The Gift Box Ch. 03

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For the last eight months, the dream had been eating at Scott. He had taken the time to tell bits and pieces of it to Tangy and his mom, hoping they would understand. Emily would always ask him if he would like to tell her more, but he would always stop short of his desires for her and just say that he guessed that it was because of her being pregnant with Willow.

He had always watched his parents having sex and playing, it was a normal thing for him. Scott timed his mom perfectly on the days his dad was away. He could find her in her bed, the shower the pool house, even the pool, playing with her toys, satisfying her sexual needs.

He even made his way to their house in the mornings on his way to work to sneak a quick peek before alerting his mom he was there. But he always had the feeling she knew he was watching when she called out to him.

He had always wanted to know what it was like to be with his mom. She seemed so sexually perfect to him. Tangy gave him sexual satisfaction, but he always felt he was missing something. He had fallen in love with Emily, but he was afraid to admit that to himself.

He was jealous of his father because they were so close. He was jealous of his siblings because they still lived at home under Emily’s watchful eye and the kindness of her touch.

At night, when Tangy was busy with their son, or after she had gone to sleep, he would sneak away from her and call Emily just to hear her voice for comfort. There were times when he would hide away in the shower, or go outside to their pool, and master his throbbing cock thinking of his mom.

A few times, Tangy would catch him, but it would only heighten the experience between them, as Scott would pretend he was with Emily. Sometimes he thought it was wrong of him, others he thought of nothing else.

Ever since the dream, he had hinted at his mom about the desire to be with her. She played along, and he wasn’t so sure if she ment what she hinted at, or if she was just flirting with him because she knew what he was doing.

On the mornings he stopped on his way to work to see Emily, she would breast-feed Willow in front of him, giving him an instant hard on and he wouldn’t try to hide it.

When she finished, Emily put Willow down for her morning nap and go about her morning chores, smiling about Scott and his predicament.

One morning Scott followed her into the laundry room. He was still very stiff when he brushed against Emily. She pushed back against him on purpose to see what kind of reaction he had. He grabbed her hips and held her close, sniffing of her perfume on her neck and nuzzling closer.

“Scott, how long have you wanted to fuck me?”


“I know you do, why else would you have spent all this time watching me?”

“God Mom, I can’t believe you.”

“Come on Scott, I know you too well,” she pointed at his bulging pants, “I see it in your eyes. I see it in your actions. Your father is the same way when he’s horny.”

“Damn it mom, I never could lie to you.”

Emily smiled and brushed his stiffness though his pants. Her voice was seductive, “You watch me all the time baby. I know that’s why you come to the house in the mornings when Eric is away. What’s wrong, Tangy isn’t giving you enough at home?” “No mom, nothing like that. It’s just, I don’t know, I love you, and well, I love you as a woman, not just my mom.” he blushed and looked away.

Emily put her hand to his face and caressed his cheek, only it felt different; there was a different communication there. “Why Scott?”

“Why what mom?”

“Why do you love me like that?”

He stopped to think about his words and sighed, “I don’t know mom. All those nights growing up, sleeping with you when I was a kid, you were very open with me, and we’re so close, we always have been.”

“You’re my baby, your my eldest, I’ve always kept you under my wing. I count on you. You have always been here for me.” her voice was soft and loving, his heart beat faster.

“Yeah, but mom, I fell in love with you so long ago. When I was eighteen, it took everything I had not to blow my wad every time you walked past me, especially when you walked around here naked like it was nothing.”

“I’ve always walked around here naked, just because you got older didn’t mean I was going to stop. The only reason I did was because Phil was always here with Mal.”

“Yeah, but that didn’t even stop you some of the time. And in the mornings, when dad’s gone and you play with yourself and all those toys, or when he’s getting ready to leave, all the sex you two have. FUCK, you just don’t know how it affected my feelings for you.”

“Are you jealous baby?”

“Yah, a little.” he looked away, ashamed.

“Scott, tell me the truth.” she made him look at her and he melted under her eyes.

“Yeah, I’m jealous. I have wanted to have sex with you since I was old enough to know what it was about.”

“Scott, why?”

“I don’t know, maybe because you’re a beautiful woman, and you tease me so fucking bad!”

“Teasing escort ilanları you? umm, yes, I guess I have been.” she smiled wickedly.

She knew what she was doing to him. She was attracted to her son, he looked so much like his father, she couldn’t help it.

She had wanted to be sexually involved with Scott since he was old enough to have sex. But being his mother, his age, and her deep love of Eric, other reasons not to, held her back.

Maybe now, since she knew Scott felt the way he did, maybe it was time to take that forbidden dance.

“Mom, I want to love you so much. I have for so long.” he pushed against her and wrapped his arms around her.

She didn’t push away, but pulled him closer to her. He brushed her lips lightly, taking her scent in. She smelled of baby and breast milk, and her perfume that he always loved on her, took over his senses, on top of the heightened sexual smells that were growing between them.

She kissed him back, knowing all to well that she shouldn’t entice him, but she saw a younger Eric before her. She held him close too her and moaned into his kiss. Scott pushed harder against her, his growing muscle pushing out of his pants.

Scott touched her left breast, milking it, causing it to stain her shirt. When he felt the warmth of the liquid ooze into his hand, he stopped and apologized. She removed her shirt and threw it into the washer, leaving her beast fully exposed.

“Oh Scott.” Emily breathed heavy against him, pushing into him. He held her close to him, not knowing what he should do. She was torn between letting him take her right there, or going to her bedroom.

“God Emily, I want you.” he kissed her harder as he undid his slacks, releasing his throbbing cock against her. Her milk-laden breast marking his shirt as she pressed her body to his.

“Scott,” she panted into his mouth as he tongued her while lifting her leg up and wrapping it around his, accepting what he was giving her. Her loose skirt was hiked up to her hip, and her pussy, wet with juice, could be felt against his tight member as he rubbed her.

Scott eased her panties to the side and fingered her softly, stroking her clit and lips, and then slid his hardened cock head between the puffy flowers of her sex. He was about to ease himself into her when Willow cried.

“Oh, Scott, your sister.” Emily gasped, breathing heavily. She adjusted herself and hurried away, Scott soon after her. She went to Willow and patted her back, getting her to go back to sleep. Scott held his mom from behind while she did and he softly whispered into her ear.

“Mom, I dreamt that Willow was my baby. You were pregnant with her by me, because you and dad couldn’t have any more children and…” he stopped when he saw the look on her face. It looked as if she would cry. “Mom?”

She pulled him from the baby’s room to her bedroom. “Scott, tell me the dream. Please?” Scott proceeded to tell her about the whole dream that had been haunting him.

Emily was shocked at his words, but loved it all the same. “I’m glad you love me that much to give me something that important baby.”

“I do mom, I do. If I had to do it by any means, I would.” he touched her face, “I love you, as a woman, and I would give you my life.”

“Oh baby. Thank you, but don’t talk that way.”

Scott was crying. The dream that had taunted him for so long, now he was able to release the pressure it had on him.

She pulled him too her, “why would you dream of things like that? I mean, I understand the sex, but the other stuff?”

“I don’t know mom. I was so worried about you. I don’t know.” he trailed off in his words and thought about the past.

“Mom, why did you let me name Willow?”

“It was just something I felt I needed to do baby.” she was holding onto him, “Scott, the bond that we have, it is very deep, it always has been… maybe I asked you to name her because she was a way to keep you close to me. I hated loosing you.”

“Mom, you didn’t loose me.”

“Yes, I did, in a way. You got married, moved out, and became a father yourself. My baby is all grown up.”

“Mom, don’t. Please.”

“Oh Scott.” She was beginning to cry. He didn’t know why, but it was just too much for him. He picked her up, placed her in the bed lying next to her, holding he close.

Her tears dried up after a bit and she saw so much of Eric within him, she always had. Her look said it all and Scott kissed her, she felt the intensity between them rise and overwhelming urge hit her.

They were interrupted again by Willow’s cries. Scott got up and brought his sister back to the room to be with their mom. She watched him holding and cuddling her, Willow looked so perfect in his arms.

Emily loved him as her son, but right now, her heart was falling for him as the man he had become. It made her want him, and she didn’t care if it was right or wrong. She was falling in love with Scott the same way she had fallen in love gaziantep escort ilanları with Eric all those years ago.

Emily took Willow and held her for a bit and when she thought she was calm enough, she put her down on the floor to play, and Scott took Emily in his arms. Willow cried again, bringing them away from each other.

He picked Willow up and when he looked at her, he saw something that he didn’t see with his son, and it felt different, as if there were a bond that he just couldn’t figure out.

He handed her to his mom and she started nursing. Scott felt odd. He never felt that way with Tangy. He guessed he was used to her getting up and going after Breyden every time he needed her.

“Mom?” he took a deep breath, not sure if he was ready to say how he felt, but did so, “I was just wondering. I mean, after that dream, and looking at Willow, and you letting me name her… I just, I don’t know, I just feel that she’s my baby and not dads. Maybe I want you to have my baby?”

He looked at Emily; she smiled as if she knew something he didn’t. “I love you. I just want to understand why I’m having these feelings.” he knelt down next to where she sat on the bed.

Emily looked at Scott, “I wish she was your baby, maybe that’s why I let you name her. I know it sounds crazy, but I wanted her to be yours in some small way.”

She smiled and ran her fingers down his face, “I don’t know. Maybe it’s the bond we have. I have always wanted something more between us. I just didn’t think you would Scott. I mean, after all, I am your mother.” She smiled at him, waiting for his words.

“You look so sexy when you nurse her. I get a hard on watching you.” He pointed at his pants. “And it is a massive monster at that. I think your beautiful baby.” her fingers were running down his shirt collar now and teasing the chest hair that was sticking from the open buttons. Scott was eating it up and getting hotter.

He unbuttoned his shirt a bit more and Emily grazed him with her nails, making him shutter. She finished nursing Willow and put her back in the bed, wiped her breast off and turned to Scott who was holding her again by the waist.

“Mom, what would happen if I accidently got you pregnant?”

Emily wasn’t a bit shocked at the question, in fact, she was expecting it after their previous conversation.

“I don’t know Scott. Why?”

“Because I want to be with you, and I want to see you carry my child.”

“Scott, I…” emotions overwhelmed her and she melted into him.

It wasn’t long before their clothes were off and he was sliding between her legs. She arched up to meet him and he slid deep inside her soft, wet walls. He moaned as he stroked slowly, she accepted him fully and begged for more. He went deeper and harder, but he wanted to remember their first time together.

He didn’t want to just fuck her and get off. He had been waiting for this for a long time and he was going to do the best he could to make it memorable. She came, wetting his thighs and balls. He was amazed at her juice and almost let go himself, but he held back.

Scott slid out of her and she looked at him like he was crazy. “I want to go down on you Emily.” She shook her head yes and spread her legs, giving in fully.

It didn’t take him much to get her to come again. She squirted all into his face and it shocked him because no one had ever done that to him. He licked up what he could and felt himself so stiff, he almost came rubbing against the bed. Emily squirmed about a bit after he moved, and handed him something. “Please Scott, I need to be careful right now, I need to make sure we are ready for this…”

He looked puzzled, but took the condom from her hand, wrestled it from its package and slid it on. No, it wouldn’t feel the same, but she was right, at least for now he thought.

He slid deep into her again and it felt a little odd at first, but he adjusted. He pumped slowly, savoring the moments and watched her as he had always, only this time, he was atop of her and not his father.

Every moment he took from her was his own and he delighted it all. He watched her rise and fall with his movements, and listened to her moan as he pushed between her swollen lips. She let go and came again, squirting all over him, this time there was no holding back, he let loose his cream, spilling it fiercely.

He flashed back to his dream and thought of impregnating her. God how he wished that his seed was trapped inside of her, swimming freely into her womb, instead of being caught in the sheath that covered his pulsing cock.

As an afterthought, he was glad she had handed him the condom to use. If she felt it was the thing to do, then he would do as she wished. He wanted her to be comfortable with what was happening between them as much as he was.

Scott collapsed at her side and pulled her close into him. Her milky breast leaked and he apologized because he thought it was his fault. He hurried off to gaziantep escort bayan ilanları get her a towel to wipe off and returned to her side, collecting her in his arms.

“I love you,” he whispered in her ear, kissing her lightly.

“I love you too baby.”

She cuddled down into him, the towel between them to cover her breasts. His hands wandered her body, feeling of her softness as he had always dreamed of doing. He tasted of her juices and kissed her with them on his lips. She accepted and dipped herself, bringing it to their lips to share.

He was growing hard again and going to mount her when his cell phone rang. He reached over and retrieved it from the nightstand next to the bed, looking at it. It was Tangy.

“Hello.” He rolled away from his mom, hard on disappearing, “Yeah, I stopped to see mom and Willow this morning on the way in, just like I always do. Why?”

Emily could hear Tangy fussing in the background, but couldn’t make out her words. Scott finally hung up the phone.

“Damn it!”

“What’s wrong baby?”

“Nothing, she’s just… fuck, she’s just Tangy that’s all.”

“Same old bitch fest? you forgot to get the diapers or take out the trash huh?”

“No, this time it was my fault that she ran out of her fucking birth control pills.”

“How can that be your fault?”

“Fuck if I know. I guess she had to blame anyone but herself as she always does.”

“So if she ran out, what does that mean?”

“Either no fucking with her until she gets some more, or she’s already pregnant.”

Emily just shook her head. She loved Tangy, but there were just things about her that were irritating. Scott laid back down next to Emily and kissed her lightly, wishing he could stay and love her longer.

“I guess I need to be getting to work. I have an eleven o’clock class.” He stroked her face and ran his hand down her body; “I love you Emily.” He nuzzled down into the crook of her neck and shoulder, kissing lightly.

“I love you too Scott.”

He got up and showered, she let Scott borrow one of his father’s shirts as she had stained his with her breast milk, and told him she would wash it and have it ready when he returned. Emily checked on the baby and rubbed her tummy. She pulled her robe tightly around her and walked back downstairs.

Scott came up behind her, pushing her long hair to the side and kissed her neck, taking in her perfume again. He put his hands around her and onto her belly, something sparked between him when he did. Emily smiled, thinking about his words, thinking about Willow.

What would happen if she let him impregnate her, no one would know but the two of them. She would have to think about it some more.

“I have to go. I’ll see you later?” his eyes told her that he didn’t want to leave, but knew he had to go.

“We’ll be here baby.” she kissed him lightly, walked him out to the door and watched him leave. She hurried back up to the bedroom to check on Willow, who was sleeping soundly, and then went to take a quick shower.

As he taught his class, Scott seemed to focus on his earlier encounter with his mother. He smiled as if it was a new love he had, and the students noticed his change in emotional state. He referred several times to the meeting as they discussed the current lesson during this lecture.

One of his students questioned him, and Scott finally realized that he was so enthralled with the morning that he was totally loopy. He smiled and blushed, looking at the floor.

“I know it’s not typical of me to lecture this way. But I have had a whole new door open up for me this day, and I feel that I should express my feelings by not being so strict and to the book.”

“Mr. Richmon, you’re always cool about everything.”

“Well, there have been moments that are boring and dark. I want to change that.”

“I think Mr. Richmon has found a new lover.”

Scott looked at his student and smiled as if he had been found out, “Let’s just say something I had wanted during all my teenage life has recently opened up for me, and I may be experiencing a lot more of it, and something coming of it in the next year.”

“Well, it’s not your wife, that’s for sure!”

The class laughed, Scott snickered a little bit. “No, it’s defiantly not my wife!”

The same student bumped the one next to him and smiled, commenting again, “Yeah, your wife is a bit stiff. So what ever has you this high, I suggest you keep smoking it.”

Scott grinned broadly and thought, ‘yeah, I smoked it and drank of it. Loving every fucking second of it.’

“See, there he goes again, look at him.”

Scott regained his composure and looked at his watch; it was still another two hours before class would end. ‘Fuck’ he thought, ‘I don’t want to be here!’

“Ok, I’ll make a deal with you.”

The class rumbled about, and waited for him to continue.

“Quick pop quiz, ten questions, and I’ll let everyone go home early, no homework, and we’ll continue this tomorrow.”

The class erupted in a yeah and ugh, but they all agreed.

Scott erased the whiteboard and quickly wrote down ten questions for the class.

“As soon as you hand in your papers, you’re allowed to leave. But don’t hurry, this counts for your weekly grade. I’m going to let you slide on you Friday test if you do good on this.” He smiled, everyone shook their heads.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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