The Instructress Ch. 02

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“Thank you,” Donna giggled sweetly as Sam handed her the champagne.

Spending the night in the hotel with Sam was so much fun. He was gorgeous and funny and seemingly infatuated with her and her natural tendency to dominate. He had started the evening trying to enforce some sort of male authority, that was cute, but the more she imposed her body the dreamier he became.

She pulled back the hotel sheet to reveal her strong lingerie clad body, with one athletic leg drawn up to create a triangular opening between her thighs. Her blue lace panties were still in place for now, damp from arousal and pulled taut between her cheeks.

“Can you put people to sleep like that?” Sam asked, tactically sculling his glass.

Donna nodded.

“Are you going to do that to me?”

She thought about it for a moment and then slipped off her underwear. Her crotch was shaved and glistening from arousal, her legs stretching wider as fantasies played around her intoxicated mind.

“Easier for you to earn your keep… and maybe stay conscious.”

“Fuck, Donna!” Sam whispered, his erect bouncing cock giving away his emotions.

“Are you going in voluntarily or do I have to catch you?”

Sam climbed astride her waist and pinned her hands to the bed as he kissed her, “Are you always like this, Donna?”

‘No’ was the answer, but things were different with Sam. She was trembling as his erect penis touched her. Her eyes were wide and questioning and a little fearful. Sam sensed it and pressed his lips against her one more time before sliding down to voluntarily surrender himself to her waiting legs, and her tight front head scissors.

“Thank you,” she quivered, focusing on her growing arousal. She squeezed and he cried out; okay she may have squeezed a little too lovingly, but it worked as his tongue was now lapping her vagina. She gripped his head and ground him gently against her.

Blonde hair covered her face, but were eyes were already closed. Her powerful hips thrust, unwittingly craning Sam’s neck with each aroused fuelled lunge. Every core muscle was taut and intent on keeping Sam’s neck imprisoned in its inescapable collar.

She orgasmed with tears glistening in her brown eyes. Sam looked spent, his tousled hair testament to the punishment she had imposed between her legs. She knew she should show mercy, but her legs seemed to be taking orders from her clit and were refusing to open.

“Please don’t leave,” Donna whispered, playing with his hair.

“I don’t think either of us want that…”

She grinned as she propped herself up on one arm to gulp champagne through a tangle of blonde hair. She loved to be in full control and the captive head in her lap was certainly under her control, it couldn’t move and was already lapping her labia.

“Easy,” she panted, “or with all this champagne, I might pee on you!”

“You really want to stop me?” Sam panted.

The female thighs around his neck tightened as they had done to opponents many times before. He knew that women’s hipbones were a different shape, rounder with a huge crushing force. Sam stopped, looked up and smiled.

“Do you really want me to put you to sleep?” Donna threatened, champagne glass still in her hand.

Sam’s hands caressed the hips that he was powerless to stop, the snug grip of her thighs still driving an insane erection.

“Can you feel me cutting your blood supply?” Donna asked, “…and this is not a way out! You’ll be in exactly the same position when you awake.”

Sam defiantly kissed her vagina again.

Donna moaned, loosening her thighs to allow blood flow, “Okay…” she trembled as she wiped her wet crotch across his lips.

“Fuck!” she cried as she climaxed, “I can’t stop shaking.”

She knew she was abusing this guy for Belek escort our own insatiable pleasure, yet somehow it felt right. He had told her about a hundred times that she had a beautiful body and had even unintentionally gasped that he loved her. He brought out both her rampant sexual desires and her instinct to protect.

“Turn around,” she panted, releasing her grip, flipping around quickly to lock Sam in a reverse head scissors.

Sam was already on the edge of orgasm as Donna’s warm mouth engulfed his cock. Donna’s pulsing thighs had thrust Sam’s head even more snugly into her body with her tensing butt cheeks now pinning his nostrils.

“You butt is beautiful,” he panted.

Donna giggled; he really couldn’t help himself. With a flick of her hips, the blonde rolled over on to her back to allow her naked butt to sink deeper on to his face. When she looked down, there really wasn’t much of him left. There was complete silence from beneath her strong glutes, with the very real possibility that his nose had entered her butt.

Sam climaxed almost instantly, and Donna rolled back on to her side, moments before asphyxiation.

“Wow!” Sam cried, tears in his eyes as he tried to sit up.

His cock slipped out of her mouth, “You gave me three orgasms,” she panted, “So I’m gonna keep you down there until you catch.”

“Two more?” Sam’s whole body was alight, his cock pushing forward in search of Donna’s lips; her tongue toying with him for several minutes before allowing him to slip inside.

Donna stretched out her legs, her cheeks compressing Sam’s nose. The stretch felt wonderful, but with her ankles still interlocked, her abductor muscles clasped even more strictly around her prey.

She focused on her breathe as she exhaled; this was the perfect hold to make any opponent tap out, terrified by the crushing force of her thighs around their vulnerable neck. However, Sam didn’t have that option; there was no way out for him. Donna pulsed her thighs, Sam’s ragdoll head forced to follow. She thrusted faster and faster, sucking until he climaxed for number two.

With his cock still in her mouth, Donna stopped and listened to the moans of pleasure from the ragdoll between her legs. She had always enjoyed the moans of a helpless opponent and Sam cried were even better, cries of both ecstasy and frustration.

“You wanted to know what I would do if I wasn’t a nice girl?”

Sam gasped, trying again to sit up.

“Not yet, Sam… and it would be such a pity if I had to put you to sleep…”

Her seemingly huge thighs eased for a second, one leg bending and tucking under the other and tightening to force Sam deeper between her cheeks.

“That was your chance,” Donna smiled, again the instructress, “Now I’ve slipped you into a figure four there is no escape.”

Sam moaned, he enjoyed learning about his fate as much as Donna enjoyed telling him and he started to kiss her bottom again. His kisses went deep between her cheeks, where previously unused nerves signalled new sensations.

Donna was blown away by the sensation and sucked absentmindedly on his cock as she immersed herself in the thrill of Sam’s touch.

“Oh fuck… just there,” Donna trembled, focusing on the anal sensation, “Oh wow…” She couldn’t stop trembling and barely noticed as Sam climaxed yet again. Fuck, why had she insisted on just the three orgasms, now she would have to release him, and she wanted to feel more of his lips between her cheeks.

Sam had a dreamy smile on his lips as the vice opened up and he rolled clear, “Amazing,” he panted, rolling back and falling on to the floor. Donna laughed hysterically as she reached out a hand to help him back to his feet. She then wrapped the sheet back around her and smiled shyly.


The Belek escort bayan next day, Sam strode into the hall to find two new students in the class. Two women, obviously friends standing at the back of the room.

Donna was again tying back her wild blonde hair and stopped and looked up as he entered, “You came!” she beamed.

“Many times.”

Donna smiled bashfully.

The lesson started with the new students whispered between themselves and glancing across at Sam, impressed by his physique and tight designer gym wear. But with the lesson almost over, Donna had an idea.

Picking Sam as a partner to demonstrate the move, she quickly brought Sam to the mat and sat on his back with his arms caught between her thighs.

“A lotus lock is an example of how correct technique can give you complete control over anyone…”

The other students watched intently as Donna pulled the black belt from her kimono and used it to tightly tie Sam’s elbows together behind his back. With Sam securely trussed, she simply stood up and bowed to finish the class.

The other students were now giggling as they watched Sam writhe around on the floor, comically trying to stand up.

“He didn’t pay for last week’s lesson,” Donna smiled as she led them to the door.

Donna walked to the back room to change, her kimono and trousers giving way to a knee length blue dress. She then walked slowly back to Sam and crouched down next to the man who had by now exhausted himself trying to escape.

“This was just to make me look stupid, wasn’t it,” he panted with a smile.


She eased forward so let Sam kiss her leg. She was already trembling in anticipation.

“What you did to me last night?” she whispered.

“Did you like it?”

She nodded shyly.

“Is that why I’m tied up again?”

She nodded.

“Then can I buy you a drink?”

Donna giggled.

“Going to untie me?” Sam asked.

Donna edged closer, brushing against him, stimulating herself with his face, “Just getting ready for my date.”

Sam’s tongue was already lapping her as she dropped down on to her knees, pinning his twisted body beneath her. It was beautifully gentle as she climaxed, moaning softly across the empty hall.

Donna sat motionless on Sam’s head, composing herself as her mind finally drifted to Sam’s predicament and the martial arts belt that had pulled even more snugly around Sam’s upper arms.

“The secret with this knot is ‘don’t pull’… or it locks up on you,” Donna breathed dreamily.

“I see,” Sam mumbled, his mouth distorted by the blonde who had decided to use his head as her seat.

With very little urgency, Donna slowly unravelled the belt from Sam’s red forearms and even more slowly stood up to release him from the steamy confines of her dress. Sam climbed to his feet, brushed back his dark hair and looked around the hall.

“They’ve gone,” Donna whispered.


Donna and Sam walked to the bar where they drank a couple of beers followed by a quick meal and by 8pm they were back at the hotel.

Donna engaged the security chain and then slipped a combination padlock through two of the links so that the chain was now too short to unhook it from the door. She was breathing deeply from beneath jostled blonde hair as she turned the five dials.

“Do you know the code?” Sam asked.

Donna shrugged, “Maybe we’re just two wild animals locked in a cage.”

Sam grabbed her waist and kissed the crazy woman who had just locked them in their hotel room. He had a feeling the woman had many sexual fantasies that he would have to fulfil before she would let him leave the room.

Donna was impatient and slipped his hands up inside her dress and placed them Escort Belek on her butt, “Yesterday, you…”


Donna bit her lip and looked shyly away.

Sam dropped to his knees, taking Donna’s white panties down with him. He carefully unbuckled her leather heels which he removed, together with her damp underwear.

He led her to the bed, lay down on his back and waited for the trepidatious woman to straddle his head and then sink back on her haunches so that her naked butt became one with his face.

“Is this a hold?” he mumbled as Donna pulled her dress back down, hiding him inside.

“Try to escape and you’ll find out…”

As before, Sam pushed his lips between her strong taut butt cheeks and kissed. Donna was making jittery high-pitched moans and the trembles from her body were conducting into his face. Sam was in a surreal underworld and barely noticed as his abductor unbuttoned his jeans to free his erect cock.

Donna lifted up slightly for him to gulp in another breathe before settling back into place. Sam pushed out his tongue, running it up and down her crease and was rewarded with a gentle bouncing of her booty on his face. By the time his tongue circled and gently pushed in against her hole, Donna was crying out and trembling, forcing her to lift back up to her knees to stop Sam’s touch from overwhelming her.

“I’ll stop,” Sam panted, as he pulled the woman’s hips back down on to his face.

Donna composed herself and pivoted her supple yoga body forward until his erect cock slid into her pouting lips. Sam climaxed almost instantly, but his cries of pleasure were reduced to nothing more than deep vibrations propagating through her body.

Sam tried to sit up, but that only impelled Donna to use her full weight on him, sinking down heavily on to his face.

“Yes, it is a hold,” she breathed, easily riding his escape attempts.

Sam’s moans were so intense that Donna lifted up to look underneath.

“I feel like your pants…” he gasped inanely.

“No… you’re my thong.”

Donna watched his gorgeous eyes as she twisted his wrist against its joint and pressed the tips of her fingers into Sam’s upper arm.

“Fuck!” he cried in response to the pain.

“Pressure point…” Donna seemed turned on by Sam’s response.

She sat back down on his face and pressed again, this time her body soaking up the muffled vibrations emanating from beneath her. Sam’s cock was already erect and bounced excitedly as she pressed again.

“You like that?” Donna purred dreamily; her body doubled forward so she could suck on his cock.

Sam could no longer distinguish between pleasure and pain as Donna brought him to climax and left him moaning in post-coital pleasure.

“Wanna come out of your deep dark prison?” Donna whispered.

The response was intelligible and anyway irrelevant, as Donna reached her arms up to start her yoga routine. She somehow knew that Sam would be better off in his cell as he slowly came down from his high. It was a wonderful stretch. She could feel every part of her trembling body and focused on how her hips and tailbone rested on Sam’s features.

“Oh, fuck!” she suddenly cried.

The feeling was back, and she lifted slightly and parted her cheeks to allow Sam’s lips to go deeper. Her whole body lit up and she cried louder as he tried to push inside. She was shaking and bouncing as Sam explored deeper. She wanted more, but the new sensation was overpowering.

She sprung up to her knees, arched her back, pivoted and rolled back on the bed next to him with her legs spread, “Oh fuck!” Sam’s warm breath was now blowing against her sensitive inner thighs and she reached down to hold his hair as he started to kiss. She was becoming dangerously addicted to this man.

She orgasmed and lay panting on the bed. Sam didn’t move, allowing his head to get trapped as she slowly closed her thighs. Donna was delirious, Sam must want her, he didn’t even try to resist his incarceration. Maybe it now felt natural to be trapped by her body.

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