The Kitchen Light

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Kate was staring up at the numerous lights hanging there inside the Home Depot, but she had no idea which one she wanted, nor where to begin finding a particular model on the shelves. She could hear some of the store employees talking behind her as she walked backwards down aisle seven. She figured she might as well ask. She had to get home and get dinner started.

She turned around just as someone else was turning around. She clashed into a strange woman in the middle of the Indoor and Outdoor Lighting section. Kate got the worst of it, running freckled nose first into the woman’s chest. Kate only stood five feet and one inch, and this woman was more than a head taller then her. A stranger’s breasts, wrapped in a ribbed cotton shirt, suddenly smacked into her face, and both women jumped back.

“Sorry! Can I help you?” A tall, strong tomboy of a woman with mocha brown hair laughed as she stood towering and smiling in front of Kate.

“Sorry! Yes…” Kate began, momentarily caught off guard. She searched the woman’s chest for a name tag. “Hallie! Yes. I’m looking for a kitchen light. I need one over my sink.”

“Oh, sure! Right this way.” Hallie lead Kate a little further down aisle seven until they were standing underneath the large display of hanging lights. Hallie stopped in the middle of the aisle, held her arms out, and tilted her head back. Kate could see the strength in her forearms. “Which one do you want?”

“I’m not sure. I…”

“Well, just let me know.” Hallie brought her gaze down to meet Kate’s. “And I’ll pluck it off the shelf for you.”

Oh my God,Kate thought. This woman is hitting on me.

Kate suddenly felt very warm in her cotton summer dress. She wondered if she was sweating. It’s all the lights, she thought. She rubbed at the back of her neck and flapped the front of her dress a couple times.

“Yeah.” Hallie smiled. “It gets hot back here.”

Holy shit, Kate thought as her eyes darted around the light display. This lesbian is hitting on me.

“I think I’ll take that one.” Kate quickly pointed up to a simple light with an opaque shade. She nervously ran her hand through her curly, long red hair and tried to avoid Hallie’s gaze. Her mind was racing. Her face had been in this woman’s breasts! She had no idea what to do or say. She tried to think of some way to acknowledge the flirtation and politely decline without being rude. She wished Todd was here so she could kiss him and end this whole thing. She could feel sweat on the back of her neck. What if she thinks I’m sweating because I’m horny? This made her sweat more.

“Are you all right?” Hallie asked and stepped forward with the box containing Kate’s light. Kate’s face flushed in embarrassment.

“Yes. I’m…I’m just hot, that’s all.” Kate quickly answered, and thought she noticed a smirk run across Hallie’s face. Hallie held out the box toward Kate.

“Do you want me to install this for you?”

“What?” Kate asked, her head swimming.

“I can come over to your house and install this for you if you’d like. Would you like that?”

“I…I…I don’t…”

“I could come by tomorrow. I’m not doing anything.”

“I…I sarışın porno don’t…”

Hallie suddenly reached forward and brushed a lock of Kate’s hair away from her face. Kate’s hand rushed up to her chest and clutched at her dress, trying to cover her D-cups more than they already were.

“It’s okay. It’s just a kitchen light,” Hallie whispered. “We can always have fun later, or not, if you decide it’s not for you. Just leave the light, your address, and receipt with customer service. I’ll come by tomorrow around one. Is that okay?”

“Yes.” Kate didn’t look at her until Hallie’s strong hand tilted her chin up. The two women locked eyes.

“I’ll be there at one.”


“See you then, ma’am.” Hallie said rather loudly. Kate’s mind raced back to an awakened state, and her body went flush with heat as she remembered she was still in aisle seven of the Home Depot. Hallie walked by her, softly brushing Kate’s arm as she did so. A chill ran up Kate’s arm and down to her toes. Her knees nearly buckled and she looked around for a rest room. Why did I say yes? Why did I say yes? Why did I say yes?

She ran for the check-out lanes, and was visibly shaking as she left her information at the customer service desk. She assured the young man there that she didn’t need any help and ran for the car. She nearly dropped her keys, but was soon in the car and tearing out of the lot.

My God, that woman’s going to be in my home! What am I going to do? She’s going to…she’s going to think I want sex from her and I don’t! I was just confused and she…she took advantage of me! She’s going to come over with that light and want to put her hands all over me and kiss me and touch me and oh shit, what am I doing?

Her free hand was pulling up the flower print dress past her thighs by the time she reached the first stop light. She could remember the feel of Hallie’s shirt on her face. She could remember her smell. She could still feel her hand on her chin. She could still see her curious blue eyes. Her hand crawled into her white panties almost on its own and she soon let out a loud cry of pleasure as she pinched her wet clit at the intersection of Twelfth and Andrews in the broad daylight. Her thighs clamped onto her hand and wouldn’t let go until she was through the stoplight and two blocks away. She looked around outside the car. She was reasonably alone in traffic. She brought her soaked fingers up to her mouth and sucked them clean. She sped home. She debated on what to tell Todd.

“Should I call in sick?” Todd asked after hearing the story.

“No!” Kate licked a slow line up the length of his cock. Todd’s head happily leaned back on the bed pillows. “You were sick last week and I don’t want you getting in trouble.”

“All right, all right. You just better give me all the details when I get home. It’s all I’ll be thinking about! How am I supposed to work?”

“Nothing’s going to happen!”

“Uh huh. Sure. You know you want to taste the forbidden fruit.”

“No, I…She was just…”



“See, you’re already thinking about it!”

“No I’m not. sert porno Watch!” Her mouth engulfed him. Her lips played all around him and her tongue flicked across the head of his cock. He sharply inhaled and clutched at her head as he exploded hot cum into her mouth. She moaned and squeezed his balls, urging every drop out of him. She crawled up and rubbed his cockhead over her nipples, which made them both smile.

“Just set up a video camera,” Todd requested. She slapped him on the stomach and got up from bed.

It was twelve-fifty-five the next day. Kate had the house cleaned by ten-thirty that morning. She put extra care into the kitchen, and had gone over it with a careful eye many times. After going through four different choices of outfits, she finally settled on another simple summer dress. She had paced a well-worn trail all over their small house. The television provided no distraction whatsoever. She sat in the plush living room chair and watched the seconds tick by.

One o’clock came and went. Her heartbeat began to drop to its regular rhythm. Ten minutes passed, and she smiled. She’s not coming, she guessed. She got up and went for a glass of water. The anxiety of Hallie’s arrival had her sweating.

The doorbell rang as she brought the water to her lips. She froze, her eyes locked on the front door. Her trembling hand forcefully put the glass down before she dropped it. She took a step toward the door and stopped. I could pretend I’m not home, she thought. The doorbell rang again.

She mustered up her courage and walked for the door. She stuck out her chin a bit and flung it open. Hallie stood leaning a forearm on the doorframe, dressed much like the day before. She smiled and blew a big pink bubble of gum from her mouth. She held a shiny red toolbox in her other hand. The bubble popped, nearly making Kate jump.

“Hi there,” she said.

“Hi,” Kate said without looking at her. She suddenly wondered if her dress clung to her body too much. “The kitchen is right in here.” She quickly turned away and led Hallie across the living room. She had the boxed light on the counter and had brought in the step ladder from the broom closet.

“Where do you want it?” Hallie asked while unfolding the step ladder.

“Just…right above the sink is fine. There’s already a hole there from the old one we took out.”

“Okay. It shouldn’t be a problem.” Hallie walked up the first two steps and examined the wiring. She looked down at Kate, who was standing nearby, looking like a girl brought into the principal’s office. “I’ll come get you when it’s done.”

“All right. I’ll just…” She pointed to the living room, fidgeted her fingers, and went into the living room to sit down before her knees shook any more.

A half hour later, Hallie was flipping the light switch up and down. The light was working perfectly. “All done!” She called.

“Great!” Kate said as she came into the kitchen, now hoping that Hallie might leave and the day would be forgotten and chalked up to a silly fantasy. Hallie leaned against the kitchen counter, a devilish smirk on her face.

“Why don’t you try sex hattı porno it out?” She said, almost purring.

Kate walked over, turned the light on and off, smiled at the new bowl of light in her kitchen sink, and turned around. She yelped as she found Hallie standing directly behind her.

“That’s not what I meant,” Hallie said, and then bent down and kissed Kate’s quivering mouth. Kate gasped and took a step back, but she was trapped between Hallie’s strong body and the kitchen sink. She slipped left and right, but was caught between Hallie’s arms. Another kiss landed upon her whimpering mouth, then another. She let out a sigh and gave in. She hungrily kissed this other woman’s face. Her hands leapt forward and pawed all over Hallie’s body. She was quaking under her skin. Every nerve was alive. Every synapse was firing. All she saw was an explosion of color behind her eyelids and her knees nearly buckled as she latched onto Hallie’s hips.

“You came already?” Hallie asked as she pulled away. All Kate could do was nod. “Wow. You’ve had this on your mind, haven’t you?” Kate nodded again. “Let’s see what else I can do,” Hallie said and slid down to her knees before Kate.

Kate weakly gasped as her summer dress was pushed up over her hips. Her cotton panties were tortuously pulled over her thighs as Hallie’s tongue made little swirls down Kate’s belly. Kate could feel Hallie’s hot breath on her stomach, her wet lips below her navel, and her chin brushing over her pubic bone. She jumped, smacking her abdomen into Hallie’s nose and making the handywoman laugh.

She continued laughing as she ran the tip of her tongue over Kate’s seam. Kate’s eyes rolled back into her head and her fingernails scratched underneath the counter. Her knees willingly came apart and Hallie’s tongue was soon working all over her. Kate felt a rush of warmth run over her as Hallie’s tongue danced over her clit and her fingers tickled inside her. The kitchen was a blur. The light above the sink became a dim beam that melded into a hundred shadows. She was aware of her torso snapping back and forth like a riding crop, but not much else.

“Damn, girl.” Hallie stood up, brushing off her bottom lip with her thumb. “You’ll wake the neighbors.”

“Was…Was I – ” Kate suddenly began to panic, wondering who might’ve heard. Hallie silenced her by sliding a cum-soaked finger into Kate’s mouth. Kate gave a happy moan as she trembled.

“Don’t worry about it. We can go back into the bedroom if you want. Would you like that?”

“What?” Kate asked, her head swimming. She blinked a few times, shook her head, and brought herself back to reality in the seventh aisle of the Home Depot.

“I said I can come over to your house and install this for you if you’d like. Would you like that?” Hallie repeated. “Are you all right?”

“Yes, I’m…” She quietly giggled and bit her lip. “I’m fine.”

“So do you want me to install the light for you? I could come by tomorrow. I’m not doing anything.”

“Yeah, I’d like that. I’d like that a lot.”

“Okay, just let customer service know that you want the home installation, and they’ll let you know about what time I’ll get there.” Hallie couldn’t make out the quirky smile on Kate’s face. “Are you sure you’re all right?”

“Yes, I’m fine. I’ll see you tomorrow, Hallie,” Kate said as she walked past her, barely brushing forearms with the woman. She couldn’t wait to tell Todd.

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