The Hotel

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I put the uniform on as I always did. Except, that night I did those little things that make a woman feel different.

The long bath, soaking for at least an hour in my favourite scent, the one that made my partner erect at the first smell. The new black knickers and matching bra that I had just bought, the set had cost me almost a full week’s wages. A lot of money for such a small amount of material. Brand new tights and a carefully ironed work shirt and skirt. The shirt felt good against my skin as did the tights, the skirt and the mandatory waistcoat that looked like a road accident spoilt the look, but I was used to them by now.

I looked in the mirror at my hair carefully pinned up with loose curls falling around my face and applied my lipstick.

I liked my face and especially my mouth, men like those features on me, the breasts helped of course. My full D cups. I hated fastening my shirt and covering them up.

I left the flat and walked the short distance to the hotel where I worked. I had been looking forward to work all day. Strange it must sound but the group of builders who were staying at the hotel made the trauma of work a lot easier to bear. They had arrived to stay with us a week ago and I had worked every night. Getting their drinks, fetching their meals, and some of them were extremely tasty.

I had felt the odd hand caress my behind, the lingering looks at my chest as I bent over to pick things up or place things on the tables. Two of them in particular went out of their way to be extra friendly if you know what I mean. Jim and Wayne. I liked Jim, I had stayed late at work to have a drink with him one night, which ended up in us kissing and then running to the toilets for a quick fuck doggie style.

It was fantastic! He had turned me around and ripped a hole in my tights forcing his cock inside and into me, making me cum straight away. Biting my lip hard, trying not to make any noise, making sure that we didn’t get caught.

I reached the door of the hotel and walked through. Saying hi to my fellow colleagues as I made my way to the bar that was to be my workstation for the night. I stepped behind the bar and turned with my back to the people in the bar as I checked my fridges to make sure I had everything I would need for the night.

“I would recognise that bottom anywhere” I heard Jim say in his low voice, before I had even turned around I could feel the familiar stir in my pussy. I turned to see him leaning on the bar, Wayne next to him as always with a knowing smile on his face, both looking me up and down. They stayed at the bar all evening, drinking steadily.

We had a function in the next room, a wedding reception, which meant that all staff could stay late and drink in the bar if they wanted until the function ended, the best thing was that most of the guests were staying over night so…that meant gaziantep escort ilanları a bar open until it was no longer needed. I was well prepared for a long night, in fact I was hoping for it with Jim, I got a lot more than I bargained for.

Usual time was called for the visitors to the hotel and the bolts put on the doors. I opened myself a bottle of something cold and relished in the feel of it going down my throat aware that as I put it to my lips I was being watched, very carefully. I made sure I closed my eyes and licked the end of the bottle catching the drips with my tongue. I opened my eyes after and smiled calmly at Jim and Wayne who were watching with great interest. I removed my waistcoat and un buttoned my shirt down so that the little lace bow on my bra could be seen quite clearly.

I kept to my job, cleaning up and refilling the fridges ready for the next day, aware of the wetness inside my knickers. The men watching. A few more of the builders had come to join the evening binge in the bar. There were about 8 of them now all laughing and joking together.

It was then suggested that I might be interested in a little smoke, you know, something to loosen me up. I warmed at the thought of a chance to relax and flirt and hopefully cum on a hard cock.

I sneaked upstairs with Wayne and Jim. They let me into the room that they were sharing with 3 other builders. There was a huge four poster bed in the middle of the room and little camp beds all over the floor. I took my shoes off and chose my spot, laid across the bed hanging over the edge.

Wayne lay down next to me and moved up close as Jim sat on the floor in front of me rolling a joint. We must have stayed like that for an hour, talking laughing, and smoking. I sat up and lay back on the bed, aware that my skirt was very high. Jim came round to my side and sat down next to me, leaning over giving me blowbacks with the smoke, kissing me as he did. I moved my head to one side to see Wayne watching. I could see the bulge in his trousers blatantly pulsing. I looked him in the eye and smiled and looked back at Jim and pulled his head to me.

I wanted it, all I could get. Jim kissed me deeply letting his hands rub my breasts on the outside of my shirt. I could feel Wayne rubbing my legs, working his way up my thighs. I opened my legs a little letting him reach the mound, warm between my legs. He rubbed me firmly, increasing the need for me to fuck and cum.

My head was spinning but I was in heaven. I let my body go with the feelings and what was happening. I closed my eyes and let myself turn into a rag doll. I could feel a hand massaging my pussy on the outside of my knickers and tights. I could feel my shirt being opened exposing my bra. A set of lips moved to my chest. Someone else was kissing me while yet another tried to take my skirt off, I could feel all of my clothes being pulled at.

I opened my eyes to see Wayne at my waist trying to pull my skirt down over my thighs. Jim was removing his shirt, there were also 3 of the others from the bar, they had let themselves into the room. They were the ones that were removing my clothing and kissing my chest. They paused looking at me for permission to continue. I lifted my hips letting my skirt slide off. I sat up to allow my shirt to be removed. I smiled and closed my eyes as the mouths descended onto my body.

It was all a big blur of touch and pleasure all over my body. My bra had been un hooked and my breasts were free, being caressed and kissed, nipples sucked. My tights had been ripped at my pussy and fingers were pressing on the outside of my pants making the wetness of my cunt soak through my underwear.

I moaned as I felt fingers slip past the fabric of my underwear, playing with me, fucking me. I moved my hips against the hand that was playing with me. My nipples were hard as they were sucked. I could feel an orgasm approaching and I grinded my hips against the hand. I could feel my wetness on the inside of my thighs and a tongue finding its way to the outside of my cunt, arousing me more. I was begging to be fucked, I could hear this voice coming from my mouth pleading for cock.

I felt something hot and hard against my lips and I opened my mouth to let the cock slide inside. I groaning as I took it deep into my mouth. My breasts were being massaged with hands and what felt like another cock being rubbed against my nipples. My cunt was dripping, the heat between my legs was unbearable. I opened my legs as far as I could exposing myself to them all. I felt a cock rubbing against my cunt and I opened my eyes, I wanted to see what was happening.

I sucked on the hard cock in my mouth looking up at the man smiling down at me fucking my mouth. One was stroking his cock just above my face and this made me groan even more. My breasts were being rubbed with a cock, from either side there were hands all over my body and Jim between my legs, watching my face as he stroked the outside of my cunt with his cock, his mouth open slightly. Wayne was stroking his cock sat to my side watching.

I was moaning and whimpering at the feelings that were growing inside me, I sucked hungrily on the cock in my mouth making sucking noises as I did. These noises seemed to arouse the men more, I could feel more pressure against my cunt and in my mouth and I could hear moans from them.

I let the cock slide from my mouth as I looked down at Jim, “fuck me slow” I closed my eyes and let the cock be pushed back into my mouth. I could feel Jim push his cock into my cunt slowly. I groaned loudly as he pushed into me as far as he could, I grinded my cunt against his hard cock.

He was fucking me with deep thrusts, grabbing my hips as he did. The cock in my mouth was being stroked at the same time as I was sucking it. Someone get hold of my hand wrapping it around a cock, I began pumping it hard and quickly. I could feel a cock against my cheek, bumping against the one in my mouth.

I opened my eyes to look up, the orgasm was close and I knew it was. I pulled away from the cock in my mouth moaning out loud as I could feel my cunt tightening. I could hear Jim saying that he could feel me starting to cum. He started to fuck me hard, slamming his cock into me, slamming his balls against me.

I was fucking back hard, pumping the cock in my hand. The man who had had his cock in my mouth was groaning loudly, I looked him in the eye willing him to cum over my mouth, flicking the end of his cock with my tongue. He came hard over my mouth, I felt my orgasm hit, I was fucking back against Jim.

I saw Wayne pumping his cock hard moving closer to my cunt with his cock in his hand. The sight of them all around me kept my orgasm going as I saw Jim pull out and come so hard over me it reached my tits. Milking the last drops from his cock with his hand. The cock in my hand came with a loud groan form its owner, meeting Jims cum with his own all over me.

He moved quickly out of the way, my cunt was still going and I pleaded to be fucked more. Wayne happily slipped into place and pushed his pulsing cock into my cunt. He was bigger than Jim and I could feel my pussy responding to him.

I lifted my legs to let him get deeper into me. He fucked hard and fast, I pulled the other man close to me, sucking hungrily on his cock. I came again, arching my back a little as I pulsed, milking Wayne’s cock. I sucked harder and fucked harder with every ripple of my orgasm. The man to my side had hold of my head fucking my mouth I felt his cum shoot down my throat as I felt my orgasm continue. I grinded against Wayne using his cock to finish my orgasm I heard him groan and push into me cuming with the pressure I was putting on his cock.

I felt my orgasm start to subside. I sucked slower on the cock till the grip on my head was released. Wayne sat back a little, his cock still inside me. I closed my eyes and let my hands move over my body, feeling all of the cum. I moved my hand down to my pussy, stroking myself lightly, rotating my hips against Wayne’s spent cock.

He stayed there stroking my thigh. I was moaning quietly, happy and content, satisfied. I opened my eyes to see Jim with a towel wiping my chest clean for me. I giggled and grabbed it, rubbing my dripping mouth and face then handed it back.

I sat upright to find a joint being handed to me and a bathrobe.

The service was fantastic, after a quick shower, with a good hard fuck half way through from one of them, I was laid out on the bed ready for more. The joke of “we will have to cum to this hotel again” was made. I closed my eyes as I felt a mouth against my nipple and a hand stroking my pussy lightly. It was going to be long but fantastic night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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