The Initiation Ch. 2

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(If you have not read The Initiation-Chapter 1, you may want to do so before you begin this chapter.)

The rest of the evening was one big orgy, highlighted when the three women and three men got into one big pile. Donna and Susan had a two-headed 12″ dildo between their legs, giving each of them countless orgasms. At the same time, both of them were feasting on Marie’s very hairy cunt. Marie loved the natural look and her red-haired pussy turned on not only the guys in the room, but these two women as well. With the women working on each other, Donna’s husband Ray shoved his cock into Marie from behind, while Donna and Susan had presented their asses to Bob and Chuck, the respective husband’s of Susan and Marie.

The six of them worked like a fine tuned watch. Each providing pleasure to one another. Finally Donna and Susan came together with the dildo slipping out from their cunts. Bob and Chuck came as well, coating their asses with their cum. Both guys were spent and slumped to the floor to watch the seen that was unfolding in front of them. Just as quickly, Donna and Susan put a lip-lock on Marie’s clit at the same time as Ray provided Marie with his full 10″. Marie was in total and absolute ecstasy as the sensations of having two tongues on her clit, and one cock up her pussy was too much to take. “This feels so good. Oh so good! Oh yes, please don’t stop, don’t ever stop.” Marie’s own hands were busy roughly rubbing her own huge breasts, pulling at the nipples.

The timing was almost perfect. Ray was the first to shoot his load, filling Marie’s cunt with his cum. Even as Marie came, driven to this satisfaction by Ray’s cock and the tonguing she was receiving, the other two women refused to let go of her clit. They could not get enough of the hairiest cunt they had ever seen. Each of them reached down to frig their own clits as they drove their tongues not only on Marie’s clit, but Susan shot hers up Marie’s cunt. The three women came almost simultaneously. First Marie, with a loud shriek, and then both Donna and Susan who were moving their hands at warp speed over their cunts. A great evening of sex came to an end.

As the couples were getting to leave, Chuck and Marie told the other two couples, Susan and Bob and Donna and Ray that they would be receiving further instructions on the initiation process to their swing club. They thanked Ray and Donna for hosting the dinner that evening.

Susan and Bob drove home in silence, fully aware of what they started by telling their friends Donna and Ray that they had belonged to a swing club where they used to live. When they arrived home they just had enough strength to remove their clothes and hop under the covers in bed. Quickly they fell asleep.

“I was so turned on by last night,” stated Susan at breakfast the next morning, “that I cannot wait to see what unfolds at the initiation next month. I’m wondering what Chuck is going to be sending us about the meeting.” I just shook my head. Never, even at our previous swing club, had I experience and evening so involved with pleasuring one another. “I am sure Chuck will add something to the two points he made last night. If you remember, he said that you cannot shave your pussy for the next month and we could not have any sex, with anyone, during the next month,” I stated. “That may be a problem, no sex,” exclaimed my wife. “But there must be some good reasons for that” she added.

About one week after our evening at Donna and Ray’s house, a letter came from Chuck. The letter gave us the date and time for the initiation meeting. Also enclosed were the clothes we were to wear. For Susan, she was provided with a loose shift with instructions that she was to shower just before putting on the shift and to not wear any undergarments. I was told to shower as well and to wear the jogging suit, also with no underwear. No other instructions were given. “Expect to have your body shared by many” were the last words on the notice.

The month, as you could imagine could not pass fast enough. Susan and I, as well as from our discussions with Donna and Ray, were sticking to the instructions. The day finally arrived for us to be “initiated” into the swing club. I know that I was ready to explode. If I had anyone place just one finger on by cock, I could have filled a gallon drum with as much cum as I had stored in my balls.

As we prepared for that evening, you could not imagine how sexy my wife looked. Being of Italian heritage, no one is going to believe the bush that Susan now sported due to her lack of shaving. I had to turn away, afraid that I would come just by looking at her.

We arrived at Chuck and Marie’s house. Large was an understatement. It was a mansion. Our coats were taken and we were lead into a reception, and given name tags to wear. We found ourselves in the middle of about fourteen couples, including our friends Donna and Ray. Chuck found us and told us that there are three couples trying to be initiated this evening. The three are the ones with the nametags. Looking around, I was surprised to see that not every member, or potential member is right out of a modeling catalog. Women and men of all shapes and sizes were members. In fact, the other couple who was up for membership gaziantep escort ilanları were, for the most part, everyday people. Nancy and Mel are in their middle 50’s, graying and distinguished looking, both presented big smiles, and looks as thought hey have enjoyed life, with Mel sporting a large belly and Nancy having some meat on her curves. In a moment of strict confidence, Mel said that he and Nancy had never “swung” but wanted to try something later in life. He also said that his wife was not the most willing of partners, but went along because he insisted that this would add plenty of spice to their sex lives.

After cocktails, Chuck came in and made some introductions. He told the assembled guests that the three couples, and he pointed towards us, were now going to begin the initiation that would lead them into membership of the club. He asked all of us to move into the next room. The next room was even bigger than the first one. There were all sorts of furniture, some that I did not recognize as furniture, along with king size beds, large screens and various chairs. The chairs were moveable and probably for a good reason, as I would expect much of the action would take place all over the room.

“Congratulations to each couple for joining us tonight. I will tell you that this will be the most erotic evening of your life. And, if all goes as expected, you will be able to join all of us on a regular basis. Here are a few ground rules. First, the three couples will note that many of the ‘permanent’ members will, at an early stage, if I know my friends, begin taking off their clothes at various points during the evening, as they will assist in the initiation. Secondly, the object is for each couple to earn enough points to become members. Our current members will be the judges on your activities. If each of you followed the simple instructions; women not shaving their pussies and couples abstaining from sex, you will have already earned some valuable points.” With that Chuck asked all potential new members to remove their clothing.

An audible gasp arose from the assembled members as the women disrobed first. My wife’s bush had an immediate effect on both men and women. Very black, very thick and very unruly. You could not see her cunt lips through the thicket of hair. It was a mound of hair. She had a few black hairs that traveled up from her bush to her belly button. It was a thin line, but seeing this really had my cock, and I imagine all of the men’s cocks, standing at full mast. Donna’s was naturally blonde, and to our surprise, was equally unruly. She decided to show off by bending over, holding her ankles to show that her cunt hair extended past her asshole. The surprise came when Nancy’s bush was revealed. Nancy had a gray bush, sprinkled with some remaining black hair. The hair grew wild on either side of her lips and continued up to her asshole and beyond. It reminded the assembled group of men and women of steel wool in its texture. Each woman earned points for their team by not shaving or trimming their pussies for a month.

The men disrobed as well. 3 huge erections were released. I had my cock so hard that it could probably, if given the chance, cut its way through steel. Mel’s cock was enormous. It had to be all of 11″ with huge balls hanging from his groin. It must have been at least 3″ around. Both men and women were paraded in front of the membership.

“We will begin with the men first,” Chuck said. He asked our wives to take seats in front of the assembled reclining type chairs. They would be in a position to see first hand what Chuck had is store for the men. He then went on to explain what was expected of us. “If you followed the instructions, each of you should be ready to cum in no time. I am sure that your balls must be loaded and at the slight touch you would explode.” We were instructed to sit in a reclining type chair. Once seated, our arms were extended on our sides and placed in loose restraints. Our legs were tied in similar fashion. The chair was adjustable and with a switch, the seat came forward so that our asses were pushed out allowing our erections to literally stand out in front of our body

For the men to earn another points Chuck let us know what was expected of us. Three women men came forward and removed their clothes. Each carried a long feather in their hands. “Gentlemen,” Chuck began, “The ladies are here for the express purpose of trying to get you to cum at an appropriate time. In the condition all of you are in, it would not take much to get you to cum. However, we need you to cum on time. By that, we want you to hold off from cumming for at least 5 minutes after our ladies begin to play with your cocks with the feather in their hands.” We were told that if we could hold off cumming for at least 5 minutes, points would be earned. The man who had the most cum would get additional points.

The women were told to begin. Slowly, the beautiful young lady assigned to me, took the feather and ever so slowly, began to work the feather on and around the tip of my cock. It so happens that the tip of my cock is the most extremely sensitive area of my cock. My wife loves to tease me endlessly by working two hands on my cock at one time. I had a hard time holding back as with each stroke of the feather, my cock twitched. Not only did she work her magic on the tip, she moved the feather up and down each side, tickled my balls with it, and then used the feathers tip to play with my pee hole. The sensation was one I had never experienced. She was an expert of driving me to a tremendous orgasm. My cock had a mind of its own. Plus the fact that the young lady performing this wonderful act, began to spread her own legs, showing me a bright red bush and a clit that stood out at least an inch did not do anything to ease the situation. She began to play with her clit with her free hand, alternating frigging the nub and inserting fingers into her very wet cunt. My fellow partners were having similar experiences. I looked around to see what our wives were doing. They had their hands tied behind their backs, and their legs also tied to the chair. Chuck did not want them to touch themselves while watching their husbands cum. I could tell all of them were squirming in their seats.

Around what I hopefully perceived to be the five-minute mark, the teasing became unbearable for us all. We all began to moan and thrust out asses off of the chair, hoping that we would make the time limit and then cum. My partner gave a final few strokes on the tip of my cock. Within seconds of my cumming, Ray began to yell various warnings that he was about to cum. Relief for me was welcome. I literally exploded, with spurt after spurt of hot cum leaving my cock and on to the hand and the red bush of my partner. I was spent. I looked around and Mel had not yet cum. All of a sudden Mel’s partner covered his cock with her mouth, gave him a few licks and sure enough, he came in buckets as well. We all please to hear that we made the five-minute limit, with only seconds to spare. We received applause from the membership. Points were earned.

I was spent. I had rarely cum that hard and Chuck was correct. Not having sex for one month would make my orgasm overwhelming. It was now time for the ladies to take their places. New types of chairs were set forth for the women. The men were given seats, similar to what we had when we “were on stage” that placed us in front of our wives. The ladies were placed into their chairs. They had their arms and legs attached by restraining ropes. Their arms were stretched out above their heads and their legs were pulled apart so that their entire vulva area was exposed. A switch was turned and their seats, like ours forced their asses toward the front, prominently showing all of us their hairy snatches, from the top all the way to their assholes. The goal, as explained to each women was two-fold. They were first to hold off on having an orgasm for five minutes and secondly, the number of orgasms they had were to be counted. Points were to be awarded for holding out for five minutes and that the woman who had the most orgasms would receive additional points. There would be a 45-minute time limit. Chuck told the women that they too would have partners, female partners, who would work with them and on them. These partners would do everything they could do to cause the women to have an orgasm prior to the five minute mark and then, would continue to do everything they could that would cause them to have multiple orgasms over the final 40 or so minutes.

Chuck’s wife Marie sided up to my wife and said, “I remember what you did to me the first evening we met. Revenge is a bitch.” Other women sided up to Donna and Stacy. At the same time, other female members came by our side. Chuck gave the signal for the women to begin.

Immediately Marie turned on another switch that rotated Susan’s chair to a position that had her with her head leaning toward the ground and her exposed cunt facing the ceiling. She proceeded to take a long dildo from a table that was brought in to the room. The table contained many sex toys. She inserted the dildo into my wife’s exposed cunt. As she was extremely wet, the dildo slid in without any resistance. Marie started slow, but picked up some speed within a short time. Not only did Marie shove the dildo in and out of my wife’s cunt, she twisted it every time she shoved it further into her sex. As Susan had no sex for a month, she did all that she could from cumming immediately. “On my, oh my,” my wife yelled, as she thrust her cunt to meet the thrusts from Marie. Marie left the dildo in Susan’s cunt, and began run her hands through the black bush my wife had grown. She ran her hands through the thick forest of hair, splitting her lips apart and finally coming to the core of her sex, her clitoris. My wife’s clitoris, with very little encouragement stood out from her bush. Marie placed her tongue lightly on Susan’s clit at the same time she once again began twisting and shoving the dildo in and out of my wife’s cunt. My wife was now screaming in pleasure, “Oh yes, Oh yes, it feels so good. Please suck harder on my clit, make me cum, oh please make me cum. Please eat me, eat my cunt. I love your tongue!” Marie continued her assault and just at the time when she sensed Susan was about to have a major climax, she stopped licking and stop playing with the dildo. Susan’s was now begging for release. “Don’t stop, please don’t stop.” Marie was not about to allow Susan the pleasure of cumming until she was ready. Marie wanted to keep Susan on the edge just until the five-minute time limit was approaching. Marie was lusting for Susan ever since Susan attacked her that first night. She turned and asked her husband how much time had gone by. He told her three minutes. Marie now went to work in earnest. Marie rotated the chair so Susan’s hairy cunt was at a level where she could be fucked. She released Susan’s legs from the restraints. She then took a small vibrator and placed in Susan’s ass. Lastly, Marie strapped on a harness with a large dildo attached. The dildo had little nubs coming out from the cock. Probably to add pleasure. Marie then began to fuck Susan. She was able to get the entire dildo into Susan’s drenched cunt, while at the same time she was able to frig her clit. The combination of the fucking and the vibrator sending off sparks in Susan’s ass were too much for Susan to take. Susan was now screaming for release. I have never seen Susan wail like this in my life. Susan’s nipples were as hard as rocks. She was thrusting to meet every thrust Marie had to offer. She was out of control with pleasure. A man from the audience shoved his erection into Susan’s mouth. She greedily accepted the cock and within one minute Susan was not only given a mouthful of cum, but she too came crying out, “Enough, enough, I can’t take anymore, oh please stop!” Finally, Marie stopped her activity, sat back and smiled at her conquest.

At the same time, the other women were in various stages of ecstasy as well. The “partner” for Donna, Clara had placed nipple clamps on Donna’s tits and had a double headed dildo, one side in Donna’s cunt and the other side in her own. She also placed anal beads into Donna’s ass. While pulling on the nipple clamps she was fucking Donna. Donna’s cunt was on fire. She could not get enough of the dildo and she too knew that it would be hard for her to hold out for the five minutes. In fact, about three minutes into this treatment Clara began to slowly pull out the anal beads, while continuing to hump her with the dildo. “Yes, Yes, oh Yes, I’m cumming, Oh God, I’m cumm….ingggg, cumminnngg.” With her cum, Donna slumped back into her chair.

Nancy, who was never with a woman, became insatiable. She was a women possessed. In fact Chuck had two women work on her, Bonnie and Diane. Nancy’s table was turned parallel to the floor and lowered somewhat. Bonnie lowered her cunt to Nancy’s mouth. Although she never ate a woman, Nancy flicked her tongue at the center of her partner’s sex. She licked Bonnie’s cunt from back to front. Diane put on a strap on dildo, one with a 10″ cock attached. She proceeded to fuck Nancy with the dildo. When she was able to move her head away from her Bonnie’s cunt, she began yelling, “Fuck me, please fuck my pussy with your cock. I need a cock so badly. Harder, please fuck me faster and harder!! Oh yes, I’m cumming, I’m cummmiiiinggg, I’m cummmming. Oh God, I’m cummmming!!

We, on the other hand, during this time became fully aroused, once again. This time each of us took matters into our own hands. We began to masturbate in front of our audience. In a matter of moments, one of the ladies from the audience replaced my hand with her mouth. She twirled her tongue along the tip of my cock, licked me on all sides and had me cumming in her mouth within two minutes. Two other women came to the side of Mel and Ray and did the same thing with their mouths on both guys. This too, had the desired effect as both Mel and Ray deposited a mouthful of cum with these women.

The first part of the contest was over, with not one of the women surviving the initial five-minute time frame. Chuck just smiled. Immediately Chuck announced that for the next ten minutes, we were going to be counting the number of orgasms each lady experienced. Marie turned to me and with a wink said, “I was only toying with your wife before. I am going to do things to her that will have her wanting me over and over again. If you like, and you will know when the time is right, shove your cock into my pussy.”

The orgasm contest began. Donna’s partner, Clara turned Donna’s table so that Donna’s furry blonde cunt faced towards the ceiling. She proceeded to place a “clit clamp” onto Donna’s exposed nub that attached to the nipple clamps. Donna then brought out a vibrator and turned the switch to the on position. With the vibrator working its magic in Donna’s cunt, the sensations caused by this as well as the sensations caused by the clamps, Donna became, once again very vocal. Only this time, no words were said. Donna was moaning and screaming in pleasure with only cries of passion filling the room. Clara sensing that Donna was on the verge of multiple orgasms pushed her to the limit by licking her clit. That was too much for Donna as she came and came and came again. All in a matter of a few minutes. Donna’s partner did not allow Donna any rest. She pulled off the clips, turned the table to the horizontal position and climbed into a “69” position. Donna could not wait to place her mouth on Clara’s brown furred pussy. Donna came again as Clara fingered her cunt and tongued her clit. Clara also came, many times from the licking she was getting. Both women lost control as they continued to work their magic on the core to their partner’s sex.

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