The Family Man

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Bouncing Tits

I always thought “family” and “love” didn’t belong in the same sentence. I never got along with my extended family and I was very much dreading the wedding I had to go to that Sunday, two days after I had turned 21. I hadn’t seen the wretched bunch since I left for college at age 17 and seeing them all at once seemed like a very bad idea. Since I had recently broken up with a long time girlfriend I was also dateless for the affair. Lucky me.

I guess I should tell you about myself. I am 5’10 and at the time, I was very well built from months in a gym and months of mind blowing marathon sex. The only thing I could truly thank my new ex was for teaching me how to eat pussy. I always loved to do it, so I was an avid learner. I could lick hard and fast and get her off quickly or slow and gentle for a few hours of ecstasy for her. Little did I suspect that the newly developed skill would help make my family relations, especially that wedding, go much better than planned.

When I showed up at my cousin’s house for the pre-party get together, everyone came over to look at my new body and see how I was. When I left for school, I was thin and scrawny. Now I was a college guy who had grown several inches, and I don’t mean in height. My poor cock started to come to life after a fair number of boobs had been mashed against me during overzealous hugs from cousins and aunts which I didn’t remember as having such delicious tits when I left. I quickly excused myself to go to the bathroom for some relief. I hadn’t looked up to see my cousin shaving her long silky legs before I had my cock in hand. Thankfully, she was in the shower at the time and all I escort haberleri could see were her legs. Man, were they tight My cousin Melissa was 35 and she worked out more than I did, her legs normally go up to her neck and I was not got to waste the opportunity to jerk off looking at them and whatever else I could see. As I started stroking, her pussy lips came in to view and I noticed she had blonde hair. Melissa had black hair and would never dye it. My younger cousin Sarah had blonde hair. I saw a hand fly out and it looked like it grabbed something very large, cylindrical and purple. It was then I heard soft moans and kissing sounds coming from the shower.

As I peeked around the curtain, I almost came. Sarah, a scrawny thing when I knew her, was leaning against her sister Selina. Sarah’s hands were holding their lips tightly together in a very arousing, sensual kiss. These girls were no longer little, however. At 18, Sarah had round high firm tits, a tiny waist and an ass that wouldn’t quit. Selina was a strawberry redhead with a model’s figure and a shaven snatch. Selina had one hand pinching Sarah’s nipple and the other was wrapped firmly around a 10 inch purple dildo. I could tell they had done this before, as they never opened their eyes while Selina expertly rubbed the giant rubber cock up and down Sara’s awaiting slit. I leaned back against the wall and heard Sarah moan “ohhhh, mmmmm harder Selina. I want to feel him all the way into my throat!” Selina’s pace quickened and I could hear it sloshing in and out of Sarah’s wet pussy.

“What about my pussy, kitten? When am I gonna gaziantep escort haberleri get some cock?” Selina purred.

“I just shaved that gorgeous pussy clean, you don’t need cock, you need your sister to love it with her tongue. Then you are going to sit on my face and feed me your ass,” Sarah answered as she flipped over and dove face first into Selina’s wet, hairless pussy.

“Mmm you know how I like it. Just like mom eats me, only your tongue, oooo, is so much, ughhh, softer, mmmm, Mom’s tongue in my, ugghhhh, ass and your tongue doing…” she gasped, “…that! Yes, yes!!!” “You’ll have to settle for my tongue in your asshole too,” Sarah said as Selina’s legs flew up in the air and kicked the shower curtain right off the rail and onto my feet. I only saw Sarah’s tongue do 4 swipes through Selina’s ass crack and loving lick her hole once, before they noticed me.

My 9 inch penis at full attention, no one spoke until Selina looked up and said, “I know we promised Mom and Aunt Regine they could suck your dick first, but if Sarah doesn’t finish licking my ass while I finger myself, I’m gonna be bitchy all wedding long.” With that, Sarah licked her lips twice while staring at my engorged cock before diving back into Selina’s ass. I then turned to leave, my head swimming, but Sarah stopped me.

“Don’t go. I don’t care what Mom wants, we named our purple penis after your cock when you left. I want some of the real thing.” She then shoved two fingers into Selina’s naked asshole which caused her to groan and cum all over her own fingers, currently tickling her clit. Sarah escort gaziantep haberleri jumped out of the tub, landed on her knees and started bobbing up and down my dick. I knew instantly this wasn’t her first blowjob either.

She seemed to read my thoughts because she pulled off, kept stroking my cock and said, “Mom taught me using my Dad’s penis. His cock isn’t as big but its similar.” Selina had regained enough strength to come join us and her big green eyes seemed to be full of servile lust. They were saying, “Please master, let me please you.” Who am I to turn down such a hot piece of ass? I grabbed her by the back of her hair and kissed her hard and good. She whimpered and melted away from me, the kneeled down behind me. Sarah giggled and before I knew it, they had each started to suck on one of my balls, and were now French kissing with them in their mouths! A few minutes of this and they separated, Sarah inhaled my cock and started sucking me hard and Selina shoved her tongue up my ass and was licking me deeply.

Sarah only came off me long enough to say, “Shove this monster fucking cock down my throat!” Then she took her hands off my cock and put my hands on her head. Selina was moaning loudly into my asshole, two fingers on her left hand holding my cheeks apart, two fingers on her right hand, molesting her clit again. Sarah fingered her asshole and pussy with each hand and I was so wrapped up in the sight to notice, I was about to blow my load. I grabbed Sarah’s head with my right hand and jammed my cock down her throat, which I could hear and feel made her climax, then pulled Selina’s tongue deep into my asshole as she climaxed, then my cock, buried in a hot blonde throat, exploded, shooting her full of jism.

Selina kept eating my ass while Sarah kept sucking my cock until I finished blowing my load. When they finally did get off me, Selina said “Don’t tell mom, ok?” and I didn’t to this day. But if you read part two, you’ll see where I really earned my nickname, the Family Man…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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