The Escort Ch. 03-04

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Part 3

Toni looked through the file on James and made some notes about the evening, then put it in the drawer of her file cabinet beside her desk. She was satisfied for the moment, yet looking forward to the next appointment with a new man. She picked up his file from her desk and glanced at his name. It read “Michael William Jones” and his reason for hiring an escort was to accompany him to a formal dinner and dance before the sexual activities.

She laid the file on the desk then went to her closet to see what she would wear. She took out a sparkly royal blue strapless evening gown that went to mid-calf, and hung it on the hook on the door. She went to her dresser and took out a pair of blue thong panties, a lacy blue garter belt, and black seamless silk thigh-high stockings, laying them on top of the dresser. She took her royal blue high heels from the closet as well.

She went to her jewelry box and removed a pair of sapphire drop earrings, a sapphire and diamond waterfall necklace, and a diamond bracelet. She decided against an anklet for this meeting. With all her clothing and jewelry ready for the following evening, she slid into her pink silk baby-doll nighty then went to the bathroom and brushed her teeth before going to bed. She had satisfied the rest of her sexual cravings with the toys when she got home, so she quickly fell into a deep sleep.

Toni’s alarm clock went off at 8:00 am and she slowly awoke, stretching luxuriously as she woke herself from a deep refreshing sleep. She got out of bed, went to use the bathroom, then padded barefoot to her kitchen where she flipped on the switch for her coffee maker. She was still feeling the effects of the drinks she shared with “James” the night before, and the coffee would help sober her up.

She opened her refrigerator and pulled out what she’d need for her breakfast: eggs, cheese, ham, milk, and fresh fruit. She made herself a ham and cheese omelet, a couple slices of whole wheat toast, and poured herself a glass of milk, then sliced an apple, banana, and orange into a bowl, placing everything on the kitchen table. The coffee was ready so she made herself a cup then sat down to eat. She went over her “To Do” list for the day, since she didn’t have to meet “Michael” until 7 pm that evening.

She had plenty of time for doing her errands and housework, as well as her laundry and getting in a workout at the gym down the street. She finished her breakfast then took care of her dirty dishes, washing them and putting them away. She went to the bedroom and dressed in a pair of spandex pants, a sport bra, and a loose t-shirt, slid on a pair of socks and her sneakers, then grabbed her gym bag and headed out to the gym to get in an hour and a half of aerobics and treadmill work, 45 minutes of each.

Her workout went smoothly, and she stopped by the gym’s atakent escort café for an orange-banana energy drink before going home. She got back to her apartment and tossed her gym bag into the laundry hamper along with her clothes she was wearing, then took a nice hot shower, making sure to shave her underarms, legs and pussy completely. She finished her shower and dried off, then slid on her black bathrobe and fuzzy bunny slippers. She grabbed the dirty laundry from the bathroom, and the basket from her bedroom then went down the hallway to the laundry room and tossed a load in the washer.

She went back to the bedroom and tidied it up, made the bed, and double-checked her wardrobe for the evening. She looked in her mirror and decided she needed help with her hair so she went to the living room and called her friend Marcy, who lived just down the street a few blocks. Marcy said she’d be there around 5:30 pm then Toni hung up the phone and continued her housework: dusting, vacuuming, straightening pillows and curtains, then sitting down at her desk and balancing her check book and writing out the checks for her bills.

She looked at the clock and it read 4:30 pm, only an hour before Marcy arrived to do her magic on Toni’s hair and make-up. Toni went into the kitchen and made herself a salad, since she had been busy doing housework and had missed lunch. She sat sipping a glass of iced tea and eating her salad, and feeling nervous about the evening to come, this being her first formal dinner party job as escort. She decided to take another look at Michael’s file, so she went to her bedroom to get it, bringing it back to the kitchen table.

His file stated that he needed a date to the Mayor’s Ball and Banquet that evening and a limo would pick her up at 7 pm sharp. She read through the list of his sexual likes and dislikes and noticed that he enjoyed a bit of bondage now and then in the forms of handcuffs, blindfolds, and silk scarves, and he liked spankings, oral, anal done to himself as well as doing it to a woman, and food play. She sat and thought about what she might do to please him, remembering that she had a black cat suit with a mask hanging in her closet that she could use later in the evening. She would put that and the other items into her black leather brief case to take with her.

A few moments later, her doorbell rang and she went to answer it. When she opened the door, Marcy was there with a tote bag on her arm and a smile on her face. Toni let her in and they hugged and Marcy shot out ideas on her hairstyle and make-up. They finally settled on an elegant French Twist Up-Do, lavender eye shadow, peachy-pink blush, and pale pink lipstick. They went into Toni’s bedroom and Marcy began her work. Half an hour later, Toni’s hair and make-up done, akbatı escort Marcy helped Toni to put on the dress after Toni put on her thong panties, garter belt and stockings. She didn’t put on a bra since the dress had a built-in bra. The clock read 6:45 pm. The limo would be there in 15 minutes, and Toni was ready.

She had her purse and brief case ready, and was sliding a black lace shawl over her shoulders as Marcy came out of the bedroom with her bag. The ladies left the apartment and went to the elevator, then down to the first floor together. The limo was waiting outside, parked right behind Marcy’s car. They said goodbye and Toni got into the limo to begin her date, her nervousness still not settled.


Part 4

Toni noticed the fully-stocked wet bar. She made herself a cocktail of vodka and orange juice. The mix went down her throat slowly. She sat back in the limo imagining what her date looked like. A part of her thought about asking the driver for a smoke or if he was interested in seeing more of her attire.

Twenty minutes later, Toni saw the driver get out. He opened her door and escorted her outside. She moved seductively towards the exit but not before giving him a good look of her ample breasts. The limo driver smiled at her. He had seen plenty of escorts being driven all over town, but Toni was one of the more beautiful.

A man with black hair and deep blue eyes introduced himself to Toni. She shook his strong hand. His grip of confidence sent a tingling sensation throughout her body. Toni looked at Michael in the tuxedo. The double breasted jacket hid a body that spent many hours in the gym and bed with plenty of women.

They walked into the banquet hall holding hands. “Care for some wine?” the waiter asked soon upon their arrival. Toni picked up two glasses. She handed one to Michael who toasted her with a soft, but reassuring smile. They mingled for twenty minutes. Toni felt quite comfortable in the crowd. She impressed Michael’s bosses with her travels and hobbies. Michael was also quite impressed that she had prepared well for the evening.

A series of chimes indicated that dinner was going to start. Toni picked up another set of champagne glasses and walked with Michael towards a table. He held out her chair while smiling at her. Toni leaned in close to whisper “You get extra credit for being such a gentleman.” Michael had no idea what she had in store.

Throughout the evening, Toni and Michael talked about many topics. He learned about her varied interests and travels. She had been taken to numerous places as an escort. Trips to Paris or weekend jaunts to expensive hotels all along the Vegas strip were two of her favorite times as an escort.

They sat through the boring awards presentation. aksaray escort Toni tried to seduce Michael with the dessert by eating it slowly while also frequently flicking her tongue at the fork. He whispered in her ear “You got me harder than I was before. Care to get out of here?”

Toni nodded and waited for him to push out her chair. They walked outside the hotel. Their limo hadn’t arrived yet. Michael moved closer to get a better look at Toni. She smiled warmly at him before excusing herself to visit the bathroom. He waited for the limo while she fixed up her face. She returned to give him a sensual kiss of reassurance. He slid his hands down her back to bring her closer.

The limo arrived soon thereafter. The driver opened the door while they walked towards the backseat. It didn’t take long for them to resume the petting once inside the car. Michael moved his hands up and down her stockinged legs. He raised the black blind dividing them from the driver. Michael put Toni onto the plush furniture. She was quite used to doing a lot of wicked stuff in the back of limos. Michael slid up her dress to more fully caress her stockinged legs. He worked his fingers slowly along her tiny panty line.

Without any thinking, he moved them aside. Toni’s shaved pussy lips were swollen in anticipation. Michael went to the wet bar. He pulled out a few cherries. One went into his mouth before he pushed it deep inside her pussy. He played with it using his tongue. Toni felt her panties slowly removed. She moaned and knew that the driver heard her. Toni felt something cold getting applied to her inner thighs. Michael had put some whip cream on her that the driver kept for him in the small refrigerator.

Toni’s pussy was exposed to the warm air. She felt the whip cream applied all over her pussy. Michael licked it all up from her snatch. He put some cream on his tongue and pushed it inside her. Toni moved her hands down to bring his face further inside. Michael started eating out her pussy more fully. His tongue was frenching out her clit as he inserted two whip cream covered fingers into her pussy.

Moving them in and out, Toni felt like she was going to explode all over. Michael pumped her pussy with more vigor. He so enjoyed eating out a woman with food. He put the whip cream nozzle right on her pussy. Spreading her lips open, Toni felt the cream go deep inside her. She wrapped her legs around his face to more fully enjoy what was going to happen next.

Michael forced his tongue deep inside her womanhood. Her sexual temperature soon boiled over. She reached waves of orgasmic bliss from his skillful tongue and fingers.

Toni waited a few minutes and kissed Michael deeply. The car stopped and they arrived at his hotel. They walked out holding hands. She stuffed her panties in his pocket as a memento. Walking towards the room they continued their heavy petting. Michael led them into his room. She shut it and led him to the bed. She kissed him deeply before removing his pants and underwear. Toni reached into her purse for some toys to use on Michael. She wanted him to shoot his jizz across the wall and had ways of doing that.

To Be Continued…

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