The Good Friend

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I am a senior in college, and I am a fairly horny person. I have noticed this one girl lately who I am starting to get to know. We have started to hang out after being lab partners in chemistry. With finals coming up, I approached her after class.

“Hey! You want to study at my place tonight? Maybe like 7?” I managed to blurt out.

“Sure, I would love to,” she said, smirking. I wondered why she was smiling. Maybe she had noticed me looking at her. God, she was beautiful. She was wearing a tight little miniskirt, with a halter top over those beautiful firm breasts. She had beautiful brown hair that she wore in unbelievably sexy pigtails. Her face was beautiful and perfect. She had a perfect body with wonderful curves. She was trim, but not too thin. I could just imagine her working on my cock as it was already getting hard.

It was 6:45 when I was just getting Antalya Escort the table in my apartment ready. I heard a knock on the door.

“Coming.” I said, almost laughing. I opened the door, and she was grinning.

“So, you’re coming?” she asked.

“No,” I laughed.

“Well, maybe we can change that.”

“What?” I said. I was in disbelief. Was she saying what I thought she was?

“You heard me. I’ve noticed you, James. I know you want me. I need your cock. I want to satisfy you. You know you want it.” She pulled off her shirt to reveal her large, firm breasts. She proceeded to push me over to the couch and unzip my pants. She immediately pulled out my already hard cock, and slowly slid it into her mouth. She was so good. She went at it like a pro. She took off her pants and showed me her wonderful lace panties in hopes of getting me more Antalya Escort Bayan excited. She stroked my member, and started licking the tip. I shuddered with pleasure as she went down over the shaft, and then she licked my testicles, and rolled them around in her mouth. She let out a loud moan, as she deepthroated it. Then, she started sucking and stroking my penis with her velvety lips. I could feel my balls shuddering with the cum I so desperately wanted to shoot into her mouth. She went for one more hard stroke, and I felt the cum shoot into her mouth. We moaned together as my warm, thick cum shot into her mouth.

She kept going until every last drop of warm, thick cum was out of my cock, and down her throat.

“I need your cock. I need you to penetrate my pussy. I am so wet. Do it. Slide your huge cock into my warm, wet vagina.” She took Escort Antalya off her panties slowly, exposing her wet pussy lips. Her clitoris was already aroused. I set her down on the couch, and stared suck on her nipples until they were hard. She let out a low moan. I held my cock out in front of her beautiful pussy. And with a slow, forceful push I slid my cock into her vagina. I started moaning as her pussy lips squeezed my cock, as I started pumping my cock in and out of her warm, wet cunt. She started moaning, and spread her legs even wider, making my cock slide in and out effortlessly.

“OOOOhhhhh, uuuuhhh!! FUCK ME!!! HARDER!!!UUUUUHHHHH!!! I think I’m gonna cum!!!” she yelled. I felt her juices sliding down all over my cock. She laid me down, and started sliding her entire entire body over my slick shaft. My testicles started squeezing, and a ton of cum shot up through the head of my cock, into her hot, soaking wet pussy.

“UUUUUUUUHHHHH!!! I want my cum in your hot cooter,” I moaned. She squeezed my body started licking my neck. She then started licking my tongue. We then fell asleep with my cock still in her tight pussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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