The House 9

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The House

9. Lust.

I woke up, because of the sun rays that directly hit my face. I looked to the right side where the alarm clock is and I saw the small equipment that was on the bedside table, it said it was 8:27 in the morning, I gave a jump sitting up recognizing Malu’s room and that made her wake up scared, she looked at me asking me amazed by the daylight what time it was, I told her the time and she peeled her eyes more and sat up on the bed, to discover the big blood stain, I was scared because the stain was bigger than a small plate.

-And now what are we going to do with this? -I asked worried about the stained sheets.

-Don’t worry, I can tell I got my period while I was sleeping, it’s happened to me before,” she said very calmly.

-Really? Phew what a relief,” I said very relieved.

I stood up and saw that I also had dried blood between my legs and all over my sex too, she had dried blood all over her sex and butt cheeks and legs too, I put on my shorts and t-shirt, as I got off the bed she complained that her hips and inner thighs hurt and down into her sex, she put on a large t-shirt, I told her to go outside and see if anyone was around, she walked out with some discomfort and the time she was outside seemed like forever, she came back and told me that everyone was still asleep, and I felt relief.

I approached her and asked her how she had been and she only managed to tell me that she wanted to do it again and many times, that she had been fascinated, I promised her that when I had any opportunity I was not going to waste it, I gave her a peck and I got ready to leave.

I went up to the attic, Maru was still as I had left her, I took the towel and went downstairs, I took a quick bath and went back to my bed, I lay down next to my wife who was still in the same position.

That Sunday I was afraid to see her, I don’t know how she would act in front of me, but I also wanted to see her again. It was a relaxed Sunday, I frolicked most of the day with Maru in bed and we even had light sex.

The following Monday I would start the new version of my new life. I say new because it was a double life in the house, now it was “two asses” to manage. Two asses to keep happy. Soon I would discover that it would not be easy at all and that everything gets progressively more complicated in a way that you can’t even imagine.

Being on vacation Malu has too much free time in the house and although she has friends, there are few who visit the house and few times she goes out. I also have a lot of free time on vacation for only half of the first month. I usually go to the construction site of the new house just a few hours every two or three days.

So you can imagine what I did the rest of the time. As soon as everyone left, Malu would come running and jump on me whether I was sleeping or not. The following Monday the last one to leave was the mother-in-law, almost at 10am. I was somewhere between asleep and awake and felt the attic door open and close in the distance. Then a rush up the stairs alerted me that someone was running towards me. A short, high-pitched scream and a violent shudder on the bed made me jump with terror.

She straddles me and starts kissing me. Her pelvis presses against my sex with a lot of fabric in between.

-Let’s do it! -She says to me all giggly.

-Hello, good morning, how are you doing, thank you very much, and you,” I tell her in a mocking tone because of her impetus and lack of good manners.

-Silly, I saw that you woke up very well. -putting pressure with her hips twice on my almost fully erect sex, as it almost always dawns and that she felt as soon as she got on top of me- so stand up, let’s do it.

Her impetus and brazenness amazes me, in a single day there is a 180° change, being so outgoing is the opposite image I have of her. Even after having done it with her the previous morning, the image of innocence was still intact.

She immediately kissed me very effusively without caring if I had brushed my teeth. For a moment I thought about stopping her to go brush me, but if she didn’t care why should I care?

My hands went straight to her butt cheeks, after two squeezes I slipped my hand through the top garter of her long cotton pajamas, taking also the garter of the pantyhose, I gave a tug backwards and then drew an arc downwards and towards me, to leave her butt completely uncovered so that I could take hold of it and feel her smooth, soft skin and the firmness of her flesh. With one of my fingers I searched for her ass and started to draw circuits on her ring, while she was practically eating my mouth.

Suddenly she brought her hands to my nipples and began to pinch them with gentle force, greatly enhancing the hardness of my sex pressed against hers. God, where did this girl learn that from? I’m itching to break through the fabric and thrust into her all at once.

I push myself with my hands on the bed and we are seated, I take her by the waist without letting go of the bed, I make her turn and let her lie under escort karataş bayan me. With her legs over mine I make her stretch them out and place them on my chest while I take her pajamas and pull them up and remove them in one movement.

The view of her pubis with its triangle of fine light hairs is simply sublime, I must complete the picture and taking her t-shirt by the bottom and pull it over her head. From that point of view, the sight of her small and perfectly round breasts, her tiny waist, her beautiful hips with their protruding bones, her pubis adorned with that triangle of thin and sparse light hairs, and that angelic face with a look full of desire, makes my mind fill with perverted images and then I decide to make those images come true.

Encouraged by her boldness I tell her:

-Such as you are I want to shower you with my milky cum.

-Shiiii! -she says in a Japanese hentai voice, leaving me astonished again and provoking a wave of pressure on my already rock sex.

-You’re a little box of surprises, you know that,” I tell her as I take my sex and point it at her entrance.

-I’ve been told that,” she smiles mischievously.

God, where does this girl get such seduction from? -I thought.

-And who told you that, may I ask? -I tell her with fake annoyance, raising an eyebrow.

-Well, you fool! Who else? Just so you know you’re the first in almost everything,” she says in a cuddly tone pampering my ego.

I descend to her mouth and reward her with my kisses, she hangs on my neck and squeezes me tightly to her, raising her pubis seeking my sex. She intertwines her feet in my back and presses herself tighter to me. She is burning with desire so I decide to make her suffer a little and I peel off her mouth looking for her neck and discover one of her weak points, she squeezes me like a possessed woman and pulls my hair. I bite her softly and she moans pitifully and one hand desperately tries to pull my sex out of my shorts.

I take her hands with mine and pull them away from me, while I continue kissing all over her neck making her shudder all over. I move down to her breasts where she has goose bumps all over, her nipples erect, deep pink, hard and much smaller. I bite them, I suck them and I make her moan loudly and she tells me:

-Ya Pedro! put it inside me once and for all,” she begs me.

I also want to give it to her once and for all. I wanted to beg, but I don’t know what it is that is driving me crazy with desire, if it’s her little body, the fact that she is my sister-in-law, the most forbidden thing in the family, her angelic face full of freckles, how transformed she is, I really don’t know, but I’m sure it’s all of that together.

I let go of her hands and pull my shorts down to my knees and off each leg. I drop my sex over her pubis that reaches past her belly button. She grabs it with both hands and scoots up on the bed to place it at her entrance.

She pushes herself down seeking to penetrate herself, she was desperate to be nailed. So I signaled her to be patient, she wanted to be nailed I was going to please her. With her hands gripping my sex I placed it in her. Positioning myself on top of her I placed one hand beside her head on her shoulder and the other under her left arm. I couldn’t pull back or run away from her.

I lifted myself up looking into her eyes, beckoned for her approval and when she did so I gave her a single thrust, thrusting all of my sex into her and bumping into her cervix.

A terrified scream came from her throat and her eyes filled with thick tears, she dug her nails into my chest pushing herself, but when I wanted to get out of her she hugged me tightly and didn’t let me out.

-No, don’t come out! I’m getting over it. -I was shaking, breathing very fast.

-It’s not my intention to get out. I just want to start giving you the way you want.

-Yes please, give it to me hard, I can’t take it anymore.

And I started a frenzied and frantic thrusting in and out. Making her moan almost screaming. After I made her come after a while I made her turn around and get on doggy, I saw my sex was a little red again.

I took it from the base and placed it at her entrance and slowly pushed it in. Again I started a continuous thrust in and out making her moan again. The view from that angle was indescribable, she is very powerful, her round butts and her tight pink O-ring conjures up kinky images to carry out at some point.

I let myself fall on top of her. Already lying down I tell her to stand her little ass up, leaning on my knees and hands I start to hammer her bum cheeks with my pelvis. In this position the friction with my glans on her g-spot is greater and she starts to moan more continuously.

It is one of my favorite poses, I can be faster and rougher I duck my head and bite her between neck and shoulder gently this makes me feel more feline, she raises her head a little and moans more intensely and I easily accelerate my hips making her moan continuously.

I escort bayan karkamış can see her face transform, there is pain and pleasure, after that intense moment she is about to come again. So I peel myself off her neck, lean on both elbows and taking her head and pinning her sideways I stick my mouth on her left ear and stick my tongue in as if I am kissing her.

Her body shudders all over, she moves like a trapped snake, bites the fabric of the sheet, grunts and moans loudly, takes her hands back, digs her nails into my buttocks and her body shudders in a very intense orgasm. Her vagina begins to squeeze my sex tightly pulling me also into an intense orgasm, trusting what she told me two days ago I fill her with my white orgasm flooding what is already flooded.

My orgasmic hammering is deep making her moan in pain as well. It was very intense, and I stay still inside her. I kiss the sweats on her face with short kisses, feel her sex throbbing on mine, as her body goes quiet. When we finally separate, again a small blood stain on our sexes and on the sheet. I ask her if it hurt a lot.

-Yes, almost as much as the first time, only the pain lasted much less.

-Well then you’re going to have to wait a week or two to do it again -I tell him very seriously, to see his reaction- so let’s avoid seeing each other for several days.

-First you die! -she says to me astonished and with a big smile- besides, as if we couldn’t do other things!

-Oh yeah?… Like what?

-Well… Well… I can drink your milk and… I want it from behind too! -She says this last one a bit embarrassed.

-Really? -I tell her with some astonishment, it’s a very tight little ass and I’m very thick, I’m sure I’m going to destroy it -that’s going to hurt a lot more.

-Yes, I know it’s going to hurt, but I see how Maru enjoys it and I want to enjoy it too. -She tells me with determination.

-Well, for the record, I warned you,” thinking that I was going to break it in such a way that she would remember me for the rest of her life every time she went to the bathroom.

After talking nonsense for a while, she took the sheets to put them in the wash as if they were hers again, lest the maids get the wrong idea if I took them.

It took her several encounters to adapt to the first moments of penetration, at least the first 2 times we were together she bled, but then she adapted quickly, sometimes we did it two and three times a day, after a few minutes of gentle penetration, she herself would tell me when she was cured of the pain to speed up and when she was on top of me she would thrust hard into my sex all by herself.

I loved it when she was on top because her face would transform, it turned me on to see how lust and wantonness was painted on her face as well as pleasure accompanied by pain, she felt powerful and in control, sometimes when we were sitting she would bring her face close to mine and stare at me while she rode me like a savage, then she would bite her lips, grit her teeth and growl into my mouth without kissing me, sometimes I had to grab a pillow for her to bite and clench it with her teeth and hands, because she was strictly forbidden to bite or scratch me, until finally she would close her eyes and accompanied by spasms and convulsions she would end up grunting and her face would have the angelic aura again, then she would hug me tightly and kiss me for a long time until her breathing calmed down.

One of the places we liked the most was the bathroom, there she was impressively liberated, I think it was because of the confidence that cleaning after bathing offers, she easily on her knees gave me such intense blowjobs as if her life depended on it, and many times I felt her playing with her fingers in my anus, this was very exciting and she even gave me black kisses, by the way, it was her alone without me indicating it to her, When it was my turn, she would lean forward a little and face the wall, sticking her chest against the wall and pulling back her perfect ass, she would spread her own buttocks apart, offering me her O-ring and her channel for me to enjoy, which really delighted me and she enjoyed it to the fullest.

She loved it when I kissed her there, she was fascinated when I caressed her and massaged her O-ring and she died of pleasure when I invaded her with a finger, too bad I can’t say more, since it was very difficult to put two fingers inside her and although it was the desire of both of us to do it there, it was really me who avoided it, She really was very tight from behind and penetrating her meant that I had to split her and not once but many times, once we tried with full lubricants and she was very excited and I couldn’t even get half of her head in, not without making her scream in pain, but we still enjoyed that ass as we wanted.

I was in love with her ass pumps, I never stopped wanting them, when I could I would give her light spankings disguised in front of everyone, even at the beach with the family present when she lay on her stomach to kilis escort bayan sunbathe I would place my head there on her buttocks and fall asleep, more than once she tanned a single buttock, nobody said anything because they saw it as normal and without bad intentions, besides they all have nice round buttocks, even her mother obviously came from there, but Malu’s was the best, it was a show out of this world. Only my wife sometimes made bad faces at me.

That if, her best rides were when having her penetrated from the front I would stick a finger in her from behind and the best place where we had those rides was sitting in the bathroom, where sitting in front of me on my legs, she would move her hips back and forth or just lean on her feet and go up and down there my hands had full control of the movements of her hips and her butt, There was where my fingers made her enjoy much more, she was also fascinated by the doggy position, there I had a better view of her buttocks, I could easily put a finger between them, which she loved and also enjoyed them to the maximum.

I was in glory and I was on vacation, that meant a lot of encounters with my little sister-in-law Malu. I spent the whole time horny, stiff, boner, aroused, horndog, wild, randy, hard, or whatever you want to call it, in the morning and sometimes in the afternoon with Malu and half days or evenings with my wife, and the rest of the day I spent sleeping.

Since I started having sex with Malu, my wife Maru had benefited a lot, since almost every day we had sex, before many times, we spent several days without anything at all, but on those vacations we had a lot of hustle and bustle, and I was not so tired, since I slept both night and day, the truth is that this new relationship had me very accelerated, hot, excited, also in very good shape and the best physical and sexual performance of my life, as they say, “happier than a child on December 25”.

When I was with Maru I was thinking about Malu and when I finished being with Malu I couldn’t wait for my wife to arrive to be with her, many times I fantasized that I was doing it with both of them, but my wife is entirely heterosexual and careful if not homophobic, I had once or twice before thrown her the idea of having a threesome and fulfilling “THE” male icon fantasy and although I had been in threesomes before, I wanted to be with her in one, she didn’t know about all my adventures so I had to hide it, there is an image that must be maintained. She simply answered me, that not even in dreams, to stop thinking about stupid things. As for Malu, I had not raised this issue with her yet.

You may ask yourselves, how is it possible to have a mistress, so to speak, and be very well with your partner or love her more? I am one of those who think that you can love more than one person at a time, at that time I loved my wife and at that time Malu was something new, the morbid youth, the tender, the forbidden, simple and purely carnal and I loved her and I will always love her maybe not as much as my wife at that time, nor as many women who passed through my life before and who have a place in my heart that Malu then earned a place in my heart? Yes, of course, it was up to her to make that place bigger. But that case was different, it’s as close as it gets to having two women under the same roof. One knows of the other’s existence and gives no trouble about it. Quite a powder keg.

Malu and I did it wherever we met almost always, either in her room or in the attic, often in the bathroom of the guest room, when the toilets were downstairs and/or in the garage workshop, sometimes in the early morning we gave free rein and we saw each other in the kitchen, in the bar, the studio, the garage itself, and even in the workshop as well.

She has always been somewhat reserved and shy, she is not one of those who hangs around the house talking on the phone and of course, she had her friends nearby, but they usually came in the afternoon, time that I used to sleep, and on vacation they came more often, but she was the one who wanted to be with me and avoided her friends.

Sometimes I was afraid that she would become obsessed with me and everything would end, but after talking to her sometimes and trying to see where her “impetus” reached, I was calm. She made it clear to me that she knew what she was getting into.

But something bothered me and that was that she was getting bolder and bolder, not holding back from moaning loudly, let alone worrying if the ladies on duty were around. She gave free rein to what she felt at the moment, and sooner rather than later I knew and was sure that this would get me into trouble.

Malu undoubtedly learned a lot from me, sometimes while I was asleep in my room she would give me fellatio with such care that she would wake me up just as I was about to finish or when I was finishing.

One day he came up with the crazy idea of giving me fellatio in the attic with my wife sleeping next to me, it was a Sunday after a heavy lunch that put us all to sleep. I was in the best part of a dream of adventure in a jungle with chase and all, where I was running away from some guys, I suddenly feel that my legs bend in the middle of the race causing me to stumble and in one that was about to fall I woke up somewhat startled and what is my surprise, Malu was glued to my sex like a calf to the udder.

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