The Gender Pill Pt. 01

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As I stood in front of this beige-ish-gray brick building, I thought I was going to kill that bitch. If this rundown neighbourhood wasn’t a clue I was in the wrong place, the nearly derelict building had to be. I knew the gender pill was too good to be true. Take a pill and the next morning you would wake up as the opposite gender. But still, I had hoped. Sandy, a fellow crossdressing friend I had met online and got to know over the years, told me about it and said she knows girls who have taken it successfully. So I hoped it was for real…actually, wished it was for real. If all I had to do was take a little pill and the next morning I’d wake up a woman…hell yeah, sign me up!

I double checked to make sure I was standing in front of the address she wrote down on this crumbly little piece of paper. It was…”Fuck!” I said aloud.

I can’t explain how bad I wanted this to be for real. When I started dressing all those years ago, I didn’t want to be a woman, I just wanted to pretend to be a woman. It wasn’t until I was in my late teens that pretending wasn’t enough anymore. I wanted to be a woman. I would lay in bed at night with my eyes closed imagining what it would be like to have a tight pussy (which would no doubt loosen pretty quickly), and a pair of big bouncy tits. I would imagine a big cock fucking me in both holes, in every position. Eventually, my fantasies didn’t cut it anymore, and I didn’t want to just imagine, I wanted these dreams to come true. So when Sandy told me about this little wonder pill I knew I had to try it.

Just as I was about to turn and walk back toward my car, a short elderly lady opened the door and called out to me.

“May I help you young man?”

Startled, I turned back to see the lady standing in the doorway. She must be in her 80s, but she looked great for her age…attractive. You can tell she was a knockout in her day.

“Ummm….I’m looking for a building…its like a pharmacy, but…I don’t think I’m in the right place.”

“Are you seeking to have your dreams and wishes become a reality?”

“Umm, kinda…”

“Well then let me assure you, young man, or should I say young lady, that this is indeed the correct place.”

With that, she turned around and walked into the building. I stood there for a moment wondering what the fuck just happened. Should I go in there? This building looks like it might actually implode at any second. “What do I have to lose?” I whispered to myself, and I walked in.

I was blown away when I entered. As much as this place looked like a disaster on the outside, inside everything was clean and organized. It actually looked like any pharmacy you would walk into. Labelled aisles for any type of ailment or condition one may have. The elderly lady was standing behind a counter at the back of the building.

“You come seeking the gender pill, I assume?” She asked in a soft, relaxing tone.

I approached her at the counter, walking through the feminine hygiene product aisle, trying not to look at the boxes of pads and tampons.

“Is it that obvious?” I asked.

“I am exceptional at my job, my porno izle dear. To the average person, no it is not obvious. However, I see things that most people do not. I see your sensitivity, your self-consciousness, your desires. I see much more as well, but I shall not bore you with further details.”

I didn’t really know what to say. All I could do was to look around aimlessly, speechless.

After looking me up and down for a moment, she turned around and walked to a back room, slightly hunched, her cane in tow. A few minutes ago I stood there not knowing what to say, now I stood there not knowing what to do.

She returned a few moments later with a small pharmaceutical bottle.

“Do you know how this works, my dear?” She asked in her soft, delicate tone.

“I think so.” I replied nervously. “A friend of mine told me about it…and about this place. From what she said, I take the pill before bed and the next morning I wake up a woman…is that right?”

“Yes my dear, that is correct.” She paused, as if waiting for me to ask her something. After a moment of silence, she continued.

“The question I get all the time is wonderment of one’s appearance.”

“Ohhh yeah, that’s a great question. Do you know what I’ll look like?”

“It’s actually quite simple. In the morning, when you awaken, your appearance will be what you would naturally look like if you were born a woman instead of a man.”

She must have seen the look of confusion on my face.

“For example, you currently have black hair and hazel eyes, so when you wake up a woman you will still have black hair and hazel eyes.”

She paused for a moment to allow me to let this sink in, then went on.

“I would say you are about 5’8″ so as a woman you will be about the same height, and weight for that matter, although the breast complicate things a little…depending on how big they are.”

I asked the obvious question. “How big will…?”

She cut me off before I could finish the question, having done this hundreds of times she knew the questions before they could even be asked.

“Breast size all depends on your genetics, my dear. Put it this way, if your mother has big breasts, you probably will to. It’s not a guarantee, but the chances are good. If she has smaller breast…”

I tuned her out for a moment and a smile lit up my face. My mom always had great boobs, still does at her age. Not quite Ds, but big enough.

“I’M GOING TO HAVE BIG TITS…” I blurted out, no doubt sounding like a teenager.

The lady laughed. “Do you have any other questions my dear?”

If I would have actually taken a second to think, I would of had tons of questions. What happens to my cock? How does it turn to a pussy? When I have sex will it feel the same way it feels for a girl who was actually born a girl? Will I have a period? Will I be a woman forever or do I have to be back at home by a certain time like Cinderella? But at that moment all I could think about was getting home, taking the pill, and finally being a woman. And she could sense this, I’m sure. So she handed me the bottle and amatör porno sent me on my way. This lady may just be the most important person in my life, but at that moment I couldn’t wait to get out of there.

When I got home I immediately filled a glass with water, and took the little teal coloured pill. It actually reminded me of those small allergy gel-cap pills. It was still a bit early to go to sleep, but I didn’t care. All I wanted was to wake up with a pair of tits and a pussy.

In my bedroom, I began to undress and threw my jeans and t-shirt on the floor next to my bed. I realized that from now on out, I’ll never have to wear boring male clothes again. Even wearing a pair of women’s jeans feels so much better than men’s. The way they hug your hips, legs and all your curves. I get horny just thinking about it.

I open my closet knowing exactly what I’m going to wear to sleep. I bought a sexy purple lace babydoll teddy a few weeks ago just for this occasion. I took it off the hanger, and slid it on. I turned towards the mirror to check myself out. Tomorrow morning when I wake up, I’ll have a pair of tits in this thing…hopefully big ones. My cock was standing on guard, it couldn’t get any harder. I thought that this may be the last hard-on I ever have and felt somewhat mixed about that. But if I ever really miss it, I have plenty of dildos to make up for it. I went back to the closet and took the matching thong off the hanger, slid them on, and crawled into bed. The sun was starting to set and I really didn’t think my excitement would let me fall asleep, but I was sure going to try. The sooner I fall asleep, the sooner I become a woman.

When morning came, I could hear the birds chirping. Weird, I thought because I never hear birds chirping in the morning. I was still half asleep and it hadn’t hit me yet to check if the pill worked. I let out a yawn and stretched my arms and legs, my hands then instinctively reaching for my morning wood. I missed with my first attempt, tried again and missed a second time. Then it hit me…

“OH MY GODDDD” I said as I sat up. Immediately I felt the weight of my tits and looked down at them.


I cupped my new, glorious, tits for the first time and felt how heavy they are.

“They got to be Ds…” I said to myself, “… or pretty damn close.”

For a moment I played with my nipples, pinching them and pulling on them. Immediately I got horny, and my pussy started getting wet. MY PUSSY…, I thought to myself and in a flash my right hand reached for it. I wasn’t disappointed. My fingers felt the warmth and I already had juice running down my inner thigh. I slowly slid my middle finger in. I’ve been lucky to fuck some tight pussy, but mine was definitely the tightest I’ve felt. My muscles began to tighten around my finger, the maiden voyage. I closed my eyes and spread my legs slightly, making it easier for my finger to get deeper. I grabbed at my left tit and began to play with my nipple, causing my pussy to moisten some anal porno more. I slid my finger out, slowly… delicately, then reinserted it.

“Holy fuck, I’m fingering my pussy…” I whispered.

Then I thought to myself that I might as well finger myself good and hard. So I laid back onto the mattress and took off my thong, throwing it in a random direction. Spreading my legs wide, I slid my middle finger in again. Shivers went up my spine as I got chicken skin. Spreading wider, I slid out then right back in. For the first time, I let out a real woman’s moan. I was nowhere close to cumming, but this was already better than having sex as a male. My free hand teased my nipples and I quickly realized that I like when they get pulled and pinched a bit. It made me even hornier, if that was even possible.

By now my middle finger was straight up ramming my virgin pussy and I was moaning louder and louder. My ring finger decided to join the action and began to slide in with its neighbour. I moaned even louder now and my pussy juices were flowing freely down my ass checks, soaking the bed sheet. I could feel my orgasm coming, so as my fingers were working their magic, my other hand reached down and found my clit. I rubbed it as I fingered my amazing pussy. I didn’t really know how to rub it, I just remember seeing the porn stars doing it. But after a few minutes of effort, a gentle side-to-side motion seemed to feel best. I could feel it getting closer and closer and my moaning was now a full on scream.


I could feel all my muscles tighten and the lower half of my body began to randomly spasm. I rubbed my clit harder and harder and fingered myself faster and faster. My pussy juices literally began to pool on my mattress to the point I might need to buy a new one, but I kept going. I was sooo close…and then..

“HOLLYYYYY FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK…” My body began to convulse as my orgasm was on the verge. My headboard banged off the wall as my body spasmed and my legs randomly flailed in the air. I rolled onto my side, eyes shut, moaning at the top of my lungs. I’ve never experienced anything like this. It was so intense and so fucking good. I wondered if this is what it would always feel like. Then, finally, my orgasm exploded.


All I could do was swear at the top of my lungs. I was on my back, legs spread in the air, hands clutching the bed sheet.

Finally, after what seemed like forever, my orgasm was over. I laid in bed breathing hard and heavy for the next few minutes, waiting for my heart rate to slow. When I finally regained some energy, I looked back to the wall behind my headboard. Sure enough there were dents in the drywall, paint chips and drywall dust on the floor. Maybe I could hire a cute, sexy contractor to fix it and seduce him… I thought to myself…or maybe seduce her.

For the next few minutes I just laid in bed, naked, tired, lost in thought. It felt like I had just finished a cross-fit workout, but with a better ending. In its ruins, was a mattress and bed sheet that probably needed replacing, and a pussy that was stretched out, ever so slightly, for the first time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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