The Innocent Youth Ch. 01

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Part 1 – Clive

From the moment I set eyes on Ian’s girlfriend, I knew I would sodomize her. I simply knew it. It wasn’t just that I wanted to—I certainly did—but I also understood her inner submissiveness and saw that I could lure her in, make her ache, make her beg.

She and Ian shared the same happy-go-lucky naiveté. I would even say they made a cute pair. Too cute, really and perhaps I envied them for it. Perhaps I resented them for it— their youthful love. Ian’s girlfriend had that eye-catching rosy glow to her skin in her face, in her arms and legs. I adored her freckles. Absolutely adored them. They covered her entire body and seemed to clustered and darken in places—the sun’s doing, I’m sure. Even when I first met her I could see there was immense feeling in her large brown eyes. She was curvy but quite fit— especially her legs, with an appetizing, firm ass. Her face and cheeks still seemed to retain attractive traces of baby fat and had a sanguine blush to them. Her red hair was tied back into a ponytail that was slightly tight and when she kissed Ian deeply and passionately it was as if she were pained to let him go even for just a few hours. Something dark stirred in me.

Ian himself was one of my new interns at the firm and a funny, likeable young man. It seemed everyone liked him, actually. He was certainly brighter than most of his peers. He was energetic, had a great sense of humor, and could hold his own even if he seemed nervous at times. He was somewhat tall, lanky really, and had shaggy hair He was charmingly nerdy. In some ways, he reminded me of myself twenty-five or thirty years ago: intelligent but innocent and impressionable. I would enjoy toying with him, too.

I had stopped for coffee just outside the building before work that morning I saw them together for the first time. They had coffees in their hands, too, and she was wearing a tight-fitting short-sleeve button down shirt and some sort of ugly black work shoes. I took it she was working in one of the restaurants around here. Yet my eyes couldn’t help but linger on her shapely hips and the curve of her butt underneath her dark uniform pants.

I waited till they separated then sped up, and hooked my arm around Ian shoulder briefly, then quickly released him. I had surprised him and could feel the fright in his body. He felt surprisingly frail, or timid. “There’s my boy! How’d your first week at the firm go?”

“Hey, Mr. Prince! You surprised me. It was good, really—not actually as… I don’t know… exhausting or something as I would have expected it, but fast-paced. Intense at times.”

“Oh you’ll learn fast. Sink or swim and you’re gonna swim. I’m sure of it. It’ll take a couple weeks to adjust, though. Who was that beauty you were with? Already knee deep in it, eh?”

“Oh,” he blushed, “that’s my girlfriend, Aubrey. She works at a fancy restaurant down there.” He pointed down toward the Harbor.

“What’s she doing at a restaurant when there’s so much down here? If she’s even half as bright as you, any employer would die to have her!”

Ian laughed embarrassedly and explained that they had just moved there. They were tight on cash and needed to put a deposit down for an apartment rental so Aubrey had to take the first job possible. I pried further and found out which restaurant she worked at—a steakhouse not far from the office. I’d been there countless times and would surely be meeting Aubrey there in the future.

In the weeks to come, I took Ian under my wing. If not because I liked him, then just because I was able to mold him and direct his growth. I enjoyed that he listened. He was an adept pupil, potentially even a protégé—and he would listen to just about anything I told him.

“I always feel like my mind’s sharper if I go for a run in the morning before work.” I once told him. “The hour or so less sleep is worth it.”

Needless to say, a little over a week later, he reported back to me that running in the mornings had put him in a great mood before work and felt like a million bucks for it. “I don’t even feel like I need my morning coffee!” he had told me.

I tried it again. I told him that wearing a red tie signified dominance, and that it was a subtle sign of arrogance as an intern and it may rub some of the higher-ups the wrong way. I continued to wear red ties, and he stopped altogether. I even mentioned that I thought he looked “very professional” with his hair slightly parted to the side and he started wearing it that way all the time.

Of course, this was sort of a game I played with interns. After all, they were paid (badly) and if either me or any of the other upper management didn’t get along with any of them, they would be gone in an instant. Most understood this and were generally deferential and even obedient, one could say. With Ian, it was bordering on submissive. The few times I had observed Ian and Aubrey together, it seemed like they loved each other desperately. It was İstanbul Escort as if they submitted wholly to one another—endearing and touching, but I could not understand how two people so fragile could be so fully enraptured with one another.

So I began going to the restaurant Aubrey worked at. The general manager knew me and the boys decently well and the waitstaff often joked with me. I think they’d be out of business in a day without all of us who worked in finance. Besides, we tipped well.

“Hey Clive!” a hostess named Alice shouted as she saw me. She was the only one there who called me by my first name, and it was because of something that happened a year or so ago.

I’d once drunkenly fucked Alice after having drinks here with some colleagues. Alice was about 30 or so, straight brown hair and a biggish aquiline nose but was cute enough. Very sociable. It was about a year ago and after knocking back a few cocktails, I got her to come back to my place. She’d started blowing me in the taxi back and carelessly—furiously— made me cum in her mouth shortly after we got to my studio. She didn’t care though. She squatted onto my face, fondled and blew me until I got hard again, happily impaled herself on my shaft and rode me until she came about three times, then rolled right off and went out like a light.

Alice was type of person whom anyone could fuck, but she’d always get something out of it for herself. She was the type of person who knew how to use while being used. Neither brilliant nor powerful nor even particularly likeable, she was resilient and I respected her for that. Ever since that night though, I guess she’s thought we were friends.

“Good afternoon, Alice. What do you think of that new girl you’ve got here. Aubrey.”

“Suuuuper cute girl. Everyone likes her, she’s a real fast learner. I don’t think she’ll survive.” She burst out laughing. “Why? Let me guess: Mr. Prince Charming wants to sit in her section?”

I gave her a smile and looked intently at her. She gave in.

“Oh, fine!” Alice said. “But you have to promise me you’ll get a drink with me again.”

“Can’t promise that, Alice.”

She pouted. “Fine. Well will you at least come in for drinks with your guys one of these days? You guys tip the best. And besides, you know you love us.”


“Boom, done! Well, follow me!” she led me to a quiet table by the window in the back of the restaurant and I saw freckled arms picking up dishes from an older couple at a nearby table. Perfect.

“Oh and one thing, Alice.” I held her by the arm, “If I do come up in conversation, don’t mention my last name or where I work.”

Alice laughed, “You’re the devil, you know that? She has a boyfriend. They even live together.”

I gave her a knowing smile. “I’ve heard. Just don’t mention the firm of my name yet, ok? I’d be… grateful.” I’d let the implication pique her imagination and persuade her to behave.

After having a seat I struck up an easy conversation with Aubrey and we got along well. I’d purposely gone late to lunch knowing it would be slow enough to carry a conversation. She told me that she and Ian had moved there after graduating college in Connecticut for jobs. I, of course, did not let her know Ian worked under me but I did let her know that I was well-established in the industry.

“Oh, my boyfriend works in finance too, here downtown too! Maybe you know him? What company do you work for?”

Adorable. She truly was an unspoiled, inexperienced girl. “Goldman.” I lied. I couldn’t have her knowing I was her boyfriend’s boss.

“Oh, right, that’s not who he works for” her smile evaporated and she lost some of her exuberance but continued on. “Well, you probably wouldn’t know him anyway. He’s just an intern and all these companies are so huge. I mean look at these buildings! I’m from a small town and this is sort of crazy to me. Exciting though.”

I drank in her minute features—the slight cleft chin, the crookedness of three or four of her small bottom teeth, the very, very fine peach fuzz on her arms and a tiny brown mole just to the right of her right eye. I loved her naiveté and how she would laugh nervously after speaking or when I’d ask her a provocative question.

I flattered her, teased her, made her feel safe let her know that if she were ever in need of anything, I could offer her support. I told her I had a beach house less than an hour away from where she had grown up and told her to let me know next time she and her boyfriend were up there.

She talked about this boyfriend— Ian of course, but she didn’t realize I knew him—a lot and it seemed a large part of her identity and experiences had been formed around him. They had met and started dating as college freshman and had lived together for some time, and they’d moved here so he could kickstart his career in finance. She expressed that she was tired of working in restaurants but was uncertain about finding a career-focused Anadolu Yakası Escort job for herself here and the restaurant gigs at least paid some bills. She’d gotten her degree in communications and said that the jobs were really competitive and the internships didn’t pay.

I allowed her to catch me drawing my eyes up and down the length of her body as she came and went from my table. I wanted her to know that I was a pig. I was right about her after all: she saw me eye-fucking over and over again and still kept coming back to talk more with me, looking into my eyes with what I thought—and hoped—was a forbidden desire to be desired by a rich, older man.

One thing she said her relationship with Ian really caught my attention. “I feel like we’re a perfect team but sometimes I just wish we met later in life,” she told me about moving here, “there are just so many things I feel I want to do before like settling down or getting married and having kids.”

“With travel? Work? Seeing other men?”

“Travel, definitely. I mean, all of the above I guess.” She laughed and blushed. “I feel like we found each other so young but there still like—so much more.”

“You’re young, there’s plenty of time to do all that. Life is entirely ahead of you, and you should embrace that—even the feeling of uncertainty that can be nerve-wracking and scary. I truly miss it now. That uncertainty of youth. Seeing the world, the ups and downs of a career, and of course the excitement of relationships and intimate relations you will have—it’s all ahead of you. No need to panic or overwhelm yourself.” I touched her on the arm. “The uncertainty is to be embraced.”

“Well, yeah. Yeah, definitely, and I’m definitely excited. I just don’t know about the jobs here for me or relationships and like… intimate stuff now that I’m with Ian, my boyfriend.”

“Even with him in your life. You can be with him and still experience all of that, Aubrey. The world can and will offer you just about anything you could ever want.” I allowed my eyes linger on hers, then allowed them to bore into her with the lust smoldering inside me as I entertained a flash of fantasy—or perhaps a vision— of her lying on her back with disheveled hair and pleading eyes, beads of sweat breaking on every inch of flesh across her face and body as I rock slowly in and out of her swollen, aching cunt and she urgently whispers my name—

Behind her lips, I saw her tongue move in her mouth. She closed her mouth and swallowed quietly without saying anything. “Well, listen.” I broke the silence. “Email me your resume, I’ll take a look and let’s meet to see what work you’re looking for here.” I patted my jacket “Silly me, I don’t have any business cards on me.” I of course did, but couldn’t let her see that I had deceived her about where I worked. I wrote my email number and first name on a napkin and handed it to her. “I’ve been established in this city a long time and can definitely find you something stable and paying.” She took the card in her delicate hand and smiled. “And, no dessert for me, honey, but I’d love coffee and the check.”

Perhaps she understood. Perhaps she anticipated that she would soon be on her knees doing everything I wanted her to do. I’d known women like Aubrey in my life, but not recently. The innocent youth steered clear of me, it seemed, because for sweet girls like Aubrey the game was over before it even began.

“Well, I’ve got to be back to work.” I told her after paying my bill. I stood and put my hand—rather boldly— on her hip. I notice for the first time how small she seemed. I was only 6 inches taller than her, but something about her made it seem like I towerd over her. “It was a pleasure to meet a smart, beautiful woman such as yourself, Aubrey. Let’s talk over coffee but I see you here again?”

“Yep, definitely. I’ll be here a lot. I work most lunches, and like Thursday and Friday nights too. Thanks so much, Clive! I’ll email you that stuff for sure and we’ll talk soon!”

“Wonderful. I’ll see you soon.” I slowly placed my arm at her hips and guided her body subtly toward me, then away from me as I stepped sideways from the table. I let my eyes meet hers and linger a little too long as she broke out into a nervous laugh and mumbled about me being too kind. I’d left her a $50 tip. She knew what I wanted and judging by her behavior, I’d bet she was going to let me have it the very first time I asked.

She got back to me pretty quickly, emailing a somewhat sad resume, which I looked over. I replied to her with advice on how to pad it, embellish her achievements and advised her on phrasing. I told her to have a couple printed copies and to meet at a café near her restaurant at 4:30 on Thursday. She replied, saying that she would.

When we met, she’d just got off work her hair was somewhat frizzed and a couple strands had come lose and kept falling into her face. She looked at me with her shimmering brown eyes, peering Kartal Escort intently over the soft curve of her nose. She smelled a little like a steakhouse for sure, but her natural scent was potent, and it was working me up. As we talked about her career goals, the type of work she liked to do and what firms she’d thought of applying to, my head was filling with obscene ideas of what I wanted to do to her, and what I would soon be doing to her. It was just a matter of time.

I told her I knew the director of marketing and communications, Dave, at one of the PR firms that works with us. I knew they were expanding and hiring quickly and Dave trusted me so I was pretty sure I could get her the job.

“Do you really think I stand a chance?” She asked with a smile she just couldn’t hide. Her eyes were wide, glimmering with hope.

“With my recommendation, Aubrey, I don’t think anyone else would stand a chance.”

We went our separate ways and on Friday, I made sure the younger guys were headed out to a club after work so that I’d be sure Ian would go with them. I brought Scott, one of the other managing directors, back to the restaurant for some steak and drinks after work. Scott was a decent guy—bearded, older and a little overweight but knew how to have fun and was a lot worse than me a decade or so ago. Plus he was a little bit of a horn dog too, so I knew he’d be of some help.

“One of my interns is dating that beauty over there.” I told him as I met Aubrey’s eye across the room and gave a warm smile. “She’s got some unseen kink to her, I can tell. I need you to help me to get her to show it.” Scott agreed and grinned mischievously.

“Oh and put this away,” I turned over his leather portfolio that said had the firm’s name engraved in the corner. “I can’t have her suspecting I’m her boyfriend’s boss.”

The restaurant stopped taking new customers and closed everything but the bar. We were still there, of course, and Alice had joined us. Alice had already finished and was on her third beer, and Scott and I’d had more than a few and had done a shot with Alice. I could tell Aubrey was almost done.

“Aubrey! Come join us!” I exclaimed when I could see her finishing cleaning up her tables.

“Yeaaaah Aubrey, come, come.” said Alice.

“Ok ok, guys. Almost done! What are you guys up to?”

“Just discussing anal pleasure, my dear.” Scott responded without missing a beat. “An area of expertise for you?”

She turned crimson and started laughing nervously.

“Oh leave her alone!” Alice shouted, “She’s new and you’re already bullying her. We weren’t even talking about that!” We weren’t. Scott was just doing me a favor.

“Oh that’s OK I can handle these guys,” Aubrey fought back, her face still red. ” And no it’s not an area of expertise, Mr.—”

“Spade. Call him Scott and sorry about him. His mother never taught him manners.”

“No worries. I have thick skin. And besides my boyfriend doesn’t really like that. He thinks it’s dirty or demeaning to women so it hasn’t really been an issue. Not that’ I’d be opp— I mean..” She stopped herself.

“Oooooh! Innocent Aubrey’s not so innocent!” Alice shouted. She was obviously drunker than we were.

“What, you’re curious?” I asked, looking her straight in the eye.

“Well not necessarily. I mean regular sex is fantastic enough.” She fidgeted nervously with her sleeve.

“Anal’s amazing, Aubrey. Really. Trust me. Trust. Me.” Alice stressed her voice. How the hell did she get so drunk? She was being obnoxious but I liked where it was going. “I think guys think girls don’t like it. But I fucking like it more than them! That’s what I’d say! I cum hard every time. So. Hard. It’s ok, Innocent Aubrey—I’m the slutty one.”

“I mean I’ve tried some things. Like toys and fingers and I know. I’m really not that innocent, you guys don’t realize it, just because I look like it.”

I felt something stir within me. “I’d agree with Alice,” I said. “Women seem to love it even more than me. And Ia—your boyfriend’s never given you the experience of that exquisite pleasure?” I gazed at Aubrey, my insides burning thinking about what I could do to her. I’d almost accidentally said Ian’s name.

She looked right back at me, laughed and swallowed. “We don’t really talk about it. I don’t think he knows I have those toys. I mean I know he doesn’t—I sort of hide them.”

“What kind of toys?” I asked. Alice and Scott had turned to order another drink. They knew what I was up to.

“Oh just like a vibrator. And a tiny plug.” She laughed again. “Well, anyway, I..” she looked around the room nervously and glanced back at me.

“That’s a very good start. That’s how I’ve always started with women. When a woman takes the real deal, it’s an all-consuming almost out-of-body experience. When she lets me into her completely and submits in the most intimate way possible, it consumes her with pleasure. I’m sure you’ll discover it with the person you’re meant to. In good time, Aubrey.”

She was gazing at me with her mouth slightly agape and her chest rising and falling steeply. “Can I get you a drink?” I asked her, and put my arm on her outer hip. She gave way a little, folded into me slightly and nodded. “Yes,” she replied quietly.

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