The Football Game

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This is a problem… she thinks to herself. She stands there at the end of the hall, leaning up against the wall, staring at him. Sitting on the couch, he is very into the Bears football game he’s watching. Up against their main rivals, the Packers, it was important to him to watch and not miss a single down that was shown on national TV. On the table in front of him, his drink and several different snacks that she had prepared for him and was ready by the time he came home in time for the game. He was extremely appreciative of it and sincerely thanked her for it.

But that was the problem, wasn’t it? His thank-you kiss left butterflies in her stomach and tingling below that. The tingling had spread throughout her, and now she was getting warmer by the minute. Not to mention wetter. Leaning against the wall, all she could do was stand there and rub her thighs together, hoping to relieve some of the tension that was trapped there. The feeling of his hands on her lower back and ass were still imprinted there, as though she had been cattle-proded. His chest against hers left her nipples reaching out for him and wouldn’t relax. Glass? Shit, they could cut diamonds instead. This had been going on for over two and a half hours as he yelled and cheered and cursed and whooped up a storm while his team took the lead and fell back again. Down by a touchdown, he was on the edge of the couch with more than ten minutes to go. This could take awhile…

But she had promised that he could watch his Bears’ games once a week since they got that package due to the fact that he’d been a fan since he was 5 years old. Hell, it was her idea. She knew he didn’t get a whole lot of chances to watch them before, and persuaded him to get that package. Not that she didn’t get to enjoy it was well, she loved football almost as much. But footballs were not on her mind right now. No, not FOOTballs… she was thinking about other balls. HIS balls. His cock. His groans and moans. Her grinding and swirling on top of him…

She realized her hands were under the over-sized shirt she was wearing. They were stroking and sliding between her pussy lips as her hips gyrated. She glanced quickly in his direction, both relieved and disappointed that he hadn’t noticed. She really didn’t want to interrupt his game, but she REALLY wanted him. Her own scent that was drifting up to her nose was making things worse. Then an idea hit her. Smiling evilly to herself, she made a decision and went back to the bedroom.

Still watching the game, he leans forward keeping an eye intently on the quarterback and what his team will do next. The couch moved on his left side and his mind did register that she was suddenly sitting down right next to him on the couch, but his eyes didn’t leave the screen. He reached over and placed a hand on her knee, squeezing lightly.

“Hey babe, thanks again for the snacks. They were extremely delicious!” he said. “Where did you get-” he abruptly stopped. The scent of excited pussy filled his nose making his eyes widen and his nostrils flare out. Her finger was directly under his nose and sawing back and forth stirring up the molecules Escort Kızılay that would bring his attention to where she wanted it. He could feel the hot wetness that was being left on his upper lip and his tongue snaked out to taste.

“Oh, did you want to taste this?” she tauntingly asked. “Here, let me help you with that.” He turned to look at her, the game forgotten. She was wearing the Bears girls-style jersey he had gotten for her last birthday she wanted. No shoes, no socks no pants or shorts. And from the look of it, no under shirt either, since her nipples were straining to tear right through the polyester material. Her hand was under the jersey, her eyes closed and obviously enjoying what she was doing. Oh my God, I don’t think she’s wearing any panties under that jersey either. Fuck, that’s hot! His cock began to swell, as if to confirm this last statement. His breathing starts picking up and his heart is beating faster.

She pulls her hand out from under her jersey with a sigh. Two of her fingers are now very shiny and wet, literally dripping with her excitement. This whole situation was getting her hornier by the second.

“Your order, sir.” She slides her two fingers into his mouth and his lips clamp onto them, trying to lick and suck every last drop off. His moans reach her ears, and she swears her pussy convulses just from the sound. “Since you aren’t being a typical guy right now trying to kick me away so you can watch the game, I have a special treat for you. Best of both worlds. Don’t move. Don’t do anything. Let me take care of this.” One of her hands cup the front of his pants and begins to massage, while the other takes his closest hand and shoves it under the jersey so he can feel the molten lava that is stirring there. The double innuendo isn’t lost on him, but he didn’t want to misinterpret.

“Best of both- I don’t under- What do you mean?”

“I mean, silly boy,” she begins to explain and reaches to undo his belt and pants, “that you don’t have to stop watching the game. Just let me go to work. You won’t be disappointed, I promise.” The belt, button, and zipper undone she pulls the pants down, prompting him to raise his ass off the couch to allow her to complete the task. Noticing the hardened cock in front of her, an eyebrow raises and she looks up at him. “Seems you don’t disapprove, huh?” She moved down to the floor between his legs and gave a quick lick, which made the fleshy pole bounce a little in front of her eyes. She beamed a smile. “Mmmmmmm… Thank you,” she said and proceeds to suck down the cock in front of her, tongue flicking and sliding under the head.

The feeling… rapture to both his heads. He looks at the screen for a moment, notices his team driving down the field with 5 minutes left in the game, and drops his head back, closing his eyes. Savoring the exquisite sensations that are flowing from her mouth’s very loving and detailed work. Just the right amount of suction with work from her tongue while her fingers are stroking his balls making them churn. Working her head up and down, her lips form a moist but tight seal that force his Kızılay Escort eyes to roll back into his head. Every few strokes of her mouth, she plunges farther down to take him into the back of her throat, then back up again. She pops his meat out of her mouth and slides down below his cock to the fleshy orbs underneath. She loves that he keeps them shaven just for her, and she isn’t disappointed now. Licking and sucking them one by one into her mouth she begins to hum, enjoying her work.

The feeling of her hot, wet mouth on his balls were enough make his eyes fly open and his head snap up with a groan. The TV right in front of him, he sees the Bears are in the Red Zone and are preparing to take it in. The running back takes the ball and after breaking two tackles with fierce determination, uses a spin move to get past another, and dives into the end zone, making the score and spikes the ball. Her mouth has returned to his cock with a vengeance, sucking and stroking for all she was worth. He bites his lip trying to keep both versions of his excitement inward not wanting to break either spell. He watches as they kick the extra point, tying up the game. Excitement starting to boil over, just like his balls threaten to do, he warns her.

“I’m gonna cum,” he says through clenched teeth, “if you don’t slow down!”

Slurping his cock out of her mouth, she looks up at him. “Why, aren’t you ever the gentlemen.” Her hand continues to stroke up and down, spreading the saliva she’s left on there to coat the head and shaft. “I appreciate you letting me know, and any other time I would happily drink you down. But I need to be fed another way…” He glances at the TV and sees the Bears do an onside kick play and recover the ball at about their own 45 yd line. His eyes quickly move back to her, as she stands up and pulls the jersey up over her breasts. Straddling him with her knees on either side of him, she says, “Just sit back, baby.”

Grabbing a hold of his cock, she rubs it against the wetness of her folds. The saliva and her natural lubrication mix well as the head dances with her clit, making her shiver. Her other hand is pinching the left nipple, sending more electric shocks directly to her sensitive button. Without warning, she whirls around, and impales herself on him. The scream is laced with such lust, he doesn’t have to ask if she’s ok.

“I know you want to see what’s going on, but I want on top. NEED to be on top.” She starts to move her hips up and down slowly. “Not to worry… I’ll let you know what’s going on. 1st down, incomplete pass by the Bears.” She grinds down, swirling her hips in a circular motion. He moans out loud.

“Time… left?” he manages to whisper out.

“One minute, forty-five seconds.” She begins to move up and down again while reaching down with both hands. One hand is using her fingers to stroke her clit, while the other hand is grabbing and massaging his nuts. He reaches up and finds her nipples standing out in the open air. He pinches both of them as he knows she likes. “Second down, QB passes to the wide receiver, uh… caught at about Kızılay Escort Bayan the Packers… ummmm, yes! The thirty-five yard line.” Her movements become faster. He starts to thrust up, not being able to hold still for any longer.

Her hand slaps at his hip, hard. “I told you to sit back and lie still. This is MY ride, my treat.” She continues to ride harder and faster, her hand back at stroking her clit, bringing her relief all the closer. He lies still, fighting his natural urge to thrust up to bring her pleasure as well. Her other hand dips lower, ticking the taint area which sends bolts of pleasure up his spine and churns the cum in his balls even faster. “First down… oh my God… UH! Time is about up, just 20 seconds left! Fuck this feels so good… so close baby. Your Bears and I are so close!”

“So am I! Can’t hold for too much longer…”

“Hold it baby, hold it! They’ve run the clock down to 5 seconds and they’re bringing the field goal team out. AH… UH… Oh God… I wanna time this just right. If we come together baby, they’re gonna win this!” Her hand is a blur on her clit and her other hand is working both his balls and the taint at the same time. The feeling is more than he’s ever felt before and it’s taking everything he’s got to hold back until she says otherwise.

“They’re lined up… ummmm… UH! Here’s the snap!” She strokes him faster, slamming her hips up and down on his cock, forcing it all the way in her pussy. Every few strokes makes the head hit her cervix, which makes her body light up. The sensations are lasting longer and begin to run into the last one. “OH MY GOD! It’s sailing through the air… CUM baby! It’s good! IT’S GOOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDD-AAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUGGGHHHHH!!”

He slams up into her as she crashes down onto him, both their orgasms hitting at the same time. He cries out, not caring about neighbors or people outside who might hear. Wouldn’t matter at this point since her screams are louder than anything he could produce anyway. His cum seems to stream out of him at a hundred miles per hour, flooding her chamber. He’s sure it’s overflowed from her womb and cascaded down from her convulsing pussy, sliding over his cock and dripping onto the couch and floor beneath them.

She slumps forward, trying to catch her breath, her hands resting on his knees. The fans in Soldier Field are screaming out, cheering the last second win by their beloved Bears. But to them, it feels like the fans are celebrating the two lovers, able to fuck like the players on the field play football… with unrestrained passion. She whirls her head around, whipping her sweat soaked hair over the other shoulder.

“Bears win, baby.” She grins. “And so do we.” She stands up slowly, dislodging the semi-hard cock from her satisfied pussy. Cum begins to roll down her leg causing her to giggle. She looks over at you, noticing the throb that starts to bring her favorite tool to life.

“Hmmmm… ready for overtime, then?” She picks up her jersey, flings it over her shoulder, and starts to walk to the bedroom. The extra sway in her step, causing her ass to move back and forth in an almost hypnotic way raises his eyebrow.

“Think you got enough stamina for another quarter?” he asks.

“Think you got enough for another half?” she retorts from the bedroom.

“Best fucking game ever…” he said grinning, and headed for the bedroom.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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