The Forest

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They walk together, hand in hand, through the forest. The cool night air gently blows across her cheeks as she carries the blanket and he carries the picnic basket that holds their dinner. He smiles her way and squeezes her hand and her heart leaps with joy at being there with him. She asks how much further it is and he assures her that it’s not too much further. She just smiles and nods, happy to follow him where ever he leads her. She listens to their steps and feels the peace of the forest that surrounds them. The sounds of the night float just inside her awareness… the hooting of the owl, the sound of the nocturnal animals going about their lives. She watches him out of the corner of her eye and sees again why she fell in love with him, the quiet confidence, the strength tempered with tenderness, the laugh lines that are etched in his face and so many other things. He feels her eyes on him and catches her eye. She shakes her head before he can ask. “Nothing’s wrong, I’m just happy to be here with you,” she says.

He looks up to the star filled sky and nods. “I’m glad to be with you as well, love. I’m so glad I can share my forest with you.” She squeezes his hand as they come to a clearing with an old fire pit that’s been used and well cared for over the years. He sets the basket down then stretches his arms above his head with a little growl. “We’re here! Could you spread out the blanket for us while I get the fire going?”

“I’d love to,” she says as she begins to spread the large blanket out near the pit. She rearranges the basket to rest atop the blanket then settles down on it herself. Her sapphire eyes sparkle as she watches his careful moves, loving that he’s so thoughtful about everything he does. His features light up as the match is struck and the kindling catches fire. The smell of smoke and fire wafts from the pit as the logs catch as well. Seeing that the fire’s well in hand, she decides to unpack the basket of goodies. She pulls out the napkins and arranges them on the blanket then puts the plates on top of the napkins. She hears the crackling of the flames and smiles as he joins her on the blanket. “Would you mind opening the wine for me? I’ve still not got the knack for that.”

He laughs softly and replies, “No, you don’t but that’s okay.” He reaches into the basket and pulls out the Italian red wine and the corkscrew and works on opening the bottle. She arranges slices of Melba toast, cheddar cheese, and a blue cheese on a plate for them. He reaches for a square of the blue cheese and she playfully swats at his hand as he pops it into his mouth. She hands him a glass for his wine and he grins that boyish grin of his then leans in and steals a kiss. “So how do you like my forest?”

She looks around her for a moment before she answers. “It’s absolutely perfect, just like I knew it would be.” He smiles and offers her a bite of cheddar and she licks it from between his fingers, giving him a heated look. She reaches into the basket and pulls out the green, seedless grapes and sets them on another plate for them to snack on. As she settles the turkey, lettuce and tomato wraps on a plate, he opens a ginger ale for her and pours it into a glass then hands it to her. She winks her thanks and watches as he goes through his ritual for the wine, smelling the cork then the bottle then pouring some into his empty glass and taking a sip after swirling it around a bit. She giggles as his purr of satisfaction is heard. He looks at her and laughs too. “I know, I know… it’s silly of me to do that.”

“No, it’s not Love. It’s endearing and I love it and you,” she says. She looks at the blanket and nods almost to herself. “Everything’s ready. Shall we eat?”

His seductive grin spreads over his face and she blushes hard. “Dinner, eat dinner… You’ll need energy for THAT!” she says with a wink. He just laughs softly as they begin to eat the feast. As they eat, they talk and laugh about things that have been happening recently, their hopes for the future, all the while sending heated glances or touches to one another. They finish off their food and repack Anadolu Yakası Escort the basket leaving the wine and the glasses out, then he stretches out on his back and tugs her gently to him. She snuggles up and they both stare up into the starlit sky, wrapped in each others arms. They fall into a comfortable quiet as they feel the darkness around them. His fingertips slowly graze over her arm, causing little shivers of excitement to dance over her. She scoots closer, loving the feeling of being in his arms, and tilts her head up to place a little lick upon his neck. He just grins at her and says, “Hungry again?”

She laughs softly. “For you? Always Love, I’ll never get enough of you,” then shifts slightly to rest her head on his chest. She listens to his heartbeat as his hand lifts to play with the ends of her hair. His fingers splay as he moves his hand deeper into her tresses. She feels his hand closing around them and shivers as the tendrils of pleasure skitter down her spine. Her fingers curl on his chest as she hisses with pleasure as he jerks her head back. He claims her mouth with his and kisses her like a man starving. Her lips part and his tongue invades her mouth, soft purrs rolling from her as they kiss. Her heart races as she shifts slightly closer to him, his fingers never leaving her hair. Her hand slides down his chest and to his waistband. Her fingers ache for the touch of his flesh beneath them and they tug at the hem of his shirt until they reach their goal. Her body quivers as the heat rises from them both. His hand slides down her back and under her shirt only to drag his nails roughly against the flesh there. He slowly breaks the kiss and looks deep into her eyes.

She knows her eyes are glazed with need and hunger and pleasure and love and lets him see every emotion that shimmers there. He slowly smiles and her heart thuds in her chest. She knows that look that’s in his eyes, the look that says she’s in for something very yummy and wicked. He leans down and nuzzles her earlobe, setting of another round of quivers. He whispers, “You are far too dressed my love. Fix it.”

She groans softly as his breath tickles at her ear. She can’t help but look around, a sudden shyness taking over her. “Here? Now?” she asked as she searches the darkness for something or someone that may be lurking. Her eyes finally settle back on his face and she sees the answer written there and he needs not speak another word. That look fills her with the confidence that she so sorely was lacking but moments ago. A slow smile crosses her lips as her fingertips find the first button on her shirt. “As you wish,” she whispers.

His eyes move from her face then to watch the progress of her fingers. She slowly unbuttons each button, revealing more and more of her milky flesh to his gaze. She watches as the hunger she felt is unmistakably written on his. She sits up when she reaches the last button and slowly shoves first one side, then the other from her shoulders and lets it drop to the blanket under her. She feels a moment of triumph when his growl of pleasure is heard. “You like that Love?”

“You know I do. Keep going,” he manages to growl out from behind clenched teeth. Another wicked smile crosses her lips as her hands slide up her belly, up and over her breasts and to the left strap of her lacy bra that barely contains her breasts. She slowly moves the strap off her shoulder, watching his expression as she does. She licks her lips when she sees the restless movements that he tries to keep to himself. After pushing the strap off her arm, her other hand moves to the right side and slides that strap off before reaching behind her to undo the clasps.

She hears his intake of breath as she drops the bra to the blanket to join her shirt. She quickly shucks her shoes and socks, letting them add to the ever growing pile. Then she tilts her head just a bit and winks saucily at him as she plays with the button on her jeans, knowing full well that he is as anxious as she to have her naked. She rises up just a bit and undoes the button and slowly Pendik Escort lowers the zipper, relishing the sound in the night. Her heart is racing already and she feels her sex growing damper by the moment.

She slowly shimmies out of her jeans and tugs the legs free of her body and drops that into the pile beside her as well. She stops then and lets him look his fill of her. She feels his gaze boring into her, setting the different parts of her ablaze as he stares at her naked form before him. She knows that her shaved pussy is nearly dripping with excitement. She sees his eyes grow darker with desire for her and that makes her squirm just a bit. Not because he scares her but because seeing that amount of hunger makes her hotter.

“Damn love! Every time I see you, you get more and more beautiful,” he says. She feels a bit of a blush rising and fights the urge to duck her head. He makes her feel beautiful and wanted and sexy. She lowers her gaze for a moment before meeting his hungry gaze with one of her own. “Thank you. You’re not so bad yourself,” she says with a wink.

He chuckles softly as he tugs his shirt up and over his head and tosses the shirt into the pile. She purrs as she sees his muscled chest and the dark swirls of hair that pepper his chest and down to the waistband of his jeans. He quickly removes the rest of his clothes and reaches for her. She goes willingly to him, feeling the goosebumps that always dance across her flesh at his touch. He trails his hands over her breasts as he leans in and kisses her just below the earlobe. She gasps as pleasure shoots through her body.

He gently presses her to the blanket and leaves a trail of kisses from her earlobe , down her neck, across her chest. He pauses to lathe at her nipples, nibbling and sucking. Her back arches and her hands rise to hold him there for a moment. He looks up at her without a word, giving her a look that she knows says “Put them down” so she puts her hands down at her sides. He continues to torture her sensitive nipples and she writhes with pleasure beneath him. Her gasps and moans adding to the fires of his passion.

Finally, he moves even lower… across her tummy and to the vee of her legs. Pausing for just a moment, he looks up at her bliss filled face and gives her that look that says she’s in trouble. She whimpers softly and spreads her legs for him, opening herself to him. He growls with pleasure as he sees her dripping cunt and throbbing clit. Gently, he blows on her clit and she moans again and wriggles in pleasure.

Slowly dipping his head, he watches her eyes roll back into her head as his fingertip strokes at her entrance. Her eyes pop open to stare at him as his tongue swirls on her clit. After a few moments, her eyes flutter closed once more as she surrenders herself to the pleasures he is giving her. She resists the temptation to wrap her legs around his head and hold him close.

At just that moment, his fingers slide into her warm wetness and she groans with pleasure. Her hips rock as she meets each thrust of his fingers and her pleasure begins to soar. Her hands bunch the blanket underneath her as she writhes as he licks and sucks at her most sensitive spot. He looks up at her again and she opens her eyes at the very same moment and looks into his gaze. She sees his pleasure, his hunger, his undeniable lust for her.

Just then, he pulls his fingers from her sex and her soft whimper of displeasure sounds. He offers his fingers to her and she sucks her juices from his fingers, purring and flicking her tongue on his fingers like she would his cock. He slowly removes his fingers from her mouth and gently pats her hip. “Roll over, bitch,” he growls out.

Her eyes widen just a bit as shudders of pleasure roll over her at the pet name he uses for her. As she turns over, she sees his erection and licks her lips, wanting a taste of him. She turns to him and reaches out for his throbbing member. Suddenly, he grabs her by the hair and she whimpers as the tugs to her tresses make her scalp tingle. He moves her to the spot he wants her, pressing Kurtköy Escort his hand to the center of her back so that her ass is high when she rests her cheek on the blanket.

She feels his erection sliding against the softness of her ass and shivers in pleasure. She feels the bead of moisture being smeared against her. Her eyes close as the head of his cock teases at her entrance. She wriggles backwards just a tad and he moves away. Her soft mewl of frustration is heard and he just chuckles. “Tell me where you want it bitch,” his voice low and growly with hunger.

“In my pussy! Fuck my pussy!” she moans as her hands bunch the blanket under her. He teases his cock at the slick entrance of her pussy, sliding in just a bit then pulling back out. Unexpectedly, he thrusts totally inside of her and she calls out as he fills her completely. She pushes backwards and wriggles a bit as he thrusts deep inside of her. She gasps with pleasure as his cock hits every pleasure spot.

“You like that?” he growls and her only response is a moan and a whimper. He fucks her harder, feeling her muscles gripping him from inside. He knows that she will soon topple over the edge and into a sea of pleasure. He reaches out and grabs a handful of her hair and tug back. She groans as the tug is first painful then turns to tingles and that sends her cascading into another orgasm. Her muscles tighten and milk at his cock. He growls softly himself before patting her ass.

“On your back now,” he says as he pulls away. Her little mewl of dissatisfaction makes him grin to himself. She turns over and slides her hands up her thighs, over her soaked pussy, up her tummy and to her breasts. She pinches and twists her nipples knowing that he loves to watch her play with herself. He settles between her thighs then and moves to slide back into her. Her hand on his stops him though and he catches her eye and she blushes just a bit.

“Please? Fuck me in my ass too?” she whispers, seeing the flare of hunger flicker in his eyes. He repositions himself, rubbing some of her juices on her asshole to ease the way and slowly presses the head of his cock to that tenderest of flesh. She gasps and tries not to wriggle as her body begins to accommodate his. Her eyes flutter shut as he presses further and further in, sensations washing over her as each inch slides deeper. He pauses for a moment when he’s buried deep within her and she feels his cock twitching.

“God, I love your ass!” he groans as he slowly begins to move. He takes her slowly at first then faster and faster as her tight ass grips him hard and tight. She pants with every passing moment as her pleasure builds once more. She wriggles a bit and pinches her left nipple while her right hand slides between her legs. Her fingertip dances on her clit, adding another layer of pleasure to the pounding cock in her ass. She coos soft words of pleasure and encouragement to him as he fucks her ass harder and harder. She looks deep into his eyes and knows that he’s so close.

“Fuck me harder Love… I wanna cum with you, I wanna feel you cum in my ass!” she growls out, remembering that he loves hearing that from her. She lifts her hips just a tad and rocks her hips harder. He reaches out and pinches her other nipple hard and she shatters into another orgasm just as he shoots his load into her ass. They both shudder as pleasure shoots through their bodies.

Slowly he pulls out of her and resettles beside her on the blanket. Breathlessly, they both look up to the stars and just relish being next to one another. For a long while, they are silent, letting the sounds of the night creep back in around them. Finally, she breaks the silence by whispering, “You alright over there?” A soft groan is her only answer and she smiles to herself knowing that she is just as content as he is at this moment. She snuggles closer to him and he wraps his arm around her keeping her safe.

After a long time, they both reluctantly pull away from each other and get dressed in the quiet. They make sure the embers are totally out by dousing the fire with water and stirring them until no heat is left in the ring of stones. He picks up the basket and holds out his hand for her. She takes a moment to look around them, committing this time and place to memory before taking his hand and slowly walking back the way they came.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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