The Hotel Room Ch. 02

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She used her free hand to push him back onto the bed and he pushed himself further onto it so that she would have to follow. She straddled him and moved up slowly until her hot pussy was directly over his cock. She rubbed the head against her to lubricate it then slowly began to ease herself down onto him. He closed his eyes and enjoyed the warm soft feel of the her insides. She only went a little ways down to allow her lips to accommodate his size then slid back up. She was already enjoying this and he hadn’t even gone halfway inside her yet! She slowly began to lower her self down onto him again and pushed his rock hard dick deeper into herself, feeling a shudder as he flexed it to make it even harder. She finally lost all care and control and slid herself all the way down onto him at once. Feeling him all the way inside of her made her moan a deep long noise full of desire and fulfillment. She let the moan die to a hum as she raised herself up to slide back down on him. Over and over again she drove her pussy down on him as he laid still letting her do all of the work. She was surprised when he place his elbows on the bed and leaned up to place his mouth against her bouncing tits, latching onto one of her nipples. Her arms reached to clutch his head as she let out another loud moan. His hands had found her hips and he was thrusting up into her while pulling her down against him. He had the feeling that she would enjoy it that much more if he was pulling her down as well as pushing up into her and he was very correct.

She was in absolute heaven as his tongue bathed her nipple and his cock plunged deep pathways inside of her. She moaned at every entrance he made and screamed every once in awhile when his teeth clamped gently around her nipple. He was thoroughly enjoying her movement as well since every time she let out one of her sensual moans she was squeezing the muscles of her pussy around his raging dick. Harder and harder she squeezed him making it a tighter thrust each time but it was driving her crazy to keep it that tight around him.

Her third orgasm came as a big surprise to her as it built so suddenly and released so quickly. She arched backward and reached down to rub her clit with her fingertips while pressing herself down onto him over and over again, spasming harder with each thrust. It took all of his restraint and strength to not cum inside of her right then and there. The image of this sexual goddess rubbing her clit in mid-orgasm while riding his cock and screaming in a wild xnxx orgasm was almost more than he could handle. In the position that he was in enough light crept in through the curtains that he saw her sexy tanned and slim body moist with sweat from her sexual energy and her eyes closed in intense pleasure.

As she came down from her tremendous climax, he lifted her a bit to manipulate her semi-limp body. He laid her gently on her back and knelt in front of her, lifting one of her legs kissing the inside of one of her ankles. She slowly began sparking back to life when his tongue snaked out to leave cooling trails against her soft calves. She became fully aware of his rock hard cock when it began rubbing against her soaked slit. He had one of her legs pressed against his chest and the other lie on the bed out of the way giving him full access into her. She moaned in further anticipation, “Oh yes, put it in me again… Please fuck me… fuck me haaaaard…”

He was definitely in the mood to oblige. He pressed himself into her slowly at first until his cock was buried all the way back in. He leaned over her, bending her leg up to her chest easily and leaning his head down to plant a tender kiss against her soft lips, their first kiss all night. His cock didn’t move at all as he proceeded to kiss her some more, her mouth opened to invite his tongue and he pressed it into her, battling with her own. She felt intensely turned on to know that even though he was in the midst of invading her intensely hot pussy he still wanted to treat her with the romance and attention that she deserved. He broke their tongue kiss and began slowly sliding out of her. Her throat let out a low moan protesting the absence of his large cock but before she could finish he thrust up into her again all at once. And fast. And again, again, again. He began to ram his cock into her hard which she did not expect at all but it immediately began to make her go wild.

She had begged him for it hard and he was delivering. There was an audible pop as their pelvises continually slapped together as he slammed his cock into her. She moaned over and over again, clutching again at her breasts and pinching her own nipples to enjoy the intensity of his pistoning dick. He paused only a moment to turn her more to her side and straddle her flat leg, still pulling her other leg against his chest. She had never been in this position before but he had done it enough times to know that it was one of the easiest ways to get the deepest possible penetration brazzers into her soaking cunt. And he did not hesitate to immediately resume slamming his giant member into her folds, driving her even more wild. She felt so good she was losing control over her speech, “Oh yessss, oh oh, fuck me, yessss, oh god, oh GODDDDD…” She let out a long set of audible but incomprehensible moans as her pussy clamped hard around his cock and he knew that she was in the midst of yet another orgasm. He did not slow down or let up on his thrusting but continued to hammer her throughout the intense climax that she was experiencing. More, more, more, she wanted more still. She felt insatiable tonight and knew that he wanted more by the way he was restraining his climax. It was making her so hot to think that he was holding himself off to be able to continue pleasing her. She knew he was devoted to her own pleasure more than his and it gave her an intense feeling that she couldn’t quite define.

He slid his cock slowly out of her and leaned down to kiss her again. It was a long slow french kiss session, just as before. Sweet and romantic and long, their kiss became more and more animalistic as they devoured each other. She decided to take the next initiative and rolled onto her stomach then up onto her hands and knees. He knew exactly what she wanted so he positioned himself directly behind her, rubbing the head of his cock against her pussy yet again. He began to press into her and she let her upper body sink against the bed so that her ass was high in the air and he had full access to her steaming pussy. His cock slid up into her yet again, more and more until it was all the way in. She loved being fucked this way, especially since it made her feel naughty. She wanted to feel even more naughty but couldn’t find the words to tell him. Maybe next time she thought to herself. She was immediately brought back to reality by the force of his thrusts in and out of her pussy.

She had to begin moaning all over again as his throbbing member slid in and out of her tight cunt. She was loving every second of this and wanted more. She reached down between her legs to rub her clit and immediately felt the difference as her pussy became even hotter. Her whole body was on fire when suddenly she felt a hard solid slap against her ass. She cried out in a mixture of pain and naughty pleasure as she realized he was spanking her wonderfully smooth ass. “Fuck me you wild man! Give it to me hard! YES! Spank my ass, baby!” sikiş izle He gave her another hard slap and she cried out again.

Her squeezing of his cock was becoming more and more intense the more rough he began to get with her and he noticed it. He felt his cock sliding so easily in and out of her pussy because it was streaming like niagra falls. He wondered how she could feel it but was immediately reassured each and every time she squeezed her strong muscles around his pounding dick. She was thrashing her head from side to side shaking her hair wildly about and moaning. This was one of the sexiest things that he has ever seen. His hands were caressing the smooth ass cheeks of a sexual goddess who was screaming her pleasure at his pistoning cock and begging for more. One of his hands reached out instinctively to grab a handful of her hair and pull gently to force her back to arch. At that she lost control and began coming again. Her screams pierced his ears in a hot fiery shriek of ecstasy and he could not take it any more.

He began to grunt and moan and she immediately knew what was going to happen. With all of her strength she pulled herself from his cock and quickly spun herself around to place her mouth on his cock at the exact moment it began to pulse with his orgasm. He roared a guttural roar at the sight of his cum-soaked dick being deep throated while he shot his hot cum. She was not ashamed at all to lick his cock up and down and clean all of the juices off of it, both his and hers, as she had become less and less bashful yet more and more naughty. She wanted him to know that she was being naughty just for him and that she was loving every minute of it.

As his orgasm subsided he was breathing very hard. His loud moans had died down after all of his load was spent into her mouth. She gave his cock a few more loving licks before swallowing one final time. He collapsed against the bed and pulled her close to him, embracing this hot sex goddess who was also soaking wet with sweat. He kissed her soft lips gently and held her close to him for what seemed like forever. She almost dozed off a few times but the tingling skin between her thighs kept her head swimming with energy to keep her pleasure flowing. She turned her head from him to look at the clock to see that it was only 2:42am. She began to think about more possibilities of what could still happen tonight and remembered that they were both soaked with an intensely hot coat of sweat.

“I’ve got an idea!” She exclaimed. “How does a shower sound?” He closed his eyes and grinned with an intense anticipation. He thought of exactly what he wanted to do to her in the shower and decided that it was definitely a great idea.

“Race you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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