The Ends of the Earth

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Big Dicks

I was so high the other night- so high. I swear my vision turned inward and I could see the big picture. You know, the entire landscape that everyone seems to miss out on when they look at the world. I could swear that it all made sense when you just squinted your eyes a little. It was like the world was this big clustered joke, and we were all just swimming around in circles, lost in all our own silly little pursuits. Whether you’re baking bread or writing foreign policy, you’re just a dressed up ape working in a collective machine.

Of course, revelations come very easily when you’re 20 years old and working in a coffee shop. Without an education or a career as a distraction, the world comes through clear on all channels, amplified by a combination of your own ignorance and an herbal mixture that some people call inspiration, others an anchor.

That was me, another ape dressed up in grungy clothing that wouldn’t pass outside of High School, sitting an a dinner table with my family. My family had been kind enough to let me stay in the basement while I tried to sort out whatever it is I was trying to find; not that I really cared. I was angry about it for some reason, in fact. I displayed this by laboriously spooning a glob of mashed potatoes onto my plate.

“You still dating that whore that works at the video store?” my father asked directly.

“She’s not a whore…” I mumbled in reply.

“… well, are you?” he growled.


“She isn’t good for you.” my mother chimed in.

“I don’t care.” I slumped in my seat, further than I already was.

“When are you going to get a real job?” my dad interrupted.

I dropped my fork and stomped out the door. I didn’t really care, or at least that’s what I told myself. If I’d been impartial, I would have sat with a dumb expression on my face and took it. I slammed the door behind me and turned to one of the driving forces of my life- in fact, it was the force that drove me everywhere I went: my van. It was a sort of aged Starcraft deal that looked sort of like the A-Team’s van. It basically completed my burn-out package, but I thought it was awesome.

There’s a sort of strange retro-novelty you lock on to when you have no direction. Relics of the past like my two-fisted van became icons of conquest, things that I can look of as passed as the only thing I’d really accomplished most of the time was passing time. I quickly pulled out of driveway and made a b-line to see that whore that works at the video store. Camile.


“Jeremy,” she Escort İstanbul smiled. She turned to lock the gates of the old video store she worked at. It was one of those little private owned video stores that somehow existed despite Blockbuster’s icy grip. Actually, it’s no mystery- the place is an unabashed porn grotto. My girlfriend, Camile, spent the majority of her day sorting through semen-stained DVD’s and VHS tapes of wannabe actresses taking shots in the face and wannabe actors… taking shots in the face.

“Come on, let’s go,” I said, “the night is ours!”

“What should we do?” Camile had this sort of goofy English accent that made it sound like ‘do’ had an ‘r’ hidden it in somewhere. I didn’t blame her for it, though; she was English, after all.

“I don’t know. It’s been a crappy night. Let’s just stay in.”

Camile’s parents had come here from England when she was 17 years old, two years ago, pretty much derailing her life in the UK. We had similarly escapist motives, so we ended up attaching to one another and sinking into uselessness together. Her parents were college professors, and did not mind me as much as my parents minded her. My father was a hardcore American, and he’d be damned if I ever went off and married that stupid, pink-o, stoner Brit. That whore who worked at the video store. Camile.

“Quiet, Camile, we don’t want to wake anyone up.” We slipped through an unlocked window that led to the basement. As I dropped into the sulfuric dark yellow lighting, reflecting an ugly amber off the brown wall paneling, I turned to help Camile down and she bounced merrily into my arms. Brits do things merrily, I suppose. They can be gay without seeming conspicuous or getting beat up at a truck stop.

She had a modest appearance about her, but you couldn’t tell me beauty looked any other way- deep green eyes, dark hair that crossed her face in an elusive angle, hiding her firm brows while turning a single point strand upwards to her pursed fussier lips. Her face was somewhat round, her skin pale. She had ample breasts that hung naturally downward like tear drops and wide hips. Her belly stuck out in front of the brim of her jeans ever so slightly- enough milky soft skin to fill my palm as I kissed her.

Oh, how she kissed- her tongue darted and dashed around in my mouth excitedly, but with a feather touch. Her kiss always diffused me, my spine would turn to warm mud and I’d feel bubbly all over. I was incorrigible, like a school girl or something. We slowly waltzed backwards into an old couch İstanbul Escort Bayan that must have outlived several childhoods worth of household pets and there we drifted down. She adjusted awkwardly to straddle me, tripping a little bit on her knee and landing her ‘bum’ right on my lap, dead-center. She smiled a little bit, a devilish grin.

I brushed her hair out of her eyes while she brushed away mine. I slid her shirt up and she helped it off, still straddling me firmly- content with not letting me go anytime soon. I looked up at her nice, handful breasts barely held back by her shiny black Victoria’s Secret bra. Bad girl, I thought, must have known she was getting some tonight.

She was perfect, framed by the retro setting of the basement, mingling with her coke-bottle glasses and moody nose ring. I placed a single hand up between her breasts, which were cold to the touch for some reason, though they warmed up against my hand. I moved a finger underneath her bra and brushed her nipple lightly, and in just the right place to make it instantly hard. She smiled a stupid grin, shaking her head slightly. Sex is stupid. Sex is awkward. This was sex.

She removed her bra and almost lost her balance again, thrusting her now warm groin into my hardening member, shifting against me for support. Her breasts fell out, one at a time, laying gracefully at the top of her slightly rounded belly, her beautiful light pink nipples protruding explicitly in my face. I caught one between my lips and rubbed its underside lightly with my tongue before giving her a quick nibble.

Camile impatiently dipped her head into my lips and kissed me, hard this time- stopping time altogether. Though her hands slowly progressed to my belt, which she undid hurriedly, unwrapping me like a gift, only to nuzzle her nose against my rock-solid, boxer-covered cock. She gave me one more mischievous grin, taking off her glasses before pulling the band down just far enough to give a lick from the base to the tip, pursing her lips around the very apex for just a moment, and pulling off with a smack.

My head fell back into the armrest, I’ve always loved the feeling of a girl’s mouth around my cock, but there’s something so different about it when she loves you. When you love her. She worked gingerly up and down the base of my cock, paying especial attention to the head, which she treated tenderly. Lovingly. I could have came in her mouth right there- I would have loved to. And she’d moved her lips to the base of my cock and swallowed it greedily- Anadolu Yakası Escort but she had other plans tonight.

Camile looked up at me with a needy expression on her face, I opened my mouth as if to respond-



“Fuck me.”


“Fuck me…”

I grabbed her by her belt loop and pulled her up to me, kissing her fully, tasting myself on her sweet tongue and strawberry lip gloss. I rolled her over until she was beneath me, looking up at me with a pleading expression, a pout. I pulled her pants down to her ankles halfway and her panties halfway followed, exposing her trimmed but ample dark bush, which pointed to her glistening pink pussy. It laid like a soft flower, thick and darkly colored lips just thick enough to stick out of the curly dark hairs surrounding her labia. I could smell her- something had gotten her so turned on tonight. I could not get her pants off fast enough.

I held my cock in one hand as I rubbed my thumb carefully across her nipple while rubbing my cockhand up and down her glistening petals, which opened slightly, inviting me inside. Never one to turn down an invitation, I leaned downward and thrusted into her all at once- her eyes opened wide and her mouth locked in a silent ‘oh’.

She began to moan louder and louder, and I placed a finger on her lips, shushing her. In response, she simply pulled my head down to hers and placed her lips against my ear and began moaning into my ear. I don’t know why. I don’t think it mattered.

And we slowly fucked on the couch, my sweat dripping between her breasts as she reached her arms around my neck. I maintained a smooth circular motion, trying to touch as many pleasure receptacles as I could as I fucked her- I wanted every moment to last forever. And it did.

I kissed her roughly and looked straight into her eyes, now mumbling-

“Baby.. baby…”

“Mm?” She moaned.

“I’m gonna come.”

“Mmm,” she replied, kissing me again.

“Wh- ” I began to ask.



“Inside, do it inside.”

I made a final thrust, her arms wrapping around my lower back and holding me inside as I shot inside her, feeling suddenly warm. Right. Everything about this was right. She wrapped her legs around me and we kissed once more- but softly this time, slowly. We bided our time as I grew soft inside her, gently sliding out, with a dollop of my own semen dripping out after me. We wrapped our arms around each other and laid like that for what felt like an hour.

“I love you,” I whispered.

“I love you, too.”

“Let’s go away tomorrow, you and I… We don’t matter to anyone but each other. What if we just left this place behind, the whole Midwest? What if we just went somewhere?”



To be continued…?

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