The Gift

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Tess was probably more heterosexual than anything else, but she preferred actually living with women to living with men, hence the fact that she had moved in with Claire over a year ago. Tess had long blond hair, was slim, but curvy with firm breasts, belly and bottom. She had drawn attention from men since she could remember and whenever she walked into a bar she would stop conversations.

Claire, on the other hand, was not slim or curvy. She was strong, solidly built, with cropped black hair and almost non-existent breasts and waist – the sort of girl who could crack walnuts with her thighs. Anyone seeing them together would imagine them as the stereotypical lesbian couple, with Claire the butch, faux-male and Tess the feminine girlie partner.

But it was Claire who was the maternal one of the pair. Tess didn’t want kids and had no intention of ever becoming pregnant, of ever putting her body through the trauma of child birth. She had seen enough fly-on-the-wall programs concerning women giving birth to never want to experience it herself. In fact, nothing repulsed her more. She enjoyed children, but to have one growing inside her and then having to pushing it out of the vagina she worked so hard at keeping tight filled her with dread and disgust.

Claire on the other hand was desperate to have children. She was desperate to feel a life grow inside her. Claire dreamed of such a thing every night. Claire’s whole life revolved around caring for others. She was a nurse specialising in paediatrics, she considered herself Tess’s carer, she looked after her father who was suffering from dementia brought on by the loss of his wife, Claire’s mother, and she volunteered for various homeless charities and soup kitchens. Her whole life involved caring for others.

However, Claire knew that she was unlikely to ever have a child. For a start, she was a lesbian through and through. She had no interest in men, in fact they scared her. She had often imagined having a male on top of her, his cock penetrating her deep, thrusting into her, but she always ended up with a panic attack or throwing up in the loo. And as pregnancy seemed to require a man’s cock ejaculating sperm into the depths of a womb, she felt pretty confident that it would never happen to her. She thought that, even if she was willing to allow a male near her, finding one with the courage to approach her, let alone mount her, considering her appearance, would be a miracle. But she was ok with that. She had come to terms with it a long time ago. Anyway, she had Tess.

There was of course artificial insemination of one sort or another. She had, behind Tess’s back, approached their doctor, but he hadn’t been very positive about the situation. He had told her that she would have to go private and that the cost was significant. Too high for her nursing salary to cope with, anyway.

Claire never complained though. Not even to Tess. Or especially to Tess. She knew Tess didn’t feel quite the way she did and didn’t want to put any pressure on her that could push her away. Tess was the most important thing in her life, worth making any sacrifice for. Even the humiliation of hearing the one she loved having her brains fucked out downstairs. It was an agreement they had. As long as it was a one night stand and was for the sex only, Claire allowed Tess to bring a man home when that side of her sexuality demanded it. Tonight had been a bit of a surprise, though. Normally Tess would make little hints during the days working up to it, to give Claire time to get used to the idea, maybe even arrange to go out, but that was rare. But tonight she had just turned up with him. There was no story, no introductions, nothing. Admittedly, he was a bit of a hunk, so maybe Tess had simply been unable to resist. The two of them made a great looking couple and it was that fact that hurt Claire the most. She knew they were going to have sex, but it was their suitability and the image they made together that seemed to rip her apart inside. It was as though Tess had brought him home for more than just a fucking.

Claire had heard Tess orgasm at least three times, but the guy still grunted away with no pauses. She hoped he was using different positions, Tess loved that, being moved about, manhandled. She tried to doze off, covered her head with a pillow so she couldn’t hear. The quicker she was asleep, the quicker morning would come.

Tess liked Claire a lot. It wasn’t love. She was unsure if she could love someone like the films and romantic novels seemed to show. But what she felt for Claire was more than that. She felt equal, respected, listened to, appreciated. She had never experienced that before. She had had relationships before, but the other half had always been jealous, controlling. Claire gave her freedom. She didn’t try and own her. She allowed Claire the space to experiment. And experiment she did. Like tonight. Tess felt a little slither of guilt as the guy slipped her panties down. She didn’t normally just turn up with someone as she had tonight. But she had had her reasons. She had seen him in the bar and the first thing that came into her mind was how beautiful his babies would be. It had been easy to get him. She was just the sort these guys went for. She pandered to him, boosted his ego and made sure he didn’t drink too much. He had wanted to go back to his place, but she had insisted and brought him home. She wasn’t surprised that he had a big cock.

His whole attitude, his demeanour, suggested that that was the case and that he had been told of the fact often. Unfortunately, that was all he had. He may have had a big cock, but he had never learnt to use it. He was not a good lover, trusting in his size to do the business rather than have a technique. She had to admit that it felt good to be stretched, but she had had many better lovers with much smaller dicks who went out of their way to make her enjoy the event. Not that she was there for her own pleasure. She couldn’t let herself relax. She had to stay in control. She was doing this for a reason other than her own delight. He hadn’t asked if she was on the pill and had simply gone for it bare back without a care about starting a new life. She hadn’t mentioned it, but was totally aware of his body language. He lasted a long time, but had stayed in the one position. She liked to be controlled, turned over, thrown about a bit, not left on her back and squashed by his weight. With a feeling of relief, she sensed that he was about to burst. His thrusts became deeper, slower, his throat tightened.

“I…I want it in my mouth!” She whispered in his ear.


“Cum in my mouth…I want to finish you off in my mouth.”


Tess wriggled free and was soon sucking him deep. He resisted to start with, confused, unused to having the partner take control, but then he realised he was so close he began fucking her face. His rhythm re-established, he began pounding her throat, sensuality meaning little to him as he approached his orgasm. She used her substantial oral skills to bring him to his climax, her hands massaging his balls, coaxing the two orbs to produce the fertile seed she was looking for. His hands tightened around her head tight as he let out a deep groan and delivered wads of thick cum into her mouth.

“Swallow…bitch…oh fuck…swallow.”

She had no intention of swallowing. She would have done normally, but not this time. She pulled off him and opened her mouth to show him his cum before sliding off the couch and running up the stairs two at a time leaving him looking after her with a look of total confusion on his face. She rushed into her bedroom where Claire was dozing, trying to ignore the animalistic sounds her partner and lover were making. The pillow had muffled a lot of the noise, which is why she was so surprised when Tess threw the sheets aside, spread Claire’s legs and spat the mouthful of cum as far inside her open pussy as she could. Waking from a half-sleep to find her lover between her legs wasn’t completely unusual. Tess often woke her that way. But somehow this was completely different.


Tess’s face was beaming with a smile that portrayed everything good in their relationship. “Hush, my lover…I have given you a present…happy birthday, now, don’t move. I’m getting rid of this dumb arsehole and I’ll be straight back. I am going to eat you alive until you wake the street with your cries. No work tomorrow eh?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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