The Elevator

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This guy at work had been flirting with me for some time. Every time he could find a reason to come into my area, he would. He wasn’t pushy, just real nice. He would stop by in the morning to see how I was doing and if I needed anything. Then about 11, he would stop by or call. He would do this several times in the afternoon too. After a short time, he asked me to lunch.

After the first week we were together most every day for lunch. Sometimes we’d eat in the building and sometime outside if it was pleasant weather. We talked about a lot of different things during those lunches getting to know each other. The air always seemed to be electrified when he was near.

One morning, after about a month of lunches, he stopped by to chat and just as he was leaving, he said, “If you’re free for lunch at 12:30, there’s something I’d like to show you.” I thought about it for about a second and replied, “Sound great. Will we leave the mall?” He told me that we wouldn’t. We agreed to meet in the atrium at 12:30. I was on pins and needles from that moment on. I couldn’t help thinking that something was very different in the look on his face.

Finally 12:30 came and I bolted out of the department. As I rounded the corner that opened into the atrium I slowed down to a casual stroll. Partly to appear less nervous and partly so that I could look for him. I saw him sitting at a table with his back to me so I walked quietly up to him. “Hi there,” I said. He turned and looked into my eyes for a long moment before he said hello. As he looked at me he stood up and then didn’t move. My stomach did a little flip-flop.

I wondered to myself what could be going on. “Let’s walk a little”, he said. We walked down the mall admiring the newly hung spring decorations and new plants that had been brought in. We passed through the atrium a couple of times and each time he would look up at the trees near the elevator. I finally asked him what he wanted to show me. “You’ll see, come on,” he said as he walked toward the elevator. We got on the glassed elevator and took Escort Eryaman it to the third floor–to the top of the atrium. I looked around as we were going up. It was beautiful with all the lights and flowers and trees…almost like a park. As the elevator stopped, he put his hand on the small of my back and said, “come on, this way” and guided me out of the elevator. “What’s up here,” I wondered. Nothing but a bank and an exit to the parking deck.

He guided me towards the exit and I stopped, looked at the exit and said, “I thought you said that we wouldn’t be leaving the mall.” I was getting a little nervous. “We aren’t, come on” and he guided me on toward the exit but stopped at a hallway and turned left. I saw more elevators. He pushed the “up” button and the doors slid silently open. I was puzzled when he guided me inside–still with his hand at the small of my back. This felt good though, I felt safe and protected with his hand at my back.

On the panel inside he pushed the top floor and the doors slid shut. We rose about two floors when suddenly three sides became glass. We could see the city! Up, up, we rose until we reached the top floor. Before the doors could open he reached out and pressed the stop button, then did something else that I later learned prevented the elevator from being called into use. He stood next to me, our arms barely touching as we looked out upon the city. Neither spoke, but he put his hand to the small of my back again. This time, I leaned toward him. As I rested my cheek against his chest, he spoke. “You know, this is really nice,” and he turned toward me, “but this, is nicer” and he leaned down and kissed me on the lips. I leaned into the kiss as he deepened it.

Our tongues twined and danced. He nibbled the edges of my lips and then kissed me more. The effect was overwhelming. In all my life, I’d never felt so complete yet incomplete. His hands stroked my back and one ventured to my ass. He pulled his mouth away and looked at me intently for a moment and said, “If this is not what you want Eryaman Escort say so now because there’ll be no turning back soon.” I smiled and kissed him. That was the “Ok” he was waiting for. We kissed for a long time, which got me so hot I began to squirm. His hands went from my back to my sides, stroking my waist and rib cage. As his hands moved up to the sides of my breasts, I raised my arms and wrapped them around his shoulders and neck. I began lightly biting and licking his lower lip. As I leaned back against the wall, he placed his foot between mine. I could feel his cock, hard and throbbing against me. We broke our kiss as he began massaging my breasts, paying a lot of attention to my sensitive nipples.

In a moment, he had my blouse opened and had discovered my front-closing bra. He made quick work of that and began kissing and licking my breasts. Sucking one nipple into his mouth, he began biting lightly from the areola outward, to the tip of my nipple. At the same time he was rolling the other nipple between his thumb and finger, flicking the tip with his fingertip. He moved from one breast to the other, sucking and nibbling each one. I thought I’d go mad! It felt sooo good.

Soon he lowered himself to his knees and looked up at me with a question in his eyes. In answer, I put one hand on his head and with the other moved the front of my wrap skirt aside. He pulled my panties down and I stepped out of them. I spread my legs a little and he ran his finger along the edge of my slit, discovering that the lips were very swollen and I was dripping with desire. With one hand he stroked my inner thigh then played with the top of my stockings before sliding his hand down and behind my lower thigh. Raising my leg, he put it on his shoulder as he and bent forward and licked my clit. I threw my head back against the wall and with both hands, grabbed the rail that ran around the inside of the elevator.

Licking up and down, he teased my clit with the tip of his tongue while massaging my ass with both hands. As I moaned with pleasure, Eryaman Escort Bayan he brought one hand forward and inserted first one then another finger in my pussy. As his fingers hammered into me, he teased and sucked my clit until I thought I would go insane. My hands moved to his head as they gripped handfuls of his hair. I tried not to pull too hard but I may have.

He looked up at me and smiled and I pulled him to his feet. On his way up he unfastened his belt and I reached to help him unzip. Sliding my hands into the waistband, I pushed his pants down and they fell to his ankles. His hand was resting on my hip and he slowly slid it down my thigh and to the back while at the same time lifting my leg to his waist. I could feel his cock, hard as steel, as it rubbed against my inner thigh and then against the lips of my pussy. I shrugged my hips forward a little and the head slipped into the perfect position. He pushed a little and I felt the head slide inside me.

We were still for a moment, savoring the feeling then he withdrew almost completely before plunging deep into my pussy. He drove into me hard and fast. Soon, I felt my orgasm coming on me fast and I felt his cock swell and knew that he was close too. I gripped his cock tightly with my muscles then released the grip and quickly squeezed again. I did this several times quickly and he grabbed my ass and pulled me, hard, to him. As I felt his cock explode inside my pussy, I felt my own orgasm take me. Things went dark for a couple of seconds but I could still feel his strong grip on me. The next thing I knew, he was smiling down into my face, still holding my leg at his waist. “Are you ok?” he asked. I nodded and smiled. We stood there for a few moments holding each other. It was like being in a cocoon–just the two of us in our own little world.

As is usual, the real world intruded and we realized that we were probably late getting back to the store. We dressed quickly and he started the elevator as I checked my makeup and reapplied my lipstick. He watched as I did and told me that he thought it was very sexy when a woman applied lipstick, and that he often imagined that it was his cock instead of the lipstick.

As we left the elevator, he reached over and held my hand and we walked back to the store to finish our day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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