The English Project

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I sat in Megan’s living room all alone. She had gone out to pick up her friend so that the three of us could work on the literature presentation we’d been assigned that was due tomorrow. Megan had said she would be back in 10 minutes, but it was nearing a half hour. Bored, I began to explore her house, exploring. She didn’t have cable! What could I possibly do? I found myself suddenly walking into her room. I surveyed the extremely tidy room, the crisp pink bed, and the little figurines, until my eye fell upon her dresser. On it was her diary. I opened it to the last entry, and what I found surprised even me:

“…So anyway, I was looking at Cate the other day and I had the same daydream. She and I are sitting in a hot tub completely naked, and all of a sudden I lean over to kiss her. But before I can get to her a cock stops my mouth. I try to caress Cate, but my hand only touches penis. And before I know it, we are both getting gang banged by like thirty guys. It’s only after all the guys blow their loads on us that they finally disappear and I can fuck Cate like I want to. It makes me wet just thinking deneme bonusu veren siteler of it.”

The writing trailed off there, but I was blown away. Cate was even the same person that she was picking up now. It made me wonder just why they were so late. Presently I heard a car pull up. Hurriedly, I put everything back and rushed downstairs to the living room, still quite hard from reading the diary. Megan and Cate walked in slightly disheveled, most noticeably some of Megan’s lipstick on Cates earlobe. My erection only got larger. I could barely hold myself in as I commented about a hot tub making them late.

“Have you been reading my diary?” Megan said in a slightly shocked, yet also slightly aroused voice.

“Why, not at all,” I replied.

“Ok, I’ll come clean. I don’t want rumors. Cate and I have been girlfriends for almost two months now. I can’t let you tell anyone, but in return, we will make it worth your while.” She said with a sly glance to Cate.

“Like what?” I said.

“Like this…” and with that Megan untied her top and knelt down onwin to massage my already raging peppermint dick.

I looked on in amazement as Cate began to rub herself through her panties as she stared at Megan’s bare bosom. Cate sat down on the couch next to me as Megan whipped out my cock and moistened it with her tongue. Cate was more and more aroused as Megan began rolling my dick around in her mouth. Megan’s hands were soon stroking two cunts as Cate was more and more excited. When Cate reached down to caress my balls it was too much; I shot my load into Megan’s mouth, not for getting to jiz in her eye. Cate was kind enough to lick that off for Megan, but she was still not fulfilled.

“Let’s get her off now,” Megan suggested

I agreed and we began to strip off all Cate’s clothes. Soon enough she was spread out lengthwise on the couch, as I caressed her mouth and breasts, while Megan had pussy duty. I took my tongue and swirled it around each nipple in turn, taking my time. Then I reached the tip, gentile at first but then firm, with a little pinch between my yatırımsız bonus teeth. Taking two of my fingers, I stuck them in Cate’s mouth to moisten them, and slowly worked my way south. Megan had already beat me though, inserting her own two fingers into Cate lubricate with her own juices. Nevertheless I began to slowly massage Cate’s clit, every so often reaching up to feel Megan’s also dripping snatch. It was like tasty mint chocolate clit!

With Cate writhing in ecstasy, Megan whispered to her, “I know what you want…” With that licked her index finger and slowly drove it into Cates tight pink anus. With all this help, it was no time before Cate came in a shower of juices that Megan greedily licked off her fingers and mine.

Cate recovered from her mind blowing orgasm with a mischievous look in her eye.

“Your turn,” she said to Megan, and peeled off what was left of Megan’s garments. She then felt every inch of Megan’s flesh, making her tingle with delight. Laying Megan on the couch, Cate then motioned for me to come over. My cock was stiff again from all this action and my pants were long gone. Cate took a hold of my rod and positioned it at the entrance of Megan’s pussy, and shoved it in. Cate then kissed Megan passionately, rubbing her breasts and clit as I pounded her twat. Megan screamed in delight and came, collapsing in a happy, jello-like heap of afterglow.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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