The Event (The Survivalist Theory) Ch. 02

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If you haven’t read Chapter One, give it a go first. To sum up, we now live in a world where women don’t get pregnant. Tim and his sister are on an international team to solve this problem. Oh, and everyone fucks the moment they get the urge. Nature has evolved. Or devolved?

I’ve decided to add a few more chapters (they’re more like vignettes) to this and I’ll probably go back and clean up the first chapter, as well. This is a short one. Hope you enjoy.


The Event – Chapter Two

A few hours later, I was on a plane headed to London, pumping my stiff cock into my sister’s face. Not having seen her for so long, we were still catching up when the urge hit me. Cindy, my sister, being the closest girl to me when the need arose, became the autonomous choice. Besides, Janine was currently servicing the male flight attendant a few rows up.

“I’m sorry about this, Cindy. I realize it’s awkward and we didn’t want to find ourselves in this situation again…”

Cindy was furiously sucking my cock. Regardless of our family bonds, she had notable oral skills, swirling her tongue rapidly across my shaft, mixed with taking it all in deeply into her throat. She paused for a moment.

“It’s okay, Tim. Now that we’ll likely be spending more time together, it’s bound to happen. Besides, the first time really wasn’t so bad. Maybe shocking, but not bad. escort gaziantep You filled my pussy more than anyone I’ve experienced since this whole crazy thing started. Anyway, it felt good with all that hot sperm inside me.”

Months ago, my team hypothesized that most women may actually enjoy these random sexual encounters more than the men who initiated them. This, we thought, was a result of being nature’s call to inseminate them, to induce a pregnancy. However, it wasn’t really a tested theory as many women claimed they didn’t enjoy it, even if they did find it to be acceptable behavior.

“Will you fuck me, facing me this time?” Cindy asked, as she felt me getting closer to climaxing. “I’d like to watch it happen.”

The request was unexpected, yet I was happy to oblige and got up from my seat. Cindy sat where I had been and spread her legs. I slowly made my way in while she watched it fill her pussy. I hadn’t seen my sister smiling this much in years. She was always the “serious” one in the family.

“I like that,” she said.

It was unusual to get compliments when fucking anyone other than one’s significant other, much less from a sibling. Of course, due to The Event, though in-family sex had become rather common, it was still kind of balked at by many people.

Cindy’s tits were gliding up and down as I pumped escort gaziantep bayan her, and she leaned back further into the couch.

“Well, Cindy, I am happy to see that you are okay with this. Thrilled to have you working on the team, too, but you should know we’ll probably be splitting up when we touch down. I need you to help with travel logistics for these groups that we’ll be taking back.”

“What? No! I already told you after mom left that I have an agenda already planned. I can’t commit to anything at this moment.”

I paced the fucking down a notch, allowing my shaft to ease all the way in, then slowly back, repeating the motions.

“Cindy, I know you’ll be knee-deep in the books soon. I just want you to help with the first launch. I think it would be helpful to you in understanding how money is spent on the ground for this project.”

Cindy began pushing back against my cock and in beautiful synchronous motions, we began rising in climax together.

“Tim, you’re going to have to find someone else. I know I’m brand new, but you seriously have no overhead management in place. That, coupled with a sketchy budget plan, is going to keep me busy.”

It wasn’t unusual for siblings to argue with one another, especially in regards to splitting up chores. Cindy and I bickered all the time growing up. It was escort gaziantep kızlar just strange that we were bickering now when I was enjoying the sex, while also being so annoyed by her stubborn behavior.

“Oh Tim, you fuck so good. Your cock is so good.”

Audible flattery from women was very rare. I wondered if the incestuous act added to Cindy’s attraction to it. I had to admit, my sister’s pussy felt amazing, tight and responsive.

“You cum in me, Timmy. I can’t wait for you to fill me up!”

Her request sent me reeling over the edge and thick, hot goo erupted from my cock. I could feel it washing the walls of my sister’s pussy and that only made me hornier. It felt as if I could push out double or triple the load. We were soaked when I finally pulled out.

“Oh, my,” said Cindy. “Uh, that was something.”

“Yeah, well, I would say so,” interjected Janine. “Guys, that was really hot. Steve and I watched the whole thing after we had finished.”

Cindy blushed deep red and I tried to quell the atmosphere “Okay, guys. We need to get to work. We have a big press conference tomorrow. We’re to meet with the Interior Secretary and the Prime Minister just before it begins, too. I want all our ducks in a row by the time we meet them. Am I clear?”

I looked down at my sister. “Fine,” I said. “You can hit the financials now, but I want you to volunteer on the groundwork at least once in the first three months. It’s imperative you understand how money flows at the bottom. I can’t imagine you could do as effective a job without that experience.”

“I agree with you, Tim,” said Janine, rising up. She was still naked, cum leaking down her inner thigh. “It’s a deal. In the meantime, let’s get prepped for tomorrow.”

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