The Girl or the Group? Ch. 02

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Lucky Stiff

My arms held a beautiful, naked woman. She was kissing me passionately, desperately even, and rubbing her body against me. That long, lithe, voluptuous body I’d lusted after earlier. Large, firm breasts. Taut, shapely legs. Slim waist. I kissed her back, hard, responding to the challenge of her, our tongues twisting against each other. For a long moment my hands wandered all over, feeling a supple thigh, her perfect ass and up her back. Her skin was unbelievably soft and smooth.

Then, despite my rising animal lust, the rational part of my brain kicked in. Yeah. Damn that part. I pushed the girl back, holding her by the upper arms rather than anywhere more tempting, since she continued trying to press against me.

I stared closely at Caroline’s lovely face. Yes, undoubtedly the same girl. What was this? I could feel my armor coming on. The rest of my body stiffening to match my hardening erection. I looked at Erika. I don’t know what she saw in my expression. Suspicion, accusation, perhaps distrust? Whatever it was, I could see it hurt her.

“What…” I stopped, took a calming breath and tried again, this time without the aggression. “Erika. What’s going on?”

“Peter, please don’t be angry,” she was pleading with me, and looked distraught. “This was meant to be an enjoyable surprise for you. Listen, please. I can explain. When we met, I didn’t know Caroline was even in this hotel. I only found out at dinner she was here, and had seen you. And, well, what she did.”

Jenna slid round to look up into my face, her hands holding me gently at the hips.

“Look, this was my idea. Please don’t get annoyed. I’m sorry. Erika and I had no idea about Caroline till she texted she was here, and had just been practicing her moves on some hot dark-haired guy in the gym. We put two and two together, and sent her a picture of you to check.” Examining my face, Jenna obviously saw I wasn’t convinced. She bit her lip and tried again.

“Look. Caroline can be a naughty little cockteaser when she gets upset. She’s done this before.” She glanced at the girl. “Haven’t you? I like teasing guys as much as the next girl, sweetie, but you do take it a bit far. Anyway, once we realised what the little tart had done, we thought it was only right she make it up to you. We invited her to join us, and she agreed so fast I think I heard a sonic boom. Then we set it up like this – as a little treat for you.”

Keeping her eyes on me, Jenna moved her head to face Caroline.

“Caroline. Darling. I’ve apologised, but you can see we’ve upset Erika, and Peter’s gone back into bloody terminator mode. We need to sort this out right now. You tell him.”

All eyes were on the naked girl, now standing back from me, looking embarrassed about the situation, but making no effort to conceal her incredible body. She looked round at Erika’s now tearful face, nodded unhappily, then turned to me.

“Peter, yes, what Jenna says is true. And I apologise.” Caroline’s voice was educated, Ivy League, but she sounded genuinely remorseful. At the very least, I was sure she never meant to wound Erika. She took a deep breath which raised her magnificent breasts temptingly. Armor or not, my eyes were mesmerized watching those puppies move.

“When I get mad, sometimes I find a good-looking man and, well, put on a bit of a show. Yes, deliberately tease. I’m sorry. Erika – I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have done that. But, if it helps…Peter, I know I got you worked up, but I was turned on too. Like Erika said, this was meant to be a fun surprise. And I do want to make it up to you. Can we rewind to where you were getting into this? Please…”

Erika came over and pressed against me, hands on my chest.

“Please, Peter? Don’t go cold on us. We shouldn’t have surprised you like this. I understand, and it was a mistake, but we meant it to be good for you. Can we get past this and go on with our evening the way we should? I so want to.”

She was simply irresistible. Yeah, I was still missing something here, but in Erika’s face there was only openness and truth. Okay, man. Stop being a fool. I relaxed. Smiled. Took her in my arms, and kissed her. Our kiss deepened, and lasted, and lasted.

Until, of course, Jenna intervened. She leaned against me from behind, stroking my thighs and butt, while her tongue lashed up my neck. Her voice blended honey with sarcasm.

“Good job, Peter. Faced with three hot girls who want to rip your clothes off and fuck you senseless, you managed to say ‘oh, ok then’. Now let’s get this show on the road.

“I think we need you sitting down, Mr Holte, if I can get this brunette bimbo off your face.”

I was manoeuvred to a sofa and pushed onto it, still kissing Erika, who fell into my lap.

“Come on Jansen,” Jenna said impatiently. “Move over. Let him feel a real kiss.”

Erika squirmed delightfully on my lap, and pulled her lips away, grinning, as Jenna slid down next to her. I ended up with my arms round two beautiful gaziantep escort ilanları girls, one perched on each leg, running their hands over me. Erika started nibbling at my neck and ear, while Jenna looked deep into my eyes, brushed back her lustrous blonde hair, and slowly brought her mouth down on mine. She was an incredible kisser, her tongue soft and passionate, and talented and sensuous and sweet. Of course it didn’t hurt that Erika was also finding all the sensitive spots, and I could feel Caroline’s hands removing my shoes and socks, then stroking my feet, as she knelt down between the other two.

“Well, you’ve kissed us all, now, darling,” Jenna whispered, pausing to let me breathe. “First base, hmm? Time to see what you’re getting next.” She and Erika both slid to my side a little. “Caroline, why don’t you show the man?”

Smiling confidently, Caroline rose to her feet. Since she’d been between my knees, I got to see a gracefully rising display of her lovely face and body, culminating in her shaved pussy about a foot from my face. Caroline stepped back, brought her hands up to run them through her hair, and then gave me a little slow version of her dance from the gym. She was writhing and posing her body, like a supercharged lap dancer, just out of my reach.

She was damn good at this, and she knew it. My eyes almost popped out of my head, watching her move. This time she was even more explicit. I didn’t remember her doing her that before, for example: leaning forward, cupping her breasts for me, while gazing into my eyes, then turning, spreading her legs and bending right over, hands to the floor, and looking back at me over her shoulder while her pert ass waved in my face. The other girls let her perform for maybe a minute, while they were all over me, caressing, tickling me with their hair, rubbing their breasts against me, planting soft kisses on my face and neck, but not interrupting my view of Caroline’s erotic display.

Eventually, though, Jenna felt it was time to change the channel.

“My turn, darling,” she whispered to me, and started to move.

“Oh?” Erika said softly, eyebrow raised as their eyes met.

“Yes, sweetie,” Jenna responded, pausing to lick the side of my mouth. “This way he has to wait till last to see you, and he’ll have two naked blondes attending to him while he does. Isn’t that a nice aesthetic arrangement?”

Erika smiled, and took a moment to kiss me full on the mouth while Jenna stood and Caroline knelt on the sofa in her place, then draped herself over me, one long leg hooked over mine, nuzzling my neck.

I looked up, into Jenna’s crystal eyes, and she smiled wickedly back. She took her time undressing. Turning about in her little skirt, fingers playing at the straps of her green satin top, building up the tension. Then she removing the top in one slow, sensuous motion, and stood before me, raising her hands behind her head, arching her back, displaying her naked breasts, pert and shapely, sweetly slung on her nubile body.

Like the other two women, Jenna was incredibly sexy, unbelievably hot. But there was also something especially magnetic and charismatic about her. I could tell the other girls felt it as I did. Their hands were still caressing me, but they couldn’t tear their eyes away from the English girl any more than I could.

Then Jenna’s fingers went behind her to unfasten the miniskirt, and she wriggled sinuously out of it. She wore nothing beneath, and her pussy too was shaved. She flexed and posed her luscious body for me – well, for all three of us, perhaps – in a slow, sexy little dance, ending up facing away from us, smiling back over her shoulder. I was so aroused I was almost in pain. Jenna saw my eyes devouring her slender, shapely legs, their length emphasised by her heels.

“You wanted us to keep our shoes on, didn’t you, Peter? At least for a bit,” Jenna said, in that low, teasing voice she did so well. “It’s very slutty of us, isn’t it? But at least we’re being good little sluts, obedient to your desires. Caroline, you should put yours on too.”

“Oh, yes, of course,” Caroline breathed, kissing me on the lips, and sliding off me to run into the bedroom. Erika took the opportunity to have my mouth all to herself again, and kissed me deeply, with a passionate hunger equalled by my own. Then Jenna’s face pressed against our two, and the kiss became three-way, our mouths opening wider, lips sliding against each other, tongues lashing out. I’d never before been in a three-way kiss that really worked. But, God, this one did.

Jenna pulled her lips away. Caroline had returned, now wearing killer black high heels, and leaned forward to give me a deep, sensuous kiss. Then it was Erika’s turn to stand up, while Caroline slipped into her place by my side.

I was still dressed – well, my shoes and socks had gone, my shirt was half open under my jacket, and my pants were in imminent danger of being ripped apart at the front by one very frustrated dick. Two naked blondes kissed and caressed me, their hands circling close to my yearning erection. And Erika was standing in front of me in that stunning dress, posed with one leg stretched to the side so I could see all the way from her painted toes, past slender ankle and tightly defined calf, up to the top of her thigh.

I gazed into Erika’s eyes, and I just froze. There was a pause in the universe, and in the room no one moved.

These women were all amazing. Caroline’s face was lovely, her figure incredible and she moved like a goddess of sensuality. Jenna was unbelievably beautiful. She radiated a thrilling sexual aura. Her body was a dream.

But from the moment I met her it was Erika I truly wanted. She moved me, and thrilled me, and my physical desire for her had gone beyond lust to become a hunger that I felt all over. When I looked at her, my mouth literally produced saliva, muscles tightened, I leaned forward. I ached for her. It felt almost dangerous, like I should be afraid of what it might make me do. Jenna had been right to warn me. We’d only just met, at this precious juncture in time and space, and our only commitment was to enjoy life, and share each other. I had no right to think of anything else. But whatever happened tonight, or tomorrow, or anytime – it was Erika, I knew, who would be in my dreams.

She stood there, her eyes huge and so deep I was lost in them. But her face, as she looked into mine, was now intense and serious, almost stressed. And I thought perhaps I saw a hunger in her which mirrored my own.

She closed her eyes, and breathed. Once, twice. And when she opened them she smiled, her face easing into its normal happy expression. Once again she seemed relaxed, almost purified. How did she do that? Who was this woman?

But I thought I understood.

Tonight was for tonight. Our agreement and our bond was to enjoy life, and each other. We were here for tonight. Tonight was here for us. And tonight was for tonight.

Erika and I smiled agreement into each other’s eyes. We had a deal still.

And with that, time and the universe returned. I looked at Erika. My whole body thrilled to the sight of her. Jenna and Caroline moved again, stroking, licking, sensuously arousing me further. And now Erika spoke.

“I’ve wanted to do this all evening, Peter. Stand in front of you, like this. Take my clothes off and strip myself for you.” She bit her lower lip, then smiled seductively, and her tone became provocative. “I hope you like what you see.”

Slowly she unhooked the dress at the back, slipped the straps off her shoulders. Slid the dress to the floor. She stood naturally for a moment, one leg bent, arms by her side as my eyes roamed her wonderful body. Proud, shapely breasts. Toned stomach and narrow waist. She wore a little black thong and, taking her time, she slid that down those long legs and off, revealing another beautiful shaved pussy. And stood straight again, smiling, obviously taking pleasure from my reaction.

Because I was dazed. Wide-mouthed and wide-eyed. My mind blown by this moment.

Erika. Wow.

Erika’s smile turned from sweet to vixen, as nakedly sexual as her luscious body. She walked up to me, melted into my lap and joined the other two girls in kissing at my face.

“Must be the shoes, then,” Jenna whispered archly, while nuzzling my cheek.

“Mmm,” Erika murmured, planting little kisses across my temple then kneeling up to brush her sweet breasts across my lips, offering them up to my hungry mouth. I licked, and then sucked a nipple, feeling it come erect. “Well, we thought he’d like that, didn’t we?”

Three pairs of hands were sliding all over my body, undoing buttons, easing back clothing, arousing me even beyond what I’d experienced so far.

“You’d better stand up, darling,” Erika whispered. The girls rose with me, clinging to me, kissing my mouth, my face, now my chest as the jacket went and the shirt fell open, to be eased off. Soft female hands slipped my pants off and I stood there, only wearing boxer shorts now, with three naked women pressed against me

They were stroking and kissing me all over – well, everywhere except around the erection thrusting against my shorts. I was trying to kiss them all back, to stroke and fondle all the wonderful naked flesh that surrounded me. I would kiss a girl deeply, then a slim hand would pull my face onto the next pair of parted lips. Or I would be kissing one girl when another did something – licked a nipple, sucked my ear, something – so incredibly I would gasp. The girls would giggle and that became part of the game: every time I gasped or moaned, I had to kiss a different girl. My hands just flowed over all of them. Firm breasts, pert asses, lissom thighs. It was like some impossible modern dance, our four bodies twined together, always moving, me standing in the middle with the girls clinging to me and rubbing themselves round me. Sometimes I would manage to push my dick against one of them, but they always moved, and I would hear a little giggle or ‘uh-uh, Peter’. I was incredibly aroused. Well, no shit.

“I think that probably counts as second base,” Jenna whispered, licking my neck.

Finally they took pity on me. Erika took my face in her hands, looked deep into my eyes and kissed me. While she did that, the other two carefully stripped my shorts down and off. My dick immediately sprung out against Erika tummy. She lowered a hand and wrapped her fingers round the base, holding it away from her – and just in time before I came.

“Peter, darling,” she whispered, between soft kisses around my mouth. “I think you said earlier, that if it was just me, and I was licking and sucking you, you’d want to come in my mouth?”

I caught excited glances between the girls.

“Yes, I think we’d better give Peter some relief, “Jenna smiled, “or something might explode. I know, Erika, you want to taste him first. But Caroline and I can help, can’t we?”

The girls pressed me down to sit again on the sofa. And Erika knelt between my legs, smiling up at me. Once more I lost myself in her eyes. I was aware of her hands gliding over my thighs, of her perfect body as she knelt back. Pushing her wonderful breasts forward for my lustful gaze. So beautiful, so smooth, those delicious curves tipped with mouth-watering, erect pink nipples. Caroline and Jenna arranged themselves again on either side of me, their bodies against mine, stroking my chest, my arms, my neck. Licking and kissing. Worshipping my body, it felt like. Erika leaned forward to plant the softest of kisses on my throbbing erection, making me twitch and moan.

Then she gave me the most incredible blowjob of my life.

With a sinful smile, she flicked her head to the side, shaking her lovely brown hair down over her right cheek, and slowly lowered her tresses till they enveloped my dick. Using her hands to shape her hair, she caressed my manhood languidly with the soft strands. Teasing, tickling, and feathering me exquisitely around the shaft, the head and my balls. Sometimes she would twine her hair around me, several times, then slowly pull her head back and twist and pull the hair up my length like the softest caress. Sometimes she brushed her cheek gently against the side of my dick, sometimes she stopped to bestow a provocative breath of hot air on it. It was all done with the lightest, most tantalising soft pressure, not enough to make me come but more than enough to drive me crazy. And all the while she gazed up at me, lips parted temptingly, her eyes hot.

She brushed her hair back again, and keeping her hands up behind her head she arched her back to push her ripe breasts against my shaft. And squirmed her body against me, up and down, and twisting, letting me revel in the sensation of her soft, warm flesh rubbing against me, partially enclosing me. Pre-cum was oozing out, and Erika used it skilfully to lubricate the inner curves of her breasts, making me gasp at the moist slickness of her silky touch. Then she leaned back a little, and delicately traced her right nipple up the underside of my dick.

She lowered her arms and leaned back, then turned her head to the side and brought her mouth forward once more, this time to kiss and lick up one side of my engorged erection. Impossibly, my dick stiffened even more as, still looking up into my eyes, Erika languorously ran her open mouth along me, down to the base and oh, so gently back up, dragging her moist, full lips against my tortured skin. At last, at last, she reached the top, where I so frantically needed to be touched. First she kissed me there, softly, torturously. Then those warm lips parted and her tongue curled out to delicately bathe that most sensitive spot just below the head, gently caressing it with the moist tip, and I groaned, before her lips came together again, first in a sensuous smile at me, then in a series of melting, lingering kisses all round the head.

Then she brought her mouth gently down over the first two inches of my shaft, and slowly, exquisitely sucked her way up to the top.

I was lost and on fire. Back arched, panting for breath. And while Erika forced me to endure these incredible feelings, the other girls were kissing me, licking my nipples, caressing my body all over, nuzzling, sucking, grazing fingernails across my skin. Sending electric jolts of pleasure surging down through my nerves, to meet the even more exquisite sensations coming up from Erika’s talented mouth.

I could have come now. Any time. And God I desperately wanted to. But Erika was indeed very, very clever. For long minutes she switched between using her lips and tongue all over my dick and balls to give me incredible pleasure; then her mouth, sucking slowly up and down, to bring me towards release; then her fingers or her breasts or the soft skin of her cheeks, to change the level of moisture on my dick, keeping the perfect friction always for me to feel the most incredible, scorching delight. Sure, maybe there’s no such thing as a bad blowjob, but I’d never experienced anything like this before. I was sweating, and writhing, out of my mind with ecstasy.

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