The First Time

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“I’m coming to Phoenix.”

My heart skips a beat the minute I see the message. I long for the reason he’s coming to my city to be because of me but I know it’s for work.

“Oh? For work?” I type back.

“Yes, my company is bidding on a contract with a company there, and I volunteered,” he replies.

“Now you’ll be able to see why I love it out here,” I tease.

“I am hoping to see a few things while I’m out there.”

“What are you hoping to see? Maybe I can help,” I respond.

It’s almost an agonizing minute before he replies. “I was hoping to take you to dinner.” My nerves scatter.

“Are you sure?” I ask, my heart racing.

You see, my friend is married and so am I. We met on a forum for people who have marriage issues, specifically sexual incompatibility. We try to keep it to just friendly, helpful chatter but, as it happens between sexually frustrated people who are attracted to each other, sometimes it wasn’t so pg. But I know he loves his wife and doesn’t want anything to change that, so I was quite surprised.

He typed back, “Yes, I’m sure.”

The next few weeks flew by fast as I anxiously awaited the week of his arrival. He told me that he had work for the first couple of days but that Friday night we would have dinner. I tried to occupy my time getting ready.

The day he arrived he sent me a message, “Just got in. So excited to see you in a couple days.”

He sent another message the next day stating he had gotten reservations at an Italian restaurant that came highly recommended. I knew the restaurant he was talking about and became even more excited. It was touted as one of the best in Phoenix.

I took Friday off from work so I could get ready. I had a special vintage wiggle dress that showed off my curves as well as played up my red hair and pale skin. Even though I knew nothing would happen aside from dinner, I wanted to make a great impression.

I arrived at the restaurant about ten minutes early. I hoped to get there, be seated and get my nerves calmed down before he showed up. As the maitre d’ walked me to the booth, I knew that wouldn’t happen as he was already there.

He stood as I approached. My breath caught in my throat as I saw him for the first time. He took my hand and I smiled up at him. I leaned in thinking he was going to hug me, only for him to kiss me on the cheek.

He gestured for me to sit down and waited for me to get situated before sitting down on the other side. He fumbled with the napkin which made me smile and relax some. Obviously I wasn’t the only one who was nervous.

He looked up in time to catch my grin and smiled back at me. “You look even prettier in real life,” he said, blushing a little at his words.

I blushed also and looked down as my nerves skittered again. I looked back up at him. “Thank you. You look really good yourself,” I countered.

There was nervous silence as we looked over the menus and ordered drinks. I’d been talking to this man for months with no problems and I was suddenly at a loss for words. The waiter brought our drinks and took our food orders.

Suddenly we were alone. The silence was deafening. I started to ask him about his meetings just as he started Escort Eryaman to ask me something. We both stopped and started laughing.

This broke the ice and from there the conversation flowed well. We talked about his work, his family, my family, my work and everything in-between. Before I knew it three hours had passed and the restaurant was closing.

Reluctantly we left, carrying the conversation out to the front of the place where we stood waiting for taxis. We turned towards each other. I could feel his hesitance and since I didn’t want anything to ruin such a great night I leaned up, kissed his cheek and told him goodbye.

As I climbed into the cab, the other door opened up and he sat down. I closed the door, my heart in my throat.

“What’s going on?” I asked tentatively.

He grabbed my hand and looked into my eyes. “I’m not ready for tonight to be over, and I don’t think you are either.”

I shyly shook my head. “No, I’m not. I just wasn’t sure if you were.”

He grinned as the taxi driver demanded an address. He gave the address of his hotel and settled into the seat. I glanced at him, still unsure.

“What are you thinking?” I questioned.

“I thought we could do what we’ve talked about before,” he stated.

I waited for him to continue that thought and when he didn’t I asked, “And that would be? We’ve talked about lots of things.”

He turned to me. “I was thinking we could watch a movie, and cuddle.”

I searched his face. “You’re okay with that?” I asked.

“Yes, more than okay with it,” he responded, smiling reassuringly at me.

We got to the hotel and went up to his room. I realized the minute I walked in that all I had to wear was my dress. The thought of taking my dress off to cuddle caused more anxiety than even the cuddling.

I turned towards him, wringing my hands nervously. He picked up on my nerves and came over to stand in front of me. He tilted my chin up so that I looked at him.

He searched my eyes before asking, “Would you rather go home?”

“No,” I answered. “I just…it’s just…I don’t have anything to wear aside from my dress, which I won’t exactly be comfortable in.”

He chuckled and walked over to his suitcase. He pulled out an oversized tank top. He walked back over and handed it to me. I moved to grab it but he moved away. I looked up in question.

He chuckled before stating, “I’d be okay with it if you didn’t wear it though.”

I laughed, knowing that me in a tank top and little else is his favorite thing. I grabbed the top and tossed over my shoulder as I walked to the bathroom, “You can’t handle what’s under this dress.”

I closed the door and put my hand on my chest to calm my racing heart. I was beginning to doubt the choice to come up and cuddle, much less change into a small tank top. And what a small tank top it was.

It was oversized on him, but on me it was almost micro. I am a plus size woman, I always have been and he had always claimed to enjoy that about me, but trying to fit in the top was proving to be impossible. I tugged the top down but it came right above the bottom of my ass and when you’re wearing a thong you might as well be naked.

I Eryaman Escort adjusted and readjusted in the mirror, fussing over the shortness of it and my near nakedness. Then he knocked on the door. I jumped as the sound penetrated my anxiety.

“Everything okay in there?” he inquired.

“Yes…just, fussing,” I replied.

I opened the door and quickly crossed my arms around me to cover up. I glanced up at him through my lashes. He had changed into sweat pants and a ratty tee shirt, he looked so good that I felt nakedly frumpy.

He reached down and pulled my arms away. He looked me up and down. He cleared his throat and stuttered. “That, it, I…I’ve never seen that look better.”

He pulled me over to the bed and sat me down on it. I laid down, watching as he came around to the other side and laid down. He picked up the remote and turned on the TV.

He surfed for a little while before settling on a family comedy that was about 10 years old. He curled up behind me, pulled the covers up and wrapped his arms around me.

I settled into his chest and had to resist the strong urge to wiggle my ass into his crotch. He pulled the hair away at my neck and settled his face against it. His breath on my skin brought on an involuntary shiver.

We talked lightly, only somewhat paying attention to the movie. His hands stayed around my waist though his fingers kept moving. I found myself stretching into him a few times and had to stop myself.

I felt his lips trace my neck a little. I could also feel something poking into my ass. He shifted and I knew exactly what is was. I moaned a little at the rush of heat through my body.

“Ugh,” he moaned back, “if you do that and keep moving, I won’t be able to control myself.”

“Sorry,” I said softly and tried to still myself.

“Oh fuck it,” he mumbled and then his lips hit the back of my neck.

He kissed my neck, my shoulders, my ears while his hands slid up my body to massage my breasts. I moaned loudly and couldn’t stop myself from grinding my ass into his crotch.

We did that for a few minutes before he turned me around. He loomed up above me for a second, before scooping down to kiss me deeply. He pulled back, looking at me with a smile on his lips.

I was feeling unsure of things. He had said multiple times that he just wanted to be friends with a little bit of benefits, meaning online only. Neither of us were really looking outside our marriage, but it seemed to be happening.

“Do you really want this?” I eeked out.

He stared at me, his eyes contemplative. Then he said, “I can’t think of anything I want more.”

He settled down into me. His lips traced my jaw, my ears, my neck. His hands meandered across my body. All of the attention made me feel like I could purr.

He slid down my body to place kisses at the top of my breasts. They practically jiggled from my near panting. He massaged them gently, his mouth devouring the top of them and his eyes met mine.

I couldn’t hold his gaze. There was a sense of dreaminess to his touch while inside of me was all this pent up urgency. I laid my head down, almost overwhelmed by what I was feeling.

He slid down further. Eryaman Escort Bayan His fingers grazing my stomach followed by his lips. He stopped in between my legs and skimmed his finger over my thighs. He took a deep breath and softly moaned.

His right hand came up and with one finger he traced my slit through my panties. I sucked air through my teeth and then sighed. My body was screaming for him.

He leaned in and licked at my slit over my panties. It was sweet agony, the pace he was going. I wanted him in there while it was very evident he came to play.

He pulled the fabric to the side and slid a finger up then down. I arched and sighed as it sent a shiver down my spine. His nose bumped my clit as his tongue reached out to taste.

I moaned at the coolness of his tongue on me. He lapped at the innermost part of me as I quivered under him. He brought me to a crescendo of an orgasm and as I lay there letting the quivering roll through me, I knew I’d never regret it.

I laid there, trying to catch my breath. I felt him scoot up. He kissed along my body as he made his way back up to my lips.

We kissed deeply as our hands meandered. He nibbled on my neck as I sighed softly. His fingers found my clit and circled around it causing me to moan.

He slipped a finger inside me and rubbed my g spot. I cried out at the sensation and grabbed onto his arms, as if to steady myself.

I looked at him as he continued to play with it and he grinned at me. I grinned back and then dropped my head on the pillow as I shuddered again. I could feel another orgasm build.

“Mmm,” he said, “you like that, don’t you?”

I could barely reply with an, “Oh god” as I came again.

I watched through my lashes as he brought his hand up to mouth and licked all my juices off his hand. I pulled him in for a kiss, relishing the taste of me on him.

Suddenly he grabbed my hands and pulled them over my head. With his other hand he guided his cock to my entrance. He slowly slid it in until our pelvis’ met.

He moaned at the feel of being fully inside me. He held my hands as he slowly thrust in and out, keeping to a leisurely pace. Every time he slid in his shaft rubbed against my clit.

I closed my eyes and groaned as I felt him rub my clit. I wrapped my legs around him, urging him to go faster. He grinned down at me and used his weight on me to keep it slow. I groaned and just let myself feel all of it.

He let go of my hands and brought his hands down to grip my ass. He pulled my hips up and slammed into me. I cried out as he hit the back of my pussy.

He thrust deeper and harder into me. His head dropped down onto my shoulder, breathing heavily into the crook of my neck. One of his hands came up to massage my breast almost mindlessly.

I felt myself get closer and closer to cumming. I thrust up each time he pushed in. I could tell he was close and I wanted to cum with him.

He propped himself up and changed the depth a little. Thrusting harder and hitting just the spot I needed. I cried out and writhed on the bed.

My back arched as my pussy clenched around him. I felt him lose it just in time to open my eyes and watch him groan as he came.

He dropped down and kissed me deeply. We made out for a little bit before getting up to clean off.

We cuddled in bed again, talking and laughing softly. We kissed a little as our sated bodies relaxed into each other. As I drifted off to sleep, I knew I would never forget our night.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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