person who said it was a female. He had heard of the Russian’s using women in support roles and as snipers, but what was one doing here?

“We are.” Klaus Replied.

“Good, now slowly remove your hand from beneath you once my boot comes off. It better be slow or I will do the removing for you.” The voice said as it pushed the barrel of her weapon into his cheek.

Klaus did as he was told, slowly pulling his arm out from beneath him followed by his hand which clutched the bayonet. Almost instantly it was pulled away from his body and thrown to someone nearby, indicating to him that the woman above him was not the only one around.

“Now… very slowly roll over and keep your hands above you. Is that a bayonet from the first war? You must be getting desperate for weaponry. Aren’t you?”

“No… the bayonet is my father’s he gave it t….” Klaus trailed off as he completed his roll, immediately recognizing the face of the female above him, while she was indeed the officer atop the KV-2 which now idled nearby, this was not where he had first seen her.

It seemed as though his captor had a similar reaction, her hand lowering the pistol from his head as her mouth hung agape for a few moments, A few of the Soviets around the pair also lowered their weapons and then in Russian encouraged others to do so as well. After a few moments of silence the woman spoke up. “Lieutenant Sieghart? Klaus?”

Klaus nodded as he responded. “Well it’s Unteroffizier now, and it would seem your now Major Valentina? Major Veronika Valentina?”

“Yeah, I got promoted after Brest. For breaking out of the fortress. It would seem letting us leave caught up to you.” She responded as she motioned for a medic to come over to the now sitting up Klaus and look at his leg. “Why are you an Unteroffizier now?”

As the medic began to work on his leg and as the subsequent pain of such an agitation to the area began to set in, he stated. “As it turns out… my superiors didn’t take to well to the idea that almost a company of Russian troops managed to sneak through my companies’ area of the encirclement.

“You never told me why you did it.” She said as her dark green eyes broke contact with Klaus’ to look down at the piece of shrapnel that had just been removed from his leg.

Klaus winced, as the point of a needle pushed through the skin around his wound to close the gap left by the shrapnel; Once he recovered he shrugged and said. “When I was in officers school we had this one class, I liked the instructor a lot, Way ahead of his time he was. I knew a war was coming.. We all did.. So I asked him one day after the lesson about the morality of having to make decisions to kill people and how you set that precedent. Long story short he told me that as an officer you are the one who leads by example, so.. You should be one hundred and ten percent sure that when you set it. It’s one you can live with. When I saw your unit walking towards us I didn’t see soldiers, I saw civilians, none of you had guns, you were all wounded, shocked, wouldn’t give up or didn’t care because of the shock…I don’t know. I just couldn’t do it. It wasn’t the precedent I thought should be set for a soldier. It didn’t help that you specifically were speaking German either. Surprised all of us there.”

As he finished the medic rose up from his leg and said something to Veronika. She nodded to him and spoke for an extended period with those around her, clearly they were devising something, once the conversation ended Klaus, was lifted to his feet by two of the Russians behind him, but not in an aggressive way, It was more of a way in which two people would lift a third wounded man on the same side as themselves as opposed to a prisoner. When he was fully upright Veronika stepped forward and handed him the bayonet with a simple. “Here.”

With a smile and subsequent “thank you.” Klaus placed it back inside the sheath it had been drawn from. Veronika immediately raised her hand and placed it on his shoulder, prompting him to move his eyes up from his overcoat, directly into her’s as she said. “You saved all of us, and now we will return the favor. Your going to stay in my tent and get warm for an hour or two, get a good meal and then leave, the same as you did for us back in Brest and before you say a word to object because I know your type. You don’t have a choice, or I will send you to one of our feared Gulags.”

With a chuckle from the two of them and a wave of her hand which dispersed the group that had formed around them, they set off to her tent albeit at a slow pace do to Klaus’ leg as Veronika stated. “I hope your brother is not among the dead in this place.”

Klaus replied with a laugh. “If only. Then I could be rid of the little bastard, but no. He is well. He gets to leave first because he carries one of our precious MGs. But what I am interested in, is how did you remember me after two and a half years?”

“Well Klaus, when you have been walking around in a daze after a traumatic event, having been starving for days during the siege, it becomes hard to forget walking directly into an enemy company, and then being allowed to leave, only after being given what extra rations and water said company could spare. I still remember your face as you crouched down and handed me your last ration pack and then I remember my heart after you said we could go.”

She continued as they drew closer to her tent, which had been pitched well out of sight of the main encampment near where the battle had happened. “To this day I still think we all would have starved to death had we not been given that food because there was no way we were going to make it, weight was practically falling off us. Granted, we ran into friendly units the next day. But I think it gave us the will to get home.

By the time she had finished the pair were now upon her tent, Klaus stepped inside first, when Veronika followed she zipped up the flaps to the tent behind her as she let Klaus look around; A single bed, with a small fire pit had been dug into the ground in the center, with a single dresser, and a table with two chairs made up the abode. After his sweep of the tent he turned to her and motioned to one of the chairs. “May I sit?”

“Of course.”

Klaus carefully sat down, using his hands to maneuver his hurt leg into a comfortable position as Veronika spoke up once again. “It’s not much but its mine, I hope it is acceptable.”

“Its just fine fine Major. Thank you.” he said as Veronika set down two wooden bowls and spoons on the table opposite of each other.

“Please. Call me Veronika. Klaus.” Was the response from Veronika, who was bent over the fire, emptying chopped up carrots, and other vegetables into a pan she had produced from within the single dresser in the tent.

After perhaps twenty minutes the soup was ready, while it had no meat to it and was just an assortment of vegetables in broth with a side of bread, Klaus did not mind as he delved directly into it,feeling the warmth of said broth run through his body. Prompting a response from a giggling Veronika. “Jesus man, do they not feed you anymore?”

Klaus stopped for a moment and said with a quick laugh, “Now were I a prisoner I would say something along the lines of “Of course they feed us, they feed us tons!” but no. Thanks to your countries’ geography its starting to be less and less. Hopefully things are better at home.”

“Any family?” Veronika asked.

Klaus reached into his coat and pulled a small picture from within and handed it to her. “My mom,dad, brother, and myself in front of our house just before Friedrich and I shipped out. What about you?”

“No family, my mother was killed in the bombings at breast, and I never altyazılı sex izle heard from my father after he lead his company in a breakout attempt towards the end of the siege. She said with a sigh, After the war I want to leave the Army, I have always wanted to go to Germany, then France and then live in England and America. See the cowboys you know? I just don’t know where to start..if this hell we live in ever ends.”

“All wars must end. Nothing can be forever. When this all ends I want to go to America as well. Start over and leave all that happened here behind,” Klaus said. “Maybe when this whole thing is over you can stay with my family in Germany.”

For a second both of them just realized what was said, with Veronika, stammering out a reaction first. “Wait…R…Really? You would let me stay?”

“Yeah, I don’t see why not. Coming back from the war with a pretty girl would make Friedrich pretty jealous anyways.” He said with a laugh.

“Really!?” Veronika said, rising up from her seat in excitement, half confused and half laughing at his joke. “But we are enemies. Why would you… and wait am I pretty because I sure as hell don’t feel like it.”

“Your very pretty Veronika, and as far as the enemies thing goes, you don’t feel like an enemy, when this is over you and I like all others who experience these things will be held together by the bond of just being here, you know?”

“Would… would you want to start over in America with me? Together?” She said to the now standing Klaus, who was attempting to see if he could put a little more weight on his leg.

“Now that offer… its one I can’t refuse.” Klaus said as their eyes locked almost unintentionally.

The two sat still for a moment before their eyes lit up, almost feeling compelled to each other, Klaus took a single step forward as Veronika closed the distance much quicker than he expected, causing their arms to wrap around each other as they fell back into the single bed. It seemed in just mere moments, emotions began to soar as their lips locked together and their tongues’ began to explore each others mouths.

“Watch the leg.” Klaus said as Veronika began to press herself into his body.

“Oh Yeah…Sorry… I forgot…” She said, pulling away from his lips to speak and then returning again, as the pair’s hands began to explore each other’s bodies through the dirty fabric that contained them.

Soon enough articles of clothing began to come off, each taking what they could off of the other, as Veronika began to grind her pelvis into Klaus’ lap. When each was down to only their underwear Klaus looked up and asked. “Veronika, are you sure you want to do this? We kinda have only met twice.”

This question prompted Veronika to stop her gyrations for a moment, “You know there is going to be an entire war that separates us for who knows how long right? Plus when is the last time you have had a fuck while you were out here?”

They both remained quiet for a moment and then both answered the question at the same time. “Years.” With a laugh from both individuals, Veronika picked her gyrations back up again on Klaus as she exposed her breasts to him. Klaus in turn pushed down his underwear to allow her to gyrate on his exposed member as he brought his hands up to her breasts and began to palm over them. Shortly after taking one of her nipples into his mouth and sucking gently; Eliciting moans from her as he began to harden beneath her.

“I hate to break it to you.” Veronika said between a deep breath as Klaus switched to her other nipple, “I don’t think I can put you in the front, to many risks to take during a war, Unless you have one of those standard issue condoms I hear are being issued out to your troops.”

Klaus looked up and kissed her neck a few times as he said. “I ain’t playing guard duty in France missy.”

Veronika giggled as she replied, grasping his length and sliding forward so that Klaus’ length, guided by her hand was burrowed in the warmth of her cheeks. “I think you will have to attack a different entrance.” She said as she began to gyrate her hips in a way that brought his shaft to rub up and down along her tight rear entrance.

Klaus shifted slightly as he felt the warmth of her cheeks engulf his length, “That’s how we won in France.” He said as he kissed back down her neck and began to suckle on her nipples once more, rotating between the two as Veronika sat up and maneuvered herself so that she hovered just above his tip with her tight brown hole, stroking his length over a few times.

Slowly she lowered herself onto him, he could feel his length come into contact with her hole a few times as she took a few attempts to force it past her puckered entrance. Finally however Klaus felt his tip push beyond the outer rim as her muscles finally loosened, and slowly his length began to disappear within the warmth of her anus.

Veronika began to pick up speed, dropping and raising herself on his length. Klaus decided to himself that he couldn’t let her do all the work herself, and the next time her warm muscles came down upon his length, he raised himself slightly and began to thrust upwards into her just as she came down, causing his tip to push in a few centimeters further into her tight caverns than if she had just continued to slam down onto him.

The two seemingly melded together as their bodies naturally found a rhythm, each time Veronica’s ass began to make his length disappear, he would thrust upwards just as she reached the hilt. The two locked lips once more and began to moan into each other’s mouths as Klaus snaked his hand to her crotch, and slowly pushed in two fingers, finding her clit, and thumbing it over.

The pair continued as Veronika pulled herself in even closer to Klaus as they both began to grow closer to climax, with Klaus wrapping his free arm around her back as she pulled her head back and opened her mouth, and let out a silent moan, the ecstacy of an orgasm beginning to rush forward from her insides, as Klaus felt a surging within his own loins.

The two both knew the other was close and they began to pick up speed, now slamming into one another as fast as the other could go, a low slapping sound emitting from below them as they continued, after a while the two mouths came together once more and each one moaned into the others lips as juices came gushing forth from Veronika and hot sticky ropes were let loose by Klaus deep inside Veronika’s anus.

As the two came down from the ecstasy of their combined climax Veronika continued to slide herself up and down on Klaus’ length for a time longer until it had softened. With a “Pop” she rolled to the side and rested her head on his shoulder.

The pair remained silent for a while as Klaus played with her long black hair, finally Klaus reached for his overcoat and pulled a notebook and pencil from within, writing down his address on the small paper and handing it to her. “Here. My address in Germany.”

“An enemy and a friend…” Veronika said as she took the paper from him and looked it over, “Klaus? You must know how the war is going….Promise me you will survive?” She said with a sad smile.

Chapter 3.

It had been almost five hours since Friedrich had last seen his brother and the realization was beginning to set in on him that those few moments in the trench before he left may have been the last he ever had with him. He sighed and rubbed the grime from the long march the company had made to get well behind the next defensive line. The company was in bad shape, his own squad of ten down to five, one of those gone his brother, the company of one hundred down to fifty six who weren’t dead or wounded.

Friedrich looked around at his company as it sat strewn out along the road, they had been beaten before, but this was different, they had never lost a position so fast to the Russians. The ammo had run out so fast. The Anti tank guns were not a high enough caliber to punch through the KV-2’s armor. No artillery of our own. All of these thoughts ran through Friedrich’s head as he walked over to the tree what remained of his squad sat around.

He sat down, his helmet making a “Ding” sound as he leaned his head back against the tree. To his right the squad’s medic had just pulled out a pack of cigarettes and was lighting one in his mouth. Fredrich’s mind quickly turned to his brother and the realization that he was most likely dead and would never see him again, his hands began to shake. “Fuck it.” He said internally as he looked over to the medic. “Hey Doc, can I get one of those?”

The Medic turned and pulled the now lit cigarette from his mouth and handed it to Friedrich who shakily took a puff and said. “Doc, my brother, the fuck am I gonna tell mom?”

The medic lit his own cigarette as he said. “What can you say but the truth? He died fightin, nothing you can say in a situation like that makes things any easier.”

“I can’t just do that.” Friedrich replied.

“That’s cause you’re kinda a bitch.” A voice said as a figure walked up to him. He recognized the voice immediately and shot to his feet. His brother, walking towards him with a slight limp.

The two embraced, their helmet’s clanking as Klaus tapped the back of his Stahlhelm. When they each took a step back Friedrich asked, “Where the fuck have you been? I thought you were dead. And the limp?”

“With a friend, if you remember Brest, turns out she was in charge of the brigade that hit our line. One of her tanks fired a shell and a piece got me in the leg.” Klaus replied as they both sat back down against the tree.

“No shit… she remembered you.”

“Yeah she did, Her and I made plans for after the war as well. We are gonna go to America.”

“Your way to optimistic.” Friedrich said as a car drove up to them, carrying the Colonel of the regiment. The car stopped and the Colonel stepped out. The two brothers and the rest of the squad stood up and straighten themselves out. When the Colonel stepped out of the car the group of men saluted.

“At ease men.” The Colonel said as he walked up to Klaus, and brushed off the red stripe that signified his iron cross. Unteroffizier Sieghart, Lieutenant Ganz is hit, he will be going home for a good while. I have decided to restore your rank, you were a capable man before and still are. You are to take over your company, your first order of business is to head there” he said pointing back the way he had driven in from, “And begin setting up a defensive position in those hills, overlooking the river, and do not make me regret restoring your rank, Lieutenant.” He said handing him a helmet with his new designation. “Your shoulder boards and collar insignias will be waiting for you when you get there.”

“Of course Herr Oberst, thank you Herr Oberst.” Klaus replied as he took the helmet, and swapped it with his own.

The Colonel tossed the helmet into the back of his car as he turned and stepped away. Once he sat down within he gave a final salute to the group as the care drove off, leaving the group to themselves.

When the car was out of sight the group began to have its own sort of celebration, with other squads even gathering around to congratulate him. Once this mini celebration had died down Klaus looked around at what remained of what was now his company. He nodded to Steiner, who had survived yet another battle. Finally Klaus spoke. “Alright men. Let’s get a move on.”

With this the remaining fifty six men of his company formed into two lines; One on each side of the road to allow for cars to pass through them, along the way, they passed company B, which decided to file in behind them and move with them to the new defensive line they were to begin constructing. For a while there was some laughter and relief as men from the two companies who knew each other recognized those who had survived but after a while it became quiet and only the clinking and clanking of equipment could be heard.

Not wanting the morale to get low, or let the men dwell on who had been lost for too long, Klaus finally spoke up. “How about a song?”

For sometime it was quiet, until finally one of the Grenadiers that Klaus had retrieved at the beginning of the day began to sing, it was a song that everyone knew but weren’t supposed to sing. But nobody in the two lines cared, all they had on their mind was surviving the next day, and the next after, one day after the other. Soon their voices rang out throughout the trees.

Somewhere in a foreign land,

we march over stone and sand,

far from home, band of outlaws,

a hundred men and I am with them.

One hundred men and one order.

and a way nobody wants to go,

day by day, no one knows what will be,

burned land, but for what?

When Alone in the dark night,

I have often thought about,

that far from here the full moon shines,

and far from me a girl is crying.

And there is still so much beauty in the world,

If I could just see you once more,

It’s already been one long year apart,

Because this command was our fate.

As it wills the fate strikes down,

Today it’s me and tomorrow you,

I hear the crows shriek from afar,

At dawn, why must this be?

Somewhere in a foreign land,

we march over stone and sand,

Far away from home, band of outcasts,

a hundred men and I am with them.

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