The Holiday Season

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I am an artist, performer, writer and model. I had scheduled two holiday performances on the same weekend evening. The first a very smart restaurant so had to be quite demur. Whenever I’m on stage, I always get excited which means wet and horny. I had chosen a shortish black dress and displayed my legs as well as ample cleavage but that was it. I had to be mindful of what I displayed and keep myself presentable as it’s a future source or work for me. All went well, I enjoyed the performance as well as the feeling having nothing on under my dress.

I went from there to my second venue, a party at another place, this was an outdoor venue. A very different kind of thing…bikers and rockers…mostly men and much more raunchy. So I only had to do a few numbers there and then I could enjoy myself. I was pretty tired from my earlier gig but got on stage and started a few numbers. Being higher up I knew that a few of the audience could see up my dress if I went to the edge of the stage, any bending or squatting would reveal more…there’s a great sense of power up there as well as a much keener sense of excitement for me. I soon gave a few blokes a good look, enough that they knew I was knicker-less, that got them going and they wanted me to show more. I stood legs apart right on the edge of the stage singing an ACDC number and they were feeling up my legs…As the number came to an end I squatted down and with my legs parted they were looking at my now wet open cunt. They made a few attempts to feel me but I was just playing with them. After the set I was helped off the stage at the back by a security guard. I felt his hands on my bum as he lifted me off the stage sliding me down his body to the ground, his hands pulling up my dress as he did this lifting it up so he was feeling my bare arse. I was so close to him and kissed him as a thank you. A friend had ways I might enjoy this evening more by being more bold and I had vowed to do just that. As he had suggested I reached between us and stroked his quite firm cock, feeling him twitch as my small hand stroked him.

God I was needing a few drinks and some food…So went to the refreshment area and grabbed myself a large glass of wine and some food from the buffet. As I sat down to eat, two guys came and started to flirt. Neither was really my type but both were nice enough. They asked me to dance. I said get me another drink and I will. I danced in their arms one after the other both were trying to feel me up my dress and looking at my cleavage…I made sure that I got a good feel of the first guy. The next one was shyer and more gentlemanly but he had a real hard cock and i let him press against me as he moved with me. This time I managed to get my hand inside his pants and held his cock skin to skin…I was nearly wanking him. He moaned in my ear that he was close but I didn’t want cum on my dress so I stopped.

I danced with half a dozen or so men and I got to feel up every one of them, some hard some firm. An older gentleman asked for a dance and held me properly in a old fashioned way. I wanted to get him closer so I changed my position till his arms were around my waist my head on his shoulder he held me tight and I could feel him getting hard against my tummy and thigh. He was telling me how beautiful I was and I felt very sexy. I told him I could feel him against me and I liked it. This made him bolder still and I Van Escort lifted my face to him so he could kiss me. I just melted into him as he placed his hands around me…one hand drifted onto my bottom and the other around my back. He asked if I was naked under the dress, I said maybe we should go and find out.

We went behind the stage and across the area out of the main lights. I turned and faced him. I kissed him again deep and sensuous. He asked me again are you naked under your dress so I just lifted my hands up and said that’s for you to find out. He lifted my dress from the hem up and over my head and arms. I stood there naked but for my shoes and stockings. There was enough moonlight for him to see me clearly and so could anyone else who cared to be out there. He knelt and pulled me to his mouth, his fingers and tongue opening me tasting and exploring my very wet cunny I parted my legs so he could explore deeper and lent back against a tree. I was moving against his mouth rubbing my clit on his tongue and feeling his fingers in my pussy. It wasn’t long before I felt my orgasm building to that point of release, that moment when the wave crashes over me…I cried out as he brought me off. Quickly he stood and turned me around and having dropped his trousers I felt his quite large cock opening my cunt. I adjusted my position to allow him deeper entry and he stretched me wide as the head of his cock parted my labia and he pushed into me, he started to get a good deep rhythm. I rarely ever orgasm through penetration alone but I love the feeling of fullness, of possession. That feeling as a man pushes into me bumping against my cervix. It’s a complete sensation both physical and emotional. He was fucking me hard and deep and despite his age was very vigorous. I was forced to brace my legs and hold onto the tree hard as he increased his thrusting.

Maybe it was his size, his thickness more than length or the music I could hear and the voices of the party. Maybe it was the warm moonlit night and being naked in full view taken by a man old enough to be my father, whatever it was maybe all of it…my orgasm hit me very fast and I was gasping and moaning as I felt that overwhelming sensation and my pussy spasmed and contracted around his length. He groaned a deep guttural moan and thrust deeper than ever as he pulsed inside me holding me against him buried deep I could hardly remain upright held only by his cock and his hands my legs quivering as I tried to remain with him and he exploded deep inside me. As he softened and relaxed I slumped to my knees my legs wide, my cunny leaking his cum it must have been a fine sight. He sat next to me holding me as I recovered. He kissed me tenderly as I regained some composure. After a few minutes in his arms I stood shakily and picked up my dress. He asked if we could stay together and chat as he didn’t want to just run off. He wanted to know the woman he’s just enjoyed so much. I slipped my dress on and he held my hand as we walked back to the party. We found a table and he brought me more wine.

I had to ask him why he was here as he didn’t seem to be of and age to attend such a party. He explained that he had brought his young nephew. We told each other our situations. He was a widower only recently loosing his wife last year and this was the first time he’d really left the house and only then because his sister had Van Escort Bayan dropped her son on him at the last minute. He told me this was the first sex he’d had for over 2 years and thanked me over and over again. He praised my beauty and my sexiness and said he’d not experienced such open female sexuality before nor, he confessed such a tight wet pussy. We chatted for a while. I was admiring this gentle man, his handsome face, his grey hair and blue eyes. Enjoying the after glow of his love making. My pussy still tingling as it remembered his cock. He asked me for a favor, but then apologized for even thinking it. I thought he was going to ask me to enjoy my body again but after I convinced him to tell me it was quite a surprise that it was his nephew that he wanted me to go with. I agreed to meet him and made no promises. He excused himself and went to look for his nephew, leaving me feeling quite stunned but a little excited too that heady mixture of fear and arousal that i enjoy so much.

He returned after a few minutes with a young man who looked like he was far too young to be interested in me. He introduced me to his Nephew who took my hand and shook it. Nervously Ed asked me if we could go for another walk holding out his hand and I took it quickly swallowing my wine and so we walked hand in hand across to where we were before with young Sam trailing behind us.

I turned and stood with my back to the tree as I had before and Ed kissed me deeply and caressed me running his hands over my dress across my breasts and down over my hips all the time kissing me with some passion. I could feel his cock harden and I moved to feel him. He stopped me and stepping back I remembered young Sam.

Ed spoke to Sam in hushed tones Sam nodding rapidly. I watched as Sam moved to me and kissed me like his uncle had. He was a little shorter and slimmer but we started to make out. He was a good kisser alternating between passion and tenderness so I thought that he’d done this before. As he started to feel my breasts and generally letting his hands run freely over my body I wondered what Ed’s sister, Sam’s mother would think, she would be about my age. I had a moment of panic but as I thought that, Sam’s hand was up my dress feeling my cunt and I was feeling his hard young cock through his trousers. We kissed and felt for a while and then Ed was there and told Sam to undress me.

Almost a repeat of before young Sam pulled my dress off over my head exposing my body to the world. I wanted him to see me and experience everything. I knelt down and undressed him freeing his young very hard cock he wasn’t like his uncle but long and thick enough for any woman to love having got him naked from the waist. I took his cock in my mouth swallowing him as deep as I could he gasped and said “oh fuck” as I began to suck his cock. He held my head as he began to move his hips and before long had buried himself all the way so my nose was buried in his pubes and his head in my throat as i let him use me. I always know when a man is at the point of no return, that sweet moment when he knows he will cum even if he wants to hold off. Sam was there his movements becoming less co-ordinated and his balls tighten as he pulsed in my mouth sending a steady stream of cum into my throat. I swallowed as much as I could letting the remainder spill from my mouth.

Ed had completely stripped Escort Van and lay on the ground his thick cock hard and ready I squatted over him holding his cock at my opening before letting myself impale my cunt on his cock. I rode him hard and fast my sweat and juices running over him. He grabbed my swinging breasts and kneaded them pinching my nipples hard before bringing me down and kissing me deeply tasting his nephews cum without a hint of hesitation. Ed was thrusting into me as I equally rode him. His cock so deep in me hitting my cervix over and over. We were like animals, grunts and gasps coming from us both before he yelled out I’m cumming and once again I felt his cum spurting into me. I continued to ride him savoring the wonderful sensations he was causing and I lent back, my face to the stars as he slowly began to wilt.

Before I could think of anything better Sam lifted me off his uncle and with the recovery of a young teen put me on all fours and spread my legs my head down on Ed’s chest as he pushed his cock into my wet dripping orifice…slipping in and giving me the fuck of my life, slamming into me holding my hips and then smacking my arse. Ed held me and kissed me as Sam tore an orgasm out of me. He put his hand between us and opened my arse with his finger digitally fucking me there at the same intensity as his cock in my cunt. I heard myself crying out “fuck me fuck me” over and over as he plowed into my willing body and his uncle held me tightly kissing me and murmuring how wonderful I was. I’ve never really enjoyed any kind of anal play but Sam’s young finger was now deep in my arse as was his cock buried in my pussy. I could feel every thrust, over and over he used my body, His young hard strong body tensed and thrust again then, with a cry he spewed his cum into me ramming it as deep as he could i felt myself collapse onto Ed’s chest my legs turned to jelly and my cunt and arse full of cock and finger,

Sam pulled out of me and lay next to us both…his chest heaving with his recent exercise, we all lay in a tangle of limbs and bodies as we all relaxed into that wonderful post coital bliss. I could feel their combined juices dripping out of my quite open pussy running down into the crack of my bottom resting in my recently fingered arse hole. As our breathing eased from the passions and physical exertions, it was some time before any of us could speak. They both held me, kissing me cuddling, stroking, loving me and i felt warm and secure. Gently Ed and Sam parted my legs and they both slowly and carefully began to clean me with their mouths long soft kisses and licks as they shared each others cum and my own wetness before kissing me and letting me taste them both, a perfect end to our session. They both helped me up to my feet and Sam dressed me before dressing himself and making sure we didn’t look to much like we had just been involved in one of the most intense sexual adventure that I’d ever had.

What I loved about it is that they didn’t just abandon me but stayed and brought me drinks and food and chatted, it was as if I’d known them forever. Eventually the night drew to a close and I knew my husband would be along to collect me, so we said our goodbyes and although we may never meet again I really would love to renew our connection.

Strangely, I did see Sam again a few days after. He was in a local supermarket with a woman I could only presume was his Mum, Ed’s sister. He saw me and smiled but didn’t make any further contact. I watched his Mum and thought wow, she is just like me, same age, physical size,hair colour and style. I wonder what Sam was thinking as he fucked me…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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