The Interview Ch. 01

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This is my first attempt at writing, I hope you enjoy it. I have another part to this that I might upload if this receives some positive comments.


She had arrived much latter than she had expected-first delays because of damaged tracks then a broken down engine. All this had added an extra three hours to an already very long journey. As the train finally pulled into the station, the heavens opened, rain catapulting onto the pavement in a ferocious manner. Gathering her luggage, she begins a desperate search for a taxi to take her to her final destination. As she crosses the station, a voice calls her name. ‘I was told to meet you here and bring you to the house, Miss. Shall I take your things? The car is just over here.’ He motioned to a large car with tinted windows parked outside. Something had improved at least, she thought to herself. The driver opened the door for her, then placed the suitcases in the boot, ‘Won’t be long now, Miss, soon have you in the dry.’ The last thing she wanted now was to be dry, she was looking forward to a long, deep bath followed by an early night.

Presently, the car pulled into a drive way that leads away from the country road. It was lined with tall trees that hid them from observers. She looked ahead and saw an imposing building, more like a small castle than a house. The driver stopped the car and quickly ushered her inside, explaining that her bags would follow very soon. On entering the door, she was struck by the size of everything, a scale she had not come across before. Also, there seemed to be several servants waiting for her arrival. Two in particular caught her eye; one a young man in his twenties, dressed in a well cut black suit, the other a woman with chestnut hair tied back, wearing the uniform of a housemaid. ‘Samantha, show the lady to her rooms, please. I’m sure she would like to get comfortable after such a long journey. I will have some food sent up to you, if you need anything else, please sex hikayeleri don’t hesitate to ask us.’

The girl called Samantha gave her a winning smile and took her by the arm towards the sweeping staircase to her left. ‘You’re on the first floor, just along here. Danny, bring the bags up, please,’ she added over her shoulder to the man below. Here we are, I hope everything is to your liking…’ She was speechless; the room was tastefully decorated with old, dark wood furniture. A large bed took up a good portion of the area; on it were towels, a bathrobe and a bouquet of roses. ‘Shall I put these in a vase for you miss? I’m sure there’s a vase in here somewhere…’ Who were they from? A knock at the door broke her train of thought, as Danny delivered her bag. ‘Where would you like it, Miss, on the bed or on the floor?’

‘Ignore him, Miss. He thinks he’s god’s gift to women-Danny, just put the cases down and get on with your work!’ Danny turns, still smirking adding’Alright, only having a joke, no offence meant Miss.’ She was strangely taken with him, despite him being unbelievably conceited. However, she felt obliged to forgive him his remark, and sent him away with some pride intact.

Samantha fussed around the room some more, bending down to fetch a vase. She couldn’t help but stare at her behind and idly wonder about its shape and feel. ‘Well miss, your bathroom is through here, I hope that you enjoy your soak; your supper will be sent up presently.’

Once alone, she blew through her mouth and wondered what she had gotten herself into. Was it really worth all this hassle for a rotten interview? Admittedly, the subject had not given an interview for over ten years and he had specifically requested that she and she alone would get to ask as many questions as she wished about any subject over the course of the weekend. A once in a lifetime chance and she had decided to grasp it with both hands.

The journey sikiş hikayeleri had taken its toll, and all she wanted to do was to take a long, hot bath to remove all the strains from her body before dinner. She headed straight for the bathroom and set a bath running, liberally adding the bath salts that had been left for her. She was slightly surprised to note that he had done his research well, as this was the brand she herself used when she wanted to treat herself at home.

The room was soon swirling with steam and the soothing scent of flowers, which helped her to start up unwind from the day’s activities. As the bathtub filled she trimmed her pubic hair with careful snips of her manicure scissors. Her buttocks resting on the bathroom counter and her legs wide apart she could see her pink lips already swelling with the desire to be touched. Spreading shaving foam along the edges of the now short, curly hair she took a fresh razor and trimmed along her bikini line. Wanting this homecoming to be even more special she once again shook the shave foam can and applied the resulting blue gel all along the opening of her womanhood. As it turned from blue gel to white foam she ran the razor as close as possible to her clit and lips. With a wet cloth she gently rubbed of the foam and viewed herself. She hadn’t done this for a few years and forgotten how wonderful it was to see her pussy hairless and so smooth.

The mint scented steam wafted up around her naked body as she stepped into the tub. Her skin quickly turned pink as the hot water engulfed her. Her job often took her away from home and this trip would be a long one, she’d be gone for several nights instead of the usual overnighter.

The bubbles lingered on her breasts, still perky for her years. The workouts and time on the treadmill were definitely paying off; so many of the girls she went to school with had let themselves go when they got married. She was still sex hikaye proud of her body and liked the appraising looks she received from men and women alike. Lifting one long leg and then the other from the water she admired the firm muscular shape as she shaved them to silken smoothness.

Sinking deep into the hot water she relished the sensation of the water rushing over her naked womanhood. Sliding a finger over and around her lips she noticed that the moisture there was definitely of the vaginal kind, it mixed with the bathwater as she stirred her senses there.

Dwelling on her last passionate interlude she became even more slippery and gently inserted a finger into her pussy bringing a quivering to her clit and g spot. A soft whimper escaped her mouth as she began to stroke in and out of herself. Rubbing her now rigid nipples till fully erect, her other hand continued to delve deeply into her pussy. Her thumb toyed with her clit causing even more juices to escape from her flaming hot tunnel.

Entirely engrossed in the climax that was threatening to engulf her she didn’t notice her as he entered the bath and sat on the edge of the tub. Reaching out she deftly began massaging her shoulders, lightly at first, then more insistently. ‘Is everything alright, Miss?’ came the enquiry. Startled, she half rose from the bath, and then sank back once she realized where she was and what was happening. ‘You must’ve pressed the service bell, lot’s of visitors do, I should have warned you about it, really.’

‘I’m fine,’ she eventually managed to blurt out.

‘Looks that way to me too, Miss,’ Samantha replied with a knowing grin on her lips. ‘Well, ‘she went on, ‘if there’s anything I can do for you, just push the bell and I’ll be straight up to help you.’ With that, she got up and left, turning as she left to catch her eyes as she closed the door gently.

Still aroused, the woman in the bath returned to her pleasure, now adding the touch of the maid to her imagination. Her need was now more urgent, pushing two fingers inside her as her other hand massaged her clit, circling the bud till she could hold out no more. As she came, her lover’s eyes sprang to the front of her mind, fixing her with a piercing, fuck-me-now stare…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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