The Kitchen Counter

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I sat a small foot stool beside the kitchen bar just as the doorbell rang. I was trying to reach the appetizer bowls on the top shelf. I am rather short (only 5 feet tall) and it can be rather difficult to reach the higher cabinets sometimes.

“Come on in, the door is open,” I yelled across the room as I got a bowl out of the cabinet and set it on the counter across from me. Paul and Tammy walked into the kitchen as I turned to them, still standing on the footstool which put me face to face with Tammy. Paul was muscular but a little on the short side with rugged good looks and Tammy was a blonde bombshell with gorgeous breasts who towered over both me and Paul. I had met them at a house party a few weeks back and I really liked the look of both of them. Even though we had not played together, I did watch him in action with another woman in one of the party rooms. Tammy wasn’t participating in that particular session but I did I remember her looking onto the scene biting her bottom lip with a coy little smile on her face. As I watched him expertly licking and sucking the other bursa sınırsız escort houseguest to a screaming orgasm, I decided that I wanted some of his expertise for myself. I also wanted to get up close and personal with those beautiful breasts of Tammy’s as well! So I invited them over and here they were in my kitchen!

“I thought maybe we could have some appetizers…” I trailed off as I licked my lips slightly.

But rather than hop down from the foot stool to greet them, I continued to stand there in my heels and leather skirt as if I was contemplating my next move. Then in one fluid motion, I turned, hiked my skirt up around my hips, and hopped up onto the bar. I rotated my hips around so that I was facing them and spread my legs wide apart placing one foot on the edge of the adjacent counter and the other on the wall next to me. The granite of the counter felt cool on my bare bottom and seemed to be in such counterpoint with the heat that was emanating from between my legs. In this spread-eagle position, both Tammy bursa escort bayan and Paul could clearly see that I was wearing only stockings and nothing else underneath – no panties and clean-shaved. I heard a sharp intake of breath (was it Paul or Tammy?) as I slid my hand between my legs and dipped the red-lacquered tip of my finger between the folds of my pussy and slid it slowly up to my clit. I locked eyes with Paul as I rubbed my little button in a circular motion. His breath started coming in little pants when I stuck my finger in my mouth and licked all the wetness off.

“Who is interested in a little something?” I teased. “Do you see anything you like?” My finger slowly dipped in and out of my pussy making wet sounds. Both of my guests stood stock still and seemed mesmerized by my actions.

The couple just stood there and looked at me for what seemed to be a very long time-long enough for me to think that perhaps I had overplayed my hand and been too bold. So I closed my eyes and continued to rub my clit and nilüfer escort dip my fingers inside my pussy. I figured that if they weren’t interested in the buffet laid out in front of them they would turn around, leave, and I would still have a nice little orgasm.

Just when I had decided that I was on my own, I felt hands sliding up the inside of my thighs and resting on the tops of my stockings pushing my legs further apart. I opened my eyes to see Paul’s mouth poised over my wet pussy. I inclined further back to give him a better angle as he plunged his pointed tongue into my waiting and juicy hole. Expertly he moved his tongue in and out of my pussy in a slow sensual rhythm making me moan and cry out. Then he turned his attention to my smooth mound and my sweet little clit. Placing his hot mouth over the entire area, he sucked and licked until I was moaning and squealing with delight. With my eyes still closed, I could feel his hands massaging the insides of my thighs and feel my juice running down onto the counter top surface.

It wasn’t until I felt an extra set of hands on me and a couple of fingers slide into my pussy and my ass that I even remembered Tammy standing there. I looked down and she was kneeling beside her husband between my legs giving me the most incredible fingering I had ever experienced as Paul’s tongue expertly ministered to my swollen clit.

Ahhhh-this was going to be a good night!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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