The Girl Who Liked Facials

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Big Dicks

I headed off the fencing piste after winning my last bout 5-0. I had won all three varsity matches that day.

“Very good,” says my coach, and walks away. Since he was a many of few words – and these were often bad – this was effusive praise from our Russian coach.

“Thanks, Coach.” I didn’t want to overreact, after all. In fact, I was really excited. The pressure of preparing and competing was gone, and the unbelievable day was nearly finished. I was a junior, a good fencer and athlete, but the university had a perennially strong team, and there were many other talented guys on my squad who were ahead of me. I spent 3 hours a day practicing with the team, and perhaps another 7 hours during the week weightlifting or running. My body had really responded – my coaches complained about my muscles, being somewhat old school. This might have been one of the reasons they didn’t give me much help. I seldom traveled with team to away meets, and had too few chances to fence varsity. The success that day had me really confident and cocky. I felt at 20 like anything was possible.

After showering at the team’s cramped recreation center locker room, I headed back to my dorm room to get ready to head out. It was Saturday night, and a friend of mine promised that he knew of a party off-campus. After the meet, I was ready to drink and try to find a hook up. I pulled one some white jeans, boots, and a tight polo shirt. I was starting to get horny, and had to stuff my half hard cock into my pants, creating a big bulge. I was not dating anyone, just trying to date a girl I had known for almost two years, so the idea of meeting someone was often on my mind.

Eric was waiting for me at the Diner. I had gone to High School with him, but we had not hung out together that much. The one thing about him was that Eric liked the girls and knew a lot of people. After eating, we walked past the shops, and across the main streets that separated town from the large apartment blocks to the north.

We got to the party and a lot of people were milling around the keg on the balcony in the various rooms, maybe 40 folks in all, and the place was jumping with music and pent-up energy of a weekend. Eric and I quickly drank a few beers. I noticed a pair of girls standing by the balcony railing, and immediately started to pay close attention. Eric had already seen them. The girl who stood out was really hot – strawberry blonde hair, slim build, full breasts, about 5″4′. She wore a pair of worn jeans and a tight Jethro Tull concert t-shirt. Next to her stood her friend, who looked older, perhaps mid-twenties, with dark hair and a hippy, hourglass figure. For once, I was not going to let Eric and his surfer boy looks get the better of me with women. I don’t remember what I said, just that I simply walked up and started talking to the blond. I then noticed that she had two deep purple rat-tails in her hair, both on the left side, which cascaded onto her shoulder. I was trying not to look at her softball-sized breasts, which were without a bra, and seemed big, high, and firm on her small torso. Missy and Margo – I remember that – but not anything else I said. Although I must have asked Missy her major (what a jerk) because she said it was Agriculture.

“You’re not the typical AG major,” I said.

“Yeah, I know, too many guys in flannel shirts and work boots,” she complained.

“But, I’m from a small town and my folks have a dairy farm.” And, so it went. I was completely focused on Missy, the blond with the purple braids. Her friend, Margo, was sort of aggressive, and seemed very interested in Eric. She was ex-Army, and had returned to school at 24. This explained the fatigues and black tank top she wore. But, she was not his type and he wandered off. This left me alone with the two girls. Not missing her chance, Margo shifted her attention to me. I was drinking fast – had to kill my nerves – but the three of us had fun. I was pursuing Missy, she was enjoying the chase, Margo was pursing me, and I was trying to ignore her without angering Missy. We were there for about two hours. At one point, I had my arm around both girls’ waists. I cannot remember who suggested leaving, but soon we were outside, trudging through the January snow. I Kurtköy Escort wasn’t sure what to expect. Some guys in this situation might fantasize about a threesome, but I really wanted Missy, badly, and thought more about getting rid of her friend.

“My prissy roommate is home for the weekend,” she said simply, and we continued along the stadium road.

When we got back to their room – in the big Soviet style dorm area for Freshmen – we had some shots, and played a drinking game (Zoom! Schwartz! PROfigliano!), and were really feeling all the alcohol. At this point, Monica just stood up, her eyes rolling lazily somewhat, dropped her fatigues and got into the roommate’s bed. She just passed out. Laughing, Missy and I looked at each other.

“That’s a good idea,” she said. We both stripped, somewhat drunkenly, and fell into bed. I was thinking, ok, this is it, and reached for Missy. Pulling her close, I lowered my mouth to her breast, and pulled in a hard nipple, with a plump areola around it’s engorged center. Yet, Missy pushed my head away.

“Nothing heavy.” I was not sure what to say, having not expected this, “I want you,” I finally said, trying not to sound pushy.

She didn’t say anything for a while, so I moved my hands onto her hips, and felt her body respond by pushing into my hnads. I trailed one hand down onto her pussy mound, and felt her hot, wet juices. Missy let me grind my hand into her for a few minutes, and then suddenly pushed my hand away.

“No, really, I’m not ready,” she said with a definite, but perhaps conflicted tone. I lay there for a long time, fighting sleep, intensely horny, but also really confused. Why did she do this? What the fuck was her game?

At another point, Missy reached over and started running her hands over my broad chest and abs.

“I like your muscles,” she said. I didn’t say anything, as she moved her hand onto my cock, which had been hard and tenting the bed covers since we climbed into her regulation-sized twin bed.

“FUCK, I knew you were well hung, but …” she barely breathed this. She moved her hand down the long shaft, and cupped her hand over the fat head. Pre cum smeared over her small hand and the head of my prick, making it feel slick and hot.

“You must have a lot of girlfriends,” she said. Even at 20, I knew not to answer this sort of question, so I just let her work my cock. I knew that I was hung from 14 – I was always the biggest guy in the shower, and knew enough to know how lucky I was. But, I was 17 by the time I finally lost my virginity, and I was still learning about women. Having a big dick wasn’t enough sometimes.

Suddenly, she drew her hand back. “Nothing heavy, sorry,” and again went quiet.

We both slept after that, a heavy, drunk sleep that only just takes the edge off how your body is starting to feel. When I woke up in the morning, I nudged Missy.

“I have to shower,” I said in a thick voice.

“mmm, ok, Brett – take my sweats – the guy’s shower is on the fourth floor.”

I came back from the shower, feeling better physically, but now more angry and confused about her reluctance. As I entered the room, I saw her hand jerk somewhere under the covers. Standing in the middle of the room, I took off the borrowed sweats and started to pull on my jeans.

“Your body is unbelievable,” said Missy. I paused, not knowing what to say, still thinking that this was just another tease. Missy abruptly got out of bed, and moved over to where I was standing. In the bright morning light, I saw that her underwear was now gone –a strawberry blond pussy was framed between two shapely legs. She slid to her knees in front of me, and placed each of her hands on a thigh.

“I’m not a tease.” Looking down at her blond and purple hair, and feeling powerful with this girl at my feet, my cock reacted quickly. Half hard already, it emerged from the leg of my boxers as it lengthened and thickened. Missy saw this too, and I felt her hot breath on my cock. She leaned closer and opened her mouth. She did not yet take my cock in her stretching mouth – it was more like my cock extended into her waiting hole. As soon as my big, crowned cock head was inside, she reached forward and pulled on my shaft. Maltepe Escort Missy stretched her mouth around the head, gently closed her teeth around the bulbous end, and started to swirl her tongue over the end.

She released my prick, a long string of spit and pre-cum stretched between her mouth and my cock, and said, “I just like a guy to wait for it a little.”

She went back to work on my cock, now fully hard, pressing up on my boxers, and pointing straight out toward her face and moving lips, tongue, and mouth.

“You have a fucking huge cock, Brett. I knew you were big, but had no idea.”

“Suck me, babe,” I replied, enjoying the hot, wet, blowjob.

At one point, I saw her put one hand on my shaft at the base, and then another, and finally a third hand to reach just behind the red, flared crown. She held my cock, trying to close her fingers around it, but it was too thick. Missy was measuring my cock.

“Fuck. Brett, you’re the biggest, you’re unbelievable. What a fucking stud.”

Not wanting to come yet, I pulled Missy up to her feet, and we walked over to the bed. Her friend continued to sleep just a few feet away. I wanted to get inside Missy. She lay on her back and pulled her legs up by the knees. Leaning in, I started to rub the underside of my huge cock on he pussy, trying to mash her clit. This caused Missy to look up.

“Fuck me with that huge cock stud, don’t wait, you FUCKING BULL, fuck me and make me come.”

My cock was wet from her spit and pussy juices, and her cunt seemed to be flowing with wetness, I knew it was time. Putting one hand on her pussy mound and one hand near the end of my giant prick, I pushed the head in suddenly – she made a gurgling noise – and I waited for her pussy to adjust to my thick cock. What happened next has stayed with me for years – it is perhaps my most intense sexual memory. She came, and came hard. Gasping, she rolled from side to side, making little noises. I watched as her chest rose and fell in a series of staccato breaths, her big tits moving with each gasp. I pushed farther into her, feeling her velvet, warm, wet pussy extend and stretch as my full size pushed in and stretched her. I had most of my cock inside when I felt the cap of her cervix. I stopped pushing, knowing how much I could hurt her if I wasn’t careful. I slowly pulled out and repeated a long, slow, deep thrust into her.

“Fuck me, FUCK me, don’t stop!” she cried. I started to pump her now, with long, fast strokes, each one filling her pussy to its bottom. I worked hard and fast, pistoning in and out, pulling my hips far back, to get the full length of each stroke.

I had been riding Missy for a long time, taking long strokes with my cock, pulling out until only the head remained in her pussy, or pulling all the way out to rub my fat cock head over her clit. I had to come soon. Missy had been fairly quiet, laying with her hands grasping the pillow behind her head, her chest heaving slightly, which made her breasts roll from side to side as I fucked her. Sweat covered her face and chest, and her legs were wet underneath my hands, as I continued to move back and forth. I stated to feel my balls tighten, and knew that I was going to finally shoot. Without thinking about it, she was a fucking tease to make me wait, I pulled out from he wet pussy, and scrambled over her legs. My thick legs pinned her tiny waist on either side. As I looked down, I saw the ropes of muscles on my legs and 11 inches of cock pointing between her big tits, and only a few inches from her chin. The head of my cock was dripping wet – I could smell her pussy juices that coated the big shaft and flared head. At that moment, I expected her to cover my cock head with her hands, or pull the pillow over he face, like so many other girls had done. Yet, as the muscle between my balls and asshole started to contract, she just tilted her head back.

“Oh…yeah,” she breathed.

This pushed me over the edge. The first shot from my pulsing prick was a long, hot stream of cum. The release was intense, and it seemed to last for several seconds. The next shots were just as strong, but not as long. I came, and came, and came. I lost count – maybe 6 big shots. Missy’s face was covered Tuzla Escort in ribbons of cum. It was in her hair, across her cheeks, and on her chin. At that moment, she opened her mouth, and her pink, pointed tongue came out, searching around her moth for more spunk. This made me blast one final, stronger shot that arched over her chin and across her searching lips.

I was nearly spent, but some come continued to seep out of my cock head. Beneath me, this sexy, wanton girl finally reached forward and grabbed my cock. She thrust her head slightly forward, and stretched her mouth around the big head. I felt her hands start to tremble as she dug her teeth into me gently. Her chest heaved up, and her whole body started to shake slightly. She opened her mouth and released my cock.

“Oh … oh … FUCK … YES!” she cried as her body tensed. This seemed to last forever, her body moving under mine, tits rolling, hands and legs trembling. Finally, she was breathing heavily, but her orgasms stopped. I pushed forward, resting my entire cock across her face. She pressed down on the top of my shaft, and moved her head from side to side. My cock was pushing the come all over her face, coating it with the white, sticky spunk. She paused and licked the underside, and then returned to spreading the cum with the thick shaft. My cock reached from beyond her chin into her hair, covering her entire face.

She pulled back and rested her head again on the pillow.

“Brett, that was unbelievable. You came all over me, there was so much, so much cum.” She started to gather cum with her fingers, and lick them one by one. After she had cleaned her own face of my juice, I leaned over close to her face, and kissed her gently on her lips.

I collapsed next to her and we lay silent for a while. Perhaps thirty minutes later, she turned to me.

“Brett …” She put her hands on my chest, and I knew what was needed. My cock had recovered, and was pointing straight up. This time, I did not want to give her a long ride, I just wanted to fuck, to come, to make her cry out again. I got up on my knees, and somewhat roughly grabbed her hips and turned her over. Pulling her hips back, I forced her to her knees and exposed her sticky cunt lips. Her head was in the pillow, as I put my big dick at the entrance to her. I reached down and with my fingers spread her lips, so that my big head was once again lodged into her opening.

“Do it … Fuck me … in my pussy… I want your huge fucking cock,” she exclaimed as her hips swayed, trying to engulf my prick again. I wasn’t going to tease or hold back this time. I thrust quickly in – burying most of my length.

“FUCK,” Missy cried out.

“FUCK,” again.

I started to pound her now, fast, without pausing. I wanted to fuck, quick, hard, and hot, and then shoot again. I felt like the biggest, most virile stud, and I wanted to make her cum again. I kept this up, pounding hard and fast, for another 15 minutes. When I came, I shot inside her pussy, feeling the hot cum around my cock. She tensed, moaned, and released. Behind my back, Margo stirred, but kept breathing softly.

Afterward, Missy turned to me, and said, “Brett, next time please come on my face, OK?”

This was the start of a beautiful relationship.

I never took Missy on a date. Over the next few months, I would simply call her and she would show up. Each time we would fuck. Missy would push me to 2 or 3 orgasms, each one long and strong, and resulting in my come somewhere on her body. I must have covered every part – face, ass, back, hair, and breasts. Later, I would just stop by during my 3-mile road run past her dorm. Missy and I would lounge on the bed for a while, but we’d quickly start kissing and working on each other. We often had to get rid of her roommate, an uptight girl who seemed to spend a lot of time writing letters to some guy who didn’t want to go out with her. After the first few times, her roommate would see me, slam her books together, and storm out. She got used to this happening any time of the morning or night, and knew that if she didn’t leave, we might just fuck in front of her. In hindsight, I wish I could write that there was an emotional attachment, but there wasn’t anything like that. I had further adventures with her, but this was how it started on that snowy weekend in January. Missy was different. It wasn’t just the hair. She was the girl who knew how to say, “fuck.” She was my porn star. Missy was the girl who liked facials.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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