The Flight Ch. 2

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Chapter 2: After We Landed

Slowly I stir, pulling myself from the realms of dreams. I lavish in the warmth of the body beside me, one arm and one leg draped over my chest and waist, respectively. The steady beat of her heart. Soft breath felt on my neck. I smile, so at peace, so content, letting loose a sigh.

I think back to the events that took place after we landed. The drive from the airport seemed an eternity.

In the back seat, I stretch out and pull her to me. Together cheek to cheek, I whisper to her , pointing out the sights as we near the city. The Varazanno Bridge, the Statue of Liberty in the distance. Then we cut across brooklyn , around to the 59th street bridge. More famous buildings (she smiles, seeing I am excited to show her my city).Across the bridge, to fifth ave, down to 59th street, pointing out the Plaza as we skirt the southern tip of the park towrds Columbus Circle. Turning right, cruising along the west side. Even at this early hour, the park is a bevy of activity. Runners, dog walkers, rollerbladers…even A mime.

Somewhere between two traverse, the black lincoln makes a u-turn and stops infront of my building.

We’re home.

Rushing to get out of the car, grabbing our bags, smiling and laughing. Cutting through the lobby and hopping into the elevator, with one other person , that makes three. Her eyes and mine locked, losing ourselves.

A soft ‘Ding’ tells me we’re at my floor. Trying to hide my anxiousness, but happy to see she shares it. Leading her out to the hall.

Getting to my door, fishing out my keys. her bosom pressed to my back, hands slipping around and up my chest. Then her teeth, biting my earlobe tenderly. A shiver runs through me, she whispers, just as I find the key “…Hurry…”

Slamming the key in, turning it, twisting the knob, kneeing the door. Quickly we usher each other inside, the door shutting behind us.

Facing each other, realizing that finally…we…are…alone! In unison we drop our bags, and a heartbeat later, we are on one another. Trying so very hard to control myself.

As we kiss, mouths open, tongues swishing around. Hands roaming over our bodies. Pulling away at our clothes. I can’t wait to see her body. Frantically, pulling and tugging, moaning and kissing. getting so turned on by how she is doing the same, unbuttoning, unzipping. hands caressing cloth covered curves, begging for the touch of her skin.

Leaving a trail of garments, letting them fall where they may. She cups my face, kissing me passionatly. My hands slide down her back to her skirt, unzipping, letting it land like a halo, around her ankles, with a hush. She steps out of the ring, fingertips glide over the softness of her ass, squeezing.

Her hands move down, pulling open my tie, stripping it from me, undoing the buttons.

Leading in the direction of the bedroom, bodies moving, bumping against the furniture, against the walls. Reaching up, deft fingers searching for the bra fastener. Turning her head for a moment, breaking from our kiss to purr”…it unhooks in the front…” My belt is then snapped out like a whip, (Crash) a lamp I escort bayan think , but I don’t care. Loving her hands on me.

Working our way through the living roo, light from the newly risen sun splashing in, setting her skin a glow. My efforts to reveal more of her increase. How amazingly beautiful she looks.

We step out of our shoes, moving past the kitchen into the hallway. Putting her back against the wall, bringing her hands up, pinning them , holding her in place. My lips traveling over her face, her lips,her cheeks, the tip of her chin, the slope of her nose, gently on the eyelids, the forehead, down to the ears, where I nuzzle and nibble, breathing heavily..

She brings a leg up, hooking it, high on the back of my thigh, pulling me to her. Her heel trying to snag my lossened pants, pulling down.

I can feel then start to drop. Raking fingertips over the length of her arms, on to her bosom, cupping and squeezing , beneath layers of silk, I can feel her nipples, bulbing for me.

Free hands now come tomy chest, lowering her leg, feet firmly on the floor. Unexpectedly she pushes me back against the side of the narrow hallway.

Nimble fingers undoing the last of my buttons, then her litle hands take hold of the material, as well as my undershirt, ball into small fists, yanking straight up. instinctively my arms go above my head. Tossing it over her shoulder. Her lips on me, my arms now stretched out against the wall.

The tip on her tongue circling and teasing my nipples, my head turning side to side. She pulls back slightly to blow on them, now cool with saliva, so cool, they perk and harden for her. A moan wells uo from deep inside, my loins ache.

Seizing this moment, for I can not move, she finishes unzipping my pants, whisping over the smoothness of silk boxers. Her open palm caressing the hardness, feeling the heat through the thin material. Throbbing again for her touch. My hips buck, remembering when she first touched me a few hours ago, high above the earth.

Yearning for more, gaining my senses, taking over, taking her. Scooping the delicious form up in my arms. Carrying her like a precious and fragile doll. Through the door way, over to the bed, happy I made it before I left.

Standing her up, towering only for a moment. She sinks to her knees upon the soft comforter. Almost eye level, staring , small smiles.

In wonderment, small lithe hands undoing herown buttons of her silken white blouse. Patiently waiting, fighting the urge to help. Upon the last, silently it slips down her back. Those same deft fingetips take hold of the clasp in the front of her bountiful breast. Pulling it apart, they spill forth. I gasp at their magnificence, so full, so round….for lack of a better word…perfect.

I blush , because I have been staring, she giggles because she likes the way I look at her.

Feeling a tug at the elastic at my waist, she frees me from my shorts. Making a ‘mmmmmm’ sound. Scooting back, sitting up against the head board. watching me…. my body…my excitment.

With her legs together, she raises them , almost straight uo, escort baring her voluptuous ass, with the exception of the damp silk that overs her most intimate of places. With effort of wanton finges, the fabric travels the length of her legs.

As the panties are about to pass her ankles, my focus drops. peeering at the swollen lips, that peek between her legs. I charge on to the bed to be with her.

Legs still aloft, wrapping my arms around, holding them up. I hear the giddy laughter of someone who appoves of my action and attention. Someone who knows I want her so much.

Plucking the delicate and dainty garment from the end of the legs I am now kissing and biting playfully.My knees are parted, resting against her bottom. Lowering my enveloped arms to her upper thigs, tightening up and picking her up and at me.

Automatically her legs spread and hang over my shoulders, hands take her by the hips and brings her bare essence up ,so close to me. She can feel the heat from the panting , I am trying to control.

So close to her sex, searing is her passion. I gaze upon her sweetness, intoxicated by her scent, my mouth waters, wanteing to taste the soft pink that is glistening with excitment. I want to delve in wildly, to devour every bit of her, knowing she will slake the the thirst that plagues me.

I attempt to only let the tip on my tongue to touch the soaked folds, but a touch leads to a lick, to more licks. Broad, long licks, with the flat of the tongue, to light and fast flicking and fluttering over the now exposed clit.

My mouth covers her mound, sucking every drop from her, gorging myself of her soft tenderness. moaning my hunger deeply in her, looking over her outstretched form, writhing , fingertips clawing at the sheets, hair whips with every turn of her head.

The moans and cries urging me on, plunging again and again. Her hips grinding up towards my mouth, legs tightening, my palms cupping her bosom. She clenches her walls against my tongue, as it makes love to her. breathing her in…delving in her taste…dancing in her fire.

I shake and quiver as my body aches for her. Just her, enflamed…aroused … overwhelmed, like never before.

Carefully lifting her legs up and out, gently easing back, leeting them lower, flanking me right and left.

Hands gliding over thighs, past the waist, caressing the breast, pads of the fingertip cirlce the perky nipples. Then , placed on each side of her on the bed, supporting my body, just over hers.

Nearly touching, so close. My look of pleading, her nod of approval. And contact, the very head of my hardness, pressed in between the amazingly tight folds of her essence. Her heat washing over me, I gasp as a shutter takes me. breathlessly looking into her eyes, so clear and spectacular. A storm pises in my loins, going further, her grip on me is astounding, even as wet as she is the friction is incredible.

Easing back, just to return over and over and over. With legs around me, I feel her ankles lock, resing on the small of my back, occasionally she digs her heels in, urging me to quicken my pace.

Unable bayan escort to tale my eyes from her, hips pumping, hers arcing to meet mine. Crashing together, hearing the sound of our bodies, slick from our heat and excitment. My body shuttering every time I thrust in, my bootom tenses, the tip of my mnahoo swells, heart pounding. Her eyes roll back, bosom heaving , bouncing as I drive in.

The fire, searing, feeling it will soon consume me. Holding myself up with one hand , so that I might caress the cheek of the goddess who lies beneath me. Gentle strokes of smooth skin.

The quaking in me starts. Whispering her name with every thrust, again and again. Growing louder,harder into her, every inch, every vein, gliding against her. She returns my cries with my name. The look in her eyes tells me she is as close as I am.

The storm rising, our voices on the verge of screams, calling to each other, like rolling thunder our bodies crashing, fixated on making us into one.

Until….until…until, finally a deep, hard thrust to her core, carrying us both over the very edge. Uncontrolable our bodies tense and tighten, fingers, where ever they may be, curl in to fists, nails raking skin, toes clenched, her heels dig in, driving down, our faces contort into expressions of unbridled passion.

My hip, arched at an impossible angle, threaten never to return. I explode deep inside , still thrusting and throbbing, feeling the incredible contractions of her own release. My fire filling her, her heating washing over me. hearing only her voice calling my name, peering into only her eyes, all the sensations, rippling through our now merged being.

Drained of energy, tapped, my hovering body, trmbling, my strength, for the moment has left. Looking at her, her beautiful face. seeing the pleasure I have brought, elating me tenfold.

Beckoned by soft hands, i lower myself on and over her frame. As if enspelled, gently I find that I am rolled over on my back. She covers me like a blanket, resting her head on my chest, hitching a knee as high as my hip. I place a hand on the curve of her bottom, fingertips draped over and passing over the soft warm folds. My other hand, slowly strokes her hair.

Our breathing slows, in the same rythem. The long trip, the frustration of waiting so long and our love making has taken it’s toll, as we fall into a blissful slumber.

I am pulled from my thoughts of these recent evens, by the soft moans of the goddess I am beside. My fingers are covered in a silky sweet wetness, as I have been stroking her hot pink folds, thinking of last night. Also finding myself aroused.

Thinking of how much I want her, picturing making love to her in the shower, wet and soapy, putting her up on the counter in the kitchen and eating her for breakfast, taking her selfishly from behind on my terrace, soley for my pleasure, as she looks ove my city. So many erotic ideas and desires flood me. Amazed by this woman , I have just met, who brings this out in me.

Kissing her softly on the lips, bidding her welcome to a new day. She purrs back her pleasure at my morning attention. I whisper my desires of where and how I wanted her. Rewarded with a wicked grin and sexy moan. Nodding her approval. We make love again and again

Part of me wonders , what would have happened if I had given her one of the more racier stories to read on the plane.

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