The Elevator

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He dropped his suitcase at the lobby desk. His patience was wearing thin and it had been a long day. Only one clerk was helping with check-ins right at the moment. She was good, but the lady ahead of him was driving him nuts. Changing a room, wanting one facing the rear street, god, what did she want? Higher floor, even. What in the devil was she doing? His flight had been delayed, he was hungry and he needed a nap. Damn! What was taking her so long?

She turned, smiled at him. His heart stopped.

“I’m so sorry for taking so much time.” Her voice was deep, so soft, with the slightest southern accent. “I have been trying so hard to get just the right room and it is just so very important to me. Normally I don’t do this, but this trip I’ll have what I want.”

He was mesmerized. She was lovely and made him forget his frustration for a moment.

“I… It’s quite all right, ma’am. I hope you found what you wanted.”

“Oh, I have,” she replied, smiling again. She turned and walked to the elevator.

He stared after her for a moment and finally turned back to the clerk. Fortunately, his room was ready and the rest went smoothly. A quick payment, a key card and he was off to the elevator, just as she stepped in and pressed the button for her floor.

He watched the elevator car rise as she faced outward, staring through the clear glass at him, giving him a small wave. As he watched, she moved a leg close to the glass, and he could see the skin, soft, white and very appealing. As she rose, he could see more and more of her, past the knee, past her thigh until…. He stopped himself. This was not quite polite. These elevators were made to order for every voyeur’s dreams.

The car rode to the 20th floor and stopped. He waited, but no other cars came down. Finally, the one she had ridden dropped back to him, empty but still carrying her smell, soft, raspberry, a hint of pleasantry that he drank in as he, in turn, rode to the 20th floor. He carried his bag to his room and entered, alone and solitary. He thought of her as he opened his bag, stripped himself for a welcome shower and found that he was semi-hard. Her smell lingered with him.

Ah. The shower refreshed him. So much better now that the plane ride was a memory, washed down the drain. He emerged, dry, and lay on the bed. The week’s frustrations melted away and he lay quietly for a few moments, the southern lady still on his mind, but thoughts of food slowly taking over. He pulled the room service menu to him, looked it over. It was wonderful and appealing, with so much to offer, only the best foods. He dialed and placed an order, thinking that he’d enjoy supper and a pleasant, although lonely evening.

As he finished and lay back again, a thump sounded behind him, against the wall. He started, heard another. A yell. Another thump. Concerned, he listened carefully but the sounds were muffled. Opening his side of the opening to the next room, he pressed an ear against the inside door and heard a woman’s voice, angry and swearing. Another thud and, wondering if he should, he tapped lightly on the door. Silence. Another tap. Not a sound. He turned to close the door when the other side flew open.


There she was, the lady at the counter. The same raspberry smell, now mixed with fury. Her dark eyes glared at him, her curled hair stood out. He was forced back by the absolute anger she showed. Then she softened and smiled, just a bit.

“You, um, were dressing?” she asked.

He glanced down. Oh, god. Clothes. “Woops. Uh, one moment.”

Quickly, he closed the door, ran to the bathroom to grab a robe. Back to the door again. He opened it and she was still there. “So sorry. I forgot myself for a moment. Are you all right?”

Her eyes steeled again. She glared at him.

“MEN!” She said. “That son of a bitch stood me up!” Her voice was angry and the accent was slightly stronger now. “A fucking holiday. That’s all I wanted. A pleasant night or two and then he could go back to his stupid work. I sancaktepe escort asked him months ago, flew into town for one god damned weekend and now, NOTHING.” Turning, she sobbed. He reddened, wondered what to do.

“I’m so sorry. I don’t quite know what to say.” A pause. He was tired, but suddenly aroused. He looked at her as she stood. Lovely, soft, creamy skin showed from her neck to her bared shoulders and her low cut dress. He watched her shake and wanted to say something more, but couldn’t quite think, excited by her and well aware of his own lack of clothing.

“Um, I was just settling down for the evening, but wonder. Would you care for dinner? Perhaps we could go to the restaurant for a bite. If you’d like. Perhaps?”

She straightened slightly, looked in front of her. “Perhaps, although you might try dressing a little more appropriately. Yes, I think that would be nice.”

He began to close the door. “Wait,” she said, turning toward him. “Do you mind if I talk while you dress? I am so angry and really need the chance.”

“Certainly,” he smiled, “I’ll just grab a few things and go into the bathroom to change.”

“Please leave the door open. I don’t often shout.”

He rummaged through his suitcase, finding a pair of pants and a dress shirt. He looked at her again. A lovely figure, filled out in the right places, the dress tight and obviously formal, short and very sexy. Very appealing. He smiled, red-faced but charmed and captivated. She caught him staring and smiled again.

“You are a man, aren’t you?”

He turned a deeper crimson, turned quickly and went to the bathroom.

“I came to this damned city because of a damned man,” she began, “We met online, and I liked him. A wonderful, sexy evening or two. It’s all I wanted.” She sniffled. He continued to dress, trying to concentrate.

“He made the reservation, planned the whole thing, or so I thought, and even freed up his so-called busy schedule in order to be with me. I was so excited. No, it wasn’t love. Just a little bit of fun. Something for us to enjoy. And now that son-of-a-bitch has had second thoughts. NOW. After I’m already here. He’s claiming urgent work. And I get to sit here in the hotel and wait for him to finish.”

“Maybe he really does have work, or he wound up getting saddled with an emergency,” he replied. “Sometimes these things happen, you know.”

“Look at me! Do you think that work can possibly be all THAT important?” she answered, furious again.

“Um, not in my opinion. I’d leave just about anything at all to spend some time with you.”

Silence from the other side of the wall. Then a sniff. “Thank you, sir,” she said softly. He could hear a smile in her voice as she said it.

Finally, he was finished. Jacket and tie were in place and he walked out of the bathroom. “Uh, oh,” he thought out loud. “I just ordered room service. Please let me cancel it and then we’ll go.” He dialed and reached the kitchen, cancelled. Fortunately, nothing had been started. Ah, thank goodness for slow deliveries.

He offered her his arm and they left the room, walking down to the elevator. She watched the car rise and smiled wistfully.

“Another wish not fulfilled,” she sighed.

“And what was that?” he asked.

“Oh, nothing. A little fantasy that I had. Perhaps I’ll explain sometime.”

They waited until the car arrived and entered, standing with a few others, looking out over the lobby. The glass went from floor to ceiling, providing a complete view of the domed glass lobby below. It slid down the outside of the building from the 4th to the 20th floors and riders could look over the whole city from there. The bay reflected sunlight beyond a few of the taller buildings. As they rode, looking out over the city, a couple held each other near the railing.

The lady whispered, “Wouldn’t it be just delicious to make love right here?” The two giggled and hugged each other even tighter.

Overhearing ümraniye escort this, she reddened, flushing down her neck and over her shoulders. He watched her, said nothing. But he was curious. She seemed excited, even inflamed by the comments the other couple made. She’d mentioned meeting a man and a ride on an elevator. His mind wandered. He watched her again, smelled her wonderful perfume and was warmed.

The ride continued, quietly, all passengers lost in their thoughts, looking out over the city. The lights in nearby buildings began to glow against the setting sun. Finally, they dropped through the domed opening and into the lobby, where the elevator came to its final stop. They stepped out as the door opened, made their way to the restaurant.

They chatted as the wine and dinner was brought to them. He was fascinated by her. Such a pretty lady, well-educated, so charming. He loved the sound of her husky voice and simple, southern expressions as she talked. She seemed so innocent, at times reserved, and yet he saw also that she was sexual, even randy. She was pretty, too. She was slightly heavier than slim, but carried herself well and he knew that she would be soft to his touch, but incredibly energetic. She sat upright, moved so lightly and yet he couldn’t help but think that the man who had stood her up had made a huge mistake. Oh, what he was missing in not being there with this lovely lady.

Their talk turned to their lives at home. She told him of her former marriage and her incredibly straight, almost mechanical sex life. She told him about the split, an unhappy one, and the fact that she had spent so very much time on the internet since then, looking for something (she didn’t know what) until she’d discovered the chat rooms. She shared online sex with a few men at first but realized early on that these lonely little interludes simply wouldn’t do.

After a time, she resolved to try something more real. She’d met her ‘friend’ and they had explored their desires. She described the wonderful way that two people could share so much without actually being together. They couldn’t get enough of each other and decided to meet. She agreed to meet the man. Here. At the hotel. And then this. This Idiot. She huffed, obviously still angry, but at least feeling better.

He was thrilled that she had decided to share this evening with him.

She paused in her conversation, took a sip of wine and smiled wickedly at him. Her eyes sparkled.

“I spend most of my time at home without a stitch of clothing on. I hate clothes.”

His voice caught. He grinned foolishly, thinking of her that way. Wanting to touch her and imagining how she would feel. She continued to watch him.

“Having a little trouble concentrating?” she asked. “I’m a terrible tease, you know.” He could only nod in reply.

Finally, dinner was finished. They talked over a final glass of sweet wine, enjoying the time and each other’s company. The check came and she grabbed it quickly.

“I’ll let that jerk pay for this dinner. Just to let him know what a fool he’s been. Teach him to leave a lady waiting.”

The elevator awaited them as they went back to the lobby. He sighed, not wanting to let the evening go, knowing that it would. As they entered, she brushed against him, then stood very close, both of them against the rail. Each little touch left a lingering, almost electric sensation and he turned slightly to her as the car started its return trip to the top floor. Slowly, it left the lobby behind, rising above the dome.

Turning toward him, she spoke shyly. “My fantasy….”


“What I mentioned on the way down. My fantasy was to make love in an elevator just like this.” She giggled.

He leaned toward her and smelled her hair. The evening, the talk, her nearness. City lights cast a soft glow on the car, on them. He could not help but kiss her. She returned it, threw her arms around his neck.

“This tuzla escort will be the night,” she murmured.

The car continued to rise, slowly. Time stopped. He kissed her neck, down her shoulders, quickly unzipping her dress as he did, his hands playing along her back, down her smooth skin, over her spine. She grabbed him now, held him tight. They continued to kiss, finding warmth and wetness in each other’s mouth, drawing ever closer and tighter. His hand cupped her ass and she felt his hardness between her thighs.

Reaching down, she unzipped him, pulled him free. She leaned against the railing and he entered her, never breaking the kiss. She was incredibly wet and her legs tightened, drawing him inside. He held her, pressing against her, feeling her breasts against his chest as they moved together. Slowly at first, then more quickly, he began to thrust into her, feeling her push back, matching his rhythm, rising and falling with him. She tightened her legs around him, drawing him even deeper.

“Oh, god! Oh…. Harder. I want to feel you all the way inside.” She pushed onto him, rocking hard, her nails digging into his back as she bit his neck, moaning louder and louder.

“Deeper! Faster! I want to feel you fill me. Oh, lover.”

Her body shuddered, her back arched. She cried out and her legs tightened around him. He lost control. Suddenly, he was filled, held deep inside her as he felt her muscles contract pull him even further in. He began to thrust, moaning hard, spasms beginning at the base of his cock, and then began to fill her. Over and over he spurted into her, groaning and moving without control.

“Oh, god,” they cried together, almost shouting now. They both stiffened now, timeless, just at the height. Then, slowly relaxing, he kissed her again.

“That was it. That was the one.” A soft sigh escaped her. “You’re the one, sugar.” She smiled at him.

He couldn’t help but snicker. He looked at her, hoping she saw the humor. Their eyes met and began to laugh together, realizing that they were nearing the top floor. Quickly, pulling his pants back up, he tried desperately to zip her dress again. They both shook with loud guffaws now, trying desperately to hold each other up. The elevator stopped suddenly, and the door quietly snicked open. The couple that had shared the ride down with them was standing at the door. He looked at the pair through tear-filled eyes and shook even more.

“The ride up is worth the wait,” he choked out, then exploded again. Turning to her, he held his arm out, she straightened up and, with one shoe in her hand, the other on her foot, she limped out, his arm tightly around her. The waiting couple looked at them, at each other and then slowly walked back to their room.

He opened his own door and they both rushed in. Clothing came off, leaving a trail across the floor as they ran to the bed, finally falling in, still laughing, giddy from the ride. He turned to her, then, and kissed her. Slowly, they quieted and he rolled to her, began kissing his way down her body. Over her creamy skin, he went, moving up and down each side, enjoying her breasts, watching her nipples harden as her chest rose and fell. He raised himself over her, entered her again, moving slowly and tenderly. She gasped, then smiled at him.

No urgency this time. He ran his fingers gently down her side, kissing her lips and then moving to her breasts, sucking first one nipple and then the other. They made love this time. They moved together, connected, nearly inseparable. He looked into her eyes, silently thanking her erstwhile suitor. Their hips moved together more quickly. Faster, they slid together, her hips rising to meet his, her arms tightening around him. He felt her moan as her nails dug into his back, pressing him into her. He responded, beginning to shiver in pleasure as they came yet again, jerking, then stiff and eventually relaxing. He stayed inside her as he softened, kissed her once more and rolled to her side, his arms still wrapped tightly around her.

Finally, they slept. She curled into him, breathly softly as they drifted off.

Morning arrived. He rolled over to look for her, found a note next to him. He smelled raspberries again, and relived the evening. In the note, he found an email address and one sentence.

“Perhaps the fantasy has just begun.” He smiled, and dreamed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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