The Jeweler Ch. 01

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My wife once admitted that she loved wearing the golden rings I gave her while making love, and when she was alone, the best way to get aroused and then have satisfaction was to tickle her tits with a necklace I gave her.

“Do you want a vibrator?” I asked, and she replied, “No. They may not arouse me as much, and their material is no way as hygienic as gold. My dear, the best quality of your jewels is that you gave them to me.”

Then I understood why did she ask my dentist to fill my teeth with gold instead of amalgam; I smiled, and decided to surf the Net in order to find some intimate jewellery for her.

I found several sites selling 18k gold nipple jewels, and I wanted to buy a chain; but then I wondered, “What if the site is a scam? The best way is to buy some less expensive jewels and have them tested by my favorite jeweler.”

So I settled for a couple of nipple shields, and when the mailman gave them to me, I brought them to Alice, my favorite jeweler.

When do most Catholic parents have their children take their First Communion? In May; and when I entered Alice’s shop, there were hosts of parents, together with their children, choosing their presents.

Alice noticed my embarrassment, and proposed me to see her at home in the evening. She could not help me anyway, as there were too many clients to serve.

Alice lived alone; her parents and siblings lived in houses near hers — as she was fond of telling, one of her ancestor fought in the Independence War, and received a 16-acre estate as a veteran. He was as shrewd as a businessman as he was brave as a soldier, so his estate extended, and his descendants have always had plenty of space to dwell in.

Alice opened the door and let me in; she was elegant in her shop, but casual at home — it was somewhat hot that evening, and she only wore a pair of shorts and a tank top barely covering her breasts.

Her attire was somewhat revealing, but I did not notice that very much — she was just my jeweler, although acquaintance had gradually developed into friendship. She gave me a Coca Cola, and asked me how could she help me.

I showed her the nipple jewels, and asked her if they really were of solid 18k gold. She looked carefully at them, and told me, “They probably are, but I have to test them with acid. But you need not have bought them from an untrustworthy seller: I too sell and make intimate jewelry!”


She Ankara bayan escort smiled, put her hands on her tank top, glanced at me and said, “I am just showcasing my merchandise!” as she removed her garment and showed me her beautiful nipples encased into a couple of nipple shields.

I brought my eyes close to the jewels and even dared touch them. They were made of filigree “a giorno”, but care was taken to make them easy to clean, and were wide enough to cover her extensive areolas.

Some grains of gold protruded towards her skin, and I noticed that the shields were split into two parts: a cylinder gently gripping the nipple, and a disk hinging on it which could be rotated like a telephone dial.

When I tried to rotate her left disk, she quivered, and gently removed my hand saying, “You’re doing more than what has been bargained for.”

“The disk is somewhat pliable … I guess that you could even suckle a baby while wearing them.”

“I am developing such a model. But I have other items to show you. By the way, all my intimate jewelry is custom made. If you want me to make some for your wife, you should convince her to come here and have her measurements — and preferences — taken.”

“My wife is out of town tonight. You may continue with the parade.”

“Take my jewels off, and I will show a more precious one.”

It took a minute of palpation to understand how to loosen the jewels’ grip upon the nipples, and to safely remove them — Alice did not object, her eyes became wet, and her cheeks somewhat pink.

She grasped my hands, led me to the wardrobe that concealed her safe, opened a drawer in it and showed me a long and thick chain, with nipple rings, and asked me to help her put it on.

I did that, but she complained, “Think: how could I conceal such a chain under the tank top I was wearing before, if it rakishly dangles in front of my crotch?”

I was so engrossed by her beauty that I could not think, and she quipped, “How do you help your wife fasten her bra?”

I realized what did she mean, I removed the chain, and thought that lubricating it could prevent nipple soreness. So I licked the chain rings, probably adding to her excitement, as she told me, “You’d better lick my nipples too …”

I obliged — and felt something I didn’t feel when doing that to my wife. Not just because Alice’s breasts were as big as my wife’s, and Escort bayan Ankara certainly perkier … I was probably falling in love with Alice, and perhaps Alice with me.

I was tempted to suck her breasts, but I restrained myself, and as her areolas were now as wet as a watered garden, I stood up, went to her back, touched her buttocks with the chain, as my hands reached her nipples and pinched the rings on them.

Then I noticed that her breasts were sumptuous — I could not reach the nipples without skimming my dick over her butt, and she said, “I have something for it too.”

I then hugged her fiercely and tried to kiss her in the mouth, but she said, “Please, wait for a while — there is something more in store”

I released her, she turned towards me, opened the fly of her shorts, removed them and her underwear; I kneeled down, and I saw through her black pubic hair a clit teaser. “It may be kept in place during intercourse,” she said, “but it will feel better if you wear a ring on your penis.”

She kneeled down, and I kissed her; she opened my fly, extracted my penis with her right hand, looked carefully at it, muttered, “Four inches’ girth when flaccid, probably six when erect”; we both rose to our feet, she opened another drawer with her left hand (and her breasts beautifully dangled as she did that) and asked me, “Please, stop leering at my breasts for now. You have to choose your favorite penis ring.”

There were several models, and I noticed some golden sleeves near them. “Am I supposed to put my member into one of them?” I asked; Alice giggled and replied, “They are for masturbation purposes. Their filigree structure is supposed to mimic the vaginal lining — but I have never had a live tester to perfect it. I can only say that they could double into dildos, and one of my favorite fantasies is that a man puts the sleeve on first, and then penetrates me.”

My penis got erected — her words were so exciting that it became harder and larger than usual. Alice begun lightly massaging it, and put its tip in touch with her clit; then opened another drawer and took a long golden band; she rolled it around my penis, from the base to the balanus, and applied a golden ring to either end.

I could not help touching her breasts and nipples as my embellished member found its way into her body and my pants her nipple rings stimulated my body too, and, before surrendering to Bayan escort Ankara passion, she took another chain from a drawer, and used it to bind my body to hers.

She did not tell me that she even had an anal probe — I noticed it when I stroked her butt; I could not help grasp it and throb it rhythmically in and out. The probe was designed to stimulate her G-Spot, and she enjoyed it very much.

What goes around comes around … her wardrobe had several other such jewels, she inserted one of them into my anus, and as she found my prostrate, she stimulated it so effectively that … only the penis rings prevented me from ejaculating.

“Five inches deep … relax … I will insert one that fits,” told she, and put something that was thin as she inserted it, but as she turned it clockwise, expanded in order to fill my anus. A lever could twist its tip in order to massage my prostrate, and she did it well again.

We stopped worrying about placing jewels across our bodies and concentrated on our sensations, and we both came.

Then we removed our jewels, rinsed them under the faucet, and put them into a cleaning and sterilizing machine.

As we did that, we noticed that we were completely naked, without even an earring; Alice told me, “I have something else to show …” but I told her, “You are the most precious jewel around. Let me have you as you are now.”

Her nipples roused, her breasts somewhat inflated, her cheeks turned pink, her pupils widened, her eyeballs became wet, she said, “Nobody else dared tell me that,” kissed me, and we made love again.

I came home at dawn, with a couple intimate jewels: a breast chain for my wife, and a penis sleeve for me. The chain was long enough to encircle both our bodies during intercourse, and the sleeve was woven after my penis — precisely titillating it inside and my partner’s genitals outside.

I did not pay them very much — just the net gold value; the craftsmanship was paid for by allowing Alice to make a second sleeve to be used as a dildo.

She told me that whenever I would see her wearing a golden butterfly pin on the collar of her jacket, it meant that she was also wearing the dildo-sleeve, and even though I might not lay her at the moment, I could make her happier by talking with her for at least five minutes.

I knew that she had several pins to wear, each with its own butterfly specimen, so I assumed that I was not the only male whose manhood replica was hosted within her body 🙂

But I noticed that she wore “my” butterfly every Friday, and, as my wife spent most of that evening out, I took the habit of making love with Alice — both in our birthday’s suit.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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