The Faithful Secretary Ch. 03

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I’m sorry for taking ages to bring out this chapter. Hope you all enjoy it.

This is the kind of situation you only envisioned in your worst nightmares, the kind of position you thought you could never find yourself in real life. It looked like a scene from some cheap soft porn flick except it was happening live and I was its star actor. There I was standing behind my mahogany desk, my highly desirable secretary Priscilla bent in front of me, my cock plugged firmly into her ass and reaming her with such rapturous ferocity until the phone call from my PA told me that Jasmine my wife was on the way up to my office!

If I didn’t believe in God before, I sure did so now. I could count the number of times Jasmine had been to my office and I had to physically drag her down here on all occasions. She never came on her own and without warning. So what was the possibility of her walking in on me at this crucial moment? Why today of all days? This wasn’t mere bad luck- only a supreme being could have engineered such a dire situation. God did exist. And he was laughing.

Luckily I had not acquired my wealth and power on looks and chance alone. I am proud to say I’m someone who maintains his cool even in the most fucked up of situations. Normally any other Tom, Dick and Barabbas would have freaked out, thrown his secretary out of the window and try to cook up an excuse as to why his pants are missing. As for me I react in a completely different way. Time cranks down into slow motion as my mind ratchets up into hyper speed. Immediately I had a plan and I quickly and coolly put it into effect.

“Pull up your knickers and go to your desk, Darling, my wife is coming.”

The tone of my voice suggested that I had just noticed it was showering outside. Priscilla whirled around to face me, her eyes turning into huge saucers. I grinned. She really was fucking sexy even if she looked like a deer caught by the merciless headlights of an oncoming truck.

“Yes, Sir.”

I have to admit she is as cool as a cucumber. She quickly smoothed down her clothes and popped into the adjoining office. Soon I heard the clacking of the computer keyboard. I imagined her behind her PC looking efficient but slutty. I would wank off on that later.

I lit up a cigarette and after dragging in a couple of puffs, released them in thick, short squirts. I did this a couple of times, systematically gassing the office as precious seconds ticked away. She would be here in an instant.

I didn’t bother to comb my hair, or redo the knot of my tie. I didn’t want to look too neat. I wanted to look disheveled as if I just had a rough morning at the office. sultangazi escort But the most important thing was too act innocent. I was about to make the most important performance of my life and I was aiming for an Academy Award for Best Actor.

“Good afternoon, Madam” Priscilla chirped from her office. No answer. My wife was definitely in the house. My door opened abruptly and Jasmine swept in like Hurricane Katrina. It took me sheer will power not to have a panic attack and fall on my knees and beg her for mercy. Instead I lounged in my leather seat and lazily eyed her through the thick clouds of nicotine.

“Darling” I drawled, “To what do I owe this pleasure?”

She paused to glare at me, her hands on her wide hips. I must say she looked gorgeous. She was dressed in a business suit which seemed to have difficulty containing her voluptuous curves and her haughty, angry face was a coldly attractive. I felt my erection returning and I wondered what kind of sick fuck I was.

“Why are you smoking?” she asked peering at me through the fumes, “I thought you quit.”

“I have. I was really stressed out and needed to relax.”

Her eyes lingered on my face then swept my office. Looking for clues, I thought to myself. What a suspicious bitch.

She raised a finger and pointed to the outside office.

“What’s that?”

At last, I thought.

“That’s Priscilla my new secretary.”

“What happened to the other one?’

“Married. Gone.”

“Why couldn’t you have gotten a male secretary?’

“Female secretaries are smarter.”

“That’s not true.”

“Sounds like reversed sexism to me.”

“Why her?”

“Because she’s highly qualified” I lied smoothly.


She didn’t believe me. She thought the only way Priscilla could be remotely qualified was because she looked smoking hot. She was absolutely right but I wasn’t going to agree with her, was I?

“Darling, I’m sure you didn’t come all the way down here to appraise my staff. What’s up?”

She looked temporarily disconcerted and looked down at her shoes.

“I wanted to apologize for what happened this morning. It was my fault.”

Shit, I felt bad. She rarely apologized and when she did it meant it must have been eating away at her soul for quite a while.

“Let’s have dinner at home” she said, without looking at me, “You know… I’ll cook something special for you.”

“Sure. That would be great.”

I walked around the table and took her in my arms. She felt supple and firm. I kissed her on the lips and she responded hungrily. My hands cupped her arnavutköy escort breasts and I roughly pinched her nipples through her clothes. She grunted and tried to back away but I held her firmly and reached down to grab her crotch.

“No…” she whimpered, her eyes dilating with pleasure, “You can’t fuck me in your office.”

“And why’s that?” I demanded, “Because my secretary is outside?”

“No… but…”

“Then shut up.”

I was horny, I was pissed and I had every intention of taking out my sexual frustration on my wife. The bitch should have called instead. By the time I was through with her she wouldn’t be back here in a hurry. In fact by the time I was through with her she would wish that I was actually banging Priscilla to take the work load off her.

I pulled apart the lapels of her suit and a button went flying and ricocheted off her framed picture on my desk. The silk blouse she wore seemed about to burst. She was lucky she had snap-on buttons as I pulled her blouse open. A lace bra barely contained her huge white melons and the thick areolas were easily visible through the flimsy material. I didn’t spare her bra. I ripped it off. I was rewarded by the startled gasp that hissed from her lips, and the frightened, lustful look that flashed in her eyes. I reached behind her, grabbed her solid ass and easily carried her to the desk. I dropped her on top and pushed up her skirt.

“Solomon, wait…” she said hastily but I wasn’t having any of it. I reached between her muscular legs and grabbing her ridiculously small panties, ripped them off. I raised her legs up high and spread them apart. Her moist pussy offered itself to me. I didn’t hesitate.

With her pleas falling on deaf ears, I pulled down my pants and released my cock. I wanted to apologize to my cock for not giving him a second round. This time however I would make it up to him.

I inserted my self into her wet bush and, none to gently, started to hump her. There was no time for fucking romance. She yelped as I reamed her thoroughly, my thighs slapping against her ass, her toes wiggling in the air. This was not the love making she was used to. I was the gentle, forever, lesbian inspired, foreplay type of lover but right now, I just wanted a bitch fuck. She grunted and hissed and started to say scary things:

“That’s it, Darling! Fuck me like a cheap whore! I’m such a fucking slut, fuck me in the ass and throw me in the trash! Spank me and chew off my nipples. Please tie me up and abuse me with that bottle of whisky!” And so on and so forth.

I unplugged my prick from başakşehir escort her vagina then bent her legs further back, right to her shoulders, so that her asshole opened up for me. I spat into it to lubricate it and when my wife realized what I was about to do she freaked out. I had never assfucked her before but there was always a first time for everything.

I at least tried to make the initial penetration as gentle as possible but my thick cockhead stretched the hole to its elastic limit. My wife screamed and I wondered what Priscilla was thinking. After I managed to push it all the way in I withdrew it as gently as possible. Then back in again. Then out. Then in again. I increased the speed as the friction got less.

It felt delicious. Her ass was impossibly tight and it felt like Heaven on my cock. I’m not sure how my wife was feeling but her head swung from left to right, her hair trashing about in a dirty halo. Eventually I heard her sigh and her eyes rolled up. She had passed out. I continued pumping until I came noisily then pulled my cock out from her bum hole. Cum oozed out.

My office smelled sinful. I breathed in the rich mix of ass, sweat and cum and pulled up my trousers.

I waited patiently till my wife came to and told her to put herself together. She was acting all demure and shy which made her all the more cute but I still got a kick out of the knowledge that she would have to go home without her bra and panties. I escorted her out and we had to pass Priscilla’s desk. She looked up and smiled at us and even bade my wife goodbye even though she didn’t respond. I expected Priscilla to be jealous but she seemed entirely at ease. That girl intrigued me more and more everyday.

I escorted my wife to her car and after kissing her fully on the lips promised to be home on time for our special dinner. She smiled and drove off and I came back to the office. I smoked for real this time and soon my secretary knocked tentatively on my door and I told her to come in.

She stood before me and seemed uncertain of what to say. I looked up at her.

“Yes, Darling, what is it?”

“Your wife is very beautiful” she said uncertainly.

I smiled.


I beckoned her to come to me and she obeyed. I motioned for her to sit on my lap and she parked her perfectly shaped bum on my cock. I gently took her face in my hand and gently kissed her full, red lips. My goodness, they are so soft! Our tongues slithered over each other like snakes on heat.

We kissed for a long time. I just held her close and continued to nibble on her lips. Her perky breasts pressed against me and I could feel her heartbeat. I wanted us to remain like this forever.

I reluctantly pulled away and stroked her cheek.

“I think I love you” I said.

“I think I love you too.”

I thought of the sex I just had with my wife, the special dinner that I had to attend and how unfair life is.

What in the world was I going to do?


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