The Headache

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“Alex? Are you in here?”

Rachael had just knocked on the door only to find it open with the lights off. She heard a muffled moan of pain from inside and the sound of a bed creaking. This wasn’t what she expected to find. With finals only days away, most of the other dorm rooms were locked, their occupants away in libraries studying or lit & open with students cramming away at their small desks.


Again, another moan greeted her. She opened the door a little further. Alex was one of the luckier students on campus to get a single dorm room. No room mate meant a lot of privacy, but not much space. She had expected to find Alex & ready to head over to the library to study for professor Gray’s final. She also expected him to be dressed.

Instead, she found him laying on his bed on his back wearing what looked like boxer shorts. One arm at his side, the other on his chest, Alex looked horrible. His chest was rising up and down in time with ragged breathing. His skin was pale and lightly sweaty. His face was clenched in a grimace with his eyes shut tight. He wore a look of agony that Rachael, in her 19 years of life, had only seen the equal to in horror movies.

She moved quickly to his bed side and started to ask if he was all right. Before she could finish the sentence, Alex’s grimace increased, his head turned away from the light streaming in through the door and he waved his arm at it. Understanding, Rachael closed the door as quietly as she could.

“Is this one of your headaches?”

In the gloom coming from the shut curtain, she could see Alex give the slightest hint of a nod. She sighed deeply. Alex would occasionally disappear off the face of the earth for hours at a time. He’d once explained that he suffered from sever migraine headaches. She hadn’t thought anything of it at the time, but now understood just how bad they were.

“Do you want me to leave?” She asked.

Alex didn’t respond for a moment, but eventually gave the slightest hint of shaking his head no.

“Should I call someone? Do you need to go to a hospital?”

Alex shook his head no and managed the slightest whisper. “… can’t help me there.”

Rachael looked down at Alex. He’d been a good friend to her. A gentleman. He’d been out drinking with her and made sure she’d gotten home safe and unmolested. He’d held her hair back the time she got sick and once dropped everything he’d been doing to help her move dorm rooms when it turned out her room mate was psycho. He was an all around nice guy and didn’t deserve to be in such pain.

“Did you take any meds?”

Again, a slight nod. Rachael was remembering more of his explanation about migraines from the first time he’d gone missing for a study group and turned up the next day. He’d told them that he’d tried dozens of medications over the years and nothing helped. He had hinted there was something that could ease the pain, but she didn’t remember him telling them what it was.

Whispering very quietly as noise seemed to aggravate his condition, she asked “What helps? Is there like anything I can do?”

For a moment, it seemed like Alex was coming around. He managed to open his eyes narrowly and focused on her, a bitter smile inching across his lips. He whispered a word too quietly for her to hear.

Rachael leaned in and raised her eyebrows hoping he’d repeat Escort Bayan Esenyurt himself.

Slightly louder Alex said, “… endorphins.” When she looked down at him confused he whispered “… body’s… natural painkillers.” His smile increased and then abruptly vanished, his teeth clenched as he reached up to rub his right temple.

Rachael looked down at him wanting to help but still not sure how. “Do you have them as like a pill somewhere?”

She wasn’t sure if his reply was a laugh or a cough. Which ever it happened to be, it took a heavy toll. It was a good thirty seconds before he stopped gripping his forehead and calmed his breathing.

“… there’re not a pill.” He managed. He glanced at her through nearly shut eyes and, seeing she still wasn’t following, slowly slid his hand down to just below his waist. He casually drummed his fingers against his pubes.

Rachael’s eyes went wide. She remembered hearing from somewhere that endorphins are the chemicals in the body released during sex. Alex wasn’t watching this, but was once again wracked with pain. She’d never thought about him as anything more than a friend, but now took a moment to look at him.

She’d been concentrating on his face, but as her blue eyes glanced down him she realized he had a great body. He had the build of a dancer. Lithe and well defined. Not too hairy with a sexy six pack visible in the dim light. He’d been an amazing friend to her and, looking over at his expression of agony, if was faking this he deserved an Oscar.

After considering for a little while, she asked, “What do you want me to do?” Alex managed to only open one eye this time and looked her over. Rachael was wearing a pink short sleeve shirt, short jean shorts and sandals. Her shoulder length blonde hair was pulled into a pony tale. She was petit, but curvy with a gorgeous face. Some of her friends told her she looked like Drew Barrymore, but she never agreed.

He reached over to where she was sitting and took her hand in his. Slowly, he lead her hand towards his boxers and stopped at his waist line.

Hesitating for a moment, she continued and slid her hand down into his boxers. Her fingers fumbled through his pubes for a moment before finding his cock. Again her eyes went wide.

She pulled the front of his boxers down with her free hand and marveled at his size. She’d only been with two other boys and neither one of them was anywhere near as large. Though he lay perfectly flaccid, he was still bigger than both men were erect.

“Holy shit.” She said a little louder than she’d intended.

Alex managed a grin. Though small, it was the widest he’d managed yet in his current condition.

Rachael’s experience with guys had, so far, been steamy if not a little hurried. Her first time had been in a field in high school and her second was at a party with more than a bit of alcohol involved. This was the first time she’d really been up close & personal with a cock without a boy eager to stick it in her attached to it. She began to study it, running her hand up and down it gently. After a few moments when Alex didn’t even become the least bit hard, any thought that he may be faking left her completely.

She looked over at him as she attempted to coax life from his member, but his condition didn’t seem to have improved Escort Bayan Avcılar much. He was still and his breathing had become more relaxed, but he still looked as though someone was twisting a knife into his forehead.

Minutes went by. Rachael worked diligently, but all she eventually managed was the slightest increase in mass of Alex’s cock.

“Is this working?” She asked patiently?

Alex replied by whispering, “… sorry I’m taking up your study time…”

She wasn’t sure why, but this seemed like a really sweet thing to say given his painful circumstances. She thought about all the times he’d made her smile or saved the day and decided this was her chance to pay him back.

Moving her chair slightly, she leaned over his bed and kissed the head of his cock. Looking up at him, she kissed her way down the shaft and back up again. She’d never given oral sex before and wasn’t sure if she’d be any good at it. Alex shifted slightly and gave the hint of a moan of pleasure when he exhaled. She decided she’d try it.

Holding his cock in her hand and trying to remember stories she’d heard around her dorm, she held it up and gave a hard lick to the bottom of his shaft. Alex’s reaction was to shift more and take a deep breath. Taking this as a good sign, she slipped the head between her lips into her mouth trying hard to open her jaw wide and keep her teeth away from his member.

Her head was in an uncomfortable position and she wasn’t keen on the taste, but she enjoyed the reaction she was seeing. She had complete control over him and was enjoying watching him breath deeply and move. His hips showed signs of life by moving up slightly. Comfortable with the head, she wrapped her hands firmly around the shaft and went to work. She sucked, licked and stroked his member for what seemed like minutes. Had he been well, she imagined he’d be close to orgasm by now.

Instead, Alex’s cock was only now beginning to stiffen. Unfortunately, so had Rachael’s neck. Her jaw was aching, but so was her pussy. She’d started getting wet when she first saw his cock and feeling it clenched in her fists had made her want to clenched somewhere else.

“How you doing?” She asked with a grin, her face flushed and a few strands of hair dangling from her pony tale.

She could tell he was still in pain, but he looked better. His skin looked less pale and his , while not fully open, were now focused on her. “In heaven” he said. She was pleased that his voice, though quiet, was above a whisper.

However, she had his cock out of her mouth now for a few moments and she could see his eye twitch and his hand move to his forehead again. She could tell the pain was coming back.

The situation flashed through Rachael’s brain. He was a good friend. He didn’t deserve to be in pain. What she was doing was helping, but not enough. Her neck & jaw hurt from going down on him for so long which didn’t seem to be enough to get him off or help him through his headache. Her pussy was begging for some attention and she’d finally managed to get him hard enough to…

“Wait” Alex said. He clearly thought Rachael had stood up to go.

She stood up and considered taking off her clothes, but didn’t. This was still just her friend. This was a buddy, not a lover. This wasn’t sex… it was a favor. And she’d always Escort Bayan Beylikdüzü been painfully shy about being naked in front of other women let alone men.

Seeing that his hard on was starting to dissipate and his pain return, Rachael moved as quickly as she dared onto his bed. It was an awkward moment. She got on her knees and straddled him slowly. Even so, the bed moved & creaked awkwardly and Alex winced in pain, the loud noise like a blunt object to his tender head. After a moment, Rachael was over him, her jean shorts riding up to reveal white panties.

Before Alex could build up the strength to protest, Rachael had reached between herself, slid her panties to the side, grabbed Alex’s cock and pushed it against her vulva.

Alex’s eyes shot open and his hands clenched on his friends thighs. After a moment’s fumbling, Rachael felt her wet lips give way and Alex’s cock slide deep into her body. It stretched her, slightly painfully… inch after throbbing inch gliding deep into her body. She gave a grunt of pain mixed with pleasure and grimaced herself. For a moment, their facial expressions matched.

Alex looked shocked. He was staring down at where they were joined… his hips still… terrified & amazed at how tight and hot Rachael’s pussy felt. Rachael observed that he was now fully conscious. His breathing came quickly. She could feel his cock starting to stiffen against your bare walls.

“Condom?” He asked with a look of unease.

She didn’t answer. She just sat on his cock. It was her first time without a condom and the first time she’d had sex sober for years. She had a look of determination on her face. She was savoring the feeling of his cock inside her. She could feel his heart pounding deep inside her.

“On the pill?” He asked with a further look of unease.

Part of her realized how carried away she was getting and how stupid this probably was. She didn’t care. She shook her head to indicate no and then shifted up and down on his cock, her eyes rolling back in her head for a moment as the ridge of his thickly growing head rubbed her g-spot.

Sounding fully aware and awake, Alex asked tentatively, “An orgasm would be a bad idea then?”

“No… well… it’s okay. My room mate has some plan B… the morning after pill.” As she said the words, she became more sure of them and started to grind her hips onto his member feeling her clit getting more and more sensitive.

Looking like a normal person again, Alex started to join in. He moved underneath her, forming a rhythm with her.

Alex grit his teeth. His hands were moving all over her thighs, caressing the smooth skin near her pubes. His breathing was coming in sharp breaths now. It wasn’t long before he said with some urgency “I need to cum”.

She was at the edge of her own orgasm and when she saw his face grimace in pleasure instead of pain, she felt her bare pussy clamp down on Alex’s cock which gave a tremendous spasm. She felt a jolt near her belly and then heat flooding into her. She cried out as all of their muscles strained together, both of them wearing looks of agony not caused by pain. The orgasm shook her like nothing she’d ever felt before. The vivid feeling of Alex’s member erupting inside her was almost too much for her to take. She moaned so loud she was sure people two floors away in the dorm would hear.

She collapsed on top of him, her clothes still on. Both of them were sweating and breathing hard. She could feel their mixed juices dripping from her pussy.

Neither one of them spoke or left that night. They stayed there and fell asleep early. The next day, they both went to study wondering if they were friends or lovers.

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