The Futa Fairy – Futa Teacher’s Naughty Wish Chapter 3: Ms. Marcie’s Shows Off

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The Futa Fairy – Futa Teacher’s Naughty Wish
Chapter Three: Ms. Marcie’s Shows Off
By mypenname3000
Copyright 2017

Everyone froze as Chandra Korrapati, my college’s department head and the mother of the eighteen-year-old student sucking on my nipple, walked into my classroom. My new girl-cock was buried to the hilt in my own daughter’s newly deflowered pussy.

Fear spiked through me as the Indian woman with the same red-brown skin as her daughter closed the door behind me. She was a graceful, older woman, wearing a blue-gray pantsuit and a white, silk blouse, a necklace of pearls about her neck. She had the red dot on her forehead marking her as a married woman.

I was so fired.

Not only was I a teacher having sex with my students, one of the girls was the department heads daughter and the other my own flesh and blood. I was violating so many college rules, as well as laws. Fired, blacklisted from working at any other schools. My career was over.

“Hi, Marcie,” she smiled at me. “I see my daughter rushed right over to tell you about her project.”

I blinked. Sita popped her lips off my nipple, staring at her mother. The Indian girl was straddling my daughter’s face. As I fucked her on the desk, Sita had ridden her face. Belinda had eaten Sita’s pussy to a screaming orgasm while I fucked her hot, tight pussy, cumming so hard into my daughter’s depths.

“Mother?” Sita said in shock as Chandra walked past me and sat down at a desk behind us.

“So, do you like her idea, Marcie?” Chandra said, her voice thickened by her exotic accent.

What was going on? The three of us were naked. We were having sex. Sita rose off my daughter’s face, Belinda’s lips smeared with virgin pussy juices. They trickled down to her cheeks, staining her brown hair gathered in naughty pigtails. My daughter’s pussy clenched on my cock.

“Mom, what’s going on?” Belinda asked, her blue eyes staring up at me.

“Mother, you are taking this very well,” Sita said, covering her breasts with one hand, her bush with the other.

“Why wouldn’t I take it well?” Chandra said. “Your idea is so wonderful. A writing contest, edited by Marcie, is just a brilliant idea. I think it will do a lot of good for the students.”

“Writing…contest?” I frowned, pulling my new girl-dick out of my daughter’s pussy. It bobbed before me, glistening. Korrapati gave it just the briefest of glances before flicking her eyes back to her daughter.

She didn’t acted shocked or surprised at all that I had a huge cock. That my girl-cum ran out of my daughter’s newly deflowered pussy, tinged with pink from her hymen popping. My daughter covered her large tits, she was as endowed as her mother, staring in confusion at Chandra.

“Mother?” Sita asked again. “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine.” The woman cocked her head. “What is wrong with you three? You seem shocked, Marcie. Didn’t my daughter tell you, or were you still teaching her the lesson?”

“Lesson?” I asked.

“Clearly you were teaching our daughters about sex,” Korrapati said. “I mean, Belinda must have been practicing her pussy licking skills while you were fucking her with your futa-cock. It looks like they both savored the lesson.”

“They…did,” I said, my dick throbbing, my heart beating. It was the wish. It was making her find me having sex with my students…normal. A vicious surge shot through me, remembering Sita mentioning her mother’s anti-lesbian comments in private.

She now actually was accepting of lesbianism instead of pretending to.

My eyes widened. This was like last Friday evening at the football game. Kimmie, the futa-cheerleader, had fucked her fellow cheer mates, including her little sister, before everyone and no one found it weird. In fact, it turned us on. I was fingered by a student. I watched others have sex around me. I should have found it weird.

But I didn’t.

B, the futa-fairy, was so naughty. Her magic was amazing.

“We hadn’t talked about the project yet,” I grinned. “I was still giving them my special lesson. In fact, it’s Sita’s turn to learn how to take a futa cock in her barely legal, virgin pussy.”

“Oh, good,” Chandra said, clapping her hands together. “I am so glad you’re teaching her that. And I know she will be such a good student and pay such diligent attention to her lesson.”

“Mom?” Sita asked, her eyes bulging as she trembled. “What?”

“No, Sita, don’t act like that. You like learning. And Belinda looks like she enjoyed the lesson.”

“I did,” my daughter said, sounding bemused, her breasts rising and falling beneath her covered hands. “Mom?”

“It’s okay, honey,” I grinned, loving my wish. “Sita, come here, sweetie, it’s time to learn. You need to practice eating creampie while I pop your cherry.”

“But my mother’s watching,” she said as she stumbled to me, still trying to hide her nubile body. Her skin was such a beautiful shade of red-brown, so swarthy and delicious. Her black hair framed her round face, with still touches of baby fat making her so cute.

“I know,” I said. “Let her see how good of a student you are. It will make her so proud of you.”

“So proud,” breathed Chandra.

I pulled Sita’s hands from her breasts, uncovering her small breasts. Her nipples were fat and dark. Then I pulled her hand away from her trimmed bush, glistening with her juices. I turned her towards my daughter, my cum spilling out of her pussy and pooling on my desk. More white jizz matted her brown pubic hairs.

“Clean my daughter up of all my cum while I show you how to fuck a futa’s big, throbbing dick, Sita,” I purred, rubbing my cock, wet with my daughter’s pussy juices, into her ass. “You know you want to.”

“Yes, Ms. Marcie,” she breathed, her voice still strained. She glanced at her mother who sat just beaming in pride at her daughter.

Sita leaned over, trembling, her ass pressing back into my cock. I groaned, sliding my wet shaft between her dark buns. Her black hair spilled over my daughter’s pale thighs. And then she leaned froward, nuzzling at my daughter’s pussy.

And licked.

My daughter moaned. Her entire body shuddered. Her delicious breasts jiggled as she groaned. Her tits swayed and rippled as the pleasure trembled through her. She bit her lip, squirming, grinding her hot flesh against Sita’s mouth.

“Oh, she’s licking me, Mom,” Belinda groaned, her pigtails swaying. She sat up on her elbows, wiggling her hips. “She’s licking your futa-cum out of my pussy.”

“Wonderful,” Sita’s mother breathed. “Do a good job, sweetie. Lick all that futa-cum out of Belinda’s pussy.”

“Yes, Mother.”

Hearing Sita’s words made my dick throb. I groaned, sliding my cock down through Sita’s cute ass until the tip nuzzled through her forest of black curls. The girl shivered. Her hips wiggling as my cock rubbed on the folds of her pussy. I caressed her hymen, feeling her virginity.

She groaned as I pressed on it, wiggling her hips. My daughter shivered, her big tits jiggling as pleasure rippled through her body. She licked her lips, staring at me with blue eyes lidded with lusts, all the innocence gone.

I had stolen it from her with my big dick.

“I can feel your daughter’s virginity,” I told Chandra, looking at her. “She’s wet and ready for me to pop it and teach her.”

“Do it,” the woman said. There was no heat in her voice, no passion. She wasn’t turned on at all. It was like to her, this was no different than any other typical classroom lesson.

I thrust, popping her daughter’s cherry.

Sita moaned into my daughter’s pussy as my cock buried into her once virgin cunt. I shivered, her tight flesh boiling around my dick. She was so hot and silky. I gripped her hips, my breasts jiggling as the pleasure surged through my body. It was so hot. Such a wanton moan escaped my lips. My fingers dug into her hips.

“She’s so tight, Chandra. Your daughter has such a tight cunt. Oh, she’s doing so good on her lesson.”

“I knew she would.”

Sita shuddered, her pussy clenching on my dick. I bit my lip, drawing back through her tight silk, loving how she gripped me and made me ache. She was burning around me, making me tremble as I slammed back into her depths.

She moaned into my daughter’s pussy, licking so hard. I could hear her tongue lapping through my daughter’s folds, gathering the incestuous mix of cream and cum. I shuddered, my pussy clenching. Juices dribbled out and soaked into my torn nylons.

This was so wild. I felt Chandra’s eyes on me as I fucked her daughter so hard. My tits jiggled and bounced, slapping together as I rammed over and over into her tight depths. I loved fucking my student’s cunt. Tight, barely legal pussy was the best.

“Thank you, B!” I moaned, pumping so hard, thrusting my cock over and over into Sita’s delicious cunt. “Thank you so much.”

Sita’s cute, dark-red ass jiggled with every stroke. I shivered, my dick throbbing in her pussy depths. She rocked back into me, standing up, taking my thrusts. She moaned every time I buried into her.

My pale hands ran up and down her body. I squeezed her small breasts, twisting her nipples. That made her squeal so loudly into my daughter’s cunt, her pussy growing even tighter on my dick. She wiggled as I caressed her.

“Ms. Marcie!” she gasped when I found her clit, rubbing it with my right hand while my left twisted and pulled at her nipple. “Oh, yes, that feels so good.”

“What does, dear?” her mother asked.

“She’s playing with my clit, Mother.” Sita bucked. “I’m going to… Cum!”

She screamed out the word, her pussy spasming about my dick. I shuddered, savoring the writhe of hot flesh. I pumped through her folds, her juices flooding out so hot, coating my pussy. I groaned, the pleasure increasing in me, the pressure growing.

“That’s it,” I panted. “That’s how you fuck a futa’s cock, you naughty schoolgirl-slut. Oh, yes, you cum so hard on it. Your pussy’s just aching for my cum.”

“Yes, she needs to spill in you,” Chandra said, sounding so happy for her daughter. “You’re doing so good, dear.”

“Thank you, Mother,” Sita moaned, trembling.

I rubbed harder at her clit, making her squeal again into my daughter. Belinda’s blue eyes porno widened. Then she fell backward on my desk, her large tits heaving together. She spasmed, moaning as she came on Sita’s lips.

Chandra clapped. “And you made Belinda cum. Wonderful, dear.”

“Yes, wonderful,” I moaned, the pressure building in my pussy’s depths, my dick aching in the schoolgirl’s convulsing snatch.

I buried into her cunt and groaned as my cum spurted out of my cock. Each blast made me buck. I groaned, the pleasure wracking through my body on the way to reach my brain. I drank it in as Sita’s pussy milked out more and more of my cum into her hungry depths.

I shuddered, drinking in the pleasure, all three of moaning as we came. Chandra kept applauding us, so proud of her daughter for making us cum. It was all so wonderfully wrong. I savored the thrill as I groaned a final time.

“Very good, girls,” I panted, pulling my cock out of Sita’s pussy. My cum followed out of her pussy, pink lips gaping open from my girth. It dribbled into her black hair. “See, Chandra, how well your daughter did.”

“Oh, my, so much cum is leaking out. She must have made your girl-dick very happy.”

“Very,” I panted. Then I grinned. “So, a writing contest. I think it should be girl only, to encourage them.”

“Mmm, maybe,” Chandra nodded.

“And, of course, the winner gets to be my personal slut for the week. I will teach her how to love me so much. She’ll get to drink my cum and feel my cock in her ass and pussy whenever she wants.”

“Wow, that would definitely motivate them,” Belinda moaned. “Mom’s dick is amazing.”

“I like it,” Chandra nodded, standing up. “I am so glad you are onboard, Marcie.”

“Yes,” Sita panted, licking her lips. “I will do my best.”

I grinned at her. “I know you will.”

“Well, we have to get going,” Chandra said. “Sita, get dressed and let’s go. We’re having dinner with your father in an hour.”

“Yes, Mother,” Sita said, sounding so submissive.

“Wow,” my daughter said when they left. “That was amazing, Mom.” She shivered, rubbing at her pussy. “Maybe I could use another lesson. Just to make sure I know how to fuck your futa-cock, Mom.”

I gave her a refresher course. Hard.

Later, when we were at home making dinner together, naked and laughing, I felt the sun set. My eyes widened. My cock tingled. I stared down in horror and watched as my dick retracted, shrinking more and more, withdrawing into the folds of my pussy.

“Mom,” Belinda gasped, falling to her knees. “What happened?”

“I don’t know,” I said, staring out the dark window. “I don’t know.”

Belinda was such a loving daughter, she stayed with me all night. We made love as traditional lesbians, but it wasn’t the same. I missed my futa-cock. Was it only for this one day? I had a lot of fun, but I wanted to do more with it.

I had such naughty ideas for school tomorrow.

I watched Belinda sleep beside me, feeling so close to her. It was near midnight when I finally fell into a tepid sleep. At least I had her. Nothing would change our new, incestuous relationship even if I had to go back to wearing a strap-on dildo.

The alarm clock woke me up the next morning, groggy, my eyes tired. Belinda was such a dear, she hopped right up and offered to make breakfast. I only groaned, so tired. It wasn’t enough sleep. I showered and readied myself while she made scrambled eggs and pancakes. I gave her a kiss, enjoying her lips before she vanished upstairs to get ready—with only one bathroom, it had to be scheduled.

The sky brighten as I drove us to the college. Belinda held my hand, a big smile on her face, her pigtails swaying as she talked with animated passion. “I hope we can find some time to get together. Maybe during lunch.”

My stomach twisted. “I was supposed to have fun during lunch with my futa-cock.”

“I’m sorry, Mom,” she sighed. “Maybe the futa-fairy will give you another one.”

My stomach twisted. I stopped at a light and grabbed my phone. I wanted to text B and—

The sun rose.

My clit throbbed and swelled in my nylons. I had forgone the panties, loving the naughty feel of the pantyhose directly on my skin. I groaned, hiking up my skirt, smiling in delight as my futa-cock sprouted, pressing on the dark material, the flesh bleeding through in places.

“It’s back!” gasped my daughter.

“It’s back,” I groaned.

Belinda undid her seatbelt, leaned over, and pushed down my nylons. My dick popped out, smacking into her lips. I groaned as my daughter engulfed my dick, sucking so hard on it. I shuddered, letting out a groaning moan, my head lolling.

My heart clenched as I realized we were parked next to a police car. The officer, a woman short, black hair, glanced at me. Her face had a familiar structure. She looked a lot like my student Amber Matheson.

She did say her mother was a cop.

Fear stabbed through me as my daughter bobbed her head. It had to be so obvious to the cop that my passenger’s head was in my lap. But the cop just gave me a smile and pulled away as the light turned green.

“This wish is awesome,” I panted, my girl-dick throbbing in my daughter’s hungry, sucking mouth.

I drove forward, trembling, my heart racing. My dick aching. Belinda bobbed her hungry mouth up and down my dick, her tongue swirling about the crown. My pussy clenched, hot juices trickling down to my ass, soaking into my nylons.

I loved her so much. She was such a treasure. My hands gripped the steering wheel so hard my knuckles went white. I groaned, shuddering. The pressure at the tip of my dick was incredible. My ovaries tightened as my daughter sucked with all her might, making such obscene sounds.

“Oh, munchkin, you are such a schoolgirl-slut for Mommy’s big dick.”

She moaned a yes about my cock, the tip throbbing.

I squirmed, her tongue swirling about the tip between bobs. It was so hard to concentrate on the road with my eighteen-year-old daughter’s hungry mouth wanting to devour my cum. My pussy clenched.

And then ached as her hand shoved between my thigh and rubbed at my wet pussy lips. I shivered as two of her slim fingers penetrated my pussy. My sheath clenched on them as they probed into my depths, pleasure racing up to the tip of my cock.

I shifted in the seat, my vision fuzzing as I navigated through morning traffic. My body kept bucking and shuddering. My heart raced. I slammed on the breaks, almost rear-ending the car in front of me.
“Oh, my sweet munchkin,” I groaned, my sweaty hands twisting on the steering wheel as such rapture built in me. “Oh, you’re driving your mother wild.”

She moaned about my cock, pumping her fingers in and out of my depths. She churned me up, the pleasure shooting to the tip of my dick. Her tongue swirled around it whenever she reached the pinnacle of my cock before she bobbed back down it, sliding it towards the back of her throat.

“Oh, yes, drink all of your mommy’s girl-cum,” I groaned as I turned into the school.

Students walked around me, heading to class. I screamed out the top of my head as I pumped load after load of incestuous girl-cum down my daughter’s throat. I shuddered, my car seat groaning, the steering wheel creaking. Violent rapture gripped me.

And my daughter drank it all down.

She gulped my cum as her fingers kept pumping in and out of my cunt, driving me wild. Every blast fired rapture through my body. Darkness washed across my vision. I hit the breaks, stopped in the middle of the parking lot, and unloaded the last of my jizz into her mouth.

Then, looking so happy, Belinda sat up, licking her cum-stained lips. She pulled her fingers out of my pussy and sucked on them as I found my faculty parking spot. She beamed at me when she finished.

“That was so awesome, Mom.”

“Yeah,” I panted. “Oh, my, I can’t believe you did that.”

“So…it came back.”

“When the sun rose,” I said, glancing to the golden light peeking over the horizon. “And it vanished at sunset.”

“So you only get it by day. When you’re at school. Teaching.” My daughter gave me an impish grin. “Lucky you.”

“Lucky me,” I nodded in complete agreement.

Sita was beaming at me when I walked into my first class. “I really enjoyed our lesson last night, Ms. Marcie.”

“So did I,” I grinned at her. “Strip naked. I have more to teach you.”

I thoroughly enjoyed Sita’s body while I had my class read silently. I pumped my cock in and out of her pussy and then broke in her asshole. She screamed her head off, bucking and moaning and none of the class cared.

Sita left my class dripping with cum. It had three of my favorites in it: Pattie Jones, Yunjin Kim, and Amber Matheson. I had already enjoyed Amber Matheson’s fine body yesterday, so I was eager to break in Pattie and Yunjin.

“Good morning, Ms. Marcie,” Amber Matheson said, a bright smile on her lips, her flushing cheeks highlighting the cute beauty mark on her right cheekbone. “I am looking forward to our lunch meeting.”

“Oh, I think you’re going to have something equally pleasurable in this class,” I promised her. She was the first student I had fucked yesterday. The first barely legal cherry I had enjoyed.

Her blush deepen. Her nipples pressed at the simple, white blouse she wore. Her black hair swayed as she headed to her desk. She perched on it, thighs crossed tightly, her dark eyes so eager as they smoldered with awakened passion.

More students filed in, including boys, but I had plans for them. My futa-cock was so hard beneath my skirt, trapped by my nylons. Though I used Sita so thoroughly last hour, I was still aching to have more fun. I had such stamina, far more than men had.

“Morning, Ms. Marcie,” the sultry Pattie Jones said. The African-America cutie had dimples in her ebony cheeks. She always had such a bright smile. Her beaded braids clacked as she moved, her tartan skirt clinging to her gorgeous ass.

“Morning, Pattie,” I purred. “I’m going to need your help with today’s lesson.”

“Oh, on?” she asked.

“Lesbian sex.”

She blinked, her eyebrows furrowing even as a naughty shudder ran through her body. She turned, heading to her seat, obviously confused and aroused by anime porno my words. She sat down, fidgeting in her seat as I gave her a sultry look.

As the hour neared its start, I was getting worried my last favorite wouldn’t show up. And then Yunjin Kim strolled in, the Korean doll such a graceful, blossoming beauty. She was petite and delicate, her back straight, her hands clasped before her while her silky black hair fell long down her body, reaching almost to the hem of her dark skirt. She gave me a shy smile, her head downcast, a faint blush tinging her pale-olive cheeks. She had such interesting coloring, that exotic, light cast of Korean and Japanese women.

My dick throbbed hard.

“Okay, class,” I said, standing before them. My cock bulged the front of my skirt. The girls noticed. I saw Pattie lean over and whisper something to Amber who giggled and whispered back.

Pattie’s eyes widened.

“We’re going to do something different.” I surveyed them. “Boys, move to the back and start reading Romeo and Juliet. There will be no need for talking. Girls, we’re going to have a different lesson up front. Break into partners. Except Pattie and Yunjin, you’re going to be demonstrating.”

“Partners, Ms. Marcie?” Pattie asked, a bold girl. “What’s going on. You said something about…”

Amber giggled louder as she partnered up with Gloria, a voluptuous brunette who dressed far too sluttily for my taste, like she wanted to be one of the older girls, shedding her innocence so fast. What a shame. I loved the young freshman the most, and some of the sophomores were still scrumptious.

“Yes, partners. Today, you’re going to learn how to make love to another girl.” I grinned, my dick throbbing. “And to please your futa-teacher.”

“Futa?” Gloria said, her eyes bright. “Like the cheerleaders?”

“Like the cheerleaders,” I promised as the girls paired up. There were ten girls, making five pairs, with Yunjin and Pattie up front.

I licked my lips, eyeing them. They all kept glancing at my bulge, their cheeks growing redder and redder, their hips shaking. The wish was working on them. Some were very shy, particularly Yunjin. She had flushed so dark, her head lowered, her hands washing before her while her hips shook.

“First, undressing. It’s very important to undress your lesbian lover slowly, to take joy in stripping off her clothes and touching the flesh she reveals with your hands. And your lips.” I turned to Pattie. “Strip Yunjin naked. Make it as sensual and erotic as you can.”

“Ms. Marcie?” the sweet, quiet voice of Yunjin asked.

“You want to please me, don’t you?” I asked her even as Pattie, a bold grin on her lips, shot her dark hands forward.

“I do, Ms. Marcie,” she answered. “It’s just…”

“Don’t mind the boys. They won’t care.” And they didn’t. They were in the back, bored. It was every young man’s fantasy to see girls stripping naked, and have lesbian sex. But to them what we were doing was just part of the lesson, nothing exciting. I could have all the fun I wanted so long as it was with my students.

No one would care. The futa-fairy’s magic was amazing.

“And girls, follow suit. Watch what Pattie does, and then do it to your partner.”

“Yes, Ms. Marcie,” Amber said, her hands already pulling off Gloria’s halter top, revealing a hot-pink bra cupping large tits.

I turned my attention to Pattie and Yunjin, my dick so hard as the Black girl’s dark hands unbuttoned Yunjin’s light-blue blouse. The Korean girl squirmed, her flesh slowly revealed. Her small breasts were clad in a plain, white bra, her nipples poking at the front. The shirt fell open. I groaned as Pattie’s ebony hands caressed Yunjin’s pale flesh, staring at the sides and stomach, sliding up towards the breasts.

Yunjin gasped and shivered as Pattie’s fingers reached her bra. The dark digits dipped beneath the bra, Pattie licking her lips as she slid beneath, touching her classmate’s small breasts. The Korean girl shivered again as her bra cups slid up, revealing her conical breasts topped by hard, dark-brown nipples.

Pattie rolled one while leaning forward. She licked the nub.

“Pattie,” gasped Yunjin.

“See what Pattie’s doing?” I said, turning to the other girls, other naked pairs of breasts in sight. “See how she loves them? And Amber, you’re doing a great job.”

“Thanks Ms. Marcie,” Amber moaned, her face pressed between the pillowy tits of Gloria, both hands cupping the busty girl’s assets.

Yunjin whimpered more as Pattie swirled her tongue about the hard nipple and then sucked on it. Her dark hands roamed the trembling Korean girl’s body, sliding down to caress stomach and hips, searching for the clasp of Yunjin’s skirt. She found it. A zipper rasped. Then the skirt fell down slim thighs, revealing a white pair of schoolgirl panties.

I groaned, hiking my skirt. I glanced at the other girls, hearing the sounds of nipples being sucked. Carla, a redhead, lapped at the underboob of Regina, squeezing those round tits. Amber now had one of Gloria’s nipples in her mouth, sucking so hard.

“You are all doing so well,” I groaned, revealing my girl-cock tenting my nylons. The boys continued reading in the back. “Just loving each other. Doesn’t it feel nice to have your nipples sucked on by a soft pair of feminine lips?”

“Yes,” Gloria groaned, squirming as she sat on top of a desk.

I turned back to Pattie and Yunjin, smiling. Pattie hand her hand down the front of Yunjin’s panties now, clearly rubbing virgin pussy. The Korean girl groaned and trembled, her hands clenched at her side, her slanted eyes so wide.

“Don’t you just love what Pattie is doing to you?” I asked, rubbing my cock through my nylons. I loved the feel of the silky cloth on my sensitive dick and rubbing on the lips of my wet pussy. I could smell my tangy musk bleeding through.

Yunjin just shivered.

“Well?” I asked her, putting a stern note into my face.

“Yes, Ms. Marcie,” Yunjin moaned. “She’s…she’s making me feel very nice.”

“Mmm, because you are a schoolgirl-slut at heart,” I purred. “You all are. Just horny schoolgirl-sluts all eager to be fucked by my big futa-dick.”

“Yes,” Pattie moaned, her lips popping off the hard nipple, leaving it glistening. Her hips wiggled. “I want it so badly. You’re hung.”

Pattie engulfed the other nipple, making Yunjin squeak. The Korean girl trembled, her hands clenching tighter. I shook my head, moving closer to the girl. I nuzzled at her ear, licking it, making her shudder.

“Why don’t you touch Pattie back? Why don’t you feel her breasts, Yunjin?”

“Okay, Ms. Marcie,” she said, her words so soft. She reached out, groping Pattie’s breasts through her white blouse.

“Oh, yes,” gasped Gloria behind me.

I turned, smiling, seeing Amber on her knees now, her head pressed between Gloria’s thighs. A pink thong clung to the busty girl’s ankle while Amber applied her tongue with eager delight to Gloria’s pussy.

My dick throbbed and ached. My lusts were on fire. Gloria shuddered and moaned as Amber devoured her pussy. Pattie, emboldened by Amber’s antics, pulled her hand out of Yunjin’s panties. Fingers glistening, she pulled down the Korean girl’s panties, leaving a smear of pussy cream on her hip.

And exposing a thick, black bush hiding her innocence. Pattie moaned, leaning in, horny and eager to please her classmate. Her ebony lips pressed into the raven-black pubic hair. Yunjin shuddered hard, her firm tits jiggling, as she felt the first touch on her virgin pussy.

“That’s it,” I groaned, the girls moaning louder around me, others going down on their classmates for the first time. Girls gasped, their bare tits jiggling as their partners devoured their hot cunts. “That’s how you love each other.”

I fell to my knees behind Pattie, hiking up her skirt and revealing a pair of yellow panties, the crotch dark with her excitement. “And this is how you love a futa.”

I shoved down my nylons, my hard girl-dick slapping Pattie’s panty-clad ass. The Black girl moaned, her hips wiggling while she kept tonguing Yunjin’s pussy. The Korean girl stared down at me, her eyes wide.

“I know, I’m hung, sweetie,” I told her while peeling down Pattie’s yellow panties. “But it’ll fit in your pussy. I promise.”

I revealed Pattie’s gorgeous, curved, ebony ass, my pale cock sprawling across it. I loved the contrast in our skin. She was so dark, and I was so light. I shuddered as she wiggled her hips, moaning so loudly into Yunjin’s pussy in anticipation.

I guided my cock lower, the tip nudging between her dark butt-cheeks before finding her curly pubic hair. I shuddered, feeling the tickling delight before I found the wet heat of her pussy. I nudged at her folds, slipping into her pussy.

Without resistance.

“You’re not a virgin?” I gasped, my dick buried an inch into her hot, sucking depths.

“I have a boyfriend,” the eighteen-year-old moaned, wiggling her hips. “I love him in me.”

My pale fingers grabbed her butt-cheeks, parting them, revealing her sphincter. “What about your ass? Is it cherry?”

“Yes,” Pattie moaned, her face still planted in Yunjin’s pussy.

“You wouldn’t actually put it in her butt, Ms. Marcie!” gasped Yunjin.

“Schoolgirl-sluts love it up the ass,” I groaned, pulling my dick out of Pattie’s pussy and sliding it up through her ebony butt-cheeks. “And you are all my schoolgirl-sluts.”

“Yes,” moaned Amber, her voice muffled by Gloria’s pussy.

“Fuck her ass, Ms. Marcie,” moaned Gloria. “I love it up the ass.”

“I knew you were a naughty whore,” I purred, my cock’s rubbing on Pattie’s sphincter.

“Such a whore,” moaned Gloria. “Oh, my god, Amber, yes, wiggle that tongue in my cunt.”

Other girls moaned their delight as I pressed on Pattie’s asshole. The Black girl groaned, her hips wiggling as her virgin sphincter resisted my cock. Yunjin watched with wide eyes, her hips wiggling as she ground her hot cunt on Pattie’s licking tongue.

And then my cock’s tip popped past the tight, virgin ring and into hot bowels.

I shuddered, my pussy clenching so hard at the velvety delight of my student’s asshole. I gripped her ebony arap porno butt-cheeks hard with my pale fingers, sliding my White cock into her Black ass. I groaned at the friction of her sphincter, Pattie moaning so loudly into Yunjin’s pussy.

“You’re sliding into her butt, Ms. Marcie,” Yunjin gasped. “Heavenly hosts, you’re sodomizing her.”

“I am,” I groaned, savoring Pattie’s velvety delight.

“Wow,” Yunjin moaned, licking her lips. And then she let out the cutest groans as her body convulsed. “Wow, wow, wow!”

I smelled spicy musk as Yunjin came so hard on Pattie’s mouth. The girl shuddered, her body bucking in delight. Her small breasts jiggled as her orgasms rippled through her body. She threw back her head, moaning out her delight.

“And Pattie has made Yunjin cum,” I moaned, my cock buried all the way into Pattie’s tight ass. “Do you hear that everyone?”

“Yes,” a girl moaned. “That’s so hot.”

“Go, Yunjin, go!” cheered another.

“I’m going to cum, too!”

“Oh, my god!”


Girls moaned around me, also cumming as they watched me bugger Pattie. I shuddered, my breasts jiggling in my bra as I rammed forward into her tight bowels. The friction burned along my cock, shooting right to my molten pussy. My nylons drank the juices flooding out of me, my excitement mounting with every moment.

The chorus of girls moaning in lesbian passion had me shuddering in delight. Yunjin kept writhing. Pattie moaned, her beaded braids clacking and clattering as she tongued Yunjin faster and faster. The black girl rocked back into my thrusts, working her hips as she devoured hot pussy.

“Oh, you’re just my Black slut now, aren’t you?” I hissed as I rammed my cock into her asshole. “You just love my dick in you.”

“So much, Ms. Marcie,” groaned Pattie into Yunjin’s pussy.

“She does,” the Korean girl moaned. “She’s your Black schoolgirl-slut now!”

“Just like you?” I asked, pumping faster and faster, loving it.


“We’re all your schoolgirl-sluts, Ms. Marcie,” Regina moaned with throaty pleasure.

I looked around the room. Girls were kissing now, tasting their pussies on the lips of their partners while they stripped them naked. Amber was on her back on the floor, Gloria between her thighs, licking her hot schoolgirl-cunt now. Regina planted her pussy on Carla’s face, squeezing her boobs as she rode the redhead’s hungry mouth. Jessie and Renee were kissing hard, their naked bodies pressed tight.

It was all so hot. My hips pistoned so hard and fast into Pattie’s bowels. My pussy clenched, the pressure building in the depths of my body. My ovaries boiled with a fresh load of futa-cum to share with my student. I plowed into her, her ebony cheeks jiggling every time I buried into her.

“Ms. Marcie,” my Black slut moaned, her bowels clenching so tight on my dick, my cock aching as I pumped into her hot depths. “I… Yes!”
She bucked. Her asshole writhed about my dick. She screamed her orgasm into Yunjin’s hot snatch. Beaded braids clattered before me as the Black girl came hard on my huge, White girl-cock. Her bowels spasmed on my dick, milking it.

“Yes,” I groaned, plowing into her so hard. “That’s it. Oh, yes. Take my cum, you whore!”

“Flood me, Ms. Marcie!” she moaned, her head tossing back, braided beads flying in front of my face, each a rainbow of color.

My hips thrust forward. I groaned, squeezing her hips, and flooded her. The hot delight of cum pumping out of my dick shuddered through me. I quivered, blast after blast of my jizz spurting out of my cock into her hot ,tight bowels. She milked me as she writhed. Her orgasm burned so hot through her.

“Is it my turn to play with her, Ms. Marcie?” Yunjin asked, trembling, her face so flushed, her slanted eyes smoldering.

“Yes,” I groaned, firing the last load of my cum into Pattie’s bowels. “Come lick her ass clean of my jizz.”

“Oh, that’s so dirty,” groaned Regina as she ground on Carla’s face.

“It is,” I panted, pulling my dick out of Pattie’s asshole. “Now get over here and do it, slut.”

“Yes, Ms. Marcie,” Yunjin moaned, moving her naked body around Pattie. She fell to her knees, her slim, pale fingers gripping Pattie’s bubbly ass, parting her butt-cheeks.

Pattie’s asshole gaped open, swimming with white futa-cum.

I groaned as Yunjin leaned down and licked through Pattie’s crack, gathering a rivulet of pearly jizz that had escaped before reaching the Black girl’s asshole. Pattie groaned as Yunjin rimmed her. The Black girl fell forward onto her hands, her lips and cheeks smeared with Yunjin’s pussy.

“Oh, my god, that’s so hot,” Amber moaned, humping into Gloria’s licking mouth. “She’s eating your cum out of her asshole.”

“Yes,” Jessie groaned as she and Renee tribbed on the floor, their legs scissored together, small boobs jiggling.

“It is,” I purred, moving behind Yunjin and staring at her virgin pussy. I shoved my fingers into her sopping bush, stroking through her silky hairs to find her cunt. She shuddered, moaning into Pattie’s asshole as I fingered her.

And found a hymen.

“Ready to be broken in, Yunjin?” I asked.

“Yes, Ms. Marcie!” she moaned, her pussy so hot beneath my fingers. “I’m your schoolgirl-slut.”

“That’s so nasty,” Renee moaned. “That cock was just in Pattie’s butt.”

“Ooh, I wish she was fucking my pussy,” moaned Jessie, tribbing harder into Renee.

I shuddered as I rubbed my dirty cock on Yunjin’s virgin pussy. The girl moaned, her tongue wiggling through Pattie’s asshole to gather my cum. I shivered and savored her hymen pressing against the tip of my cock.

I thrust.

It was such a treat to pop another cherry. I savored her membrane resisting before tearing. My cock popped into her cunt. She groaned, her pussy so tight and wet, washing clean my cock of Pattie’s ass as I drove deep into Yunjin’s once pure depths.

“Yes,” I gasped, my breasts jiggling. “Oh, this is wonderful.” I drew back my hips and slammed in again.

“It is,” moaned the Korean slut, her pussy clenching down on my dick. “You’re sooooo thick. Oh, yes. Oh, the heavenly host, yes!”

My hips pumped away at her hot, tight cunt, my gaze wandering the classroom. Amber and Gloria now sixty-nined, devouring each other’s assholes. Carla was on her hands and knees, Regina tonguing her asshole while fingering her cunt. Jessie and Renee spasmed as they both were cumming. Melissa sucked at Jennifer’s boobs, both girls fingering each other’s pussies as they writhed in passion.

And the boys were bored in the back reading Shakespeare.

It was so wonderful. It was beyond my wildest dreams. B had given me what I wished for and so much more. Pleasure rippled through my body as I pumped my dirty cock so hard and fast into my newest schoolgirl-slut. I reamed over and over into her pussy, slamming into her depths while her cunt clenched on my cock.

“Ms. Marcie,” she kept moaning into Pattie’s ass. “Oh, yes, Ms. Marcie.”

“Fuck her,” hissed Pattie, her hips wiggling. “I love it how she moans into my ass, Ms. Marcie. Keep fucking the whore’s schoolgirl-cunt!”

“Yes,” I howled, my pussy clenching, the pleasure building inside of me. My cum wanted to flood her barely legal pussy.

Our flesh slapped together. My pussy burning so hot as I savored Yunjin’s tight cunt. I savored violating her. This was all so hot. I drank in the chorus of girls moaning and cumming behind me as my own orgasm built and built, coming closer and closer to erupting into her cunt.

“Oh, my fucking god,” howled Pattie. “Oh, yes! That’s it. I love it! I love anal! I’m a schoolgirl whore!”

She came hard, bucking her ass into Yunjin’s face. The Korean girl’s pale cheeks were pressed so deep into those ebony butt-cheeks. I shuddered, my pleasure surging through me from the naughty sounds.

My cock spurted. Cum flooded Yunjin’s hot pussy. I drove my dick into her fertile depths, my futa-seed pumping over and over into her. I gripped her hips, groaning as the rapture boiled through my mind.

“Ms. Marcie!” squealed the Korean slut.

Her pussy spasmed about my dick.

I shuddered, her hot flesh milking my cock. She came so hard on my dick. I caressed her hot skin as she trembled and moaned, still tonguing Pattie’s asshole. The rapture boiled through my mind. Such intense bliss shot through me. I savored it.

I had all my dreams realized and more. I loved being a futanari. I loved B for giving me this cock. I loved my daughter and all my schoolgirl sluts. As my pleasure peaked, I knew I would be fucking my students every day.

I would enjoy their youthful, nubile bodies. And they would love me. I was the naughtiest teacher ever.

I ripped my cock out of Yunjin’s pussy, my cum flooding down her thighs. I stood up, facing my other girls. “We have thirty minutes left in the hour,” I grinned. “So who’s next?”

“Me!” eight girls squealed, faces flushed, lips stained with pussy juices, breasts heaving with awakened, lesbian passion.

I loved being an educator. It was so rewarding molding my student’s young minds.


Bean Sidhe, known as B to her patrons, trembled on her icy throne, her cum firing up into the air and landing on her belly, freezing into pearly gems to adorn her skin. The winter fairy groaned, her wings fluttering against her frozen seat, her pussy spasming about the fingers of her left hand.

She shivered in delight as she watched her newest patron ramming her cock into redheaded Carla’s cunt, fucking her fast. Such a thrill of satisfaction went through the futa-fairy as her orgasm peaked in her, her cock spurting the final blast of creamy jizz to coat her pale flesh.

“Yes,” she moaned. “Oh, take that, you summer slut. Mmm, my patron is having fun in Parkland, too.”

Leanan Sidhe, that summer slut, had tried to hide her activities in Parkland, Washington. It was such a remote, unimportant place to expand power. But Bean Sidhe was glad she had discovered it. It was always fun sending her magic into new places.

She shivered again and reached for her smart phone. She had other pacts to make around the world, other places of interest she had to cultivate. But she would have more fun. She would ruin whatever plans the summer slut had.

Idly stroking her dick with one hand, she sent her text message.

The END of Ms. Marcie’s Tale

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