The Hot Tub Pt. 03

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One Saturday, Lisa woke to feel Rick’s hand caressing her. He was spooning her. His hand glided over her stomach, up between her breasts, then gently cupped one. She felt his manhood, pressed up against her, hardening. she opened her eyes to see Maggie, his mother, and their other lover, still sleeping.

Rick was now nibbling on her neck. His hand slipped between her legs and ran a finger over her moistening slit.

“Mmmm…” she murmured. And turned her head for a kiss.

He resumed kissing her neck and working her pussy. She was getting turned on and her now wet womanhood was what Rick was hoping for.

Lisa murmured again and Maggie opened her eyes. There were her lovers in gentle foreplay, Lisa’s eyes closed taking it in. As Rick continued to attend Lisa’s love box, Maggie ran a finger over Lisa’s nipple.

The women locked eyes. Maggie could see the pleasure in Lisa’s face. Then Rick lifted her leg and pressed his cock at her entrance.

“Oh yes!” Lisa whispered as his rod entered her, and Maggie lightly pinched a nipple.

Rick ran his hand back to Lisa’s breasts and began playing with them. Maggie moved closer and gave her a kiss then slipped a finger to Lisa’s clit. Rick began pumping his shaft in and out, slowly, and deeply.

Maggie loved seeing her lovers like this, especially her son. To see him in passion for her or Lisa was a pleasure in itself.

Lisa was moaning now, and Rick increased his thrusts. Lisa pulled Maggie in for a deep kiss. Her breathing was labored. Maggie could see she was close.

“Oh… yes… Fuck me! God… Fuck! Yes… Oh…Ohhhh.”

Lisa’s body spasmed as the orgasm came. Rick couldn’t hold it any longer, seeing this woman his cock was in, cumming.

“Ah!” he groaned as he unleashed his cum inside Lisa.

Maggie watched enthralled. She never tired of seeing her son in the throes of orgasm.

When it was over Lisa pulled Rick’s head in for another kiss. Then Maggie kissed them both.

Rick drifted back to sleep. The women slipped out of bed and quietly dressed., then headed to the kitchen.

“Lisa. One thing. I think we both should let Rick know he’s free anytime to find someone else. Someone his own age.”

“Yes, I know.” Lisa replied. But her eyes said otherwise. “And us?”

“I’m not going anywhere.” Maggie declared. And gave her a hug.

When Rick appeared, Maggie repeated the agreement. He wasn’t bound to them. Rick protested he only wanted them. But they reiterated if he found anyone new, he was free.

November came. The hot tub was still inviting. Sometimes they’d snuggled. Sometimes it was passionate lovemaking. Lovemaking occurred almost every night. If not all three, then two might pair off. Maggie particularly liked to watch the others fuck passionately. She loved it when Rick came inside Lisa or when she swallowed his cum, and just seeing the intensity of those orgasms. And she loved him cumming in her mouth.


One Monday on campus, Rick saw Rebecca, his old flame at the end of the day. She had seen him and was walking over.

“Rick, Hi!”

“Hi Becky.”

“Where’re you headed?” Becky asked.


“Can I walk with you?”

“Sure, Becky.”

“Rick, I want to apologize about breaking up.”

“Nothing to apologize for. You found someone else. You had no obligation to me. And you told me straight up. You could have cheated on me, but you didn’t.”

“I was blunt.”

“No, you were honest… It’s a rare trait. One of your many good traits.”

“Oh, you know how to compliment a woman don’t you.” She smiled.

Those words hit him. They were almost Lisa’s words.

“Becky…” He paused. They were almost at the parking garage. “Becky, you owe me nothing.”

“An explanation, maybe?”

He looked at her. He didn’t want to get burned again. “If you need to. But you owe me nothing.” He pointed at a bench. They sat.

“Rick it wasn’t another guy. It was a woman.”

After having seeing Maggie and Lisa make passionate love it wasn’t a big deal.

“If your tastes have turned to women then all the more reason to break up with me.”

“She was a senior. Something about her, I was so infatuated with her. She demanded it was her or you.” She continued.

“You keep using the word ‘was’.”

“Yes. Well, she was a great lover, at least at first. It became about her, though; what she wanted. She became controlling and I knew I had made a mistake.”

He wondered where she was heading. He feared where she was headed.

“So, we broke up.” She continued. Then paused. “I’m sure you found someone new.”

A knot was in his stomach. His old feelings for her were welling up. Yet he had all the sex he wanted now. And how could he explain the ‘someone new.’

“Well, kinda…”

“Kinda?” She asked.

“It’s kinda complicated. Becky, what do you want?”

“I guess I blew it. No going back. I’m sorry, Rick. It was a temptation I couldn’t pass up. And I screwed up what we had. You have someone else.”

He looked at the ground. Two paths. The knot grew tighter. “Becky, can we talk Magosa Escort about this tomorrow?”


“Four, after my last class. Meet me here.”

“Yes,” She responded. “See you tomorrow then.”

They parted. Rick drove home. Maggie and Lisa’s admonition to give them up if he found someone repeated in his head.

Maggie came home to find Rick stretched out on the sofa. “Come on Rick, we’re eating at Lisa’s tonight.”

“I’m not hungry. You go.”

Maggie went into mother mode. “Rick? Are you okay?” She tried to read the look on his face.

After a pause, he started, “Remember Rebecca? We talked today. I think she wants me back.”

“Do you want her back? You know we told you were free…”

“I know, I know.” He cut her off. Then, “I’m sorry. I don’t know what I want.”

“Do you still like her?”

He said nothing.

“Come, let’s eat. Lisa deserves a share in this conversation.”

Through the back gate, they let themselves in.

Lisa greeted Maggie with a kiss and hug. She saw Rick was out of sorts. “You look like you need a hug.” She smiled.

He hugged her and held her. Lisa knew there was something up. She looked at him.

“He met his old flame today.” Maggie started.

“Well, food is almost ready. Let’s talk over dinner.”

Maggie and Rick set the table.

They sat. Lisa poured Maggie some wine. Rick offered his glass. “Not in the state you in!”

“So, tell me about…”

“Rebecca, Becky.” He trailed off.

“Quite a looker. I met she a couple times.” Maggie picked up the thread. “Blond, blue eyed. What? Five-foot, Rick? And that smile! She could hook any guy.”

“And she picked Rick. Shows good taste.” Lisa added. “When did you meet?”

“Last semester. February.”

“Come on, spill it. Good in bed?” Lisa probed.

“Yeah, here roommate was gone a lot. It was fun turning her on. And once here. When Maggie was away.”

“You made love to Becky at home? You never mentioned that.”

“What, like I was supposed to say ‘Hi mom! welcome home. Becky and I fucked in every room in the house while you were gone.'”

Lisa laughed, “Knowing you, I bet you did fuck her in every room.”

A smile came to Ricks face, remembering it.

“Then as school started, she dumped me for someone else.”

“He must have been something to dump YOU for.” Lisa interjected.

“Her! She fell for a woman. But she found it was a mistake and hinted she wanted me back. She apologized a lot.”

“If you pleased her like you pleased us no wonder she wants you back.” Lisa interjected.

“She asked if I was involved.”


“I told her it was complicated.”

“It is that!” Lisa said.

“And what do you want, Rick?” His mother asked. “We always said you are not bound to us. This… this thing we have can’t last.”

“I know, I know! But I like what we have.”

“The sex that is.” Lisa teased.

“No!” He exclaimed, then reflected. “It’s more. I hope it’s more for you. I’m not ready to give you up. Neither of you.”

“Rick,” Lisa started, looking at Maggie for reassurance, “I like what we have. But I know it can’t last.” She paused. “We can’t decide for you. I know I have a bias here. But follow your heart.”

They slept together that night. Maggie and Rick made slow passionate love; face to face, missionary style. Maggie found this position incredibly intense. Her son looking at her, kissing her as his cock was deep inside her. Their climax was intense as Lisa watched. Maggie held him, knowing his sperm was inside her, and wondering if this was the last time.


He found her waiting at the bench, despite being five minutes early himself.

“Hi Becky.”


He sat next to her. Neither said anything. Finally, Rick spoke. “Becky, tell me. What do you want?”

“Is our relation truly over, Rick. No chance to start over?”

He paused, “Becky… I’ll be frank, you broke my heart. And I moved on. Now you want to start fresh.”

“Yeah, it was pretty stupid of me.”

“No… I mean… I dunno.” He paused again. “Yes, I do have feelings for you. But…”

“But this other relation.” She interrupted.

“I don’t know what I want Becky… Yes, this other relation. I’m not ready to end it.”

“Want to tell me?”

He wanted to buy time. “Want to get a burger?”

“At our favorite place?”

He remembered; it was their favorite place. “Let’s go.”

As they walked, he started to explain. “This other relation… Well, she’s older. She tells me she knows it’s not going to last… And yeah, I see that, But…”

“As you said, you’re not ready to end it.” She finished for him. “She must be something.” Then, “A young guy like you and older woman, sounds hot! Good in bed?”

Becky instantly regretted saying it. “Rick, sorry, I shouldn’t have…”

“Why? It is true. Damn!”

Becky saw his conflict. And she was conflicted.

They said nothing more until they got their burgers and found a table where they could talk in private.

“Rick, if weren’t for this other Kıbrıs Escort woman, would you forgive me and give us a second chance?”

“There’s nothing to forgive…” He looked at her blue eyes. Those eyes he fell for. It was more than her beauty. He felt it was something more.

“Yes… Yes, I’d like a second chance. Except…”

“Her.” She finished. “Rick… what if… what if you could have us both? I mean, would she share you?”

He looked at her, wide eyed, “Becky! I mean, that wouldn’t be fair to you. Either of you.”

“Ha! Rick, most guys would jump at a chance at being shared by two women.”

“But it doesn’t seem fair to you both.”

She put her head on his on his shoulder. “Rick, you’re what, twenty?”

“Next month.”

“Whatever!” She continued. “The guys I know your age wouldn’t think twice. I’m willing. I left you for another woman. I can share you with another woman. And you said she was willing to give you up when the time came. I’d think she’d be willing to share you.”

“Becky… I…” He looked at her again then gave her a gentle kiss.

For Becky, it came back. Those lips, his gentleness at the right moment. Yes, she wanted him.

“Oh Becky!” He looked in her eyes a long time. “Are you sure?”

“Ask her, Rick. But yes! I want to.”

He walked her to her dorm.

“Rick, if we do get back together, one thing. My new roommate is always there. Kinda a prude really. So…”

“So, if do we make love, we need a new venue.” He smiled.

“Yeah. I do remember those, uh, sessions.” She replied smirking.

He hugged her. It brought back memories for both. She headed in, and he went to his car.

At home, Maggie and Lisa were cleaning up dinner. They looked at him. “Well?” Maggie asked.

“I… I… I don’t believe this.”

“Have a seat and start at the beginning.” Lisa advised.

“Can we sit in the living room? You may not believe this.” He asked.

All three sat on the sofa. Rick’s mind flashed to memories of passionate lovemaking he, Maggie, and Lisa had here.

“Well,” he started, “I told her the truth, or at least part of it. That I was in an affair with an older woman.”

“What did she say?” his mother asked.

“She said it sounded hot.”

Lisa held back a chuckle.

He looked Maggie in the eyes, “I admitted I wanted to be with her, but I told her I wasn’t ready to give up the other woman… you.”

Maggie hugged Rick. She was distressed. She loved making love to her son. More, these last few weeks of having his cock inside her, cumming in both her and Lisa; the sex, the passion, was incredible. But she was a mother. And the guilt weighed on her. Not guilt of screwing her son, but that she was interfering in a true relation.

“Rick, we told you, someday…”

“Yeah, this has to end. But thing is… she said she’d be willing to share me. Fuck!”

The two women looked at each other. This was unexpected.

“Damn Rick, you DO have a way with women.” Lisa laughed.

“Lisa!” Maggie admonished.

“She said to ‘ask the other woman,’ you two, really. She pointed out most guys would love to have two women, yet I already have two.”

“Rick, what are you going to do?”

He looked at Maggie, then Lisa, “I decided. Becky asked if you would share me. Well? It’s up to you.

“If it were up to me,” Lisa said. “Sure! You’re enough to satisfy two lovers. I’m willing to share with a third.”

They turned to Maggie. “Umm… I… Well, I won’t be the one to say no. But Rick, have you thought this through?”

“Yes. If she asks, my… um, lover is named Lisa. It’s the truth. Or half of it.”

“Works for me.” Lisa added, “But Rick, you’re playing with fire, a secret you know.”

“Yes. But right now, I want to make love to you both.”

He kissed Lisa then Maggie. All three headed to Lisa’s bedroom.

Lisa ate out Maggie as Maggie watched Rick fuck Lisa from behind. Seeing the lust on Rick’s face, Maggie could deny him nothing.

“Ahh… ahh…” He groaned as he came in Lisa’s welcoming love box. And Maggie also came, enhanced by watching her son’s orgasm.


Next day, they met at the usual place at lunch time. Becky was in a short skirt, showing off her legs and slim waist.

“Hi, Becky.”


He took her hand and they walked.

“Becky, she agreed. But are you really sure you want to share me?”

“Yes, I am. I’ve thought about it. I’m still willing to share you, at least with an older woman.”

He turned and looked at her, those eyes. He kissed her, gently. Then he hugged her. His touch, it was coming back to Becky. She couldn’t explain it, but it was his touch.

They kissed again, now more passionately. Then they remembered where they were and saw a few glances from passers-by.

“Becky, would you like to come to our place for dinner? Mom really liked you.”

She agreed, and a time was set.

Rick texted Lisa, begging forgiveness, and a promise to make it up. Then he texted Maggie; a guest was coming for dinner.

Becky arrived. Lefkoşa Escort Maggie greeted her as a long-lost friend. As Maggie hugged her, Becky could feel her full breasts pressing.

“I’m glad you invited her. And Lisa said she understood.” His mother whispered to him, “But ever heard of ‘burning the candle from both ends?'”

“Well, I couldn’t think of anyplace; her roommate is always there. And I wanted you to meet her again.”

Maggie knew what he really wanted.

After eating, as they cleaned up, Maggie said, “Would you to mind finishing up? I was planning to see a friend this evening.”

“Sure Mom!”

Maggie gave him a wink. He knew she knew what he wanted.

“I may be back late.” She said as she slipped out the door.

After cleaning up, Becky and Rick looked at each other. “What would you like to do now?” He asked, letting her lead.

“Let’s sit on the sofa… to start.” She smirked.


Maggie let herself in at Lisa’s.

“They needed some privacy. So… It’s just us two.”

Lisa kissed her. “Mmm… A girl’s night.” Then walked Maggie to the sofa. “Remember that time you were being Rick’s ‘mommy?’ You offered me a chance some time. Like tonight.”

Lisa removed Maggie’s top. Then off came the bra. Maggie sat as Lisa put her head in her lap.

“I can see why Rick goes crazy for your tits.” Lisa said, as she began sucking on one.

Maggie closed her eyes. Like when Rick made love to her tits, and now Lisa, the pleasure was lovely.


Rick put his arm around Becky and kissed her, slowly.

“Rick, we don’t have to take it slow.”

“No. But I want to… with you.”

He pulled her T-shirt off and draped it over the loveseat, she didn’t have a bra. Now, those pert breasts he remembered. He ran a finger over one. Becky drew a breath. His shirt was next. They stood. Becky undid his jeans and pulled them down. After she helped him step out of them, she held the erect cock she hadn’t seen in months. She gave it a kiss.

Rick pulled her up. “I want to make love to you first.”

He unzipped her skirt and removed it, adding to the loveseat. Standing, he held her and drove his tongue deep into her mouth. She responded in kind. Skin to skin, his erection pressing against her, their passions were rising. He picked up Becky’s petite form, then lay her on the sofa. He kissed her lips again, then her neck. He lingered on her hard nipples before kneeling between her legs.

“You have an incredible body, Becky.” He said, as he kissed a thigh slowly.

“Rick! Please!”

With that request, he drove his tongue into her damp womanhood.

“Oh! Yes… yes…” She grabbed his head. She guided him, and he followed. Her body, writhing, He reached for her nipples and played with them.

“Yes… There… Jesus! Rick! Oh yes… oh… uh… Ohhhh…”

Her body jerked and the orgasm came. And she really came… Rick was thrilled to pleasure this woman he cared for.

“Oh Rick… Rick…” She murmured, caressing his head as she came down.

He kissed her delicate inner thighs. then sat up. She looked at him dreamily, then his cock.

She quickly straddled his lap. They made love many times this way. No words were needed. She grabbed his hard rod and lowered herself on it.

“Becky! God! You feel so good… so tight.”

She wrapped her arms around his neck as she hit bottom, and held it there a minute, feeling him deep inside her again. She kissed him, then started grinding her hips. He liked letting Becky be in charge. She was more passionate this way.

She started riding him, looking him deep in the eyes.

She felt he was holding back. She whispered, “Yes! cum inside me!”

“Augh… Augh…” He groaned the minute he heard her words. He bucked and bucked, filling her with his cum.

Then Becky came. She didn’t expect it; she just wanted him to cum. But feeling his cock deep inside her as he came did it. Both cumming, both feeling the other cum, it was a magical reuniting.

They stayed this way some time; his hands caressing her back.

“Would you like to move to by room.”

She nodded.

In his room she pushed him to the bed. “My turn!” She said.

She grabbed his shaft and began licking the cum off it. “Mmm… I love you cock!” She added before taking it in her mouth. She sucked on it as he moaned. Her head bobbing up and down. He looked. This cute blond, this pixie, sucking his cock with wild abandon.


She looked at him. “Cum in my mouth! I want it!” She commanded. Then returned her attention to his cock.

Then it came. His hips bucked and his ball emptied into Becky’s mouth. She was thrilled as she swallowed his cum. She loved making him cum.

She laid beside him as he recovered. She played with his cock. It was still pretty hard.

“Looks like there’s still life in it.” And began stroking it. Soon it was fully erect.

“Here.” He asked. And Becky got on her hands and knees. As his rod enter her, Becky moaned. Rick started pounding her, his hips slapping her ass.

“Rick yes! Just fuck me!”

He continued pounding her. Then his finger found her clit. “Oh Yes! Yes, yes, yes… ohhhh…”

She came again. She fell forward as the climax ended, and he laid beside her, pulling the bed covers over them. He rolled on top of her. His hard manhood at the entrance to her pussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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