The Healer Ch. 05

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Chapter 4: Doreen

And so, Malcolm went on his way, and Esme went hers. He left that fall for college, heading towards the University of Oregon, with an undeclared major.

It was hard on his mom when he left. Since his dad bolted, she was dependent on him, liked having him around. She still dated, hell she was a good looking woman and had friends, but he was her boy and the house would be empty without him.

He wasn’t going to dorm it, not with being a healer, and since dad was paying he rented a great little guest cottage in an area right outside of town in the orchard area. Oregon had a lot of orchards. Apples, berries, pears, all kinds of wonderful things. It was only 15 minutes from campus and was literally, out in farm country.

He rented from a couple in their late thirties, the Williamsons. Husband and wife psychologists that were fairly well known for their books. Part of the reason for renting the guest house was they were gone a lot on book tours and such and wanted someone on the premises to watch over it.

They liked him and checked out the references and were delighted with the arrangement. So was he. The guest house was about 200 yards from the main house, separated by a massive Japanese garden.

The bedroom was on the second floor and was huge and overlooked the apple orchard to the west. He would get the afternoon sun. It had a full stocked kitchen, beautifully decorated living room, a second smaller bedroom and a studio/office. The bedroom had sliding glass doors which led to a second story balcony. He couldn’t believe his luck. The Williamsons went off on tour and he settled in to a class routine. He met some people, went to a few parties, a few football games, hung out at Taylor’s Pub, right on campus and wondered about the future. He didn’t have the faintest idea of what to do next about his healing, or my life. But this was sweet.

He dated a few girls, but nothing had developed. He might be a sexual healer, but he couldn’t really talk about it, and didn’t want to take advantage of it either. He was just walking in the door of the cottage after his last class on a Tuesday in late October, when the phone rang. He picked it up.

“Hello.” He said.

“Hello. Uh. Is this Malcolm?” A woman’s voice asked.

“Yes, it is.” He tried to place the voice but couldn’t.

“Hi, Malcolm. You don’t know me. My name is Doreen. A mutual friend of ours said I should call you. I hope that’s okay.”

“Sure. I guess. Who’s the friend?”

“Esme.” She replied

“Oh.” He wasn’t sure what to say. The voice on the other end giggled.

“Well, Doreen. I am a bit surprised. I haven’t heard from Esme in a while. Last I heard she was settling in nicely in Boston. Is that where you are?”

“Oh, Esme is doing great. She, uh, is great. No, actually, I’m here in Eugene, at the airport.”

“Here?” My mind was swirling with thoughts “Where are you staying?”

“I don’t know yet. I just got in, and Esme said to call you. I’m, uh, I’m, oh this is so hard. I’m in need of your special abilities. Oh, god, that sounded so stupid.”

“No. It really didn’t Doreen. Know I now. Did you want me to come pick you up? The airport isn’t far.”

“There’s a cab right outside waiting, I have your address. I could just pop over. It’d be faster.”

“Okay. Sure, that’d be great.”


“Yes, Doreen?”

“I’m really nervous.”

He laughed. “So am I, Doreen. But it’ll be alright. Come by, we’ll talk.”

She was ten minutes away. He hurriedly picked up around the house and wondered about her. Esme sent her, so he gathered this would be his second healing. He ran upstairs and looked through the closet. He needed something that made him look older, more healer-like. To inspire confidence. Then he laughed at that. Play it by ear, if she knew Esme, then she knew.

He threw on a black tee shirt and grabbed the dark gray corduroy suit jacket.

He heard a car pull up and halfway downstairs stopped on the stairway. Be professional. Prepare yourself. She might be terribly disfigured or horrible in some way. It would be best not to show shock. I steeled my mind and opened the front door.

The cabbie had the trunk open and was getting a suitcase out. He could see her behind him, but not clearly. She another smaller bag on her arm. They went around the other side of the car and she pulled out a wallet and paid him.

He drove off and she picked up her bag and strolled this way. She was tiny. Maybe 5′ tall, blond and smiled like a long-lost friend coming to visit.

He went out to greet her and she put down her bag and put out her hand. He shook it and they said hello.

“This is weird.” She said. She looked around, seemingly pleased. “Good, I think. Very good. But I’ve never done anything like this before.”

Without thinking, for some strange reason he bent down and kissed her forehead gently. “Don’t worry, Doreen. You’re among friends, nothing bad is going to happen.” Her face dimmed and porno izle a tear ran out of one eye.

“Come on.” He said. Picking up her suitcase. “Let’s go in.”

Her blond hair was short, and feathered. She wore black framed glasses. Her eyes were blue, and what once would have been called “googly” eyes, eyes that always seemed to be surprised and interested by something, eyes that seemed to be catching all the wonder on this ride through space and time.

Her nose was a little too big for her face, and her mouth was too wide with lips I wanted to dive into. Somehow it all came together for her. She wouldn’t ever be called pretty, but people would look twice when she came into a room..

They sat at the kitchen table and drank coffee and chatted. They talked of Esme and school like They were old friends. She had an MBA and so far hadn’t been able to latch onto the job she really wanted, it was slim pickings in this economy. She was working phones for a small brokerage firm and hated it and the money wasn’t going far enough. She was 28.

“Esme said you could fix me. She told me about your, er, adventure and her change.” she said.

“Well.” He replied “Esme seems to be the expert on this. I would certainly be willing to try.”

“The old college try, huh?” she said and giggled.

He laughed too. Making love to her would not be the worst duty in the world, that He was sure of and was starting to get an erection just thinking about it.

She was so different than Esme. Esme was dark and lush and dangerous looking. Doreen was light and compact, trim without any extra flash. She was blond and light and had an ass that would make a tangerine jealous.

She stood up across from me and raised her sweater up to her neck. She wore no bra, nor needed one. She coyly turned her head, baring herself to a younger man in his kitchen within an hour of meeting him. He watched those pert little breasts nipple out in the late afternoon light. Her nipples were bright pink and large and must’ve measured an inch. “These.” she said.

“Doreen?” I asked, confused.

“Breast cancer. Inoperable and has now spread. I might have six months, maybe a year. I refused chemo. I watched my mom through that and there was no way I could do it. I didn’t know what to do, and I met Esme at the counseling center. And here I am.” Her voice broke and her tears started to come.

He stood up and went over and put my arms around her. She reached around my back and I could feel her steel-like nipples against my chest. She fit perfectly in my chest to where I could just lean in and kiss the top of her head.

She shuddered and He held her.

“Shush.” he said. “It’s going to be alright now. You’ll be a new woman in the morning. Though I must confess, I’m pretty thrilled with this one.”

She turned up her face and pulled me to her and we kissed, long and sweet and wet. Her lips responded to mine and her tongue was both bold and hesitant and extremely creative. I started to hurt with want for her.

“You want to go watch the sunset from upstairs?” he asked with a feigned leer.

“Yes. Should we race?” she laughed wiping away the tears.

“You’d win. You always will, Doreen.”, he said and went over to the counter, grabbed the ice bucket mom had demanded he take, filled it with ice from the bin, ran some cold water in and opened the refrigerator, pulled out two bottles of Schramsburg sparkling wine and a bottle of Crème de Cassis, put them in, turned and said “Onetwothree, go!” and he hustled for the stairs. She was on it and got there first and bounded up the stairs, which he didn’t mind watching that delectable ass bounding right in front of him.

She got to the top of the stairs and looked both ways, not knowing which way to go. She turned left, I went right shouting over my shoulder “Nope.” and ran into the bedroom. She came in right after me.

“Okay, you win.” she panted.

“And what do I win, Doreen?” I said as I put the bucket and glasses down on the table by the windows. I looked over at her, intently awaiting her answer.

“Any. Thing. You. Want.” she said, hitting each word hard.

“Oooh” He said “I think we’re going to be very good at this.”

He made two Kir Royales quickly and held one out to her. “To us.” she said and they gently clinked glasses and drank. “I was worried this would be hard, Malcolm. Clinical, not fun. I’m not worried now.”

“Naked. Now. Out to the deck.” I said, put my drink down, kicked off my shoes and bent down to pull off the socks. She didn’t miss a beat. She kicked off her boots and pulled off white cotton socks. She pulled that sweater back right over her head and tossed it. She was unbuttoning her pants and I said “Stop.”

She looked at him. He pulled off his shirt. Peeled his pants down and kicked them away. He wore no underwear. He knelt in front of her and reached to her zipper and pulled it down slowly. With his left hand he reached up and stroked her nipple and heard her gasp. porno Then he tugged those pants from the hips and she shimmied a little and they came down. He pulled each leg off and tossed them. She wore black panties and had legs that might have been sculpted.

He reached around to cup her ass and pulled her to him and kissed her under the belly button. Then he hooked his fingers in the waistband and tugged, and she shimmied again, a kick and she was all exposed to him now.

She had a trim blonde bush and he bent down to kiss it. She moaned and held his head to her. He stepped back and looked at it. He reached a finger and stroked her lips. She was getting wet already, and it was all pink on the inside.

“Outside” he said “Bring your drink.”

And he slid the glass door open and she followed. The deck overlooked the apple orchard next door and the sun was getting closer to the horizon, going orange now.

“Holy shit.” she said “You have a Jacuzzi up here?”

“The owners. Crazy shrinks with too much money, but this works for me. Not a bad place for a college guy, huh? Nobody can see us up here either.”

They got in. It was hot, he kept it hot. They toasted again and leaned back and watched the sun going down. She reached over and slowly stroked his cock, which was now almost bursting and tickled his balls, and it just seemed all so right.

And as it has for millennia, the sun passed behind the horizon, firing up heavy clouds with reds and purples. She looked great in this light. She still had her glasses on.

“You look great in this light, Doreen. Good enough to eat. You ever take those off?” I said, pointing to her glasses.

“Oh, sometimes I do. Who knows you may get lucky later on. And I’ll really get naked for you.” she giggled.

They had soaped each other in the shower, and had kept the fooling around to a minimum, wanting to move to the main stage. The kissing however had almost become violent with tongues as weapons and soapy bodies slithering against each other.

They had toweled each other dry and had fresh drinks. He sat on the edge of the bed and looked at her standing at the glass window, naked, looking out at the last dying rays of the sun.

“You look like a goddess standing there. Like this petit woman who rules over all she can she. A goddess with an ass like a peach.”

She half turned her face and in her deepest voice said “Talk is cheap, buster.” She was just the barest bit of tipsy and it looked good on her.

“Bring it here now, Doreen.”

Without a word, she turned and put her drink down on the nightstand, walked around in front of him, turned her back to him and bent over. He grabbed her hips and moved her up a bit and fell to his knees and kissed each cheek. Then he smacked one with his hand. He ran his tongue down her furrow and flicked it at her little puckered anus. He licked her until she began to say a string of “Oh”s, and he wanted more.

He took his face away and turned her so her ass was facing the bed and he pushed her stomach gently so she went back and as she did he reached under her legs to her knees and spread her legs wide and knelt in and kissed her waiting pussy.

He worked her clit with his lips and tongue, darting in and out of her opening, around and around with gentle nips to her lips and blowing on that now very wet area. He increased his tempo on her tensing clit and slipped two fingers in her pussy and the pinky up her ass and worked her faster and faster until she came loudly, little spasms electrifying her for a good seven or eight seconds. She tasted like burnt orange and honey.

He got up and pulled open the nightstand drawer and pulled out a small jar. He uncapped it and came over and sat on the bed next to her, reached over and pulled her up until she was standing, still a little glassy eyed from the orgasm. He turned her and with her back facing him told her to bend over. She did looking back at him quizzically.

He put two fingers in the jar and wiped them on her tiny star shaped ass opening, he covered the area around it an put in his index finger and worked it. He put two fingers back in the jar and inserted them and worked them. And then three. She was giving little grunts of surprise and discomfort, but went along. He put the jar down, sat back and adjusted her so her legs were outside his. Then, hands on her hips, brought her down to where her little greased pucker was right at the tip of the head of his cock.

He had focused and made his cock as small and thin as he could. It was about five inches long and slightly thicker than a regular hot dog. He pulled her down on it and his cock went about an inch inside her. She moaned. Even with the jelly, it did not want to give up its passage easily. She was tiny and she was tight. But the sphincter muscle is not only delightful, but as flexible as any muscle in the human body.

He worked very slowly pushing and withdrawing by millimeters, ever slowly working deeper. She began rokettube to push back diligently and he heard her say “No. Me.” She set the rhythm and the pace and punctuated by little yelps of pain, working up and down she managed to take it all in. She had reached down and was stroking her clit while pistoning down on his cock. He was excited watching her take him all the way in and back out, and he could feel the warmth and pressure building in his balls. He could come at almost any time now. She was going faster and faster and he made his cock grow just a little more. A few more strokes and she began to cum first. She cursed like a whore in a sailor’s bar and kept fucking. She was loud again, screaming “Oh. Oh”. Again and again.

Her body shook like a rag doll pinned against his cock with each jolt through her sopping, oily channel and when he let go and came, splattering her insides with hot, sticky cum, she went into overdrive. She jerked like someone electrocuted and the sounds coming from her mouth were barely human.

Spurts seven and eight hit her as hard as the first, the ninth slowing in response to her movements. She came to rest all the way down on his cock and shook. She was shaking like someone in the stiffest, coldest wind imaginable and my cock saluted her effort with indescribable series of pleasurable jolts from the back of his head to the tip of his cock.

Finally, catching her breath and letting the shaking subside she pulled forward and his cock came free with a distinctive “pop”. The cum spilled out her ass and down her legs. She wobbled over to the head of the bed, wobbling and sank down on that gorgeous, now well used as and reached out for her drink, hoisted it and drank it down in three major gulps. Then she wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and smiled wanly at him.

“I’ve never done that before.” She said. “God, I’ve never, ever cum like that before. I thought you were going to split me in half, and I loved it. Am I hooked?”

He laughed. “No, you’re just a perfectly healthy young woman who enjoys all the pleasures of life. You’ll maybe mix it in from time to time. All the rest is still good. As you’ll see.”

She put her hands up and faked shock, her face a perfect example of it. She handed me her glass. “Freshen my drink and I’ll suck you off, Count Chocula.”

He did. He ran a soapy wash cloth over his parts and rinsed and brought fresh drinks to bed. The stars were out now and a Cheshire moon smiled at us as it rose. He put off all the lights and lit the fireplace, which cast a flickering orange glow on everything. They lay down and talked a while, drank and smoked, Sitting up against the headboard.

At one point she turned to him and asked, “What you said before. About me being a healthy young woman. Am I? Am I really healthy again?”

“You will be” he said.

She shifted her weight and slid down some and said “Well, then. I think it’s about time I suck your cock.” And she did.

She took me tentatively in her mouth and I changed my position so I was kneeling with my half-hard cock pressed up against her lips. I leaned forward and she opened and took a few inches in, running her tongue across the shaft and tip. He slowly moved, watching it disappear into her mouth, a little more every time. It was like dipping it in a jar of warm honey. He grew harder and didn’t focus and it finally got to be his normal hard-on, about 8 inches. It was a mellow mouth fuck.

She went under him and licked his balls and sucked them one at a time into that sweet mouth, ran her tongue over his perineum, flicking wetly and moved down, probing his ass with slurping sounds. She moved swiftly and got off the bed and pulled his legs around, she knelt with him on the edge of the bed and spread his legs and raised them exposing his parts completely, raised for her attention. She looked at his parts for a moment, and then into his eyes and then she bent and began licking his ass and working up over his balls and up his cock. She would go down on it slowly, using lots of saliva and back up and around the horn again and again.

Finally, mouth stretched tight around his shaft she plunged down and he could feel himself enter her throat. That little woman had taken him all in. She held him there and then went back up and all the way down, throat fucking him. He was feeling it now, the joyful burn beginning to form. Now he acted.

He dropped his legs and sprung up, to her surprise. He picked her up and turned her around in the air and dropped her unceremoniously on her back on the bed with her head hanging over the edge. He leaned over her and she licked at his hanging balls as he moved slightly to her movement. He moved forward so she could tickle his ass as he felt her probing pink dagger poking in and out with ecstatic results.

He was close and put his cock in her mouth and began pumping. She took it in and he thrust until he found her throat positioned just right and plunged. He was deep in her throat now. Her legs were spread and she was masturbating. They were both grunting now. He from the effort and she because her mouth and throat were full of hard, hot cock. She was snorting trying to breathe. She was incredible.

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