The Invisible Woman Ch. 12

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Sunken into the plush leather couch in Jack’s living room, cradling her coffee, Max scanned the newspaper. It had been years since she’d held a real printed paper. She was a modern woman who subscribed to her news using a phone app. It appeared Jack was old fashioned, and she had found the Globe and Mail on his step when she’d let Gumbo out.

She glanced from the paper as Jack rushed around packing last-minute things, giddy with excitement about this trip. His passion for his profession was charming.

They’d stayed up late talking about everything he hoped to gain from this trip, including his future goals of working in talent identification and development for the special Olympics.

A warmth in her chest suffused her body, causing her lips to curl up as she observed him bustling around.

She put the paper aside and moved across the room, into the kitchen.

“What do you take in your coffee?” She called down the hall.

“Black. But I don’t think I have time for it before I go,” came his reply.

Grabbing a travel mug and pouring coffee from the pot, she turned with it in her hands as he came in holding his laptop bag, his carry on, and his luggage. No fancy wheeled suitcases for Jack, he was holding beautiful vintage leather duffle-style bags that Max found incredible.

“They were my grandfather’s.” Jack said, proud that she was admiring them.

“They suit you,” Max replied, stepping closer to pass him his coffee. “Here, you can’t survive a 16 hour flight without a morning coffee.”

He reached for it, his fingers grazing hers. The memory of last night at the sink ran through her veins and she tilted her head up softly, pressing her lips to his.

Everything hushed, the air prickling with electricity like those baited seconds between lightning and thunder. His lips, soft and warm, pressed back into hers. His eyes were open observing her in surprise.

BOOM. The skies broke open. Jack’s bags crashed to the floor his hands raced up her back into her hair, tilting her head back. He looked into her eyes and placed his lips on hers, his full lips parting as he sucked sweetly on her upper lip before parting them further, caressing her tongue with his. He kissed her so deeply it made her feel like every other kiss in her life had been only practice for this one real moment.

His tongue and lips were warm and sure. Her hands ran to the sides of his face, her fingers brushing the cropped hair on the back of his neck. She pulled him closer as he slowed the kiss, still deep and firm, and his hands tangled in her hair. His arms were under her shoulders, holding her, keeping her tilted towards him.

His lips finally broke from hers and they stood, catching their breath, tangled in one another. Their foreheads were pressed together. As his breathing regulated, his face exploded in the most brilliant smile she’d ever seen, and she couldn’t help but mirror it. He kissed her tenderly on the mouth once more, then her cheek and her forehead before releasing her.

Max stood, awkward and goofy as he beamed at her. She didn’t quite know what to do with herself so she stooped to pick up the travel mug Jack had dropped, impressed that not one drop had spilled.

“Wow this thing is tough.” She commented, handing it to him and looking into his alluring amber eyes. “You’ll be late.”

Jack took the mug but continued eyeing her. He reached his hand up and cupped her chin. “When I come home, I’d like take you on a date, then I’d like to revisit this more thoroughly.” He tilted his mouth to hers and parted her lips with his tongue, teasing her before pulling back and sucking on her lower lip.

Every nerve in her being ignited, making her knees go weak. When his mouth broke from hers she couldn’t speak, bringing her fingers up to touch her lips. Jack turned and grabbed his luggage.

“I’ll message you when I get there,” he said, grabbing the door knob and heading out. “See you Thursday.” With that he was gone

Ten minutes later, Max was still staring at the door, her lips tingling as though they were electrified. If she was being honest that wasn’t the only part of her that was tingling. Gumbo barked beside her, startling her from her trance. She reached down and pet his giant skull.

“Hungry, buddy?” Max decided taking a bath would be the best way to get back to normal. She poured Gumbo a bowl of kibble and herself a fresh coffee and headed off down the hall to the full bathroom attached to Jack’s room.

Despite her protests, Jack had insisted she stay in his room while he was away instead İstanbul Escort of the guest bed. He won by telling her it was because he had a Tempur-Pedic mattress which he swore would change her life.

His room was rustic and warm with lots of raw wood, and she felt at home here despite her initial hesitation.

Stripping off her sleep shorts and tank top, she sauntered over to the huge jacuzzi tub and turned the faucets on. She busied herself finding some Epsom salts and juniper eucalyptus whirlpool bubbles and poured them in. There was a large window overlooking the garden that ran floor to ceiling beside the tub, with the forest that surrounded the property providing plenty of privacy.

Max sank below the luxurious bubbles, steeping herself in the water’s warmth, letting it penetrate every muscle. She reached for the jets and set them for 20 minutes. Her hot coffee warmed her from the inside out as she sipped it, appreciating her view of the forest beyond the garden. Max’s mind drifted, going back to last night when Jack had come up behind her at the sink and held her hands under the warm soapy water while he kissed her neck. Her skin prickled at the memory.

It had been a sensation she had never experienced before. Every touch of his lips on her bare skin had been gentle currents torching through her body. When he’d flicked his tongue across her earlobe, she had not only climaxed, it was as though every nerve ending seemed to climax simultaneously all thrumming as she came softly.

And then this morning’s kiss. Heat radiated from between her legs as she replayed the morning’s events in her mind. The thump of the jets on her thighs gave her an idea. She was alone here.

Max put down her coffee and turned so that her legs could drape over the edge of the tub, positioning herself over a jet. She tilted her head back, closing her eyes as the sensations took over, the bubbles tickling her breasts. The water sprayed out, keeping a steady pressure on her clit. She pressed her hips up and down creating a wave between her legs. She remembered the way it had felt with Jack’s hands on hers as he held them in the soapy water. Max gyrated against the jet, envisioning his lips on her neck. The steady water pressure created a deep, insistent pressure on her sensitive flesh and Max exploded, screaming through her orgasm and continuing to ride the jet until her climax was done. She shifted her legs back over and reclined into the bubbles thinking about what it would be like to be with Jack.


Corinna woke to find Geoff’s naked body fast asleep between her legs. There was an ache in her core so deep she couldn’t describe it. The ache was made simultaneously worse and better when she realized Geoff’s cock was pressed against her slit. She could feel a condom on him, they must have passed out right after cumming. His dick was hard, and despite having it inside her most of the night, she wanted him inside her again. She had never experienced this kind of want before and she now understood how sex could motivate people into doing terrible things.

She shifted underneath him, rocking her hips up and down. Applying pressure to her clit made her purr as his dick rubbed up and down her slit. She kept the motion going under his sleeping form, bringing herself close to yet another release; she’d lost count of how many at this point. She needed more contact to get there. She reached down and pressed on his ass, creating a heavier friction between them. She was moaning and grinding against him when he came to and immediately growled, lifting his hips to plunge himself into her wet hole. His eyes were closed as he pressed all the way into her. She was so close, her pussy raw and swollen from being fucked literally all night long. He pulled out and pushed hard back in.

“Fuck you’re so hot. I could fuck you all day,” he thrust back in, getting into a deep rhythm. Corinna clamped around him, pushing him up and over onto his back. She planted her heels beside his hips and bounced, getting his dick so deep she could almost taste it.

“Ya ya yaaaaaaa” she cried out as she came hard, her knees falling limp, leaving Geoff to thrust up into her from below to find his own release. Thrusting up hard, his aching balls provided one more hot burst of cum. He exhaled hard as he pumped his load, filling yet another condom. He wrapped his arms around her, holding her close to his chest while they basked in the afterglow.

Corinna smiled. He could say he wanted nothing serious but why would he want to fuck her this much if he wasn’t Bayan Escort into her?


Max was grabbing her car keys off the counter when the door clicked open and in walked a gangly teenage boy with platinum blond hair. He froze at the sight of her.

“You must be Paul!” Max offered her hand. “I’m Max. Did Jack mention me?”

Paul looked at her offered hand but made no move to shake it.

“Jack’s away at a conference, so I’m hanging out with Gumbo until Thursday. Most days when you come I’ll be at work. I just took today off to acclimate to this place.”

Paul nodded curtly and grabbed the leash from the hook. Gumbo came bounding through the house at the sound. Paul’s face lit up as he pet the happy pooch and clipped him in. Straightening up, he looked at his feet.


Realizing he was probably uncomfortable talking to an older woman he’d just met, Max grabbed for the door.

“I was just heading out. Nice meeting you, Paul”. She smiled politely and left Paul to do his job.


She had so many things she wanted to do today, and first on her agenda was consulting a family mediator to see what her legal rights were. She made decent money at Euphoria but the savings were all in joint accounts which she would need to access to get herself a place to stay. She didn’t want the house, it had been Geoff’s when they had met. They had added her name to the mortgage after they married but she would take a reasonable buyout for what she’d contributed over the past five years.

Aside from that, most of their assets would be easy to split. She felt a deep sadness as she went through her thoughts of legally leaving her husband. No one ever marries thinking they will divorce. They had once been very much in love and she deserved a moment to grieve the loss of that love, no matter how hurt she felt in the end.

She pulled into an industrial parking lot and walked into the sterile-looking building, seeking unit 305. Being a Saturday, most of the offices were closed, and the halls were eerily quiet. When she entered the office she was greeted immediately by a plump older woman.

“You must be Maxine Fraser.” She extended her hand, “I’m Eleanor Craig, we spoke on the phone. Please follow me.”

Eleanor lead Max down a beige hallway.

“Thanks for meeting with me on such short notice. Things happened so quickly. I want to move on as quick as possible.”

“Let’s see what we can do for you, shall we?” Eleanor said, taking a seat at a small, cheap-looking desk. She gestured for Max to take a seat opposite.

“Ok Mrs. Fraser. This is called an intake interview it takes about 45 minutes. After that I will need to do an intake interview with your spouse privately. From there we will have a meeting with both of you present to discuss the division of assets. The goal here is not for me to take sides but to ensure a fair division takes place. If things don’t go well, we can have a second meeting. But you may need to go through the courts if things get messy. Our goal is to avoid that and have you both moving on as easily as possible.”

Max took a deep breath “I only want what’s mine. I have no intention of going for the jugular. I want to liberate my money so I can get a place for myself and get on with my life as quickly as possible.”

Eleanor tapped efficiently at her keyboard.

“Will Geoff be receptive to your desire to split your assets?”

Max shook her head, eyes welling up.

“He thinks he can fix it. I think this will be hard for him,”

Eleanor didn’t look up. “Can he?” She finally glanced upwards, “because if there is any chance of reconciliation I highly recommend you explore couples counseling first. You don’t want to spend time and money here only to find you were being hasty.”

More head shaking, and Max swallowed hard.

“No. There is no chance for reconciliation.”

The interview was basic and direct about their marriage, careers and assets. At the end of the meeting Max was drained.

“Will you be filing for divorce?” asked Eleanor as she typed away.

Max nodded, “Yes, but I’ve heard we need to be separated for a year first.”

Eleanor looked up. “In Ontario you need to prove marriage breakdown. That can be living separate for a year, abuse, or adultery.” She looked to Max expectantly.

“He had an affair.” Max said sadly.

“You can prove it to a judge?” Eleanor asked, typing.

Max nodded.

“That will take less time. You could file for divorce within the month,”

She finished her entry and turned Eskort to a somber Max.

“Mrs. Fraser, I know this is hard. Ending a marriage is never easy. I will do everything I can to help this go smoothly. I will contact Mr. Fraser within the next few days but it might be better if he contacts me. In my experience people are more receptive to these proceedings if they are given control. If you are comfortable with contacting him, you can give him my information and let him know my role is not as a lawyer, but simply to ease this transition.”

Max stared at her, incredulous. “Yeah, ok. If you think it will help,”

She took one of the business cards from the tray on the desk. Eleanor stood, ushering her to the door.

“It was nice meeting you. You’ll hear from me within a few days.”

Max walked out of the building, squinting into the sunlight, and decided now was as good a time as any to go talk to Geoff.


Turning the key in the lock, Max walked through the front door of the home she and Geoff had shared for 5 years.

The smell of stale booze and garbage that needed to be taken out assaulted her. Geoff’s car was parked out front so she assumed he might still be sleeping even though he was due at work in an hour.

Walking down the hall, she paused at the landing of the stairs. That’s when she heard the pounding of the headboard and the carnal moaning.

Her stomach churned. She turned to leave but steeled herself. No. She came here to tell him something. If he was fucking Jess while she told him she could damn well hear it too.

She walked up the stairs. The bedroom door was wide open and her husband was pounding hard into a curvy brunette. Apparently they were both about to climax from the sounds of things.

It wasn’t Jess. Max realized how naïve she’d been to assume it had only been one girl. Embarrassed, her gaze dropped to the floor where there was a graveyard of used condoms and liquor bottles. Hell of a night, it seemed.

She stood rooted in the doorway, afraid to step on a wayward prophylactic. She cleared her throat and Geoff turned, his face blanching. Under him the brunette squealed, twitching against him. Geoff grimaced and even though he’d stopped thrusting, he had been about to cum and now with the brunette writhing under him he couldn’t stop himself. He’d never had much self control. His face contorted as he came into the woman in Max’s bed while he looked at her. Bile rose in her throat.

“Max,” Geoff said as he got himself out of the girl and onto his feet. He tore off the condom and walked towards her.

She stepped back.

He stopped.

“Put clothes on. We’ll talk in the living room.” She nodded to the girl, “Pleasure meeting you-?”

“Corinna,” she answered, wrapping herself in the sheets.

“Corinna. Right. Ok,”

She turned and went downstairs to wait. A clear certainty that this was no longer home settled into her chest.

Geoff came down half-dressed, his back shredded and raw. Max heard the shower click on. Geoff looked belligerent, like a child caught stealing cookies.

“I’m not apologizing for fucking Corinna.” He declared.

“OK.” Max responded.

“You left me, said it was over and I had to move on,” he said, eyes blazing.

“I did,” Max said, softly nodding.

Her calm answers quieted the fight he had locked and loaded. His posture relaxed and his defenses dropped.

“Geoff I’m here to ask you to call this woman.” She produced Eleanor’s card, “She’s a mediator. She’ll help us sort things out fairly. I don’t want any drama I just want my portion of our money so I can get a place for myself and move on.”

Geoff took the card, his posture deflating, his eyes red and his hair tousled. He looked every bit the rising star bad boy chef that stole her heart six years ago. Her heart ached for losing him.

“It’s really over isn’t it?” He choked.

Max’s eyes filled with hot tears, spilling over as she nodded, a strangled sob escaping her constricted throat.

Geoff’s eyes watered as the reality hit him. “I am so, so sorry Max. I never planned to hurt you like this.” His face was a mask of shame.

“I know,” Max said, shrugging, “but you did.”

Geoff mirrored her as she stood, and reached out he to hold her as they cried together, mourning the loss of their promised future. Pulling away, Max could smell Corinna on his face, she worried he would try to kiss her.

“I’ll call her on my dinner break, ok?” He said, releasing her and flicking the card. “I don’t want to make this any worse for you.”

“Thank you,” Max wiped her cheeks and took one last look around spotting a freshly clean and clothed Corinna by the stairs. She noticed a slight resemblance to herself and knew instantly what Geoff was doing. It made her sad for Corinna.

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