The Hallway

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The seedy, dimly lit corridor. Where it led, I didn’t know. I didn’t care. This, this dark brooding alley was the epitome of rock n roll. For nights, I had seen women trailing men, men trailing men and, women coyly following women in hand to this place. No destination, obviously, except the hallway. Moans were barely audible under the driving sound of the music.

Her dirty blonde hair stuck with sweat to the wall as she slid her head backwards towards the floor, in ecstasy. Her legs wrapped around a face. Long black hair draping over a fluffy white shirt, manicured fingers traced her legs ripping holes in the whore’s already ripped fishnets. Was she a whore? She was then, at that moment. I slowly crept through the hall as if I was someone, as if I knew what the hell I was doing there.

The darkness grew the farther I journeyed through. I calmly stepped over another couple. As I passed I noticed it was two short haired blonde poster boys. One’s vinyl pants clung tightly to his abnormally tailored physique. The other, naked, enjoying the pleasures of his company. I strolled through couples, trio’s. All lost in the moment of the now. Oblivious to anything and everything Maltepe Escort except the lust they were enjoying at that moment in time. No destination, just a hallway of ecstasy.

I spotted her. Leaning against the wall, in the corner, almost invisible. Her dark curly red hair almost hid her face, but I knew she was starring at me. As her crimson fingernails reached to untie her shirt I reached for her. She put her hand on my chest, as if to stop me. She loosened her shirt and tossed her hair over her shoulder. Now gripping me with her hand. Pulling me towards her body. Her erect breasts strained against my body as we collided into the corner. Our rhythms and breathing lost in the hallway’s medley of sounds. Her fingernails reached into my shirt ripping it as she drug her nails across my skin. As we kissed, so passionately, we were lost. We did not care of anything. I didn’t even know her name. As we collapsed into the floor her nails reached into my pants. Covered in a thin layer of sweat, we grabbed and groped in the almost pitch black corridor. Her breasts falling out of her shirt as she reached for me. Taking me in her mouth. Again, her rhythm İstanbul Escort lost in the music. Sliding her tongue around the shaft and taking it all into her mouth. She placed my hand on the back of her head. Our bodies friskily moving together. I rocked my hips into her mouth. She met each thrust with pleasure. Each thrust she took more of me into her mouth. I pulled her head close to me as I thrust deep into her mouth.

She reached to my chest. Pawing at my thin, sweaty body. She slowly slid my cock out of her mouth. Kissing the tip, she slid a fingernail up the length. The slight shiver that ran through my body did not compare to the thriving, anonymous passion we were feeling. I swayed onto the wall. Her lips meeting with mine. She raised her right leg over my left. Facing me, she slid down onto me, slowly. Starring at me, deeper than anyone’s ever starred. She loses herself in ecstasy. She lowers her head, her sweaty hair covered her face. She slowly traced her fingernails up my chest. Teasing me, she began to take only the head into her slippery pussy. She giggled.

I stood up, her knees bent around my legs. We collided into the corner Anadolu Yakası Escort again, this time with more force and even more passion. I began pumping into her wildly. Her screams became audible over the music. In rhythm, with each stroke more force. She began to slide down the wall. She collapsed onto the floor. I gripped her legs and pulled her beautiful body onto my erection.

Her hands climbing the wall, her eyes rolling into her head. Her screams began to disappear. Her mouth open, her eyes lost, unable to scream. Unable to breathe.

Watching her, seeing this beautiful women feel so much pleasure at my touch began to stir the energy inside of me even more. I felt my body become warm, flowing from my face to my legs. I began to gasp for air. Plowing deeper and deeper into her. I felt her pussy contracting around me. Her body began to twist, to flinch. I felt myself coming to the edge. I grabbed her ass and pulled her tight to my body and thrust my cock deep into her hot, shivering pussy.

The warmth explosion out of my cock into her brought upon a white flash of temporary blindness. The jets of cum were never ending, growing with sensation. I could barely hear her purr softly with each spray of cum into her pussy.

She leaned up and threw her arms around my neck. Her pussy still tight on my cock. We collapsed to the floor

We remained lost in the magic of the moment as we lay cuddled in the corner of the hallway.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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