The Education Alexandria Ch. 01

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Catherine hesitated as she handed me the check.

“I have a different …task …for you… if you’re interested.”

I’m a computer geek who looks like a biker. Clients frequently don’t know what to expect from me, or what they can ask of me.

I’ve done a lot of “different” things for clients, from wiring a bedroom with video cameras to hacking a server to get company financials during a divorce. Cleaning up a person’s computer is like being invited to snoop thru their bedroom drawers and read their diary.

It wasn’t a question I hadn’t heard before.

“I’ll help if I can.”

“I suspect that you have the knowledge and the experience for the task. If that offends you, I’m sorry. What I’m concerned about is…discretion.”

“I feel I have always been so in the past.”

“True. Allow me explain it this way. Lexi is going to Europe in the fall. I’ve secured her a position with a modeling agency. The one I worked for. I don’t know if you knew that.”

“I’ve seen some of the photos.”

“She’s going to encounter a different class of people. Both because they are European and because they are from the modeling world. They have a certain level of sophistication and a world view, an attitude, she has never encountered. I can teach her much of this. Some things I simply cannot.”

“I haven’t been to Europe in twenty years. I’m not sure what I have to contribute.” I told her. She was losing me.

“The modeling profession requires a certain lack of modesty. Models must dress and undress in front of each other, designers, stage hands even. They must allow themselves to be touched as adjustments are made to the clothes. She can learn this part easily. The complication is the lifestyle that comes along with the lack of modesty. It leads to certain… behaviors not normally accepted in society, though they are almost required within the modeling subculture”

I nodded and waited.

“She’s not completely inexperienced. I caught her with her boyfriend. Orally. I don’t know about the other, though I have suspicions. She needs to learn control, of herself, of others. She needs to learn how to give and receive pleasure, more than just slobbering on someone. She needs to learn about pleasure and pain, how to give and receive them and the relationships between them. She needs to understand…fetishes…and to tolerate them. Tolerance may be the key. “

She stopped for a moment then looked me in the eye, “Does your discretion extend that far?”

I hesitated. Catherine was a valuable client. If I fumbled this, I might lose her business. “I understand the concepts, even the attitudes, actually. My understanding of the task requires…more concrete definition.”

“I’ve written a list of …well you’ll see.”

She handed me the list, and looked away as she sat back for me to look it over.

Casual nudity both sexes; casual fondling, both receiving and acting, both sexes; oral pleasure, receiving and acting, both sexes; use of contraception.

The list proceeded from there. I stopped reading when it progressed from the merely kinky to the verge of perverted. There were a few things I hadn’t tried, lack of interest, not squeamishness.

I lowered the list to my lap, thinking through my first question. She beat me to it.

“We will of course require a physical with complete blood work before any contact. A nondisclosure agreement, and various other disclaimers.”

I nodded, “I’ll need to see the list of documents, but I don’t foresee a problem. I think I’ll need a few disclaimers of my own. Most important I will want a video statement from both Lexi and yourself that this is consensual.”

That brought her head up with a start, “A video…” she considered it a moment, “all right. That will require an additional disclaimer.”

“Her modeling career will have to be a success just to cover the lawyers fees.” I said, trying to lighten the tone.

“It will still be cheaper than another year of boarding school.” She answered smiling. Thinking back, it struck me that I couldn’t remember her smiling before…ever. “speaking of fees…” she continued.

“I think we both understand this will not be a one day process. To be honest it may take a month to six weeks. Much of it will depend on her attitudes and aptitudes, tolerance, and I don’t know what else. Do you have a firm date that she is supposed to be in Europe?”

“October first.”

“Essentially twelve weeks, give or take doctors and lawyers.”

“Name your price.”

Now I was stuck. How much was enough for teaching an eighteen year old bitch, and I do mean bitch, you’ll understand later, how to use her body, without overcharging and pissing away the gig, and without being a chump?

“I had a client downtown a while back. A PR firm. They had the job of convincing the city to pay for the new stadium. They hired a specialist too.” Her eyes widened as she imagined what that specialist was worth. “I know I’m not in his league, and I expect to get as much pleasure bitlis escort from this task as I give. That has to be worth something. But so does that all important discretion. I’ll set my rate at ¾ of his and call it seventy five hundred a week for six weeks. One week of unpaid time with the shysters and vampires. If it goes beyond six weeks, the only thing you pay is expenses.”

“Expenses? What kind of-“

“You’ve specified both genders several places on this sheet.” I said interrupting. “I will require another woman. It will be better if I find a professional rather than some….bar pickup. We also need to consider location. I’m not sure this should be taking place in the vicinity of your 14 year old son.”

Her mouth opened briefly then she nodded, “You are correct. I thought I had anticipated everything. Do you anticipate any other expenses than professional services and an apartment?”

“Minor things like lotions, ointments, toys, clothes. There is one other thing I want to propose that won’t be a major expense but may stretch the discretion blanket.”

She looked worried while she waited to hear. “She’s going into modeling. She’ll be around gay men. Maybe gay women, don’t know. I think I should take her to a few clubs. Maybe even a bath house.”

I waited for an explosion. She sat blinking her eyes trying to absorb the idea.

” Are you…?”

“Gay? No. But I’ve had clients from drug dealers to congressman, congresswoman actually, and about everything in between. I know where they are, and some of the culture. And I did agree to blood tests. Don’t sweat it.”

She thought about it for a moment, then nodded, “You’re right. Gays are everywhere in the industry and the culture. But no sex. Not without tests. And that goes for the girls too.”

“That makes sense. I hadn’t considered tests for the girls. That’ll take a little more planning, but that’s OK. Before we go any further I want you to look me in the eye and tell me that both you and Lexi are OK with this.”

“It wasn’t Lexi’s idea but I couldn’t figure out any other way to answer her questions. When I suggested it, it took about two minutes for her to agree.”

“Does she know its me?”

“That’s part of the bonus for her. She thinks you’re sleeping with me. She thinks she’s borrowing her mothers lover,”

That surprised me. As I said, Catherine had never smiled at me before. Taken me to her bed? Foolishness.

“How should I handle her misconception?”

“For now, let it go. If she confronts you, stall her and contact me. I’ll decide.”

“Fair enough. What’s the next step?”

“I’ll have the doctors and lawyers contact you for appointments.”

* * *

After a day of doctors and enough signatures that my hand cramped

and my eyes crossed I was handed a key to a condo and a credit card. There was no schedule or agenda. I let myself in and ordered Chinese. The condo was a 2 bedroom executive suite with very tasteful modern furnishings. The living room was decorated with a set of overstuffed black leather. The usual couch, loveseat stuff, but there was a recliner that fascinated me. I rearranged the living room to make that chair the center piece in front of the big screen. I decided one phase of Lexi’s education would be by video. Interactive video of a sort but video.

I headed for an adult toy store for supplies. I’m pretty sure the guy at the store thought I was a major pervert. I got a variety of oils and lotions, a small collection of vibrators and dildos, a set of ben wa balls, a set of velvet restraints, and a virtual library of dvd’s. I wasn’t in a hurry. I didn’t expect Lexi until the next day at the earliest.

I was wrong. I walked into the condo carrying four bags of toys, looking like I’d just gone grocery shopping, to find Lexi lounging in the recliner watching obnoxious music videos and looking pissed off.

I don’t care if I pissed her off. I really don’t. But I can’t tolerate rap. I’d rather listen to a hard drive going bad.

By the time I’d plunked the bags on the bed and walked out to the living room. The music had put my last nerve on life support.

I unceremoniously took the remote from her and turned off the TV.

“Hey-” she started.

“Shut the fuck up. There will be very few rules while we do this. You’ve already broken the first two. There will be no rap. None. Not even over headphones. I’ll tolerate almost any music. Not that. Second. While you are in this apartment you will wear no clothes unless directed. None. Not so much as a G string. If anyone comes over, you will answer the door. Nude. If I have guests or business clients you will greet them. Nude. If I decide to have a dinner party you will attend, and serve the guests. Nude.”

I paused, “I’m to train you to tolerate skin. The nudity will do that. I’m also to train you in pleasure and its…variations. To that end, you will submit to me and to anyone I choose, in any fashion I choose, at anytime I choose.”

“If bolu escort any of that is unclear, or you can’t abide by these terms, say so now and we’ll end this.”

She looked a little shocked. “I know all that. I did the video and agreed to everything. “

“Stand up. We start now.”

She uncoiled herself from the recliner. This was going to be an interesting six weeks. She was taller than me, standing 6’1″ to my 5’11”. Honey blonde hair hung to her waist, and she probably didn’t weigh 110. She had exactly the look and build the fashion types looked for.

I settled myself on the couch. “Undress.”

Without hesitation or ceremony she stripped off her blouse and jeans. She stood in her shear panties and held her arms out for approval. Her body was exquisite. If she could learn not to give in to the various vices she would face, her career would be guaranteed. She had the body of a long distance runner. No extra fat. Almost no breasts unfortunately, but that was the way models were expected to look. No tan lines anywhere. I could see through her panties that she had a full bush. That, I would take care of shortly.

I waited a moment enjoying the treasures that she was revealing, but she didn’t even reach toward the panties.

Sitting up I motioned her forward. She stepped to the edge of the couch and settled between my spread knees without hesitation. I leaned forward and ran my tongue in a slow circle around and into her navel. My hands slid up the back of her thighs, exploring her firm teenaged ass. She was firmer than any woman I’ve ever been with. Her mother had surely been pushing a workout regimen that emphasized certain body parts. I approved.

I also slid my thumbs into the strap of the panties at her hips and pulled suddenly and violently outward tearing the straps.

The now deceased panties dropped to the floor. Her only reaction was a sharp intake of breath.

“When I give an instruction you follow it, is that clear? I told you to strip. This time the panties paid the price. The next time, you will have to be punished. Is that clear?”


“Good. Have a seat in the chair. Place your legs over the arms. I want you to pleasure yourself.”

“You mean-“

“That’s right. You are going to masturbate. I will watch. It is the most basic source of pleasure there is and It will be instructive to me. I will learn a bit of what pleases you and maybe a bit about your level of experience.”

With an uncertain look she settled back into the chair. She wiggled and shifted several times before spreading her legs over the arms with a sidelong glance at me. I don’t know whether she was hoping for a reprieve but it wasn’t coming. She had many more embarrassing moments to experience before her training was over.

Her pussy was fully furred, both triangles and down across her pussy lips. It made me question her mother’s estimation of her experience.

She closed her eye’s tightly as her hand wandered down her thigh and then descended into her cleft. After two passes with only a single digit parting her pussy lips she slid the finger into her mouth, not to taste herself but to gather moisture.

“Describe to me what you’re thinking. Tell me what you are imagining between your legs. Is that a finger, a tongue, or a cock? “

“I don’t know. A cock I guess. ”

I watched her hand as she explored her pussy. She kept part of a finger or her thumb moving over her clit at all times. Her pointer finger slid thru her slit but never made the turn to enter. Her nipples, tiny and pointed, sitting atop breasts just larger than teacups, were becoming erect but her other hand remained motionless on her leg.

Her eyes were fixed on my face. I was sure I knew what she was imagining. Whether she was pretending she was her mother or herself with her mothers lover, it was me her minds eye saw grinding a cock between her legs. That would be true soon enough.

I circled the chair, watching her from several angles.

“Do you like your breasts touched?”

“Sort of.”

“Why sort of?”

“Guys are too rough. They want to twist my nipples and pull on them.”

This hinted to me that her nipples were very sensitive.

“Show me how you like them touched.”

Her left hand moved to her breasts, first one then the other. The caresses she used on her nipples were feather light. When her hand grasped the outer teacup it was firmer, squeezing the breast to make the nipple protrude further.

He breath was beginning to deepen. The next time her hand traveled to her mouth for moisture, I intercepted it. I licked her fingers clean tasting the clean girl pussy for the first time.

“Aren’t you going to undress?” she asked.

“When its time.” I replied. Her hand returned to her pussy wet with my saliva this time. She continued to watch my eyes as I studied her technique.

“You don’t enter yourself.”


“Your hymen is still intact?”

She nodded. burdur escort Still a virgin, despite her mother’s suspicions. Finally, she closed her eyes. Her hands became more aggressive as she neared her first climax. I stood by quietly and let her finish uninterrupted. She closed her mouth tightly and I heard a suppressed cry and she was done. Her younger brothers bedroom was next to hers. The silence was a habit to avoid detection.

The tension disappeared from her body. She wiped her hand off on her leg and opened her eyes to smile at me.

“Have you ever masturbated in front of anyone before?”

Sort of. When I was 12 or 13. It was Chase, you know, Pam’s son.”

I remembered hearing stories. “Why sort of?”

“I didn’t, you know, cum. I was too nervous with him watching me.”

“Did he?”

“Yeah. It went everywhere. I was trying to clean it up and afraid I’d miss some and mom would see it. He just sat there laughing.”

“Did you touch him? Let him touch you? “

“I held him in my hand for a second. But when he touched me, I chickened out. He kept asking but I was done.”

“And boyfriends?”

“I let a couple play with my tits.”

“What about the guy your mother caught you with? Tell me the story.”

She looked away. She closed her legs and covered her breasts and bush.

“I thought I was in love with him. We fooled around a little and I decided to…to, you know, go all the way.” The ‘you know’ business was starting to annoy me but I wasn’t going to interrupt. I did move her legs back to the arms of the chair and moved her hands to over her head. She kept her eyes closed though.

“I snuck him into my room and we started fooling around. He tried to finger me, but it hurt. He kept trying to put his finger in me. So I made him stop. I started touching his cock and he pushed my head down. I’ve seen it in movies so I decided to try. I’d just gotten started when mom came in. I thought she’d freak but she just stood there and told him to get dressed and get out.”

“I got shipped off to that boot camp in Utah. When she came to visit she said she knew she couldn’t control my life. She suggested the modeling thing…and this thing with you.” She looked up at me, “Are you really going to…fuck me…for six weeks?”

“It may be a little shorter or a little longer. You have a lot to learn. Its not just fucking, but I will be fucking you a lot.”

“Can I see it? Your… cock?”

I considered it moment. “Not yet. We have a few things to do first. As a model you will have to shave most if not all of your pubes. But the idea of eating your pussy, your unaltered virgin pussy, intrigues me.”

I knelt in front of her, inches from her open and recently fingered pussy. Her eyes widened and she covered the center of my attention.

“Did any of these boys you ‘fooled around with’ ever use their mouths to pleasure you?” She shook her head. I moved her hand away from her pussy. Another thought occurred to me. “Stay there. I’ll be right back.” I quickly went into the bedroom I had designated in my mind as the play room. I retrieved my digital camera and powered it up. When she saw it in my hand, her reaction was not what I expected. Instead of covering up she stretched and put both hands behind her head, presenting those luscious tiny tits for better viewing.

“You’re kind of a freak aren’t you?” she asked smiling.

“Less so than the people you’ll be working with and around.”

I began photographing her from several angles. When I had a dozen or so full body shots I knelt down to take several close-ups of her pussy.

“You will never again be a beautiful 18 year old with a virgin pussy full of hair. By the time your career is over and you can grow it back if you want, you’ll be close to your mothers age. Now you’ll have before and after photos.”

I took one last shot with her open pussy in the foreground and her titties framing her smiling face in the background. Her nipples were hard. It was turning her on to be photographed. Who was the freak?

I set aside the camera and approached what was almost sure to be the last virgin pussy I would ever see. Hell, I hadn’t seen one since I was seventeen and a virgin myself.

I smiled up at her, my face inches from her pussy, my breath tickling her doomed bush. My tongue traced her outer lips. She spread her legs wider, welcoming me. Her outer lips were pulled apart by the tension in her legs, her virgin hole opened before me. I slipped my tongue into her cleft. After a swipe at her virgin hole, I slid up to her clit and circled it three times before I closed my lips over the bud and pulled what I could into my mouth.

She gasped at the new her hands came down to hold my face. I’m not sure whether she intended to push me away, pull me tighter, or attempt to guide my motions. She settled for smoothing the hair on my brow then settling her hands on her breasts.

I tongued her clit until her breathing became noticeably deeper. Then I moved my mouth to her entrance and began grinding on her clit with my nose. I rolled my tongue and tried to test her virginity. It took a while to gain entrance and she was so tight that the two sides of my tongue were squished together. My tongue was getting tired of holding the same position for so long.

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