The Hottest Senior(contnued)

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To get more comfortable Zack took off his clothes that were still wet from Kayla squirting on him. He lay back down and started thinking about what to do with Eva. She is going to be pissed that I ran out like that and is going to expect some kind of explanation and might have already been flooding his phone with texts. Maybe even try and seek some kind of retribution. I’ll text her later to find out how she is taking it.

Then he thought about Kaitlen, how she had snuck into the room when he was pleasuring her sister. Kaitlen was angry with Kayla because of the mess that she made in her room. So why would she sneak into the room when it was obvious from Kayla’s moans what was going on in the room. Was it because she wanted to see her sister like that? Even though that seems wrong, Zack couldn’t help but feel excited at the prospect. Sister on sister? Especially these two would be so hot! Or was it that she thought that he was fucking her?

After all of this Zack just lied his head back and relaxed. Then the realization of the amazing act that had taken place, with him as the cause, came to him. Taylor and Anthony would never believe me.

It was with these thoughts that Zack drifted off to sleep with. Despite not even being tired he slept the rest of the afternoon and through the night.

Kaitlen was fingering herself to her fourth orgasm, fantasizing about Zack doing this to her. Slipping her fingers from out of her pussy she used them to rub her clit, extending her orgasm. Then a picture of Zack’s penis popped into her head and she began rubbing more Eyüp Escort vigorously. “Harder and Faster, just like Zack would do to me,” in saying this Kaitlen renewed her orgasm.

Bucking her hips and arching her back she let out a cry and screamed “ ZACK OH SHIT!”

As her, only second multiple orgasm, faded away she rubbed her fingers along her slit and down to her asshole. Thinking how good it would feel to have Zack’s cock in her pussy, she said “I might even let him in here,” still rubbing her anus.

Kayla opened Kaitlen’s door and heard her last remark about Zack. Kayla opened the door fully and saw her sister lying on her bed completely naked and still touching herself. Seeing Kaitlen’s chest still heaving Kayla guessed that she screamed ‘Zack’ because she was fantasizing about him during an apparently very intense orgasm.

“Were you just masturbating to the thought of my man?” Kayla asked and went over to Kaitlen’s bed and sat next to her.

Kaitlen lying there nude and still coming down from her orgasm didn’t care that she herself was naked in front of her also naked sister.

Kaitlen was aware that Kayla knew that she had a crush on Zack. So she wasn’t surprised to hear Kayla say; “I know how you feel about Zack, which helped my attraction towards him grow. I didn’t do this to spite you or anything like that. I was thinking that if I gained Zack as a boyfriend then that could serve to bring you two closer.”

Kayla searched her sister’s face looking to gain insight on what she was thinking. Hoping that she would understand Escort Bayan what Kayla felt and see, partially, why Kayla was doing this.

Kaitlen who was looking at the ceiling the whole time Kayla was saying her piece said “ From you saying that I understand what you are doing and I am grateful to you for it. But what do you mean, ‘bring us closer.’ I could have done that completely on my own.”

Kaitlen started having thoughts of Zack pumping his cock into her while Kayla stood aside, without grudge. But she discarded this as wild imaginations.

“I was meaning that maybe, since you’ve had a crush on him and took such and interest in us earlier, that maybe you would like some attention from him also.” As she said this Kayla pointed to her crotch, indicating what Kaitlen had imagined.

Kaitlen looking at her incredulously said “you would let us have sex?”

“Yes I would but Zack has to willingly agree to it, and afterwards he is still my boyfriend. Kayla paused to see how Kaitlen would take this. Then seeing if she understood that Kaitlen can’t do anything to seduce or coerce him into the sex.

Kaitlen knew that Zack would have to come to her with this and guessed that even dressing in skimpy outfits was out of the question.

“Okay no seducing him, he has to come to me asking for the sex. Are you going to tell him anything about our agreement?” Thinking that would jeopardize even Kayla’s relationship with him.

“No nothing outright but at certain times I’ll give signals that this would be alright.”

Kaitlen istanbul Escort made an inward sigh agreeing with her sister’s choice.

Kayla having said what she came in here for got up and left, closing the door behind her.

Kaitlen feeling a rush from what they had discussed brought her fingers to her mouth wetting them with her saliva. Moving her fingers in and out of her mouth Kaitlen imagined they were Zack’s cock. Sliding her tongue underneath his… “Ah Shit!”

Kaitlen pulled her fingers from her mouth and inserted them in her pussy, gliding in and then out because of how wet she already was. She inserted a third finger, spreading them out in a pyramid, she pumped them vigorously inside herself.

With her other hand she rubbed her outer lips, once those fingers were properly lubricated, Kaitlen moved it to her clit. First circling around it and giving it a pinch then rubbing it. With both of her hands at work on her sex her breathing began to quicken and whenever she made a pass over her clit her body shuddered.

Picking up the pace her pleasure intensified and she couldn’t keep quiet. moaning louder and louder her orgasm was on fast approach. Without missing a beat Kaitlen rolled over and imagined Zack thrusting into her from behind. This caused another of the most powerful orgasms she ever had.

Kaitlen began convulsing, screaming his name into her pillow. She wanted to stop but the thought of Zack’s dick spurred her on and on.

Finally when she stopped she opened her eyes and there were spots in her vision and a peaceful feeling fell over her. Before her orgasm subsided Kaitlen passed out, falling into a deep sleep.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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