The Hottest Summer Afternoon

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It was a hot summer afternoon and Josh looked at the crystal clear blue water in the pool with excitement. He hoped that it was icy. He pulled off his black tank top and tossed it along with his towel onto one of the Daniels’ pool chairs.

Teresa Daniels, had just stepped into the backyard as well, in her bathing suit. Teresa was Josh’s ex-girlfriend, and he couldn’t deny that she looked good in her white bikini. Her curves seemed to fill out the sexy bathing suit even more than the last time he’d seen her in it. Although they weren’t together anymore, the two remained good friends and spent a lot of time together. Despite a mutual attraction on both of their parts, Josh, at least, was determined to stay single. It was the summer after senior year, and after being tied down to Teresa for the past two years, he felt it was time to explore other options.

Teresa pulled her long, straight brown hair into a ponytail laid down on one of the pool chairs with her sunglasses on to tan for awhile. Josh forced himself to pull his eyes away from her and jumped into the pool. His wish had been answered: the temperature was at arctic proportions. After the initial shock and a little bit of shivering, Josh began to enjoy the intense cool.

“How is it?” Ronni called, not moving from her position.

“Just right,” Josh managed to stammer through chattering teeth.

Just then, Teresa sat up abruptly.

“Crap,” she said, pulling the shades off her face. “I forgot my mom wanted me to go to the supermarket for her. She’ll kill me if she gets home and the house isn’t stocked.”

Josh watched her get up and walk toward the screen door leading back into the house and said nothing.

“I’ll be back in an hour or so,” she called after him, heading towards her room to change.

Josh felt awkward. True, he was like the son the Daniels had never had, but something made him uncomfortable with swimming in the pool when none of the people who lived in the house were around. He dipped his head one last time in the astonishingly refreshing water, and then came up, tousling his own hair as he moved towards the pool steps.

He was out of the pool and already missed it.I’ll just lay out until Teresa comes back, he thought.Then I can dive back in. Resolved to do exactly that, Josh dried himself off, put on his own Oakleys, and laid down in the chair next to Teresa’s.

The sun was hot, but it actually felt good. With his shades on and his eyes closed, Josh felt like he could go to sleep for awhile, even though he knew he shouldn’t because he could get sunburned. Even so, he started drifting off…

The screen door slammed, and Josh wasn’t sure how much time had passed, although he was sure it wasn’t long enough for Teresa to have already come back. Groggily, he looked Van Escort toward the screen door to see who it was. But there she was, this time in a red bathing suit.

“Hey,” she said in a sexy voice. That was when Josh realized it wasn’t Teresa, but Teresa’s 24-year-old sister Lisa, visiting for the summer.

Josh sat up a little bit.

“Hey,” he responded quietly.

“Teresa go to the market?” she asked, still strolling toward the pool. She tossed her towel onto the chair Teresa had been using.

“Yeah,” Josh responded.

“Hmm,” Lisa said, dipping her toe into the water and quickly drawing it out after feeling the extreme cold. She made her way over to the shallow end then, walking slowly into the pool from the steps. She slowly pushed her arms outward and into the water, dipping her head under for just a second, and then coming up gasping. Josh now sat up all the way in his chair, aware that he was staring at her but not able to stop himself.

He watched her glide back and forth from one end of the pool to the other for several minutes until she finally came back to the pool steps and got out of the water. She pulled her hair away from her face, and her entire body was soaked with water.

Lisa shared all the good physical traits her sister Teresa had: long, flowing brown hair, caramel colored skin, pretty brown eyes, pouty lips, and long, smooth legs. Lisa, however, had even larger breasts and an even better butt than Teresa, something Josh had long ago noticed and often thought about in his own private fantasies.

Lisa stood directly in Josh’s line of vision and slowly dried every inch of her body with the towel. Josh still couldn’t take his eyes off her, and she knew it. She flashed him a sexy smile that lit him on fire.

Lisa finally sat down on the pool chair, facing Josh. He turned to face her as well.

“So you and Teresa aren’t…together anymore?” Lisa asked, still drying her hair.

“No,” Josh answered, pulling her bikini off with his eyes.

“Why’s that?” Lisa said, smiling. “Another girl?”

Josh smiled back, half nervous, half flirtatious.

“No,” he said. “We just decided we needed a break from being a couple.”

“Sounds fair enough,” Lisa said, pulling her chair closer to Josh’s. “So, have you…you know, been with other girls since the breakup?”

“I…kissed one girl,” Josh said, looking down at his feet momentarily. Then he returned his gaze to Lisa’s eyes. “That’s about it.”

Lisa got up from her own chair, and came and sat on the edge of Josh’s. She put her hands on his bare shoulders and leaned in and kissed him on the lips for several seconds. When she pulled away, she could see the shock, but approval, in his eyes and giggled.

“Now, you’ve kissed two,” she said. “Would Van Escort Bayan you like to do more?”

She took his silence as a yes. She got up and turned so that she could straddle him on the chair. Placing her hands on his chest, and exploring his upper body with her hands, she kissed him again, this time for longer, and with tongue.

Josh was in heaven.How many times have you jerked off thinking of this exact moment? he asked himself.Too many times to be counted.

Up until that moment, he had been lying still while Lisa did all the work. He suddenly felt himself touch her back, lower, lower, until he reached the great, round ass he had always dreamed of touching. He squeezed it gently as Lisa continued to kiss him.

She rose off his lap for a second, and started pulling off his white board shorts. She left them at his ankles, and now his dick was standing straight up in the air.

“Oooh, you’ve gotta big dick,” Lisa said, biting her lower lip. Josh was still in awe of what was happening. Lisa undid her bikini top and revealed her perfectly round, firm breasts. Next, she took off the bikini bottom to reveal a pretty little shaved pussy. She got on top of Josh and rode him slowly, while Josh grunted in pleasure.

Lisa started riding his cock a little bit quicker, and Josh started thrusting a little back. He squeezed her breasts and played with her perky nipples as she let out a long moan.

Pushing down on his chest, Lisa rubbed Josh’s nipples as she started riding his dick faster and faster. Josh let his hands wander to Lisa’s incredible ass, feeling and squeezing it over and over again. He continued to grunt each time he thrusted inside of her tight pussy. She moaned and squeezed her left breast, tugging and playing with her nipple.

“Ah, yeah,” Josh called out, thrusting harder inside her.

“Oooh, fuck me harder, Josh,” Lisa moaned. “Fuck me harder!”

They slowed down a bit, and Josh rolled over so that he was on top of her and she was the one laying on the pool chair. He sucked on her breasts and used his fingers to play with her pussy to tease her. As he traced around her clitoris, she grabbed his bicep hard and moaned loudly.

“Please,” she begged him. “Fuck me, Josh, fuck me.”

Thrusting on top of her and squeezing her perfect breasts, Josh grunted again, and gradually sped up the pace until his own grunts and Lisa’s moans came one right after the other. His precum mixed with her natural juices made the tight pussy feel so good around his dick as he slid in and out of her.

Suddenly, he pulled out of her and stood up, caressing his dick and watching her.

“More,” she begged. That Lisa had started off in control and now he was the one watching her plead turned Josh on. He was harder Escort Van than he had ever remembered being in his life.

He took her by her soft hand and led her over to a tall table meant for serving drinks. Turning her around away from him to face the table, Josh gently leaned her over the table so that her breasts touched the glass. It was cold on her chest and she shivered slightly. Then, as she stayed bent over, he stuck his dick inside of her tight pussy once again, and began thrusting, harder than ever.

“Oh!” Lisa screamed in pleasure as her head moved against the glass and her breasts rubbed against it. He was fucking her harder than she ever expected. Overtaken by the intensity, she continued to scream out Josh’s name.

Josh was thrusting quickly and breathing hard. He reached from around her back and began playing with Lisa’s breasts again, feeling the round perfection and her hard nipples in his palms and the cold of the glass on his knuckles.

Finally he couldn’t take it anymore, and let out one final yell before he exploded inside of her, feeling the cum shooting out of his dick harder and longer than ever before. Lisa continued to moan and scream Josh’s name as Josh was putting in his final thrusts. He pulled out of her pussy and sighed. Lisa stayed in the same position, quietly moaning and sighing, and playing with her nipples. After a few more seconds, she stood up, went back to the pool chair and put her suit back on, as Josh pulled his board shorts up over his still semi-erect cock.

“It was even better than my sister said,” was the first thing Lisa said to Josh. He was both embarassed that Teresa had shared their sex life with Lisa and turned on. He knew that Teresa had enjoyed sex with him, but never to the point where she would brag about it to her older sister.

After laying in the sun in silence for a few minutes, Lisa glanced at her watch.

“I need to get to work,” she said, and walked over to the screen door. She turned to face him and give him that same sexy smile. “I’ll definitely see you later, sexy.”

He watched her go and said nothing, much the same way he had done to Teresa earlier. Still in the throes of what had just happened, Josh put his Oakleys back on and once again started drifting off under the warmth of the sun. A few moments later, he heard the screen door slam again. This time it really was Teresa.

“Hey,” she said, back in her sexy white bathing suit.

“Hey,” Josh responded quietly.

She walked over to his lawn chair and sat down next to him, and bit her lip shyly.

“Look, Josh,” she started, and then paused. “I know we’re taking a break, but I still enjoy your company and—”

“And?” Josh asked, pulling off the Oakleys.

“I’d love it if we can still have fun. No relationship strings attached.”

With that, she kissed him deeply and touched his dick gently through his white board shorts. He was already starting to get hard again. Josh smiled to himself and thought,I’ll spend all of my hot summer afternoons here.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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