The Getaway

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It wasn’t about the money, though that’s a big factor in why I reverted to a life of crime after being out of jail for less than a year. The money was a side issue, a bonus. It was more respect than money, and it was more about power than respect, but most of all it was about fear, or to be accurate inspiring that fear in others. Fear of what I was capable of, fear of what I could do to another human being, fear of what I was about to do when I held a knife to your balls or a gun in your mouth. That’s what it’s all about.

Once a bully, always a bully.

To feel another man, especially one that’s even bigger than you, shaking in his boots as the piss runs down his legs, the stench of fear coming right out of his guts and hitting you in the face as he breathes what he fears might be his final breath through a mouth that refuses to close, the pleading for mercy, the tears welling up in his eyes, the quivering of the lips, the chattering of his teeth, and if you listen very closely you can even hear his heart hammering against his rib cage as he senses his end nearing. The pupils dilate as the eyes go wide and tiny beads of foul smelling sweat ooze from every pore. It’s all about terror. Being on the receiving end of terror is the ultimate rush, and I mean that in more ways than one, but being the one dealing out the terror is even better. It’s so powerful it’s nearly sexual. Addictive. The fact that I needed to buy my way into a big job down the coast in San Diego was relatively incidental. I had most of it together – I just needed some survival money while the heist was being planned and finalised. As the liquor store I was knocking off probably had CCTV – they all do these days – and as I was an ex-con it was only a matter of time before the cops got my face off the tapes and came looking for me, but I wouldn’t have to worry about that until morning. By then I’d be long gone. San Diego beckoned, and a serious job with some pals from prison. It was time to quit L.A.

I was smack bang in the middle of one of those delicious fear moments, too. The shotgun in my face wavered almost uncontrollably, the shaking of the shopkeeper on the stock end of the pump-action amplifying the fear that he was feeling from being on the receiving end of the .38 that I held rock steady and pointed between his eyes. I felt a wry grin spread across my unshaved visage as I pulled back the cocking lever, watching the shopkeeper flinch at the ratcheting click.

“Ain’t afraid to die over a few bucks, mister. And I ain’t afraid to kill for a few bucks, either.” I drawled. “How about you?”

There was no answer. There seldom is. Fear often paralyses. These hot shots are so full of themselves at the beginning, have probably rehearsed what they would do in a hold up – reach for the gun, cock it in one smooth motion, and they usually have a little tough guy speech all ready for delivery in a shaky high pitched voice that didn’t quite sound that way when they were practicing. The words usually dry up when I roll my eyes, put my knife down on the counter, and draw my gun. That’s when the fear hits ’em hard.

“I’m watching the corners of your eye, mister, ’cause that’s the tell. That’s when I know you’re going to pull the trigger. It’s why I carry a thirty-eight. The trigger pressure on this is so light that when I see your eyes crinkle in anticipation of the noise and recoil I’ll pull my trigger automatically, and my bullet will be turning your brains to jello before you’ve put enough pressure on your trigger to make that old shotgun go off. You might get lucky and blow my head off when your fist clenches in a death spasm, but you’ll be just as dead as me. Think about it. Are you worth a hundred bucks?” I sneered. “Point the gun at the ceiling, empty the till, we all go home to the kids tonight. Tomorrow’s a brand new day.”

The shopkeeper hesitated, then did as I had suggested. I took the shotgun off him, unloaded it, and lay it back on the counter, throwing the shells to the back of the store. His shaking hands handed me a bundle of notes which I stuffed into my pocket, then I lowered the .38 and picked up my knife. “That was cool, man. Wise choice.” I backed away toward the door, gave the guy a wink, and said; “Be seeing you.”

I laughed as I walked to the car that I had just boosted, then got in and checked the mirror before pulling off. That’s when the rear window exploded, pelting the headrest behind me and the back of my seat with shattered glass. The stupid motherfucker had reloaded. He probably hadn’t the time to jack in more than a round or two, so I put my foot down and barged my way into the traffic, laughing more nervously this time as I drew the revolver out of my coat and let off three wild, unaimed shots over my shoulder, the big window behind the shopkeeper exploding into fragments. That should make him piss himself, I smiled.

Now my next problem was to ditch the damn car. Driving a car with a smashed rear window and a back end peppered with shotgun pellet holes was just asking for police intervention. Two blocks away I cruised up to a stop light that had just turned red. Ahead of me was a three, Escort Eryaman maybe four year old Mercedes with the top down. This was perfect. Because of the carjacking issues in Los Angeles most sedans drove with the doors locked, but obviously open topped cars had a major weakness in the security stakes. I hopped out of my Dodge, jumped up onto the trunk of the Merc, and grabbed a handful of the brunette in the passenger seats long hair and put the cold barrel of my gun in the back of her neck. “Get the fuck out of the car, driver.” I said as the shocked man in the drivers’ seat considered making a move to defend his woman. “Don’t even think about it or the slut dies.”

Now the fear kicked in. Not just fear for himself, but fear for his wife, girlfriend, whatthefuckever. ” Out!” I snarled, cocking the hammer, pulling harder on the woman’s hair while her fingernails tried to force my hand to release her by digging her nails into the backs of my fingers. He complied. I jumped into the drivers’ seat and tore across the junction when the lights turned green, then I stopped by the kerb on the other side of the intersection and told the bitch to get out. She didn’t need any convincing. I pulled off again in a squeal of tyres as the full power of the big German engine kicked me in the back. This was a nice car. In about two minutes the owner would be on the phone babbling to the cops that his pride and joy had been stolen by a maniac with a gun and the patrol cars would then be on the lookout for me. While convertible Mercedes SL’s were two a penny in LA, it wouldn’t be long before they were on my tail but that wasn’t really a problem as I was only ten minutes from Suzie’s place. I rifled through the glovebox as I drove with one hand, finding nothing useful except an ID badge for some IT company out in the Valley that didn’t ring any bells with me, but the jacket slung on the back seat of the car yielded a wallet with three hundred bucks and a brace of credit cards. I threw the cards out of the car one at a time as I drove. Maybe some kids could have some fun with them. I wasn’t risking using those. They were too easy to trace these days. I stuffed the three hundred bucks in my pockets and then threw the wallet out into the street. A minute later I was in the parking lot at Suzie’s, and I left the car in a space near the street with the keys in. With a bit of luck it would be gone by the time I was done with Suzie.

I rolled up to the doors and pushed the intercom button for her apartment. After a while I got a hello from her flatmate. “Hiya Jenny. Is Suzie there?”

“No, she’s at work. Should be back about two.” Came the tinny reply.

“Can you let me in, I just need to collect some things.”

There was a hesitation, then an electric buzz as the magnetic lock released. I pushed my way through the heavily sprung door with my shoulder and bounded up the stairs to the third floor, where I found Jenny waiting at the door to the apartment.

Jenny hated me. I was pretty sure of that. Didn’t think I was good enough for Suzie by a big, big margin. She was right, of course, but all Suzie and I wanted from each other was rough sex with no strings attached. The only reason I was here was to pick up some China white I’d stashed here in case the cops raided my place. This was just a safe place to hide my stuff and dip my wick. Jenny didn’t fear me. She just despised me. I liked that, too. She was short, raven haired, kinda Asian looking with a slight, slender body. Not like Suzie at all. Suzie was a 6ft tall dancer at an all night bar on Pico – all tits and ass and legs that went on forever. Eye candy. Jenny was kinda bookish, some might say plain, and in the month I’d been knocking Suzie off I’d never seen another guy in the apartment. I had no idea what she did for work, but every time I looked at her my mind screamed ‘librarian.’

“Won’t be long.” I smiled at her as I edged past her and into the apartment. “Just gotta pick up my stuff and I’ll be gone for good.”

“You’re leaving?” Jenny asked, maybe a hint of relief in her voice, maybe something else, certainly a lot of surprise.

“Just for a while, but I reckon Suzie’ll have moved on by the time I get back – you know what she’s like – so yeah, I’m outta here. Bet you’ll be happy about that.”

“Well…” She began, about to launch into a false denial.

I held up my hand. “Save it. I’ve seen the way you look at me when I’m over here. I ain’t good enough for Suzie. You know it, I know it, she knows it. Sometimes you just cain’t help the chemistry though, ya know?” I threw over my shoulder as I went into Suzie’s bedroom and grabbed my half kilo of uncut cocaine from the bottom of the wardrobe and the spare key for her Camaro from the bedside cabinet. I wondered how much of Jenny’s dislike of me was down to the excessive bedroom noise that Suzie and I made when I stayed over. I have to admit knowing that Jenny was just a few feet away while I shagged the shit out of her flatmate was a bit of a turn on and made me noisier than normal, which then made Suzie that little bit louder, too. Sometimes I imagined Jenny face down on her Eryaman Escort belly in bed with a pillow stuffed over her ears while I slammed Suzie’s headboard against the wall for half an hour or more while we talked dirty and insulted each other, making my voice loud enough to carry through the thin partition. Sometimes I imagined Jenny with her legs spread and her fingers stabbing deep inside herself while she listened to us screwing, and that helped bring on my own orgasm after Suzie had her two or three climaxes.

I stripped down to my shorts while I was in Suzie’s room, then sauntered past Jenny as I made my way to the bathroom. “Just gonna take a quick shower and then I’m outta here.”

When I came out of the shower still dripping and wearing just a towel around my waist I found Jenny on the sofa watching tv. I dropped my clothes on the floor and padded softly across to her and knelt behind the sofa, then I whispered in her ear. “Whatcha watching?” She jumped about six inches off the sofa. Fear. I grinned, just managing to suppress a snigger.

“Jesus, you scared the shit outta me.” She exclaimed, then settled back into watching whatever it was that she was watching. From my position I could see her cleavage down her top. It wasn’t a lot, but it was enough that It was making me harden beneath the towel. I brushed her black hair away from her ear and whispered “Sorry”, then I put my hands on her shoulders.

“What you doing?” She asked in alarm as I began to gently knead her shoulders, stroking her neck.

“You seem kinda tense.”

“I’m fine.” She countered. Though I noted that she didn’t make a move to jump out of the sofa like she normally would. I continued to massage her gently, eventually moving my hands down from her shoulders but stopping a few inches short of her small breasts. Now I could sense her getting a little perturbed and uncomfortable as with each stroke I moved a little closer to the neck line of her red top, so I kissed her ear lobe softly.

“Stop it.” She commanded, but I could see her nipples beginning to harden through her blouse and that was all the invitation that I needed. “This is the last time you’ll ever see me, and Suzie will never know. I want you, Jenny. I’ve wanted you so bad since I first laid eyes on you.” I lied. ” Every time I’m making love to Suzie my eyes are closed and I’m imagining it’s you underneath me with your legs wrapped around my back.” I continued to lie, the tips of my thumbs gently brushing over her nipples as my mouth nuzzled her neck. She moved her head to the side to give me more space to work and I slid my hand inside her top, gently caressing her breasts through her bra.

“Cut it out.” She said, though this time relatively softly without anywhere near the insistence of her earlier protests. I gently pinched both her small teats at the same time, moving my lips from her neck to her chin. Her head moved again, but this time it wasn’t moving away from me. I shifted, and pressed my lips hard against hers, one hand abandoning her breasts and moving straight down between her thighs. She moaned into my mouth as I pressed my hand firmly down upon her mound and slid my tongue between her lips, searching for her own tongue, finding it and pushing it back. I began to stroke her sex through her jeans and her tongue almost instantly responded to mine, then when I popped the button and moved my hand to her zipper her tongue began to push mine out of her mouth and her hands went around my neck.

I stood up, leaving her slumped there for a moment, and came around the sofa to stand between her and the television, my hardness obscenely making the towel stand out away from my body. She sat there, eyes wide and watching me, her jeans open at the zipper and showing a little triangle of rumpled purple satin panty. Jennies breasts and the growing buds thrust lewdly against the flimsy fabric of her red top, her lips were wet with our salivas and her neck showed a livid pink blotch where I had kissed her just a little too hard. She swallowed. This time it wasn’t fear, though, and I reached down and yanked her up into a standing position and she pressed herself against me. She only came up to my neck and before she knew what was going on I had her red top up over her face and her purple bra exposed. My hands pressed against her little orbs, fingers grasping the underwire and easing them up effortlessly over the top of them the way you can only do with women that have small ones. With my right hand I fondled her right breast, while my left hand whipped her top completely off and threw it across the room and then I grabbed a handful of her thick hair and pulled her head back, making her moan loudly. My mouth descended upon hers and her tongue thrust hungrily between my lips this time. My fingers pinched and tweaked her hard nipple while we kissed, then when I tired of that and my jaw began to ache I pulled a little harder on her hair, drawing her away from my mouth, and then I pushed her down until she was on her knees before me.

I threw the towel off my hips and stood naked before her, my member upright, hard, solid, fully erect Eryaman Escort Bayan as I guided her head towards it with my hand. She seemed reluctant, so I wrapped my other hand around my thick shaft and began rubbing my swollen bulbous glans over her face, pushing my hips forward insistently while she hesitated further. I gripped her hair tighter, and her mouth opened in pain, and I eased the tip in between her parted lips.

“Oh,” I groaned. “That’s it Jenny. Suck my cock you little beauty.” I let go of her hair after two or three small strokes and my dick immediately popped back out of her mouth, then I closed my eyes and waited for her to come around to my way of thinking. My penis waved in the air for several seconds before I felt first her hand close around it and then the warm delicious wetness of her tongue exploring the full length of the shaft from my hanging scrotum to the very tip of my glans. She swirled her tongue around the slit in the tip of my penis before engulfing the purple knob in her mouth once again. Now I had her. Now I could do whatever I wanted with her because she was making the moves of her own accord without me having to push the situation along. I put both hands on the back of her head, coaxing her to take me deeper inside her mouth, pushing more of my length past her lips with each stroke. I opened my eyes and watched as inch after inch disappeared inside her before re-emerging shining and slick, wet from her saliva. It was a beautiful sight, and beyond her closed eyes and sundered mouth, to either side of my shaft as I looked down, I could see her little pointy breasts and the still hard cherries moving in time with her head as it bobbed up and down my meat.

“Mmmmm,” I sighed. “That feels so fucking good. I can’t wait to feel your tight pussy wrapped around it. Mmmmm, suck harder, baby.” Now she began to work at it, getting fully into the mood, and I released her head and reached down to pinch her nips. She gasped and I popped out of her mouth. Her hand closed around my cock instantly and she started stroking it, wanking it with a firm two handed grip, then she adjusted her position on the carpet and took it down her throat again. I glanced at the clock on the wall – it had just gone a quarter after one in the morning – and realised that if this was going to work I had to slow things down a little. I bent and reached behind her back, unclasping the purple bra as her teeth raked up and down my shaft, and let it fall to the floor between her thighs. I pushed forward with my hips, forcing myself all the way inside her mouth until she was gagging on it, then I kept pushing and she overbalanced and fell backward onto the sofa, her mouth and hands losing contact with my dick as she choked with the pressure on the back of her throat and used her hands to break the fall. I got down on the floor and knelt between her legs, grabbing hold of her jeans, tugging them impatiently down her hips, her purple knickers coming halfway down her legs with them because they were so tight and I got a glimpse of her fur lined pussy before she closed her legs in feigned embarrassment.

“Don’t be shy.” I murmured as her jeans skidded across the carpet and I brutally tugged her knickers down past her ankles. Then I put my fingers on her heels and spread her legs wide. She groaned as her pussy lips split open, forming a dark, wet little oval as I moved my hands up the insides of her legs, still spreading them wider and backward, pushing her knees up to each side of her chest, and blew gently upon the lewdly exposed hole. “You want me to stick my tongue in your honey pot?” I asked as her half glazed eyes looked down on me as I moved my face in closer to the hole, still blowing softly over her pulsing pussy lips.

“Yessss.” She sighed as my fingers moved in on her gash, smoothing the wispy thatch of pubic hair away from the crinkled flesh.

“Say please.” I smiled as my finger tenderly slid up and down her blood engorged labia, feeling her shudder as I played with the flaps in a lazy circular motion around the periphery of her pussy.

“Please.” She murmured.

“Please what?” I asked, my finger now just inside the opening and it’s tip touching her clit with the lightest of contact.

“Ohhhh…” She moaned, her hands now squeezing her own tits together as she arched her back, eyes closed, impatiently pushing her groin at me. “Eat me out. Please.”

“Whatever you say, little lady.” I replied and dipped my face between her legs. She groaned as my tongue slid along her slit from the crack of her ass to the top of the clit, then my fingers stabbed roughly inside her and I pulled them apart, splitting her wide open. My tongue slipped inside her gaping hole as I spread her flaps, worming it’s way deep until my chin was pressed hard against the crack of her ass and inadvertently spreading that open, too. Her hands slapped down on the back of my head, and I began to suck and slurp on her already soaked vagina, her wetness flooding into my mouth as she gasped with the pleasure that I was giving her. I pushed one hand under her and lifted her butt off the sofa, pulling her even harder against my face, then I jabbed my thumb straight into her tight ass-hole. She yelped at the intrusion, but continued bucking her hips against my face, that same bucking movement also forcing my thick thumb deeper into her bottom until it had disappeared completely inside her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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